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Ping Pong Trick Shots With EPIC DARES (FUNNY)

  • čas přidán 7. 03. 2021
  • this was the most fun game ever !
  • ZábavaZábava

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  • Blue_flash
    Blue_flash Před rokem +1667

    I can’t believe how this guy has the brain cells to know what 10 million is.

    • AdamSF
      AdamSF Před rokem

      That's not a move thats a tactic

    • Xornezz _
      Xornezz _ Před rokem

      He Mean On Tiktok Bro

    • Carmen Oconnor
      Carmen Oconnor Před rokem

      @istrxy not on CHclip

    • Tint
      Tint Před rokem

      Stop hating on him it’s clearly kid content

    • ghastlygNO
      ghastlygNO Před rokem


  • MR BASS YT — clips
    MR BASS YT — clips Před 9 měsíci

    These shorts are so entertaining and they always make my day better 💚

  • Skylar Kuiken
    Skylar Kuiken Před rokem +1311

    The fact the that the girlfriend magically leaves the room when her boyfriend has to prank her

    • Army girl
      Army girl Před 9 měsíci +1

      So were you all thinking thier videos were real until now?

    • Lida
      Lida Před 10 měsíci


    • Amna Park🤍🍂
      Amna Park🤍🍂 Před 11 měsíci


    • negin Norouzi
      negin Norouzi Před rokem

      I mean WOW

    • ThePeki
      ThePeki Před rokem

      @Dreams may come true no shit sherlock

  • AdamSF
    AdamSF Před rokem +45

    Zhong: '' Road to 10 Millions Subscribers''
    Me: ''That's not a move that's a tactic''

    • Monke JOHN
      Monke JOHN Před rokem

      You mean 10 million followers on tiktok zhong has a tiktok with over 11.3m followers

  • Emilio Cortez
    Emilio Cortez Před rokem +5

    You can see how happy they were when they finally make it

  • purplup
    purplup Před rokem +3357

    Ok this is the only time they've made me laugh. "You're ugly!" "Oh."

  • Sharmeen Sheikh
    Sharmeen Sheikh Před rokem +1

    I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • luv4h4rringt0n.x
    luv4h4rringt0n.x Před rokem +5

    HOW do yall not have 10 mil yet, HOW!?!?
    Yall r some of the greatest and funniest ppl ever. Whenever I'm having a bad day, yall cheer me up loads. Yall r great, love u💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Freak playz!!
    Freak playz!! Před rokem

    After 1000 times trying
    Zhong = 1st try🤣🤣

  • BadY'GAMER
    BadY'GAMER Před rokem

    Just wanted to say *Congrats* on 4M
    Subs *I hope you reach 10M soon*

  • Bruhh Gmail
    Bruhh Gmail Před rokem

    Waiting for the day when Zhong has an official girlfriend 😆😆

  • Talia
    Talia Před rokem +72

    The way how he said
    “Your ugly “
    I can’t stop laughing 😭

  • Iron CYR
    Iron CYR Před rokem

    i'm actually really impressed that as i'm writing this comment the channel is already at 2.8M subscribers

  • Ria♡
    Ria♡ Před rokem

    Zhong thinks he's ACTUALLY gonna reach 10M Subs-?
    HAHA No WAY!!!🤣😂

  • username
    username Před rokem

    You're so lucky instead of 1 million subscribers you got 1 million likes congrats man

  • Silas Mayer
    Silas Mayer Před rokem

    The fact that I think that they filmed the throwing scene more than one time saying:"first try" 😅😅😅

  • Anwar aldulaimi
    Anwar aldulaimi Před rokem +1

    That was actually a perfect shot

  • The best Soda
    The best Soda Před rokem

    Is it just me or does zhong have a good voice

  • Eribetra
    Eribetra Před rokem +1

    Zhong, since you're at 3.99m, I suggest dying the front of your hair with light blue.

  • Samantha Nicole M. Pontimar

    Iwatch their vids all day😂

  • Odaling
    Odaling Před rokem +76

    "Nick why did you kill my parents" "Don't wory zhong everyone will help you get to 10mil!"

  • Vincent!!
    Vincent!! Před rokem

    Finally a channel that makes me laugh horribly :)

  • Spooder Man
    Spooder Man Před rokem +245

    Lmao Zhong is pretty jelous to the kiss part 😂

  • Aditya jaitu
    Aditya jaitu Před rokem

    I like when they say 'everyone will help you to 10m'

  • Dreamcast
    Dreamcast Před rokem

    This roommate ship lightens my day

  • A Name
    A Name Před rokem

    I would love to see zhong and nich actually kiss for once

  • Jumbo Jell-o
    Jumbo Jell-o Před rokem

    HAHAHAHAHAH that was sooooo gooood i will make sure to laugh next time

  • dannybones
    dannybones Před rokem +373

    Zhong's disappoint when he hears "you're ugly" tho

  • Kairav Lakhra
    Kairav Lakhra Před rokem +1

    The moment when I just burst into laughter was when he said to Zhong 'You're ugly'
    Zhong was like: Oh...

