Sophie Turner & Jessica Chastain Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • čas přidán 3. 06. 2019
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix stars Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain answer the web's most searched questions about themselves. Is Sophie Turner a natural redhead? Is Jessica Chastain Ron Howard's daughter? Is Jessica vegan? Is Sophie related to Boy George? Jessica and Sophie answer all these questions and more!

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix premieres Friday, June 7 in theaters everywhere.
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    Sophie Turner & Jessica Chastain Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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Komentáře • 2 399

  • HardRockMiner
    HardRockMiner Před 4 hodinami

    Jessica is one of the sexiest and most beautiful women EVER!! The more I see her, the more I want to see her.

  • XD Gaming
    XD Gaming Před 5 hodinami

    1:18 i didn't like that she was going to explain and she cut her up.. and didn;t know Jessica was american, i thought she was british too

  • XD Gaming
    XD Gaming Před 5 hodinami

    Isn't Jessica Chastain the silver hair lady in x men? how didn't she know about emma frost which was x men related i guess?

  • XD Gaming
    XD Gaming Před 5 hodinami

    that was sad for sophie her twin

  • Othon Pedro
    Othon Pedro Před 11 hodinami

    I don't it's so far fetch to think that Sophie and Tina Turner are related. They are both Turner

  • Mega Vania Wiranti
    Mega Vania Wiranti Před 12 hodinami

    Is sophie turner related to alex turner?

  • AllAboutAri
    AllAboutAri Před 13 hodinami

    i met was the best day of my life.

  • nas'al auni
    nas'al auni Před 13 hodinami

    4:56 the way she said IT'S BLONDE!!!!!

  • Declan Hampson
    Declan Hampson Před 18 hodinami

    Sophie Turner is life 🔥🔥

  • Jonah The Jedai
    Jonah The Jedai Před 20 hodinami

    I love this so much.

  • lulz kek
    lulz kek Před dnem

    Jessica Chastain it's kinda awkward

  • Rajan Waterman
    Rajan Waterman Před dnem +2

    Sophie Turner is real. Love that girl!! She was so real about the Twin situation. Star man ⭐️

  • секси сом
    секси сом Před dnem

    Lmao i am not the only one who thinks she is 1:1 with boy George

  • Random Fingerstyle Guitar

    3:26 is kinda funny if you're German 😂

  • Begelmer Imer
    Begelmer Imer Před dnem

    Omg Lady is dead 😟😭

  • High night gaming -clash royale- clash of clans

    Anyone noticed the illuminati symbol on sophie's arm

  • MadLane
    MadLane Před dnem +1

    Chastain is pretty and seems fun but then she said she's a vegan .... what a disappointment.

  • nas'al auni
    nas'al auni Před dnem +1


  • Delon Daniels
    Delon Daniels Před 2 dny

    Why did Jessica Chastain sound like her arch nemesis Grace Randolph with that "hello!"?
    Is she mocking her? 🤣

  • Prisha Khemka
    Prisha Khemka Před 2 dny

    wait a sec ur telling me that sophie is 23 and has been in the x-men franchise and GOT franchise? WOW

  • Lina Wrn
    Lina Wrn Před 2 dny

    this is simply hilarious

  • Walt Kowalski
    Walt Kowalski Před 2 dny

    ugly bitches

  • Susie Sibel Richter
    Susie Sibel Richter Před 2 dny

    Jessica is one of the most beautiful people ever. I couldn’t stop looking at her

  • The Pack Survives
    The Pack Survives Před 2 dny

    Jessica: ‘AU’tocomplete
    Sophie: ‘O’tocomplete

  • Anca 150
    Anca 150 Před 2 dny

    sophie is a sweetheart , jesica is so annoying i want to punch her in the face !

  • Amelia Spingola
    Amelia Spingola Před 3 dny +1

    When you don’t like Sophie Turner because she’s married to your crush of nine years.

  • Ben Vittitow
    Ben Vittitow Před 3 dny

    What is with the British obsession with Donald Trump? Everything I watch just has to mention him.

  • Daniela Garcia Arellano

    5:55 I DIED

  • Miguel Morales
    Miguel Morales Před 3 dny

    Question filtered

  • Ju Z
    Ju Z Před 4 dny

    Jessica what a beautiful and elegant woman 🥰
    I can’t believe she is 42

  • ulysisxtr
    ulysisxtr Před 4 dny

    What I learned: merkin

  • Superiorer
    Superiorer Před 4 dny

    Who is jessica cumstain even?

  • Paula Weimann
    Paula Weimann Před 4 dny

    I have a question do i understan dark phoenix even of i didn‘t watch the other x-men movies

  • Autumn Lenga
    Autumn Lenga Před 4 dny

    "Wouldn't Y O U like to know but I don't wanna get fired"

  • Koko Ya
    Koko Ya Před 4 dny

    Worst film ever.

