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  • čas přidán 8. 12. 2023
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Komentáře • 1,5K

  • @YouTube
    @YouTube Před rokem +970

    chunkz really took the safety off with that strike, picked that one out like a yung Stevie G 🚀

  • @Powerrangers909
    @Powerrangers909 Před rokem +4807

    *It’s actually so wholesome that Chunkz and Filly managed to both score BANGERS*

  • @es8098
    @es8098 Před rokem +4016

    Harry’s defending is actually underrated bro didn’t let anyone through

    • @slavemaster6878
      @slavemaster6878 Před rokem +82

      only if the score showed that

    • @mblackz6522
      @mblackz6522 Před rokem +234

      @@slavemaster6878 when he got subbed off it fell apart

    • @mblackz6522
      @mblackz6522 Před rokem +1

      @6klippa ' trust me bro big facts

    • @razin3954
      @razin3954 Před rokem +13

      @@slavemaster6878 only if there is better keeper

    • @tatendam540
      @tatendam540 Před rokem


  • @anaksetan2332
    @anaksetan2332 Před rokem +1431

    Chunkz : Scores a banger
    Filly : Scores a banger
    HP : Being a very solid center back. a 10/10 defending performances.

  • @gamerkai67
    @gamerkai67 Před rokem +963

    Real talk rn, these three GOAT I'm so happy and proud for everything they've done and accomplished at the charity match. And getting the respect that they deserve

    • @AliBaba-rx3sj
      @AliBaba-rx3sj Před rokem

      Yea but did you know when chunks was driving home his hairline was in the backseat

  • @benlong6355
    @benlong6355 Před rokem +321

    The way Filly read what was on Castro’s shirt and genuinely hugged him was so wholesome

  • @ukcomedyplug6556
    @ukcomedyplug6556 Před rokem +3925

    Chunkz can finally say he’s scored a goal in a big event 💀

  • @ossnips9329
    @ossnips9329 Před rokem +252

    Chunkz really surprised me honestly. Well done 👏🏾

    • @AHSBALLERS1234
      @AHSBALLERS1234 Před rokem +1

      He wasnt good if im honest, terrible goalkeeping and turns like a truck and couldnt pass

    • @darthyoda8170
      @darthyoda8170 Před rokem +4

      @@AHSBALLERS1234 what

    • @cfchakim
      @cfchakim Před rokem +2

      @@AHSBALLERS1234 what chunkz passing was one of the best on the pitch and if ur talking about cal then i agree he was so shit in net

    • @keithalexander1156
      @keithalexander1156 Před rokem

      @@AHSBALLERS1234 lmaooooo,righttttttttttttt,you haters be too funny

  • @jaywillow4432
    @jaywillow4432 Před rokem +42

    The energy between these three how they bounce off each other effortlessly it’s a blessing

  • @Jj-yu6bq
    @Jj-yu6bq Před rokem +2

    People aren’t clocking how good HP played because there was lots of goals conceded, but he turned into prime Maldini

  • @ignitefm7743
    @ignitefm7743 Před rokem +202

    Respect for telling speed about the offside rule 😂

    • @admakaveli3447
      @admakaveli3447 Před rokem +18

      Nah filly and harry violated they went and celebrated with him even though they knew he was offside lmaooo

  • @rahmaabdi7868
    @rahmaabdi7868 Před rokem +4

    im soo proud of them all for everything they have accomplished including the charity match i remember when it was just an idea they talked about in one of their youtube videos and to see it come to life is both soo amazing inspirational and heart warming.

  • @Zayad441
    @Zayad441 Před rokem +2342

    Chunkz did soo well in that charity match what a long range shot

    • @privatelifeofbetasquad9480
      @privatelifeofbetasquad9480 Před rokem +2


    • @Zayad441
      @Zayad441 Před rokem +8

      @@privatelifeofbetasquad9480 bruuh💀

    • @fattony5559
      @fattony5559 Před rokem +6

      Chunkz played very good buy held the ball too long at times. Make your mind you early lad we lack speed so play smart. Hp what a beast loved watching him defend he unleashed the Rio with in and Philly at moments I thought he was semi pro

    • @Zayad441
      @Zayad441 Před rokem

      @@fattony5559 one of the maddest game tho ngl and yeah they did play smart

  • @strivfe8007
    @strivfe8007 Před rokem +50

    Honestly you three were the MVP’s of the team. Chunkz and Filly with the screamers, and Pinero with the stalwart defense. Well played!

