My Concealer Line Was Stolen & Leaked ($2.5 Million of Makeup Hijacked)

  • čas přidán 2. 04. 2019
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    Today I'm sharing what's been going on in my life lately. 2 weeks ago over $2.5 million dollars in Jeffree Star Cosmetics makeup products were stolen, including my new Magic Star™ concealer. The concealer packaging has now been leaked online a few days ago and I wanted to share how and why. Thank you for listening.
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  • Sarah
    Sarah Před 57 vteřinami

    Prayers to you and your family 💕

  • Jane Archer
    Jane Archer Před 19 hodinami

    Please keep us posted as to when you catch these people.

  • Guerrero’s Cafe
    Guerrero’s Cafe Před 20 hodinami


  • Brandie Graham
    Brandie Graham Před 23 hodinami

    I hate thiefs

  • Kayla Thompson
    Kayla Thompson Před dnem

    Hi, Jeffreee. So, I'm not sure what this app is but I have come across this several times on my FB. I have screenshots and I would like to know how I can send them to you due to the fact that ALOT of your make up is on it including the new Blue blood. Just thought you might wanna look it over. Trying to help if I can ❤️ much love.

  • Monetjiah Thomas
    Monetjiah Thomas Před dnem

    This is so pathetic why take someone hard earned work...I’m so sorry this happened to you people are really sad. They see that you are progressing very well and got jealous smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ i hate to see you feeling down 🥺 love you 💕

  • Dulcelina Cabral
    Dulcelina Cabral Před dnem +1

    OMG I'm sooo sorry for this terrible situation that happened to you.
    Stay possible and God will continue to bless you.🤗💕💞💝💚💛🧡❤💖💚💜💙💕💗💓

  • Sarah Leblanc
    Sarah Leblanc Před dnem

    That makes me angry ! Sorry Jeffery that this world has some monsters on it !

  • AshleyM Towe
    AshleyM Towe Před 2 dny

    I love his makeup

  • Dannesia Van Lange
    Dannesia Van Lange Před 2 dny

    Its sad to watch how far you've came from and then some ass who doesn't give two fucks to come steal your hard work

  • Debbie Ganesan
    Debbie Ganesan Před 2 dny


  • Old Account
    Old Account Před 2 dny

    honestly felt so bad for u during this video, but i don't think u know how many of us admired how strong u were and how u were the bigger person to carry on with the launch and to show that although they tried to ruin u, u came back even stronger! that is a role model that kids need when they are growing up 💓

  • Alyssa Flores
    Alyssa Flores Před 3 dny

    Whether your rich or not...if you work on something no one should steal it...period....

  • Tamara Berchuk
    Tamara Berchuk Před 3 dny

    That was me 😉

  • Denny Mendoza
    Denny Mendoza Před 4 dny +1

    What the fuck

  • Jenny Skogheim
    Jenny Skogheim Před 4 dny

    Plz come to Norway

  • Bree Wolf
    Bree Wolf Před 4 dny

    Robbers: driving away
    Jeffree: crying


  • Sa Faith
    Sa Faith Před 5 dny

    Sending positive vibes to ur Mom ++++++++ luv u gurl

  • Asha Halverson
    Asha Halverson Před 5 dny


  • Zain Alshammasi
    Zain Alshammasi Před 5 dny

    i know you are rich but you have worked on it for a year or two so everyone please let jeffree relax you are rich and all but you have worked on it its like working on a big project and someone copies you and then you get an "F"

  • Veronica Carcabuso
    Veronica Carcabuso Před 5 dny

    Not used to his depressed face :( How can someone do that, you’ve worked so hard for it Jeffree..Karma is a bitch, they will get what they deserve ☝🏼

    CLEM TIME BITCH Před 5 dny

    Jeffreestar would thrive in fallouts wasteland he would build a community from the ashes

  • Candace MacMillan
    Candace MacMillan Před 6 dny

    I love you Jeffree!!! I’m so sorry this happened to you, you don’t deserve this shit you’ve worked so hard & your products are amazing! 😘❤️

