Dead by Daylight | Livestream #84 - Oh boy! Here we go killing again!

  • čas přidán 11. 01. 2018
  • January 11th 2018 Twitch Stream capture.
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    Hosts: Sarah Robinson, Mathieu Côté
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  • HryHry

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  • Dimitris Neofotistos
    Dimitris Neofotistos Před 2 měsíci

    is this girl voicing claudette? omg the voice is so similar

  • Gideon lee
    Gideon lee Před 9 měsíci


  • Dan Lamont
    Dan Lamont Před rokem

    This game is broken fix your game you lazy scumbag

  • Lavender Babies
    Lavender Babies Před rokem

    She's the person who voices Claudette

  • Lemon Jaguar
    Lemon Jaguar Před rokem

    Guys can you ad in this game Pennywise... It could be a greait killer

  • Hanki
    Hanki Před rokem

    7:20 "We do our best"
    Sure, to make killers useless

  • sicc renn
    sicc renn Před rokem

    Need more game types....HIDE & SEEK👍

  • Zinriusminazen
    Zinriusminazen Před rokem

    Can we not talk about making different Game modes? You'll only split up the playerbase... do we really need longer Queue times?

  • ringa jeff
    ringa jeff Před rokem

    Add a 5th perk slot for killers HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Katelynn Casamatta
    Katelynn Casamatta Před rokem

    please stop making survivors more powerful than killers, thanks

  • Josh Cleland
    Josh Cleland Před rokem

    How you gonna say bangladesh that has mostly survivors playing are nice people survivors be the most evil thing on this earth.

  • Vinesh Chand
    Vinesh Chand Před rokem

    Please decrease the wiggle time to get out of killer's grasp from 100 to 90%.

  • Poopity Scoop
    Poopity Scoop Před rokem

    I wouldn't be surprised if they don't do it and if they do I don't know how, but for the Last Chapter they should make The Entity its own separate killer.

  • AgeDrain
    AgeDrain Před rokem

    Why dont people like the new perk for killer? Its going to be really useful especially end game when you have hooks next to doors you dont have to walk a mile to hook next survivor. I see alot of comments saying people dont sabo anymore but I personally still do and if they had tenacity with sabo team it will be a shit show without a hangman perk.

  • Jeizer GT
    Jeizer GT Před rokem

    Siempre escriben mal los nombres , parece a proposito jajaja Mathuie xD

  • Rob Fitzsimons
    Rob Fitzsimons Před rokem

    Wiggling is just gonna be pointless now

  • Blounem
    Blounem Před rokem +1

    You ought to add GladOS from portal 2 !

    • Blounem
      Blounem Před rokem +1

      (or Slenderman)

  • About_150 _TACOS
    About_150 _TACOS Před rokem

    You should create a clown character (doesn't have to be pennywise, but you could (although, I think you need more original characters as the ones you've made are awesome)). He/She could be called "The Entertainer" or "The Jester" or "The Joker". Powers could be cool involving lures/balloons/jump scares. I think carnival music could play as he/she got closer. It would be really scary to see a clown running around killing people and laughing while he/she does!

  • Mason Gotto
    Mason Gotto Před rokem

    Am I the only one who thinks the pyro from tf2 would be a truly terrifying killer to face. Just going off meet the pyro alone is an unnerving thought.

  • Mayluna
    Mayluna Před rokem

    Rewarding killers for taking on SWF groups with bonus bloodpoints would be a nice feature. It might at least help with killers dodging lobbies with SWF groups. It gives them some incentive to stay. Yes, it'll be a harder game, but more rewarding.

  • Im a Happy Burrito
    Im a Happy Burrito Před rokem

    Fuck the killer go fix Freddy that bitch has a extra gap when he hits u

  • Caleb Riggs
    Caleb Riggs Před rokem

    It’s Jigsaw And the new survivor might be the character from the game first and second

  • Gengyuan Huang
    Gengyuan Huang Před rokem

    Really wish they could put all the clothes and accessories in steam market. So we can trade them.

  • Heqra Ouzi
    Heqra Ouzi Před rokem

    Mmmm im so excited for jigsaw dear god whats the ability? Im low key new to dbd, and aaaaAaaahhh! Ive never been active during a killer release.
    God damn, im assuming its paid because license, but you guarrentee my cash if it releases this Sunday or sooner!!!
    Ahhhh!!! So excited :)))) :DDD

  • TinkleWinklePot
    TinkleWinklePot Před rokem

    I see a mispell its mathieu not mathiue

  • Miko Monteverde
    Miko Monteverde Před rokem

    HAHAHAHAHAH, if only saboing was actually worth doing

  • MinerGames
    MinerGames Před rokem

    Next survivor should be a guy like jake except black!!

