Last To Leave VR Wins $20,000

  • čas přidán 8. 06. 2019
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  Před 9 dny +59222

    Subscribe or I’ll kick chandler

  • Michelle qwq_
    Michelle qwq_ Před dnem +1

    i really feel bad for Chandler... if i could travel to them i would be chandlers team and win for him :") he could keep all the prize i just want him to win :(

  • qhaireen iqa
    qhaireen iqa Před dnem +1

    The only thing that can help chandler to win is to wear adult diaper... Then, he can win... No more excuses...😁😁

  • Chocolate World
    Chocolate World Před dnem

    You are the best

  • It's me sophia lol
    It's me sophia lol Před dnem

    NOOO CHANDLER!!😂😂😭😭💕

  • velocity
    velocity Před dnem

    When chandler cried so did everyone on planet earth

  • Umbrella academy _loserclub

    He should have a food eating contest so chandler can win

  • Vicious Turtle CV
    Vicious Turtle CV Před dnem

    Luv Chandler

  • Vicious Turtle CV
    Vicious Turtle CV Před dnem

    No Chandler is da best

    CAYDEN Před dnem

    say I if you are or were in boy scouts/cub scouts

  • Ko Homma
    Ko Homma Před dnem

    I really want chandler to win T.T

  • Melwin Games
    Melwin Games Před dnem

    Chandler always loses because he needs to go and check if the children are still in the basement.

  • MyrskyJee
    MyrskyJee Před dnem

    Make last to per challenge

  • Killer Bean
    Killer Bean Před dnem

    New idea: the biggest disapointment wins

  • Isabella Albanese
    Isabella Albanese Před dnem


  • The Darksoldier
    The Darksoldier Před dnem

    Mr.beast Chandler if you blink you get $50.000 chandlers eyes dry out

  • Amina Naebkhil
    Amina Naebkhil Před dnem

    You never put garret in your videos and challenges any more :(

  • dady ay.
    dady ay. Před dnem +1

    idk why i cry for chandler..

  • Celebreti
    Celebreti Před dnem

    ‘first one to lose wins $50,000’ Chandler: *wins*

  • John Craig
    John Craig Před dnem

    jimmy can i have fifa points

  • Quincy Murray
    Quincy Murray Před dnem +1

    Did anyone else cry for Chandler

  • wus poppin
    wus poppin Před dnem


  • Savanna Hulgan
    Savanna Hulgan Před dnem

    Who else thinks chandler is kinda cute

  • Xavier Taylor
    Xavier Taylor Před dnem

    Who is that singing?

  • Gacha Evie 123
    Gacha Evie 123 Před dnem

    I heard the word "Weeb"...

    Wait was Mr Beast describing me..?

  • chareee uwu
    chareee uwu Před dnem


  • Jayhab
    Jayhab Před dnem

    When chandler cried I cried

  • Jessica stevens
    Jessica stevens Před dnem

    You should give the money to charity

  • Pauls Pankratz
    Pauls Pankratz Před dnem

    Can someone explain the whole chandler jokes to me?

  • MarioSonicKirbyGames

    Poor chandler

  • Saltine Crackers
    Saltine Crackers Před dnem

    Beast:If you lose, you win 50 grand

  • Yes it is
    Yes it is Před dnem +1

    mr beast: literally exist and u win 50,000 dollars
    chandler: fucking dies

  • Danny Devito
    Danny Devito Před dnem

    Mr.beast: I'll give you 2k if you blink
    Chandler: 👀

  • Tristan Adinata
    Tristan Adinata Před dnem

    he actually cried.

  • Carson Stamm
    Carson Stamm Před dnem +1

    Do a playlist of how many challenges chandler loses

  • TennTheBeardie
    TennTheBeardie Před dnem

    Mr Beast: last one to be Chandler wins
    Chandler: *literally shapeshifts into Jake*

  • [XxJxX]Bluedragon168

    Who’s ready for a morgz copying mrbeast!

  • MaxPlayzYT _
    MaxPlayzYT _ Před dnem

    Please go sub to Mozernik please

  • Froggie Girl
    Froggie Girl Před dnem

    Just face it Chandler is NEVER gonna win

  • Aod Gacha
    Aod Gacha Před dnem


    GAMING FOR NERDS Před dnem

    And he lost $60,000!!!!!!!!

  • Emily Bairos
    Emily Bairos Před dnem


  • Captain Justus
    Captain Justus Před dnem

    i am still asking for it: do a real life risk with reenactors

  • SRTofu
    SRTofu Před dnem

    I could do vr for 3-4 days

  • tythegamer1
    tythegamer1 Před dnem


  • Anastasia Seredynska

    You posted this on my bday

  • Janessa Wolf Pack
    Janessa Wolf Pack Před dnem

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, chandler please just wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin

  • Grace-Anne Sutcliffe

    New thing first one to quit wins

  • ReZi-R3d
    ReZi-R3d Před dnem +1

    I will beat every on in the Mr beast crew in any thing

  • Faiq Khalil
    Faiq Khalil Před dnem +1

    Erveryone on earth get 10,000 money
    Chaldar 🚀

  • Jackson Pociask
    Jackson Pociask Před dnem

    Chandler is The best

  • Matty Mo
    Matty Mo Před dnem +1

    let them listen to a song on loop and last to quit wins

  • Leanna Vincent
    Leanna Vincent Před dnem

    this made me sad :(

  • ReZi-R3d
    ReZi-R3d Před dnem +1

    I bet I can meet chris

  • Jett Santi Swimmer
    Jett Santi Swimmer Před dnem +1

    Make the subscribe button grey if you want chandler to win!!

