Dead by Daylight | Livestream #100 - Of lips, sausages and cheese

  • čas přidán 11. 05. 2018
  • A very special episode, filled with surprises and trips down the memory lane.
    May 10th 2018 Twitch Stream capture.
    We stream on Thursdays at 2PM EDT (view schedule here - )
    Hosts: Gabrielle Murphy (not_Queen)/Ash Pannell, Dave Richard, Mathieu Côté
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  • Игорь Петрунин

    Когда Вы Начнёте Добавлять Русские Субтитры?

  • Abdelouahab Lanez
    Abdelouahab Lanez Před 2 měsíci

    and i hope my commentare get you react just little ,

  • Abdelouahab Lanez
    Abdelouahab Lanez Před 2 měsíci

    dash, vision throug the wall , because we healing , ghost face run faster then flash and super man and can one shot us , do you try play survivor some day ??? imagine flash or superman , withe a bazoka , hummm yep so hard to play , we can't heal because we stalk by 100000000 kilometre, the best one were be os in the end game yay cool game doing 5 generator we brok our keyboard for what evry door bheind so the killer can camp them easly so we lost 1000 percentand the best one , to evry 1cm there a hoock, yay cool yes hock to evry 1 cm .when a survivor hoocked we spoted , if u want save ur game do somthing because we can't patient but for how much 1 monthe 2 years , not at eternity, becuase i don't have a lot gold in the bank , u have a good game but in the end it fall in the hole , perhaps be saved or fall

  • Abdelouahab Lanez
    Abdelouahab Lanez Před 2 měsíci

    you should be a shamed to your game is not completed yet the killer is so abuse faster then survivor they have all avantage to us we can't play because they trooling killing us easy because they are a formular car impossibul to brain they have a lote avantage , in my platforme there no game it's so rare, so patche evry killer ,

  • Game Freakzl
    Game Freakzl Před 3 měsíci +1

    IMPORTANT QUESTION FOR A Q&A: why does no one like dwight ?

  • 6 6 6
    6 6 6 Před 8 měsíci

    I think we've done a pretty good job

  • TheMagicFellow
    TheMagicFellow Před 10 měsíci +1

    35:42 Just click it

  • Kirito
    Kirito Před 11 měsíci


  • MemeCree
    MemeCree Před rokem


  • Mr. Danil
    Mr. Danil Před rokem


  • Nosiop The Aqua
    Nosiop The Aqua Před rokem

    Pretty god bugs so far

  • Mike Oxlong
    Mike Oxlong Před rokem

    Hey Devs, why don't you actually do something about the epidemic of players disconnecting. If a survivor dc's at least killer gets quitter bonus, but survivors lose offerings, bloodpoints and sometimes pips when killers dc. Fix your game, ban players who dc already.

  • Keanu Letioa
    Keanu Letioa Před rokem

    Game uninstalled

  • TYeg
    TYeg Před rokem

    Priri gud iob sou far

  • ase pack
    ase pack Před rokem

    How about MAC game?

  • 코오피야메리카노
    코오피야메리카노 Před rokem +1

    hey mathieu, DbD game balance sucks.

  • Movie's Twipra
    Movie's Twipra Před rokem

    Please released this Game on pubg has released..

  • SinCityMon5ter
    SinCityMon5ter Před rokem

    I was actually hoping that you would make some yes and no gestures for survivors

  • Seth_Raven
    Seth_Raven Před rokem

    I am going to PRAISE the devs as literal gods the day you give that patch on the pallets, hatch and DS perk.
    Obviously I am going to say this since I'm a killer main... My friend who is a survivor main is more than pissed at this patch.

  • Classy Hatty
    Classy Hatty Před rokem

    I’m mad that theirs no “I think we did a pretty good J O B so far.”

  • 霍子龙
    霍子龙 Před rokem

    people too strong.People Repair too fast.

  • Waffle Army
    Waffle Army Před rokem

    Add jeepers creepers

  • Osmosis
    Osmosis Před rokem +1

    I think the new killer will be a Jack the Ripper.

  • Oh_Yeezy
    Oh_Yeezy Před rokem +1

    I think we did a pretty good job so far

  • MikeLatin7
    MikeLatin7 Před rokem

    really? well here is the real update, last 30 day -581.7 players. April -664.9 players, March -3,457.4 players. could it be long wait time? loading time, unable to get in a room, game crashes disconnected from the server, that there is nothing being done about disconnectors why not let them play themselves so they can see how it feels, I love this game 748 hours, and a lot of that time was all the things I mention above, do something about those things before this game just slowly passes away and becomes dead by morons

  • Troy Jones
    Troy Jones Před rokem +1

    Hello Dead By daylight Devs. I have about 77 hours in your game on steam. Honestly I loved your game because of its unique game play and amazing graphics but sadly as of right now I could not recommend it to anyone. For a game that is a multiplayer game your match making is honestly horrible. I'm not even talking about the ranked matching making i'm just talking about trying to que up with friends, which at the time of me writing this is virtually impossible. I feel as a multiplayer game you need to fix your core issues with the game before pumping out more killers, survivors, and maps. Until you fix this matching making issue sadly I will have to stop playing and will instruct none of my friends to purchase this otherwise great game. I hope you will see my comment and respond about your plans to fix this dire issue. Sincerely Troy.

