Microsoft Surface Neo and Duo announcement in 15 minutes

  • čas přidán 2. 10. 2019
  • The biggest announcements and products from today's keynote.
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Komentáře • 903

  • Paul Stoner
    Paul Stoner Před 30 minutami

    When I first stepped into the Microsoft device ecosystem it was their Lumia 1520 Windows Phone. and at that time, I loved that device. A year later, Microsoft released the Lumia 950 XL. This time upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile. I bought out my 1520 and went to the 950 XL. A few months later, Microsoft abruptly announced that they were pulling the plug on Windows Phone, and the Windows mobile platform. So in a little over a year, Microsoft got over $2000.00 of my money, didn't get an apology phone call (yes, and actual phone call with Microsoft executives sitting around listening to my feedback) until A YEAR LATER, and a paltry, "we are really sorry about all of this - would you like a free key to Microsoft Office ?

    Last time I EVER try a piece of Microsoft manufactured hardware until I see results that stick out like, "Microsoft Duo outsells Apple iPhone" - then I might CONSIDER looking at it...

  • Kubilay Tuncer
    Kubilay Tuncer Před 12 hodinami

    This presenter has some serious skills ans his AP Royal Oak is stunning

  • 章猫文Melvin
    章猫文Melvin Před 3 dny

    So where's the Surface Phone ?

  • Kevin Anderson
    Kevin Anderson Před 5 dny

    I have no idea why I need this but I'm sure I'm going to be waking around with 2 tablets glued together

  • 1096 bimu
    1096 bimu Před 6 dny

    365 degree hinge....

  • Taimur Saeed
    Taimur Saeed Před 6 dny

    Now microsoft is copying apple's way of selling a product, the presenter was mimicing steve jobs way of presentation

  • dark light
    dark light Před 6 dny

    I’m upgrading my pixel 1 when this comes out

  • Tim Voronkin
    Tim Voronkin Před 7 dny


  • Isambardify
    Isambardify Před 7 dny

    You can take the top off just like that... with some tools required. That's always been true for most electronics with a heat gun, suction pads, and failing that, a hacksaw...

  • Lancaster Greenfield
    Lancaster Greenfield Před 10 dny

    sucks they took the apple route for the internals. It's going to be a nightmare to repair that.

  • 아이유
    아이유 Před 12 dny

    Samsung best world class

  • Stone mage
    Stone mage Před 13 dny

    not even 500 thousand views...

  • Stone mage
    Stone mage Před 13 dny

    Interesting how Samsung can rent out park avenue armory in new York and PACK the place with people and these guys get as mall room with less than 100 people. Cmon Microsoft where is the crowd?

  • pereti wallace
    pereti wallace Před 14 dny

    It will vaccinate you as well, just jab the corner down onto someone's wrist

  • Johnny Fuentes Bruno III

    Foldable Devices are the future. The Neo and Duo Devices look amazing but I am curious about something, are carriers going to be selling them? How will u be able to make calls on these devices? Also will 5g be available in the future of these devices?

  • Pablo Crvzz
    Pablo Crvzz Před 15 dny

    F🤬k iPhone..... Dis is way awesome, I love d surface 2!

  • Kappa
    Kappa Před 15 dny

    My wallet doesn't have any money in it but is willing to rob a bank just to give all the money to these people 😍

  • Strange R
    Strange R Před 15 dny

    11:48 wtf is it android 😮

  • Yusuf ibn Qadir
    Yusuf ibn Qadir Před 15 dny


  • Farhan Ali
    Farhan Ali Před 16 dny

    IMO - The Duo is already a failure, it’s simply any google android, however if it had Windows 10X which is still full Windows OS functionality just different design experience and in addition the play store it would make the screen splitting hinge a compromise that one could easily look past. Vice versa if the Neo had the Play store on top of Windows 10X. Google may never allow this but that’s where the true end consumer value is, a single day to day device in the size factor the end consumer opts for. One day Microsoft + Google ♥️

  • Rue Junior
    Rue Junior Před 17 dny +1

    now this is a big tech upgrade.. leaving others behind

  • deanosslewis
    deanosslewis Před 18 dny

    If I wanted a phone with android on it I could but any number. Bring back win mobile 10

  • AGA Memnon
    AGA Memnon Před 18 dny

    With the battery failing after 18 months and no way to keep the device.. it aint gonna happen to me again.. no more Microsoft junk

  • Raj Verma
    Raj Verma Před 19 dny

    Music at the last

  • Anubhav Kesarwani
    Anubhav Kesarwani Před 19 dny

    Microsoft has been regenerated as Apple

  • cer l
    cer l Před 20 dny

    Surface Neo 😍

  • Eduard Stancu
    Eduard Stancu Před 21 dnem

    They use Bing ... nobody use Bing.