  • Lwin Phyo
    Lwin Phyo Před rokem

    Imagine if the ball went into the brakeup cup😰

  • Gamerpro4456
    Gamerpro4456 Před rokem

    It would have been funny if he hit the break up cup 😂

  • InfinityFidgetsAndMore
    InfinityFidgetsAndMore Před rokem +14

    I died laughing whenever nich said “your ugly” then I forgot his name but the other guy is like “oh.”

  • GeekMan
    GeekMan Před rokem +517

    I love how he was so calm when zhong said to nich: WHAT IS IT!?
    Nich: Your ugly
    Zhong: oh

    • XxchannelXx
      XxchannelXx Před rokem

      @mow wrong i. O

    • CASSIE(?)
      CASSIE(?) Před rokem


    • Xander Lewis
      Xander Lewis Před rokem

      @Flying Bird yeah

    • Flying Bird
      Flying Bird Před rokem

      @Xander Lewis I mean, sure, but this is probably targeted to a younger audience so.

    • Xander Lewis
      Xander Lewis Před rokem

      @Flying Bird no, but this is.

  • Mvng0Zone
    Mvng0Zone Před rokem

    I love ur tiktoks and channels
    !! ❤️

  • FloorLayr69
    FloorLayr69 Před rokem +1

    He really went for that bro smooch

  • ok
    ok Před rokem

    The voice crack at the start 🤣

  • Kobe Ryan Silverio
    Kobe Ryan Silverio Před rokem +2


  • Gabeithy
    Gabeithy Před rokem +24

    It's so funny how Zhong got the kiss cup, but he didn't get a kiss-
    It's like playing truth or dare, and you get a dare, but someone else does it for you-
    That's not how it works, Zhong is owed a kiss

  • Jacqueline Matthews
    Jacqueline Matthews Před rokem +1

    The part where he tried to kiss him was funny 😆 😄 🤣

  • Vincent Leo A. Enriquez

    It's funny that they always land the whole time

  • Rehan
    Rehan Před 10 měsíci

    Can we just appreciate that these shorts save our boredom everyday! ❤

  • Sloane Boyle
    Sloane Boyle Před rokem

    these are like old tiktoks and i love them so much

  • bruh
    bruh Před rokem +16

    Legends say theyre still waiting for 10M

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo Před 11 měsíci +1

    The fact that the girlfriend magically leave the room when he sprays her in. The face

  • potato over lourd
    potato over lourd Před rokem

    That voice crack though 🤣

  • Football shorts
    Football shorts Před rokem +1

    It it just me or did anyone else’s think it said help to Tom 😂😂😂

    SATURN Před rokem

    The part when nich throws the "empty cup" at zoey. Zoey ripped her doll R.I.P u will be missed

  • Gabriela Marmolejo
    Gabriela Marmolejo Před rokem +1

    I like how zhong is excited to see what he got and says what is it that's when nich says your ugly zhong's like oh ☹️

  • Kela Khalo Guys
    Kela Khalo Guys Před rokem +1

    Zhong - what is it ?
    Nich - you're ugly
    Zhong - oh

  • TuxedoCat
    TuxedoCat Před rokem +45

    Is no one gonna talk about how freaking beautiful Zoe is though-

    • cARSON
      cARSON Před rokem


    • Jeb Smith
      Jeb Smith Před rokem

      Big simp

    • Ei
      Ei Před rokem +1

      We ain't simp she's just pretty 🦋

    • Robomaster Plays FNF
      Robomaster Plays FNF Před rokem +1

      @thatneo well I didn’t know that because people told me that instead

    • thatneo
      thatneo Před rokem +1

      @Robomaster Plays FNF thats also a shit definition of a simp. Being a simp is worshipping and complitenting and giving loads of money to someone on the internet or real life. You just said that giving a surprise gift is being a simp. Search it and you might learn something.

  • EGD5612YT
    EGD5612YT Před 11 měsíci

    Can't wait foor you to open the secret suitcase hm you get there ;) you are the best

  • Anand
    Anand Před rokem +69

    The child is so excited for her dad but the dad has other plans😂😂

  • A•
    A• Před rokem +2

    Zoe: ememmemememd YAS

  • Nobody
    Nobody Před rokem

    I am an 11 year old girl and i really like zoe and her running style is hilarious..