  • Sage Danielle Ilagan
    Sage Danielle Ilagan Před 4 dny

    I just want to see Sophie Turner beside Elizabeth Debicki

  • Hey Madi
    Hey Madi Před 4 dny +3

    No one:
    Sophie: *IT’S BLONDE*
    I love her so much~

  • Gulvareena khattak
    Gulvareena khattak Před 4 dny

    sophie turneris 23, british accent makes the voice more mature

  • Gulvareena khattak
    Gulvareena khattak Před 4 dny

    the accent thing sophie said was like awesome, coz everyone has an accent, like u r american thats why u dont have an accent is so stupid

  • eab
    eab Před 5 dny

    Would love to see these two eating each other out

  • milena
    milena Před 5 dny

    I would like to see Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans playing this game.

  • julie brillmolina
    julie brillmolina Před 5 dny

    Buddy comedy. Immediately, please.

  • Gamal Hossny
    Gamal Hossny Před 5 dny +2

    Let's discuss how Elizabeth Olsen's interview and Sophie and Jessica's interview were the best

  • Dana Bongard
    Dana Bongard Před 5 dny

    6:50 she reminds me of Lana Del Rey

  • VergeOfChaos
    VergeOfChaos Před 5 dny

    2:44 I did have a twin that died in my mum's stomach... Guess her mum ate it.

  • E m
    E m Před 5 dny

    Is a personal attack or something? Hahahah

  • paperwitch83
    paperwitch83 Před 5 dny

    I died laughing when they said
    “v-icken” (vegan chicken) bc it sounds exactly like the colloquial German slang word for “to f * ck* 🤣

  • Alex24
    Alex24 Před 5 dny

    Try not to cringe challenge

  • Sophy Chakma
    Sophy Chakma Před 5 dny +4

    5:55 lol I'm french so it made me laugh

  • Olivia Kristina
    Olivia Kristina Před 5 dny

    These two as individuals are great. These two as a duo? Even better

  • Fumpf
    Fumpf Před 5 dny

    American is no nationality to anyone outside of the US xd

  • gidifksnfe kdidkfjsk
    gidifksnfe kdidkfjsk Před 5 dny

    Make one with Sergey Brin and Larry Page

  • Matteo Gagliardi
    Matteo Gagliardi Před 5 dny

    They’re such a great pair

  • Ashley Nguyen
    Ashley Nguyen Před 5 dny

    NOW THAT I THINK OF IT Jessica is related Julia Roberts. Fact. Case. Closed.

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith Před 6 dny

    Worst film ever.

  • Andrew Garfield
    Andrew Garfield Před 6 dny

    Did anyone hear Sophie sniff at 5:07 and Jess tear up

  • How To Vegan
    How To Vegan Před 6 dny

    *kick a ginger day*

  • Lua Watanabe
    Lua Watanabe Před 6 dny

    the fact that jessica doesn’t use foundation is, at the same time, annoying me (because her skin is perfect) and making me proud

  • Casey Rains
    Casey Rains Před 6 dny +1

    I see the Julia Roberts resemblance

  • Next GenGamerz
    Next GenGamerz Před 6 dny

    @sophie turner. Warwickshire gAnG

  • nopassa 7
    nopassa 7 Před 6 dny

    i never thought i needed these two together but i do thank you wired

  • Tauseef Asad
    Tauseef Asad Před 6 dny

    both are stunner

  • Susanna M
    Susanna M Před 6 dny +1

    if at 0:00 you keep pressing j every like half second that makes jessica chastain sound like elmo

  • Johnrey Sabillo
    Johnrey Sabillo Před 6 dny

    1:29 2:47 for safe keeping

  • MyNameIsAFruit rmn
    MyNameIsAFruit rmn Před 6 dny +1

    The French accent is awesome

  • Alexis Rivas
    Alexis Rivas Před 6 dny +9

    I always wondered what happened to her direwolf. So sad😢

  • Baby Munaf
    Baby Munaf Před 6 dny

    Jessica I love you

  • atika mustar
    atika mustar Před 6 dny +5

    Sophie : is Jessica Chastain stupid


  • Carina C. Zona
    Carina C. Zona Před 6 dny

    Bryce Dallas Howard tells a charming little story on The Grahame Norton Show about their uncanny resemblance

  • K.S J16
    K.S J16 Před 7 dny

    Ahah I love how Jessica said Northampton is a good place 😂😂👏

  • Andrés Alejandro Rosenberg Benadretti

    Jessica's laugh at 5:39 is everything

  • Gilbert Garces
    Gilbert Garces Před 7 dny

    Who does Jessica Chastain look like?!
    Beverly. Duh!😂😍🤗

  • Ryan Kramme
    Ryan Kramme Před 7 dny

    Real life mom and daughter lmao

  • rasmus eklund
    rasmus eklund Před 7 dny +8

    I know this is a 2 week old video but I like how there is a question if Sophie Turner looks like Boy George considering the fact that Boy George himself said in an interview like yesterday that there is a chance she plays him in an biopic based on his life