  • Paige Ryan
    Paige Ryan Před 6 dny

    This is so not Jeffree star approved

  • La Silveira
    La Silveira Před 6 dny

    So sad! Karma is a Bitch! Hopefully they get what they all deserve 🤬

  • Araceli lucky
    Araceli lucky Před 7 dny

    I'm sorry Jeffree
    Yes, it's so horrible to work at something so hard, and someone just comes to take it after someone else does the hard work. I'm so sorry to hear your story I just started to know you. I didn't know about you in till me being on CHclip. I have really enjoyed your videos and the way you express your self. God bless you. I'm so sorry for your mom as well. Hope she gets better. Thank you for sharing your story's I really hope all will work out for the better. Take care. Continue going forward, that's all we have. Love you jeffree stay cool 😙
    A fan in Phoenix Arizona
    Araceli G

  • Angel matta
    Angel matta Před 7 dny

    i know u can overcome all of this
    w/ all your "GRACE"
    Its amazing how u handle this kind of matter...if its anyone else i dont know some may gone "CRAZY BABY"

  • Brown Eyed Beauty
    Brown Eyed Beauty Před 9 dny

    Ooh he was mad

  • Kathleen Fernbacker
    Kathleen Fernbacker Před 9 dny

    You gotta be really stupid to do something like that

  • twiiistedroses
    twiiistedroses Před 9 dny

    Jeffree, I'm so sorry that is happening to u....

  • Austin Lawler
    Austin Lawler Před 9 dny

    Thiefs are the worst thing in the world

  • Tagy Breiteh
    Tagy Breiteh Před 9 dny

    Stay strong

  • DanceMom Facts
    DanceMom Facts Před 10 dny

    Stay strong!!!💕We love you!!!

  • Isabelle Hart
    Isabelle Hart Před 10 dny

    ;Millions of children missing)
    fbi: whatever...

    (Jeffrees concealers get stolen)

  • Smoke of Spades
    Smoke of Spades Před 10 dny

    It was folks that were expecting Caucasian customers then since they stole that shade

  • Nerfboi1
    Nerfboi1 Před 11 dny

    I know I’m late, and I know that this happened literally 2 months ago, but I just wanna say something to Jeffree. Jeffree, you are an amazing and hard working business owner who always comes out on top. I’m so proud of you for always coming out on top and trusting your fan base enough to open up about very personal things like this. You may or may not see this, but if you do, know that I and your fans love you and keep up the good work!

  • Sierra Lambert
    Sierra Lambert Před 11 dny

    I’m so very sorry you are going through all this

  • Serena Farook
    Serena Farook Před 11 dny

    These are people who are jealous lil mother fuckers!!🤬🤬🤬

  • Serena Farook
    Serena Farook Před 11 dny

    It was my birthday on this day

  • Sharon Presley
    Sharon Presley Před 11 dny

    You deserve everything you have. You are such an inspiration to ppl you really are. I admire u Jeffree. Xx you work hard for what u have and someone just steals from u. You are so professional hun xxx
    I’m so sorry this has happened to u xx

  • shannon Elizabeth
    shannon Elizabeth Před 11 dny

    Love you 😍 hope all works out. ✝️

  • Komal Khan
    Komal Khan Před 11 dny

    Jefreee u might not see my comment but literally u r so close to me i wanna say i am connected to u. God Bless ya

  • Jennifer Rogers
    Jennifer Rogers Před 12 dny

    Jeffree catches sneaky b****** trying to sell his stuff...
    When Jeffree Star hates you and your life is over.
    Can’t relate.

  • Summer Guerra
    Summer Guerra Před 12 dny

    How disrespectful can people be. “As it came from the warehouse” yeah that you fucking stole it from. What an idiot. I’m glad people are in jail for this but sad that people are still making a profit off of your product.