  • Janvert Valencia
    Janvert Valencia Před 22 dny

    That drammatic keyboard flip thou

  • Stefano Musica
    Stefano Musica Před 22 dny

    What would have floored me would have been a new phone running Windows Mobile OS. They killed the best phone on the market, the Nokia along with the best mobile OS. It was better than iOS and Android. Tiles didn’t work in PC land, but they made complete sense on a mobile device.

  • David Eldred
    David Eldred Před 23 dny

    Microsoft has become the new Apple. Apple has become the new Packard Bell.

  • panther cheng
    panther cheng Před 23 dny

    the surface duo should be release in 2014, it has been 5 year late to the market.

  • Cubbman79 Cubster
    Cubbman79 Cubster Před 24 dny

    But what about the battery life of the Duo ..??

  • Brady Like the Bunch
    Brady Like the Bunch Před 24 dny

    Barely cared at first but hot damn, by the end I was hooked. Great show and great looking line of products Microsoft

  • Imperfectionist Gaming
    Imperfectionist Gaming Před 24 dny

    8:10 blew my fuckin mind!! Like finding out the killer is the sweet grandmother across the street

  • Matthew Zinader
    Matthew Zinader Před 24 dny

    Does this mean we'll get full office on Android? My Chromebook would be very happy.

  • Simon s
    Simon s Před 25 dny

    He really looks like he believes google will give him the best. Looks like he got outperformed and is selling everything

  • MindGrit by Dr. Rey Fremista

    Define INNOVATION!!! I love you Microsoft!!! 😍😍😍

  • Grey Monochrome
    Grey Monochrome Před 25 dny

    Emulating games on the Duo is ganna be great!

  • Bill_Clinton69
    Bill_Clinton69 Před 25 dny

    I love how Microsoft now is what Apple was. Apple used to be innovative. They lead, the competition followed. Nowadays, Apple follows the competition.
    But Microsoft, on the other hand, they are leading.

  • agsn
    agsn Před 27 dny +3

    duo is perfect. They need to have this out now.

  • Leandro Escobar
    Leandro Escobar Před 27 dny

    That Duo is bananas!

  • AJ Summers
    AJ Summers Před 27 dny

    13:40 365 degree hinge🤣

  • Phil Mac
    Phil Mac Před 27 dny

    These are great and I am impressed, but I am also impressed with my Note 10+ and my previous Notes b4 which are productivity and media power houses in a phone.. I am very happy with it so no need for one of these..also Win 10 is still ugly

  • Blank
    Blank Před 28 dny

    AMD finally got invited to a party.

  • roger
    roger Před 28 dny

    Microsoft is dong some cool shit

  • roger
    roger Před 28 dny

    man i fucking love this guy...he's like tony stark

  • Nob Ruoj
    Nob Ruoj Před 29 dny

    Me wants Duo-Neo-Now

  • powerlinkers
    powerlinkers Před měsícem

    thick bezels.

  • TheNealQ
    TheNealQ Před měsícem

    Thinness is the new thickness

  • Syed Abbas
    Syed Abbas Před měsícem

    Only if they were having windows version of it ! I bet it will beat I phone.

  • Reve Paradise
    Reve Paradise Před měsícem

    That NEO looks amazing, except for the GIGANTIC bezel on the top and bottom. It just ruins it completely!

  • LionPride11241968
    LionPride11241968 Před měsícem

    That One More Thing, was a M.O.A.B. (Microsoft Offing Apple B0mb)!!!

  • Михаил Ш.
    Михаил Ш. Před měsícem

    12:54 he looks like "I don't give a fu$k what is this sh1t but can text you can write ..." 😁

  • Don Kaveen
    Don Kaveen Před měsícem

    shit got real. damn Microsoft.
    no crap. no bullshit. just real work.
    repairable devices. true innovation and reasonable price.
    just realized why the keep working on the android platform and had agreements with samsunh to bloatware Microsoft apps into phones.

  • Fucqueen Gunt
    Fucqueen Gunt Před měsícem

    What an evil looking woman

  • next channel next
    next channel next Před měsícem

    12:32 this is surface Duo

  • next channel next
    next channel next Před měsícem

    6:40 this is surface Neo

  • 문재인동무
    문재인동무 Před měsícem

    Looks like Samsung Galaxy Fold had sex with Microsoft Surface pro and gave birth to this product.

  • thatredmanguy x_X
    thatredmanguy x_X Před měsícem

    I just feel that Apple and Microsoft had a Freaky Friday moment. It was then Microsoft was the boring ones and Apple the innovators. Now, *Microsoft* are the innovators and Apple are the boring ones. If you told a younger version of me this, I wouldn't have believed you.

  • Bren Kelly
    Bren Kelly Před měsícem

    Wow, I have an iPhone and I’ve been thinking of switching my laptop from windows to Apple Pro. I might change my mind now and visit the Windows store first. Apple hasn’t had this much innovation in years. Their innovation has been minor though solid, windows innovation across all product lines seen is incredible and tops Apple. I want to get my hands on it first though as touching is believing. Finally products and product presentation from Window that is ranked high, maybe higher then Apple.