  • Panagiotis Molasiotis
    Panagiotis Molasiotis Před 7 dny +29

    -"You do look like Bryce Dallas Howard"
    -"I do "
    That's all I ever wanted to hear in my life

    • Antonia
      Antonia Před dnem

      I swear i thought the same woman played in Interstellar and in Black Mirror and i’ve been telling my friends “omg yas i’m obsessed with Jessica Chastain did you see her in the Black mirror yas girl” only then to find out she isn’t in the Black Mirror 🙄

    • Panagiotis Molasiotis
      Panagiotis Molasiotis Před dnem +1

      @Antonia Haha, when I saw Interstellar , I was like " I didn't know Bryce is in this " and my friends were like "What ?? "

    • Antonia
      Antonia Před 2 dny +2

      Panagiotis Molasiotis i legit thought they were the same person until 5 minutes ago and now my brain is confusion

  • Carol Coelho
    Carol Coelho Před 7 dny +4

    Is Jessica Chastain PERFECT?

  • Michael Rauch
    Michael Rauch Před 7 dny

    I'm Sophie's age and just a touch taller

  • YogaTrianzar Maliks
    YogaTrianzar Maliks Před 7 dny

    Sansa was the sister of Arya, and somehow knew Danny but not too related as a sibling...haha

  • YogaTrianzar Maliks
    YogaTrianzar Maliks Před 7 dny +7

    I was just thinking that J. Chastain is another version of Bryce D. Howard. She seems lookalike...

    • ItsJTV
      ItsJTV Před 5 dny +1

      YogaTrianzar Maliks sameeee

  • Ross Coe
    Ross Coe Před 7 dny +1

    Chastain is so creepy and ugly looking,both are boring and overrated actors

  • Onion Water
    Onion Water Před 8 dny

    A merkin is a pube wig.

  • Florian Kleemann
    Florian Kleemann Před 8 dny

    Please do Keanu Reeves

  • Suko Laynon
    Suko Laynon Před 8 dny

    They hated each other obviously

  • lea ztnv
    lea ztnv Před 8 dny +1

    5:56 I’m french and it’s PERFECT

  • Yis
    Yis Před 8 dny +3

    Jessica: 5”4
    Sophie: 5”9
    Next to each other: Same height

    • kycounterstrike
      kycounterstrike Před 8 dny

      You know this is a professionally filmed video? The crew will ensure they are same height to make a better shoot - chairs are likely different heights.

  • abdulaziz wannous
    abdulaziz wannous Před 8 dny

    Jessica Chastain...once in a life time.

  • Joshua Savage
    Joshua Savage Před 8 dny

    xwhaman was awful. love the red hair though

  • Raymond Anaya
    Raymond Anaya Před 8 dny


  • mattie5by5
    mattie5by5 Před 9 dny

    For some reason I am scared of Chastain after this. Turner tho 🙌

  • Raymond Terutama
    Raymond Terutama Před 9 dny

    these women were born 19 years apart. either sophie has an old kind sense of humor. or jessica know whatsup.

  • Adilet Toigonbaev
    Adilet Toigonbaev Před 9 dny

    Bad sound

  • wolfblood356
    wolfblood356 Před 9 dny

    After the video I watched Brandi chastain goal it was amazing

  • Moon5
    Moon5 Před 9 dny

    OMG I didn’t know she was English until I heard her speak and it happens to be the first question lol 😂

  • Enrique Ramirez-Arriaga
    Enrique Ramirez-Arriaga Před 9 dny +238

    I love how Sophie says a lot of creepy and dark things so casually.

    • little clandestine
      little clandestine Před 4 dny +1

      She's British

    • Ellen
      Ellen Před 4 dny +11

      Enrique Ramirez-Arriaga I don’t think you classify as a true Brit unless you say creepy and dark things casually 😂

    • Vanessa Herrmann
      Vanessa Herrmann Před 5 dny +13

      Enrique Ramirez-Arriaga what acting in GOT does to you😂

  • Izabella Dobaczewska
    Izabella Dobaczewska Před 9 dny

    It makes me very very sad that Lady is dead in real life too...

  • Yantra
    Yantra Před 9 dny

    Wow Sophie! Way to skip through some major trauma... 😢

  • Erik Lerström
    Erik Lerström Před 9 dny +1

    both sophie turner and kit harrington seems (right now, could easily change!) to be very limited actors but who are super funny and charming...

  • Paskalina Yakasay
    Paskalina Yakasay Před 9 dny


  • MaquiladoraIII
    MaquiladoraIII Před 9 dny +1

    Oh my. Two of the hottest women on earth.

  • Laura Mátyás
    Laura Mátyás Před 9 dny +3

    I can’t believe they have almost 20 years apart. Jessica definitely doesn’t look like a 42-year-old. She’s so beautiful, looking like 25 😍