    • @user-bo6yl5ni6s
      @user-bo6yl5ni6s Před rokem +8

      Noah beck, filly and theo baker, was like watching prime barca in the middle

  • @2bites
    @2bites Před rokem +12

    Love how all these man all up lift each other at all times❤️ so wholesome, these are friends you need to have in life🙌

  • @dracosolo8764
    @dracosolo8764 Před rokem +32

    Solid performance from them 3. Chunkz and fillys goals were brazy and Harrys defense was top tier man. Big ups

  • @sunday8323
    @sunday8323 Před rokem +57

    This trio will never get old

  • @hashimshahid8089
    @hashimshahid8089 Před rokem +342

    Speed made the whole game so entertaining and the slide tackle was beautiful 😂

  • @lifeofrayan
    @lifeofrayan Před rokem +116

    It's Filly getting emotional at the end for me, keep putting in the work Bruddaz, wish Harry was on the scorecard too....NDL 4 LIFE

  • @logane1996
    @logane1996 Před rokem +2

    Chunkz you totally killed it, don't even need pace cause you seemed to ALWAYS be where you needed to be. Hell yeah bro

  • @sneakytacos773
    @sneakytacos773 Před rokem +15

    The respect & love on this side of YT is so strong & the charity match yesterday was a perfect reflection of it 💙💙

  • @J.o.y.b.o.y.8.0.0
    @J.o.y.b.o.y.8.0.0 Před rokem +55

    You 3 were phenomenal bro,Harry pinero defense against manny,tobi,Simon and Chris was really top class,filly stamina throughout like a tank and chunkz just dribbling across behz Harry and jj and scoring was fire 🔥 👌 ggs yall

  • @angelmartinez9429
    @angelmartinez9429 Před rokem +3

    The charity match was sooo entertaining. Great goals, Speed was hilarious and seeing Clattenburg havin fun with the guys was the cherry on top

  • @Arshvir_Singh
    @Arshvir_Singh Před rokem +208

    You goals,assists and skills was incredible. LETS GO CHUNKZ

  • @alisonparker440
    @alisonparker440 Před rokem +3

    This was and always will be one of the greatest events in CHclip history.

  • @Chri5TenTFF
    @Chri5TenTFF Před rokem

    Good to see you back bro great game and an amazing goal !!!

  • @franmutale
    @franmutale Před rokem +2

    Big ups to Chunks.🥳
    I have to say Harry's reactions to his friends is everything 🧡

  • @FTWItachiPlays
    @FTWItachiPlays Před rokem +3

    I love these three guys haha, if more people were like this world would be so much better, so happy and full of positive energy also just love their attitude towards things. Now of course we see them happy all the time due to videos and not irl but man, everyone has ups and downs, but these guys are just awesome been watching for last 3 yrs!

  • @nadavshtir6252
    @nadavshtir6252 Před rokem

    These people are just good vibes only and its so wholesome to watch

  • @finley8298
    @finley8298 Před rokem +259

    All three of you played exceptional. Should consider getting into football again. ❤

    @GAMINGWITHSHADMAN- Před rokem +4

    One of the best things about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something. He always respect us, the audience, and his team, and he is always polite in all of his videos. We congratulate ourselves on this achievement. More to come and everything to come

  • @bread5240
    @bread5240 Před rokem +8

    Another great video chunkz, its good to see some insight of what was going through your heads while playing. HP and filly are the goats and deserve much more respect in the community(and so do you obviously)
    Hope to see you boys in the next charity match

  • @alisonparker440
    @alisonparker440 Před rokem +5

    The seriousness of spence and the humor of stephen were just like fine wine

  • @Sriffa
    @Sriffa Před rokem +3

    You 3 deserve all the blessings in the world. Outstanding performance, exceptional people. Keep inspiring you lot so proud to see how far you’ve all come ❤

  • @freakytv3680
    @freakytv3680 Před rokem

    Love you three together. Absolute brothers.