  • Simon Williams
    Simon Williams Před 12 dny

    After markup it was valued at 2.5

  • Artie Bish
    Artie Bish Před 13 dny

    I owned a warehouse filled with hazmat suits in Alabama you’re trying to say that somebody broke in and stole pallets upon pallets of your makeup 💄 ok who ever believes this BS is stupid he always has a reason something went wrong 🤦🏼‍♂️🧐

  • Alexis G.
    Alexis G. Před 13 dny

    So sorry to hear your products, that you worked so hard on, were stolen from you. Before you said "it was an inside job", that's the first thing I said! That's horrific! & I can't stand it when people take what doesn't belong to them. I hope they get caught!! Prayers for your MOM, so sorry to hear she is sick. Hugs & Prayers XOXO

  • Olivia Hamilton
    Olivia Hamilton Před 13 dny

    We're so sorry, Jeffree :'(

  • ris katindig
    ris katindig Před 13 dny

    Dont skip the ad for jeffree☹️

  • Beauty Glam
    Beauty Glam Před 13 dny

    That is really sad. But i believe what ever you lost you will get it back in triple.

  • Lorraine Gandia
    Lorraine Gandia Před 13 dny

    Sorry to hear about the burglary and your mom's health. You are a survivor, smart, and strong and will get thru this. Everything is in Divine Order. Prayers for your mom.

  • Fuchsia
    Fuchsia Před 13 dny

    I came back to this video as I needed a reminder as to how Jeffrey deals with a crisis like this, as bags of my makeup and other precious shit was stolen today and I am so disturbed I can’t sleep. Over £1000 worth of stuff including naked palettes and Jeffrey cosmetics were taken by someone I live with *LOL :(* (she has taken my things out of my room multiple times, things ranging from too faced chocolate gold and peach palettes to my Victoria secret underwear and leggings EWWW!) YES she wears SECOND HAND makeup and my underwear allegedly 😵I’m honestly so shook I feel sick but I just needed to say the way Jeffrey deals w this shit in such a graceful way is so insane 💕💕your my actual inspiration! So much love x

  • Mythical_Gacha_potato
    Mythical_Gacha_potato Před 13 dny

    Thieves: we wanna be in the beauty feud.

    Jeffree: hold my concealer.

  • Jennifer Debolt
    Jennifer Debolt Před 13 dny

    People are just shity... Sorry babe❤❤ I won't buy it unless its right off your web site

  • sarah peter
    sarah peter Před 14 dny

    I'm sorry that happened to you!

    NOYDB Před 14 dny

    It is awesome that something as banal as a makeup line has caused this much pain to someone.

  • Megan Johnston
    Megan Johnston Před 14 dny

    I'm so sorry 😭😭😭 did you ever find them???

  • fam random
    fam random Před 14 dny

    Were they ever found?

  • Mona Scott
    Mona Scott Před 14 dny

    I Stan Jeffree

  • lookie what we have here

    Where exactly was Kat von d?

  • traceynorthernstar
    traceynorthernstar Před 15 dny

    I’ve seen some of these on a Market Stall here in northern England.

  • Carrie Burrus
    Carrie Burrus Před 15 dny

    Just now saw this as I am catching up on your videos... hopefully you have caught the villians by now. So terrible.... But, you're amazing and strong... love you and your family... And so sorry about your mom. I lost my mom two years ago. She was my best friend and only true friend... I'll always have a hole in my heart.

  • Rebecca Pollvogt
    Rebecca Pollvogt Před 15 dny +3

    Jeffree is a better person than me Cuz I would have called em out. It's all public record anyway.

  • Maxine Blabla
    Maxine Blabla Před 15 dny

    He is like „ ThIsPeRsOnIsInJaiLNoW!!!“

  • Dom Casbeard
    Dom Casbeard Před 15 dny


  • maria frith
    maria frith Před 15 dny +4

    Look at you my dear jeffree , are very cool person . Very humble person so positive person . Love you girl❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😍😍

  • maria frith
    maria frith Před 15 dny

    Awe , you really lovable jeffree . Amazing taken care about your mom and love her dearly. Don't worry God will strike those people who did that. I will pray for your mom and pray for those people . Lots of love jeffree❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😍😍😍

  • Chiqitalinda21 P
    Chiqitalinda21 P Před 15 dny +1

    Omg. That is so messed up girlfriend. I am on a waiting list waiting for the pallet and products. I am so supporting you.