  • Bradley Best
    Bradley Best Před rokem

    I know it's unlikely but a map based off of house on haunted hill would be ideal

  • YLI4SG3K10
    YLI4SG3K10 Před rokem

    lol original jake xD

  • Phantom Zonee
    Phantom Zonee Před rokem

    So what shop are they taking about the dead by daylight shop in steam or what

  • Fatso 6
    Fatso 6 Před rokem

    They are drinking nothing this is ridiculous

  • Cornel Catanoiu
    Cornel Catanoiu Před rokem

    After deathgarden is launch DBD will be free

  • Melto CZ
    Melto CZ Před rokem

    This game go slow but sure to fuck but still from some reason i play this xD

  • Quewq
    Quewq Před rokem +1

    Add the morderer out of shout ;-)

  • Scope Out Horror Reviews

    I think console players should get the free content pc players recieved
    I feel cheated

    • Scope Out Horror Reviews
      Scope Out Horror Reviews Před rokem

      Symebo Symebo im sure if ur characters only had 3 shirts and 3 pants each u would be pissed of to
      Turn it around and u would be pissed to be getting cut out of content
      U cant even say u wouldnt be pissed
      Only reason ur not is cause u got the added shit

    • Scope Out Horror Reviews
      Scope Out Horror Reviews Před rokem

      Symebo Symebo you were first?
      Ahhh so you live life with that childish mindset of first deserves more
      Lol you computer players make me sick thinking u guys deserve more then console players
      Get ur head out of ur ass bud

    • Symebo Symebo
      Symebo Symebo Před rokem

      you paid 40 because you get a lot of chapters, we get more because we were first

    • Scope Out Horror Reviews
      Scope Out Horror Reviews Před rokem

      Symebo Symebo lol ohh gee one thing
      How great
      Payed 40 bucks for the game like pc users
      Deserve the same content
      Add ons
      For fuck sakes the characters only have like 3 outfits its absolute bullshit
      End of story

    • Symebo Symebo
      Symebo Symebo Před rokem

      you have lullaby free, same as pc

  • Braulio Alvarado
    Braulio Alvarado Před rokem

    Please funkos of the 4 principal survivors meg dwight claudette jake and killers trapper hillbilly and the invicible guy pleace

  • Braulio Alvarado
    Braulio Alvarado Před rokem

    And the pretator not scary

  • Braulio Alvarado
    Braulio Alvarado Před rokem

    And why the obsession for the cheese

  • Braulio Alvarado
    Braulio Alvarado Před rokem

    Funko pops dead by daylight 4 principal sur vivors: dwight,meg,claudette and jake and the killers the trapper,hillbilly and the invisible guy please

  • Dragon Ninja07
    Dragon Ninja07 Před rokem


  • Jamaal Schaeffer
    Jamaal Schaeffer Před rokem

    You can't just make us buy add-ons that we don't have the money for

  • NarciCism
    NarciCism Před rokem

    Y'all better have 2 versions of shirtless David, one hairy and one like in the vid. Having a beard and no body hair is like lying. Like you guys are in complete control of how a character looks so why make them look worse when it's easy to make them look perfect.

  • elCuban
    elCuban Před rokem

    when will the glitch at the memorial finally be fixed? Its very stupid to Play Killer in this map

  • Mostafa Mahmoud
    Mostafa Mahmoud Před rokem

    Who is the new killer

  • Perckhiz_SHOW
    Perckhiz_SHOW Před rokem

    А вам помощь нужна именно начертание манов и сурвов

  • Christian
    Christian Před rokem

    When you make this game in mobile

  • Tina Mey
    Tina Mey Před rokem

    the fan Videos are great, really :)

  • Shnaggy Bxndz
    Shnaggy Bxndz Před rokem

    Doing a danm q and a get tf out of here fix ur fucking game that's what u need to do not these gay ass titles u putting fix UR GAME PLEASE I'm done with this gay shit

  • Jamaal Schaeffer
    Jamaal Schaeffer Před rokem

    Why would y'all put add-ons on DBD on a freaking price? That's so not fair

  • Dxred-
    Dxred- Před rokem +1

    This game is just awesome.

  • Dingo2343
    Dingo2343 Před rokem

    Finger guns only for Ace

  • clark Wayne07
    clark Wayne07 Před rokem

    It's been two years and your game is still full of cancerous cunt survivors with no skill and killers who face camp.

  • thanos is gay
    thanos is gay Před rokem

    i wanna play a game

  • taitaitundra2
    taitaitundra2 Před rokem

    old dwight was hot ^^

  • Ghost Player
    Ghost Player Před rokem

    worst toxic game ever never agian playing it fuck off

  • DeBest2879
    DeBest2879 Před rokem

    Have you ever thought about making the predator a killer for a DLC. I wold love to play him

  • MrMuskyHusky
    MrMuskyHusky Před rokem

    What are you going to do about the hackers that bypass your anti cheat system?

  • isseiyaZ
    isseiyaZ Před rokem

    Porque no saca para android?

  • Major Ryan
    Major Ryan Před rokem

    I would like to address an issue to the developers. I was playing Kill your friends with some friends and there was an instance where I stepped in a bear trap and got stuck, the animation of me escaping the trap played only to find that my character would still be stuck in the “trapped” position. The killer would pick me up and I would still be in the trapped position unable to wiggle, even when he put me down. The issue eventually stopped when I was hooked. The animations and weird positions were visible to all other players. Even though I wasn’t in a bear trap physically, I would still be able to struggle and escape only to find myself still trapped. This is an issue that I have only seen once and I have no idea how it triggered but it may be possible from a bug or lag or a combination of the two.

  • codythecoyote321
    codythecoyote321 Před rokem

    Would be real nice if all my flashlights I get from boxes would stop disappearing when I escape from a match. I leave with them but I don’t come out with em

  • WeissbrotTV
    WeissbrotTV Před rokem

    We need a doctor loomis as a Survivor!

    • Symebo Symebo
      Symebo Symebo Před rokem

      no, there was already a halloween chapter