  • @400Mil
    @400Mil Před rokem +50

    Each of you had a good game. Real legends fr 🐐

  • @rahmaabdi7868
    @rahmaabdi7868 Před rokem +1

    seeing chunkz niko and filly score was the absolute highlight of the entire game for me nothing tops that.

  • @deborahxo829
    @deborahxo829 Před rokem +8

    Chunkz you did incredible and same for Filly and Harry! You made us all proud 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾✨

  • @asuna8419
    @asuna8419 Před rokem +2

    The 3 of you actually played amazing, fair play to you guys! Harry was like a wall at the back, Filly and Chunkz scored bangers 👏❤

  • @sgi47
    @sgi47 Před rokem

    We want more Chunkz uploads! On the stressfull days this guy always brings a smile to my face❤❤

  • @davidkirkland310
    @davidkirkland310 Před rokem +11

    You three were all incredible. Filly you were everywhere and had such great technique. Chunks what a baller and amazing skill in everything you did. HP you were so composed at the back. All three were MOTM for me ⚽️⚽️⚽️

  • @SulemanX
    @SulemanX Před rokem +40

    It was an awesome match by both sides, very intense and a million pounds raised for charity!!! That’s maddd

  • @ace9759
    @ace9759 Před rokem +25

    I was so gassed when I saw chunkz and Niko scored the first two goals even better Niko scores a second goal🎉🎉definitely redeemed from the penalty miss.

  • @LevTri
    @LevTri Před rokem

    Glad to see you back in here. Love seeing all you guys together three of you put on a hell of a show during the charity match!

  • @mahadaatoosh3234
    @mahadaatoosh3234 Před rokem

    So so so proud of you guys! You did so well! I loved the match! The vibes were immaculate!! You guys were incredible!

  • @lucadegabriele6394
    @lucadegabriele6394 Před rokem +12

    What an amazing Charity Event! Over 1M Pounds Raised! A thrilling football match full of goals and funny moments! I'm happy that the Sidemen and most of my Favorite YTs (Mr Beast, Castro, Niko, Chunkz, Speed, Pieface, Goldbridge and many others) got to be involved in such a historical event. Well done to everyone who was involved during the event! You all are bloody legends ❤❤❤!

  • @JazzyJ28
    @JazzyJ28 Před rokem +8

    You three are easily the MVPS of the game! Both goals were sick! HP on defense was sick! Definitely needed him in the last few mins! Are you guys sure you’re CHcliprs and not pro footballers 🤔 LOVE! ❤️ hopefully next year Sharky can join yall! #Sharky2023

    • @xamsetoni7352
      @xamsetoni7352 Před rokem +2

      I like you sis 😘 💕 ❤ first seen 👀

  • @safwaan7rangrage
    @safwaan7rangrage Před rokem +46

    Nah man you'll all played extremely extremely well . So happy for the people that donated. May allah/God bless you'll

  • @Robert.Harg.
    @Robert.Harg. Před rokem +1

    How real they keep it with each other across all 3 of these videos is infectious

  • @medasaneswaran1360
    @medasaneswaran1360 Před rokem +2

    Chunkz was so cold I am glad I was there to see his legendary moments

  • @karabosteezyg
    @karabosteezyg Před 5 měsíci

    A midfield trio of you 3 would be so cold. Chunkz at the 10, Filly at the 8 and Harry in the 6 would do wonders ✨👌💯

  • @hanfapanda
    @hanfapanda Před rokem

    Played SOO well 👏👏❤️‍🔥

  • @neosname1074
    @neosname1074 Před rokem

    First video in 10 months.. amazing. 😂
    But it's always amazing to see this trio in front of the camera, congrats to the three of you on such an amazing performance. 🙏🏾❤

  • @abdiwalichannel.6574
    @abdiwalichannel.6574 Před rokem +22

    Masha'allah, I'm so happy for you my brother. I was happy when i saw you scored.