  • ADEL
    ADEL Před rokem

    This was the first video of zhong
    That was real lol😂😂

  • potato head XD
    potato head XD Před rokem +639

    Zhong : tries to kiss nick
    Nick : kisses his GF
    Zhong: *sad gay noises*

  • Proto R
    Proto R Před rokem +169

    I need to check the meaning of a prank again brb
    Edit : according to Wikipedia, prank is a practical joke or mischievous act. Welp, throwing a drink is a nice joke

    • Swaran Kaur
      Swaran Kaur Před rokem


    • Kyunikoi
      Kyunikoi Před rokem

      Isn't throwing a liquid on someone considered assault or battery or some shit

    • Justin Powell
      Justin Powell Před rokem


    • Princess Julee
      Princess Julee Před rokem +2

      Its a cup that looks like it has water in it, but he actually put water in it and she thought he didnt

    • Dianne Abaya
      Dianne Abaya Před rokem +1

      Well it's tiktok...

  • Anamika Ghosh
    Anamika Ghosh Před 11 měsíci

    Zhong being the third wheel

  • MrGuiltyPp123
    MrGuiltyPp123 Před rokem +1

    Bru I love when he tells Zhong "ur ugly" and he's just like ohhh

  • Burtlux
    Burtlux Před rokem +1

    His reaction when he said your ugly 🤣🤣🤣

  • 1111 Ships
    1111 Ships Před rokem +1

    I love how he got upset when he kissed his girl and not him

  • Yell0w.Sk!3s
    Yell0w.Sk!3s Před rokem +4

    I thought it said help your mom so I got happy and ready to see a kind lady be like 👁👄👁 ^^

  • ~tiny child~
    ~tiny child~ Před rokem +1

    I love the part where he said "no" *proceeds to kiss the other girl by him*

  • Game Girl
    Game Girl Před 11 měsíci

    When the pingpong ball ends into 10 million I was thinking Aboutaleb that secret box zhong was gonna open me : HELL YES and my brain : did zhong and the others notice that?

  • W. D. Memes
    W. D. Memes Před rokem

    Guy: Everyone will help you to 10m...
    Me: no, no I don't think I will..

  • NO1X Gaming
    NO1X Gaming Před rokem +31

    Zhong reacting to the kiss reminds him when he has kisses and wanted to kiss Nich 🤣

    IBRAHIM AHMAD Před rokem +1

    I like how zhong tried kissing a man instead of a girl lol

  • Habibah Abdul Kader
    Habibah Abdul Kader Před rokem +1

    Zoe and Nich kisses each other so cutely❤😊

  • Maxspike
    Maxspike Před rokem

    Congrats for 1m zhong

  • Lagz 🎮
    Lagz 🎮 Před rokem

    Here you go my people 💊 A cringe pill use it for every Zhong vid you see you get five use them wisely 💊 💊💊💊

  • imbored.
    imbored. Před rokem +673

    Zhongs reaction to the kiss

  • Shahmi Qastalani
    Shahmi Qastalani Před rokem +5

    Zhong and Zoe was a perfect match and they had the same first letter on their names

  • Gentle Platypus
    Gentle Platypus Před rokem +30

    "You're ugly!" "Oh" OK,THIS IS ONLY TIME IT HAS ME LAUGH.

  • Kgoins34
    Kgoins34 Před rokem

    I wonder how long it took to stage this all

  • Dexter lowe
    Dexter lowe Před rokem +1

    Nick and his girlfriend is so cute together .....awwww

    DEKUUUUUU Před rokem +1

    How fake do you wanted it to be
    Him - yes

  • Susan Bowyer
    Susan Bowyer Před rokem

    this was a really good challenge

  • Georgette Lavignia Nery

    nich: you're ugly
    zhong: oh

  • Peppasiyotic
    Peppasiyotic Před rokem

    Dont trust Nich Zhong ur handsome😂😁

  • someone💕
    someone💕 Před rokem +39

    Third round › ZHONG: "WHAT IS IT !!! (excited)" someone: "YoUr UgL¥" ZHONG: "OuUH"

  • Moneybagg_chum 8
    Moneybagg_chum 8 Před rokem

    Good job I’m a huge fan of you guys I really like your videos

  • Atei
    Atei Před rokem +13

    Zhong : very happy
    What he get : your ugly
    Zhong : oh
    This is how to ruined your life

  • Banah
    Banah Před rokem +1

    You. Know I can tell this isnt staged because the time nick got prank HIS GIRL SOMEHOW WASNT THERE THEN AFTER THAT SHE WAS BACK :-:

  • XiaoEdits_.
    XiaoEdits_. Před 11 měsíci

    The cutest moment was when they kissed 🤩

  • ShortAnt
    ShortAnt Před rokem +407

    This guy wants 10mil before he even got 1 mil, *just wait until 1Mil and then do another milstone*

    • That One Small Channel
      That One Small Channel Před rokem

      @The prince AYAAN√ yeah but he dont deserve it

    • That One Small Channel
      That One Small Channel Před rokem

      @Cringe with thor he dont deserve any subs this is the worst, most low effort horrible acting ive ever seen.

