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    Music & Lyrics: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
    Filmed & edited by
    Mixed by Eric Johansson at
    Beat production by Apollo V
    Beat modification & vocal production by Joel Gustaf “Roomie” Berghult
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  • Salvatore Annunziata
    Salvatore Annunziata Před dnem +1

    It's you big day
    bi G d AY
    T-Series it's GAY

  • Sub To Me CJJ smash
    Sub To Me CJJ smash Před dnem

    Hehee mr beast in the last part

  • SagaTheYoungin
    SagaTheYoungin Před dnem +6

    If you guys enjoy animated stories, peep some of my animations! 🎉

  • Steven Anderson
    Steven Anderson Před dnem

    3rd verse hit hard😭 this my childhood. Minecraft was number 1 something replaced it. The will and xbox 360. Replaced 😔 so sad man it sucks growing up

  • pengguna google
    pengguna google Před dnem +1

    halo anjing

  • Yohan._. ;-;
    Yohan._. ;-; Před dnem

    T-Series: passes PewDiePie again

    Mr.Beast: Ah shit here we go again

  • Rogelio Velez
    Rogelio Velez Před dnem

    Protest:Bring back the brofist Pewdiepie!!!

    Me:Give him 5 million subs please...
    And many views

  • никита семёнов

    hi Felix. I'm Denis Kudryavtsev. I film Director. What would you say to me if I invited you to the filming of my new film in Russia? I really want you to be in my movie. about friendship and mutual understanding between the countries of the world.

  • HightCrewz
    HightCrewz Před dnem


  • Summer Leon
    Summer Leon Před dnem

    Omg I love the pewds squad

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones Před dnem


  • YazzNotTooPro
    YazzNotTooPro Před dnem

    Pewdiepie: Did you know that Indians have poo-poo in their brains?
    Boyinaband: that's sick, son!

  • Cool AdminGuy
    Cool AdminGuy Před dnem +2

    i went vpn and saw no video in india

  • Angry Bird Guy
    Angry Bird Guy Před dnem +2

    i have now fought in one of the biggest wars

  • Qwerty-Adventures
    Qwerty-Adventures Před dnem

    Dave always is serious but hilarious 😂

  • aikalit
    aikalit Před dnem

    Heitä Like jos oot suomalainen

  • Death Ray
    Death Ray Před dnem

    bro this song rocks

  • Seba Popa
    Seba Popa Před dnem

    Don't worry pewds. Once all indians sub to T-series, no one else will, then it will be time for your big comeback.

  • Luke Gamer
    Luke Gamer Před dnem

    T series has more subs than you

  • dangerous love
    dangerous love Před dnem +1

    I'm from India.....

  • Alumni 212
    Alumni 212 Před dnem


  • Xeta6
    Xeta6 Před dnem +1

    *Still sees multiple comments from less than an hour ago.*
    Me: "I'm so proud of this community"

  • Comrade Meep
    Comrade Meep Před dnem +1

    T-Series: **Surpasses Pewdiepie**
    New 9 year olds: Did we just lose?
    Veteran 9 year olds: First time?

  • GodzillaFan8889
    GodzillaFan8889 Před dnem

    This is PewDiePie’s second most popular video now

  • King Arvi Ken Forones

    Congrants t sieris

  • 10000 subscribers without a video

    Using vpn to listen to it😂

  • viko qnev
    viko qnev Před dnem

    The best song ever t series can eat a dick😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😭😭😭😭😭

  • Eclipse Blaze
    Eclipse Blaze Před dnem

    Pewds I will always remember when you were number 1

  • chan yi
    chan yi Před dnem

    What do u mean

  • JOH JA
    JOH JA Před dnem


    DRAGON LORD VID 123 Před dnem

    Yep 👍

  • Hasibur Rimon
    Hasibur Rimon Před dnem

    Take love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩💕💕
    It's a matter of common Sense that you are a youtuber,alon,one man army.
    T-series is a company,they buy music,make movie's music,upload it.
    Fanfest will never call a company to join,never get flow with wave.
    Subscribe to PewDiePie ✊👊

  • Justin Y Disciple
    Justin Y Disciple Před dnem

    Congratulations and bich lasagna gets banned in India
    *Uses VPN to watch
    India : Am I a joke to you ?

  • Anthony JP
    Anthony JP Před dnem

    SOS late but hi

  • Faizal gamers
    Faizal gamers Před dnem +1

    Congratulations:89M viewers on 3 weeks

  • кинофильмы мультфильмы

    на моём канале вышло видео с переводом на русский язык поздравление pewdiepie все смотреть

  • кинофильмы мультфильмы

    на моём канале вышло видео с переводом на русский язык поздравление pewdiepie все смотреть

  • Snowii
    Snowii Před dnem

    *puts American Sign Language captions*

  • кинофильмы мультфильмы

    на моём канале вышло видео с переводом на русский язык поздравление pewdiepie все смотреть

  • Jovani Trevino
    Jovani Trevino Před dnem

    -T series-

  • Riki Strukar
    Riki Strukar Před dnem

    My best part:suck my fucking swedish meatbals

  • Emy Home
    Emy Home Před dnem

    I love you

  • Moxcraft 67
    Moxcraft 67 Před dnem +2


  • саша панов
    саша панов Před dnem +2


  • Koniko!
    Koniko! Před dnem +1

    98% of his subscrihers watched this

  • Riki Strukar
    Riki Strukar Před dnem

    0:28 that is a middle finger

  • its your boi Craig
    its your boi Craig Před dnem

    T-Series ITS YOUR BIG DAY= T-Series *its* your bi*g* d*ay*

  • Shahid Al Arif
    Shahid Al Arif Před dnem

    PewDiePie from Bangladesh and I subscribed to you

  • BrawlLegend TV
    BrawlLegend TV Před dnem

    3:57 *YATA* *DE* *SUNE*

  • ledy BAG
    ledy BAG Před dnem


  • Aminath Hameed
    Aminath Hameed Před dnem


  • Rafael Huber
    Rafael Huber Před dnem

    How can 286k people dislike this vid have they got problems or what?