  • @jordans2546
    @jordans2546 Před rokem

    Definitely the 3 best players for the All Stars! Great performances all round. Well done lads

  • @James-ov5xr
    @James-ov5xr Před rokem

    Amazing video , it made my day , thanks very much, very well played !

  • @j_kinsala
    @j_kinsala Před rokem

    Watching this video and seeing the love you guys have for eachother is a wholesome🥺proud of you guys man. Serious tek on display today, some big drippers

  • @Ahmad67475
    @Ahmad67475 Před rokem +4

    They all killed it 🔥 so excited for Chunks return ❤️

  • @ryanhoffmann9341
    @ryanhoffmann9341 Před rokem +2

    HP was the most underrated player on the pitch. Filly legit had the goal of the match! My man Chunkz was like Tom Brady out there just making things happen.

  • @EreaserNL
    @EreaserNL Před rokem +8

    You guys turned up! Filly and Chunkz had the best goals.
    HP also did some great work when he was on defence, which probably will get overlooked

  • @jafas1937
    @jafas1937 Před rokem

    so happy for chunkz he deserves it what a performance🤩🤩🤩🐐

  • @BANGTAN-fv3xh
    @BANGTAN-fv3xh Před rokem

    That intro always gets me hyped 🔥 What a game yesterday from you all, everything was just perfectly done from beggining to the end. Greatest CHclip event in history

  • @carlomonta1401
    @carlomonta1401 Před rokem

    Best CHclip trio I’ve ever seen. Been a fan for a while and never commented on any of your post but this one is special boys. Well done lads 🎉

  • @raphaeldc5868
    @raphaeldc5868 Před rokem

    Literally mental! Pleasure watching you three, these sofa ones hit the best 💎

  • @khanyikuzwayo
    @khanyikuzwayo Před rokem

    Chunkz, I’ve missed you so much. I’ve also missed the boys being together so much. These are amongst some the best CHcliprs on the platforms history and it’s always so beautiful to see them together. The chemistry is nuclear. I love you guys so much. Also, Filly and Chunkz are truly brothers.

  • @legend-uv8qv
    @legend-uv8qv Před rokem +8

    Big respect to the boys they did bits ❤

  • @k.de.d4118
    @k.de.d4118 Před rokem

    you all played so good, so proud of you lot, knew chunks had been feeling that soccer aid pen, such a great dub for you in the end 👏👏

  • @bornagaingg6223
    @bornagaingg6223 Před rokem

    You was moving like prime Dinho bro, wavy tech still. And that Filly x Noah Beck pivot gave me flashbacks of prime Iniesta x Xavi. Brilliant performance all around. Well done lads

  • @beestingtv9395
    @beestingtv9395 Před rokem

    I love how gassed Filly gets when Chunkz sings ❤

  • @RonaldoSaru7
    @RonaldoSaru7 Před rokem

    All of you guys played amazing and amazing goal from chunkz ❤️‍🔥🔥 god bless you three and your families :)) love you guys, support from Toronto, ON 🇨🇦

  • @lowkeyhighkey5962
    @lowkeyhighkey5962 Před rokem +4

    Isn’t no one taking in that moment of filly getting emotional at the end because of chunkz intro. He realised there where they are now and how far they have come and I felt it. Legends!❤

  • @camronanderson7139
    @camronanderson7139 Před rokem

    Great video, great game, great energy!!! Much love all around!!!!

  • @acronyx991
    @acronyx991 Před rokem

    Im just proud of the whole UK scene in general. The fact none of you drag each other down but pull each other up. We get some amazing cross-overs and videos thanks to that. Big up all of you. If you won that game, HP was MVP for me. Best defender all game.

  • @MurrayHerts
    @MurrayHerts Před rokem

    All you guys were class, I was genuinely so impressed with the quality you all showed.