    • Rajaa Assad
      Rajaa Assad Před rokem

      After about 69 years

    • Benjamintotaldrama
      Benjamintotaldrama Před rokem

      Yes exactly, if it was tiktok the app would show at the bottom

    • mia_gameplay
      mia_gameplay Před rokem +1

      @gavin_ramirez.07 no on tik tok

  • Keith May
    Keith May Před rokem

    Fun fact: that was not the first try.

  • Banumathi Sunmoon
    Banumathi Sunmoon Před rokem +1

    Zhong 😂😂😂

  • Danzelle Morales
    Danzelle Morales Před rokem

    Zhong being third wheel

  • WileyCoyote
    WileyCoyote Před rokem +156

    “Humans are evolving, just backwards”
    Help spread the word

    • Goofy ahh railfan
      Goofy ahh railfan Před rokem

      @txlaged thats basically every youtuber now a days

    • xDlmaofree_guy1251
      xDlmaofree_guy1251 Před rokem


    • WileyCoyote
      WileyCoyote Před rokem

      @txlaged I agree

    • txlaged
      txlaged Před rokem

      he felt lazy to get subscribers, so he begged you for subscribers. all of his shorts are just him begging for subscribers. he is a lame youtuber that begs for subscribers.

    • WileyCoyote
      WileyCoyote Před rokem

      @txlaged what r u talking abt

  • Oli da colli 🐶❤️
    Oli da colli 🐶❤️ Před rokem +714

    * throughs ball *
    * lands in kiss cup*
    * dude tries to kiss dude next to him *
    * girlfriend grabs his face and smushes it into hers *

    • Waris war
      Waris war Před rokem

      Why are u writing the script

    • Pasta Kazoo
      Pasta Kazoo Před rokem +1

      Yes. That was what happened. Thankyou for the summary of events.

    • ananda rafel Yuniawan
      ananda rafel Yuniawan Před rokem

      What happened if they landed on break up

    • inactive.
      inactive. Před rokem

      @B.E.E cry a river

    • Maaz khan
      Maaz khan Před rokem

      @Muhammad Iqbal

  • HailieDeeganTikToks
    HailieDeeganTikToks Před rokem

    We will have to wait like 10 years before we can get to 10million 😒

  • marvin amayag
    marvin amayag Před 11 měsíci

    zhong and zoe are so cute like couple💗💗💗💖💖

  • ★•𝑥ᵒ𝑥ᵒ 𝑛ᵃ𝑎ⁱ𝑙ᵃ•★

    Nick And His Girlfriend: "Kisses"
    My Boyfriend: "Immediately Kisses me"

  • donate pls 11
    donate pls 11 Před rokem +1

    Him and her getting excited before knowing what they get
    Me: u know u plan this shit

  • The last smith
    The last smith Před rokem +1

    Aww zhong just wanted a kiss nick was being mean.

  • usagi
    usagi Před rokem

    Can we talk ab how this short got 40 mil views

    JELLY_IS_BEST Před rokem +9

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that zhong wanted to kiss nich

    • TheMilesElectric
      TheMilesElectric Před rokem

      it sounds gay...
      i'm in.

    • Pato
      Pato Před rokem

      @pleb_098 what a gay

    • pleb_098
      pleb_098 Před rokem +1

      You don't kiss the homie's?!?!

  • Leyron OG
    Leyron OG Před rokem

    this guy is saying, "lets go to 10m subs". try to achieve 5m first, genius.

  • Dummy😌
    Dummy😌 Před rokem +125

    Is everyone just going to ignore the fact that the one dude's girlfriend just took the head off of the doll when her boyfriend was trying to do a prank!?!?

    • No way
      No way Před rokem

      Were gonna ignore this comment

    • the internet Is hell
      the internet Is hell Před rokem +3

      Lol I rewinded it and it's true lol

    • LoupCaldeira
      LoupCaldeira Před rokem +7

      We're going to ignore this entire shitty video

  • Bombastic Cat Gaming
    Bombastic Cat Gaming Před rokem

    Him: lands on ugly
    Also him after his girlfriend steals the kiss: *ugh*