  • Shannon Flattery
    Shannon Flattery Před dnem

    Well done

  • Qs-ii
    Qs-ii Před dnem


  • FrostBite
    FrostBite Před dnem

    2:59 proof he doesn’t have legs

  • callofthewild00
    callofthewild00 Před dnem

    22 days and 89.512.101 views😱😱😱

  • Chiong Family
    Chiong Family Před dnem

    all my fav yotubers in one vid

  • GUCCI original
    GUCCI original Před dnem

    0:35 very nice

    ENERGY ICEC0LD Před dnem

    PewDiePie will forever be number one

  • Abhishek Verma
    Abhishek Verma Před dnem +2

    9 year old like this comment

  • OliPlays YT
    OliPlays YT Před dnem

    Pewdiepie do not give up

  • Jackstone Gaming
    Jackstone Gaming Před dnem

    Wait pewdiepie is not done yet theres still a 1000000000 play button

  • zky
    zky Před dnem


  • Richy Myat
    Richy Myat Před dnem

    T series yaaayy

  • Chicken Strip
    Chicken Strip Před dnem +1

    the end actually left me depressed, I love ya, pewds 💙🖤😭 you’re a great dude... I love you...

  • 사림조광조
    사림조광조 Před dnem

    I just found that pewdiepie is wearing jacket with flag of South Korea. LoL

  • Pidžius
    Pidžius Před dnem +1

    Sub to pewdiepie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T-series look 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Gab ndeaah
    Gab ndeaah Před dnem

    te amo

  • Subscribe for PewDiePie 10000 subs

    Congrats 🎈🎊🍾🎉

  • Can i get 1k subs Without any content

    Sorry pweds but we make our best to depeat t-gay but indians making many fake account.😪HAHAHAHA

    Edit: lol don’t be angry😂
    Ps: help me to my goal. Thanks.

  • Arya Ngestu
    Arya Ngestu Před dnem +1

    T -Series is your big day ,eh sorry guys aku tadi kelihatan Mem*k
    Edit :T-Series Gay

  • Nushrat Chowdhury
    Nushrat Chowdhury Před dnem

    For a sec i thought the guy with reddish hair was from boyin aband

  • Joshua Amos
    Joshua Amos Před dnem


  • noob gaming
    noob gaming Před dnem

    RIP t-shirts

  • Kamilo Kastro
    Kamilo Kastro Před dnem

    How badly did I want you to win :(. You are the best you are a beast

  • sergio Ramirez
    sergio Ramirez Před dnem

    Susbribe thegrefg

  • C_Fricker_ 04
    C_Fricker_ 04 Před dnem

    Boys can we get the most liked video

    Rather we had Idubbz in the video than Roomie

  • ASMR queen
    ASMR queen Před dnem


  • EXS MX
    EXS MX Před dnem +1

    2017: Pewdiepie vs Jake Paul
    2018: KSI vs Logan Paul
    2019: Pewdiepie vs T-Series
    2020: Articule13 VS Chinese social networking policies


  • PRoNUggetGAmer K
    PRoNUggetGAmer K Před dnem


  • Yami Trip
    Yami Trip Před dnem

    Pewdie ate my Pie.

  • ervyjohn acero
    ervyjohn acero Před dnem


  • Nicole Muhangi
    Nicole Muhangi Před dnem

    How the fuck did he get 89milion in 3weeks yet Raps make 20milion in 3weeks

  • theCrimsonViper
    theCrimsonViper Před dnem

    9 year old army? We're all adults now! We've been watching since Slender and Amnesia. So I guess we're not 9 yr old army anymorr

  • Mike Ravenkey
    Mike Ravenkey Před dnem

    @1:41 ::DAB::

  • Amanda Blaylock
    Amanda Blaylock Před dnem

    You're the most subscribed man on CHclip because T SERIES is a company

  • dr.paddlesmack
    dr.paddlesmack Před dnem

    Bangladesh not in india

  • Dat random guy
    Dat random guy Před dnem

    People nowadays-“who’s watching in 2020”
    CHclip-“4 years ago”
    Me-“I am”.
    People cough cough Jake Paul-“that’s irrelevant”

  • dajahnitor007
    dajahnitor007 Před dnem

    Subscribed thanks to the good boy channel

  • TsT_szewczak 699
    TsT_szewczak 699 Před dnem

    Kto z polski?

  • Chicks off
    Chicks off Před dnem +1

    hlo pewdiepie i am ur biggest fan so pewdiepie promote my chanel plz i have promoted ur chanelll

  • EXS MX
    EXS MX Před dnem +1

    F for Pewdiepie :'v

  • Hokaiyu Mioshi
    Hokaiyu Mioshi Před dnem

    I has idea. If everyone subscribed to pewdiepie dislikes every one of t-series videos, they'd be the most disliked channel on CHclip

  • Devin Draco
    Devin Draco Před dnem

    I get it, he said the hard r once. There are many people who have said it on the side but he let it slip once. And here is CHclip treating Pewdiepie like shit while they let that piece of shit Logan Paul be the golden boy of CHclip.

  • Cosmin George Satana

    Congratulations For This Music Pew

  • baska zjedla sama olok Roháčková

    #1trendy im gonna stop you right there

  • I’m Bored
    I’m Bored Před dnem +1

    0:31-0:56 I can’t get this part out of my head.


    Eres y serás el mejor
    De todo youtube vamos a por esos 100 millones