  • @elegante1785
    @elegante1785 Před rokem +1

    Look at Harry facial expressions while they play the clip of the assist again 7:30 😂😂😂

  • @cabdirabbinour7531
    @cabdirabbinour7531 Před rokem +1

    Congratulations 👏👏 my bro from home somalia 🇸🇴 big love ❤✊🏿

  • @abdirahmanmohamed7273
    @abdirahmanmohamed7273 Před rokem +6

    You guys proved that you guys are some of the best on CHclip as ballers are concerned 💯🎯🤘🤘🤘

  • @aye3678
    @aye3678 Před rokem

    What an event! Incredible scenes yesterday. I am impressed with all of you. Thought Sidemen tried abit too hard towards the end, but entertaining nonetheless.

  • @josephduenas4718
    @josephduenas4718 Před rokem

    Chunkz composure is madness... cali love brothers 🤙🏽🙌🏽

  • @BlizzyBry
    @BlizzyBry Před rokem

    It was such a good game! Everybody balled their asses off. So impressed. Shout out Niko too. Can’t wait for next year’s game

  • @neymargoatt
    @neymargoatt Před rokem

    Chunkz scored a banger also gotta give credit to speed for that tackle 😭😭🔥

  • @staticz7440
    @staticz7440 Před rokem

    All 3 have to admit 10/10 performance underrated ballers ⚽️

  • @thatboiyuli872
    @thatboiyuli872 Před rokem +3

    Congratulations brother .WHAT A GOALLL🤯😱❤🔥You really deserve it

  • @ronnierodriguez8235
    @ronnierodriguez8235 Před rokem

    Listen I’m not gonna lie when I saw chunks score from outside the box my jaw dropped 😂😂

  • @numfear3531
    @numfear3531 Před rokem

    Chunkz happy to see you back Nice position for scoring the goals great game

  • @plymouthmade7589
    @plymouthmade7589 Před rokem

    Most enjoyable game I have watched in years. You three played amazing. Chunks best goal of the game. Philly best attacker of the game. Man of the match and most effective over the game, The old man Harry

  • @user-yo6nq3ks7d
    @user-yo6nq3ks7d Před rokem

    I'm so proud of Chunkz, hes my favourite CHclipr ever

  • @sekoukamara5988
    @sekoukamara5988 Před rokem +1

    3:48 the Soundeffect got me still 😂😂

  • @breadbread7137
    @breadbread7137 Před rokem +8

    Big up to these three, absolute GOATS of the match

  • @yoyz8239
    @yoyz8239 Před rokem +2

    The goal was actually insane ngl
    like imagine a long range shot... dayum you did good in the charity match love you chunkz❤

  • @FightOnSC
    @FightOnSC Před rokem

    Let's go I'm so happy your back bro stay blessed ✊🏾💯

  • @dask5687
    @dask5687 Před rokem +2

    Great to see the brotherhood in the game. Would've been sick to have the rest of the beta squad there

  • @saeedc7779
    @saeedc7779 Před rokem

    Wholesome moment with Filly genuinely crying at the end ❤ congrats bro

  • @xSEBBYx
    @xSEBBYx Před rokem

    The trio no one saw coming🔥⚽️🥵

  • @imdatguy285
    @imdatguy285 Před rokem +19

    We can all agree chunks was really good this year

  • @MultiChristyk
    @MultiChristyk Před rokem +2

    This is a nine minute video hyping up Chunkz and I love every second of it 😆

  • @aliumer2964
    @aliumer2964 Před rokem

    Wanted you lot to win so bad, u lot deserved the win

  • @tttiffa
    @tttiffa Před rokem

    Them 3 legitimately killed it during the game

  • @jedidiahdewee1686
    @jedidiahdewee1686 Před rokem

    wish i could play with them. but congrats boys you did well, god bless, and much love guys

  • @Isaac-ib3un
    @Isaac-ib3un Před rokem

    real friends, wholesome energy. Congrats lads