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EXPOSED: The Real Reason For The Ime Udoka Suspension

  • čas přidán 22. 09. 2022
  • The drama surrounding the Boston Celtics and especially their head coach Ime Udoka has been the main topic these past few days. And it culminated with the team suspending Udoka for a full season. This came as a shock to some, and it sure looks like a very steep penalty.
    So let me explain what’s the real reason behind the suspension. What up everybody, my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it.
    Shams Charania has new info on this topic that gives us a different perspective of the whole story.
    In his latest article on the Athletic, Charania writes that Some members of the Celtics organization first became aware of the relationship in July. At that time, team leadership was led to believe by both parties that the relationship was consensual. But the woman recently accused Udoka of making unwanted comments toward her - leading the team to launch a set of internal interviews. After which, the final decision was made.
    Now this is a new moment in this whole situation and a big one at that. This is the exact reason for why the code of conduct even exists.
    Remember the Dallas Mavericks debacle? There was a huge investigation done on Mavs office members that revealed sexual harassments, domestic violence, and all kinds of other detrimental behaviour. It ended ugly, and it even involved the owner Marc Cuban as a person who knew some of these issues but tried to come to settlements and confidentiality agreements.
    Well this is the exact scenario that the Celtics want to avoid. A case by case falloff and corrosion of the team’s culture.
    Even with having this code of conduct and these workplace guidelines, you see with this new info that they were still hesitant to implement when they found out about the affair.
    But once there was even the slightest change of tone by the woman, accusing Udoka of making certain comments, the team saw how this could be a slippery slope and how the issue might snowball into a much bigger thing.
    The woman could decide to sue, or go public with accusations, and her side of the story, all kinds of scenarios might develop from this. And you can see how it can become very ugly very soon.
    With this suspension however, I feel like Boston set the bar high. The standards to which the team members will be held, and the expectations for how they should conduct themselves are nothing short of professional.
    This is not some end of the bench guy, or an unknown team member, but rather the head coach we’re talking about. Possibly the greatest piece for their incredible turnaround and the road to the finals last year.
    It would be very tempting for a team to forgive and forget when it comes to a prominent piece of their success. But with this move, their action is loud and clear. The franchise, and the organization comes before any single member of it.
    It’s just unfortunate that it might be a step backwards for this team when it comes to actual basketball. This sudden coaching change for this season, along with the latest news that Robert Williams will have surgery and miss 4-6 weeks, it’s a huge blow. And suddenly the odds of them reaching the finals again have just plummeted.
    Let me know in the comments if you think that the Celtics can survive all of this. That’s it for now, subscribe and talk to you in the next one. Peace out.

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  • @jeremyridge1332
    @jeremyridge1332 Před rokem +388

    Imagine losing two rings in one year.

  • @leeswift7883
    @leeswift7883 Před rokem +214

    This is why there's the saying ”don't crap where you eat.” It might have even been different if it were co-workers at the same level in the organization, but as the head coach you have to know you're towards the top of the power food chain and any wiggle room for accusations, true or false, isn't good for the bottom line

  • @josh_7569
    @josh_7569 Před rokem +25

    I don’t think he is a bad man. It’s just that as humans, it is terrible how much we let our lust gain control of us. It can be a nightmare waiting to happen even if during a few moments if losing control. I hope they all heal from this because mistakes do happen, unfortunately.

  • @johnsmith-tt6to
    @johnsmith-tt6to Před rokem +125

    This take on the situation is 100 times better than what I heard Stephen A Smith on ESPN say

  • @Spawn3582
    @Spawn3582 Před rokem +169

    Ime's suspension, Robert's knee, DG's Acl, Brown's disappointment in the organization. C's have a lot going against them.

  • @Apex2191
    @Apex2191 Před rokem +8

    This was the most concise explanation off the situation I've heard all day. It gave me a better understanding of why the Celtics made this decision.

  • @bretclaar1663
    @bretclaar1663 Před rokem +50

    Word of advice for any young professionals. Avoid opening doors you can’t close.

  • @rams3737
    @rams3737 Před rokem +689

    He was suspended for playing drop coverage on Steph in the finals 😂

  • @alasdairmacdonald9838
    @alasdairmacdonald9838 Před rokem +1

    I don't think the coaching will actually be impacted all that much. The rest of the staff know what the plan is. Ime isn't some Spo or Nick Nurse level in the moment strategist. The team bought in to key concepts and they went on a roll that got them very close to a chip. They've upgraded the team in the off season with all the key pieces coming back. Time Lord will be out at the start of the season but it's only matters if he misses significantly more time or is injured when the playoffs roll around.

  • @coldthenamug
    @coldthenamug Před rokem +9

    Either he wouldn't leave his chick and she got mad, or she wanted to stop and he was still trying to holla etc, regardless, never mess with someone you work with. Especially if you both have someone else. Someone is gonna catch feelings stronger and when it's not reciprocated , things like this happen. Dude is rich, he could've found a look alike outside the organization like, come on dude. PLUS he had Nia Long! Like, come on....But also, what if she was on some "if you don't keep......ima say...". It's a crap shoot like, just don't do it. Don't mess up your $ for ______.

  • @bananabonzai
    @bananabonzai Před rokem +30

    The NBA executives and team owners sat in a secret room to propagandize this incident to take attention away from Robert Sarver's matter. They must have pressured the Celtics owner or gave him something ominous in return in that secret meeting to participate in this propagandizing - cuz there's no way the Celtics just gonna sabotage their season after a Finals run for a meager romantic affair in the coaching staff.

  • @sell2012
    @sell2012 Před rokem +13

    what will be nice if it were to happen is accurate reporting and not assumed guilt. He didnt do anything wrong until she got caught. that should be the headlines now. God forbid news is reported more accurately.

  • @DI-zy1dg
    @DI-zy1dg Před rokem +4

    How can the facts be changed by someone's opinion?

  • @drmontano9414
    @drmontano9414 Před rokem +14

    She withdrew from the “entanglement “ and he tried to hit it again, thus she filed complaint.

  • @adotintheshark4848
    @adotintheshark4848 Před rokem +28

    Wait a minute . If the intimate contact was consensual (in other words they both agreed to it), what's being done about the woman? Not defending Ime though I think he was thinking with the wrong head, but we have a double-standard here folks.

  • @imhimwhoyou
    @imhimwhoyou Před rokem +30

    Why is he getting suspended for a whole season for a consensual relation I get that he broke the policy rights but a whole season is crazy. .. so many organizations give out a slap on the wrist for crazier things

  • @TdeProEra
    @TdeProEra Před rokem +101

    They need to cover Brett farve the same way

  • @yao5859
    @yao5859 Před rokem +80

    Sounds like she just accused him for self preservation

  • @Jonathandelemos302
    @Jonathandelemos302 Před rokem

    The only reason this is a suspension is because if they released him, he’s going to Brooklyn and the Celtics inadvertently strengthen their adversary.

  • @dickwans
    @dickwans Před rokem +37

    The team will survive. The question here is in which shape are they going to be once the fallout is over.