  • LigmaKatey
    LigmaKatey Před rokem

    Sasquatch (big foot) as killer would be cool

  • ONXshaman
    ONXshaman Před rokem

    why does he think people who play survivor are the nice guys? Another example of Mathuie knows shit about his own game LUL

  • trying to reach 1 million without a video subscribe

    Expectations: new killer weak : buff then the devs will relize that the killer is strong :nerf killer like Freddy

  • Seth_Raven
    Seth_Raven Před rokem

    Incoming Jigsaw!

  • Furkan Uğurlu
    Furkan Uğurlu Před rokem +1

    Pretty good job so far!

  • Arctic
    Arctic Před rokem

    Saw the trailer and...if its jigsaw can I ask why we haven't gotten an original killer? Are you devs to lazy to make one or are you just waiting to give us the best original killer ever?

  • RundownOyster
    RundownOyster Před rokem

    Gidawid is a mod? nice!

  • BleedKiller
    BleedKiller Před rokem


  • Michał Rut
    Michał Rut Před rokem

    Pls do something with CAMPER NOOBS !

  • Zero Shot
    Zero Shot Před rokem

    The game is perfect no bugs/glitches etc

  • Ms Laurie Myers
    Ms Laurie Myers Před rokem

    look idc what people say about the game there are bugs but its really rare look it's a game i would like to see you make a game this great and update it constantly like these guys. Now listen the perks are really helpful if you guys actually listen and think about them they are really helpful to the people who get the chapter. And people who talk trash here's the thing you play the game you enjoy that's it shut up and play that's literally all you have to do and wait for the new updates that make the game better. So dbd devs don't listen to these guys just keep updating the game keep making it better and haters go play a different game if you want to talk trash.

  • Dursace
    Dursace Před rokem

    everybody complaining saying that new survivor perk is OP but completely forget how survivor mains got fucked over in the last DLC with uniquely trash perks but Freddy came in with tank perks lawl

    • Arctic
      Arctic Před rokem

      and don't forget Leatherface with his AOE and 90% of people not being able to avoid it

    BRING BACK JARJAR! Před rokem

    I think we did a pretty good job so far

  • madnesskj able
    madnesskj able Před rokem

    Will the entity be a killer anytime? sort of like a part of the entity turned into a physical killer to drag sacrifices for itself?

    • Arctic
      Arctic Před rokem

      Maybe the final killer in the game could be it

  • Korkunçlu Hikayeler
    Korkunçlu Hikayeler Před rokem

    Why wont you put slenderman as a killer?

  • Aj Bennett
    Aj Bennett Před rokem

    I can’t play but I which I good

  • Myles Mylo
    Myles Mylo Před rokem

    Sirens song? Yeah because that's what killers need more perks to alow them to see where survivors are lol what happens to the being good at the game and finding people?

  • Crispy Gaming
    Crispy Gaming Před rokem +1

    Where the trailer at though😂

  • Myles Mylo
    Myles Mylo Před rokem

    Do you guys even play your own game? xD

  • kaulike craft
    kaulike craft Před rokem

    I mean gens

  • kaulike craft
    kaulike craft Před rokem

    Slow down the fenske pleas

  • J I M B O
    J I M B O Před rokem

    Make Pennywise from "It" a killer

  • Winged D0lly
    Winged D0lly Před rokem

    I'm so ready for a new survivor honestly. And a new map. This game is getting better and better and I'm excited for a new chapter. I'm fucking HYPE 👏🏻✨

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous Před rokem

    Black survior pls dev daddys

  • Fantom Fox23
    Fantom Fox23 Před rokem

    I'm pretty sure all of this was improvised

  • RedLotus Assassin
    RedLotus Assassin Před rokem

    Please clown!

  • Darel Oh
    Darel Oh Před rokem

    I wonder if they will add a perk or item that will allow you to be hit and not sent into the injured state

  • FeelsNancyMan
    FeelsNancyMan Před rokem

    I'm thinking the gallows

  • Dan Dddy
    Dan Dddy Před rokem

    The Bloody Mary NEEDS to be thing

  • Mr. Frantzisco
    Mr. Frantzisco Před rokem

    Both great perks

  • Zac Galbraith
    Zac Galbraith Před rokem

    i would like an pennywise or the thing become a survivor be able to perform all actions a survivor can but regress or debuff what they are doing

  • Kaarel Kostabi
    Kaarel Kostabi Před rokem

    Terrorist from CSGO would be nice new killer.

  • Co2Gaming
    Co2Gaming Před rokem


    • Co2Gaming
      Co2Gaming Před rokem

      jake the pyro518 a Halloween skin for the doctor

    • jake the pyro518
      jake the pyro518 Před rokem

      DICK SO HARD THESE PEOPLE WANNA FIND ME that's basically the doctor