  • colin gibson
    colin gibson Před dnem

    Y’all need to do the no speaking challenge that you poked the idea of

  • Arslan Mandzhiev
    Arslan Mandzhiev Před dnem

    Feel bad for Chandler

  • Re-core Jamie
    Re-core Jamie Před dnem

    CCCCHHHHAAAANNNNDDDDLLLEEERRRR! (I hope i spelt his name right)

  • Kami_yada
    Kami_yada Před dnem +1

    I'm sure Chandler would win a challenge if it was a about gushers.

  • andrea carlo orru
    andrea carlo orru Před dnem

    if I was here I would have won

  • _Shannelle Moar_
    _Shannelle Moar_ Před dnem

    Wtf Chandler🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Potato Ackerman
    Potato Ackerman Před dnem

    Mr Beast: be human

    Chandler: transforms and becomes a chandelier

  • dorito
    dorito Před dnem

    chandler: takes it off immediately

  • Sunny Delight
    Sunny Delight Před dnem +1

    Poor Chandler ☹

  • AWP Putin
    AWP Putin Před dnem

    Just give him atleast 5k for trying

  • Central Games
    Central Games Před dnem

    Chandler is cursed

  • Caitlyn Drawz with gacha

    I LOVE YOU 🤟

  • Shaggy Gereard
    Shaggy Gereard Před dnem +1

    Why Chan chan

  • Snow_Wolf 113
    Snow_Wolf 113 Před dnem +1

    I subscribed so now you can’t take my dog :D

  • The Neon Guy
    The Neon Guy Před dnem

    R.I.P chanler

  • Kuke gamer
    Kuke gamer Před dnem

    Where is my comment

  • H4wkslasher 10
    H4wkslasher 10 Před dnem

    First to be chandler wins 50,000$

    Chandler loses somehow

  • McKenzie
    McKenzie Před dnem

    Was that a jojos reference?

  • cryohme
    cryohme Před dnem

    When you enrage the beast in Mr BEast 😂😂😂 3:42

  • KikiKingdom110 ur mom
    KikiKingdom110 ur mom Před dnem +1

    This is the saddest thing I've ever seen😢
    We all need to have a funeral
    (/*-*\) R.I.P Chanler

    Don't at me if I spelt hin name wrong😠

  • L- Series
    L- Series Před dnem

    Beast : if you’re a human you get $50,000

    Chandler: *turns into a hybrid claustrophobic saucer*

  • Arif Mahmood
    Arif Mahmood Před dnem

    Mr beast: I'll give you $99,999 if you stand up.
    Chandler: *sits*

  • Jeff Dorigan
    Jeff Dorigan Před dnem


  • Frida Hasager Pedersen

    Awww chandler :(


    Jimmy: last to talk wins
    Chandler: what

  • FOush
    FOush Před dnem

    *how to get myopic on 2 days*

  • DinoS D
    DinoS D Před dnem

    Go chandler

  • Clpz GT
    Clpz GT Před dnem

    I acctualy cried for Chandler, no joke :(

  • pure horror
    pure horror Před dnem

    Chandler: goes outside into the woods and enjoys nature

  • GalactikSquid
    GalactikSquid Před dnem

    the world just doesn’t want chandler to win

  • Dolphinately 27
    Dolphinately 27 Před dnem

    MrBeast”*sigh* let’s make this easy. First to eat gushers wins
    Chandler:*throws all gushers in the trash*

  • LunaaTM
    LunaaTM Před dnem

    reminds me of sao

  • Viralarlicia
    Viralarlicia Před dnem

    Let’s go chandler

  • Mr. Failure
    Mr. Failure Před dnem

    Chandler is coby from dp

  • Bo Peregrine
    Bo Peregrine Před dnem

    If chandler loves eating do a pool filled with mashed potatoes

  • smoking dragon
    smoking dragon Před dnem

    Mr beast please let give Chandler a simple task to combat with Jimmy

  • Future King321
    Future King321 Před dnem

    Mr.Beast give Chandler one more challenge again the challenge will be last to stop eating wins 10,000. I brought you merch it was fire and lit. I'm a huge fan of your's. Please chandler is my favorite person in challenges do anything to help him win challenges.Remember give chandler easy challenges so he can the cash prize.

  • Bianca Hernandez
    Bianca Hernandez Před dnem

    Mr beast:let’s stay for two days!
    Me: isn’t that bad for your eyes?

  • LiL-JUNE- 559
    LiL-JUNE- 559 Před dnem


  • How to annoy HP characters

    Mr Beast: Everyone on this Earth gets $10,000
    Chandler: **in space**

  • Birb Agilla
    Birb Agilla Před dnem

    The Lord said:
    And it was so.

  • Burger Man
    Burger Man Před dnem +1

    All chandler needs to do to win is just keep farting because it’s going to smell so bad that the others will leave

  • Angela Fee
    Angela Fee Před dnem

    Me beast if you are a human you will win 800k
    Chandler turns into a dog

  • The Kennedy Klub
    The Kennedy Klub Před dnem +1

    RIP Chan-Chan

  • Emory McClaran
    Emory McClaran Před dnem

    You guys are the coolest people on earth! I wish I could be in one of your videos so much!😍🤗😌🌞😎