  • Iamthedivinegoddess
    Iamthedivinegoddess Před 15 dny

    This is really sad news if I were you I would have the police investigate all your employees I know that you have a lot of employees I saw Shane’s video. But I would definitely have them poly graph it that way and also detours anyone from stealing in the future even if it’s just one liquid lip or one concealer or whatever and I would start with your most trusted employees and work your way down love you boo

  • Nancy Drew
    Nancy Drew Před 16 dny

    What if it were the Kardashians 🧐

  • Peytons world
    Peytons world Před 16 dny

    I'm soooooo sorry I will only buy from the queen you know what goes around comes around

  • Jessica De Haan
    Jessica De Haan Před 16 dny

    in the netherlands it is olso on a app already for a couple month's :O

  • Mahalakshmi M
    Mahalakshmi M Před 16 dny


  • Addi Simpson
    Addi Simpson Před 16 dny

    Jeffree doesn’t Deserves that sht at all

  • Bronwyn staniforth
    Bronwyn staniforth Před 17 dny

    When does the concealer acctually launch??

  • Tae_kook_ Jun_min
    Tae_kook_ Jun_min Před 17 dny +1

    Blood Sweats and Tears!!! Army Where are ya?

    • Shray
      Shray Před 16 dny

      Can you not? This isn't about armys wtf

  • spatchala
    spatchala Před 17 dny

    thats messed up. soprry you had to go through that. i hope you find them

  • Michael Whitehead
    Michael Whitehead Před 17 dny +5

    Jeffrey, there are people selling it on eBay saying they are part of your team and got the product beforehand. In the shade c5

  • kimberly chitwood
    kimberly chitwood Před 17 dny

    I am so sorry that people can be so awful! You are the strongest human!! And I adore your strength and someday wish I can be as strong as you!! I hope you find these people that did this to you! They will get what is coming to them!! Karma is a bitch!! 😢🥰

  • Amy Valdez
    Amy Valdez Před 17 dny +1


  • Emi _
    Emi _ Před 17 dny

    For yo people that stole from jefferee star:
    Guys, yo want to fuck with him?
    If yall want to fuck with him yo have to fuck with investigating team and fbi
    Fuck youuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Jayanna Davis
    Jayanna Davis Před 18 dny +2

    I live for this baby Pink background 👑💗

  • lia twan
    lia twan Před 18 dny +14

    Who ever stole those C5

    Yo momma is a a HOE

  • Rhona Bacaran
    Rhona Bacaran Před 18 dny

    I feel sad😞

  • humble bumble
    humble bumble Před 18 dny

    Me: That's like fucking rape, I hope those thieving muthafuckas karma will take em straight to hell.🖕
    Jeffree Star: let's take a deep breath. 💜

  • Just Here
    Just Here Před 18 dny +8

    Let's try to prevent ever hearing "What's up, everybody. Welcome back to my channel! Hi. How are ya?" So sadly & defeated ever again.

    I know this didn't defeat him fully, but a little piece of him died for a moment. That piece was defeated & you can hear it in his voice.

  • Just Here
    Just Here Před 18 dny +6

    I hope all those thumbs down are meaning how angry people are our Queen was ripped off...

  • Randi Wade
    Randi Wade Před 18 dny

    You need to look on the dark web....onion sites. Or, DHGate. Majority of black market/knock off makeup is sold on there. If they are selling it, it's there. You can bank on that.

  • Cheyenne Calderon
    Cheyenne Calderon Před 18 dny

    There most likely going to wait for you to drop it then once it’s in the past they’ll sell it.. karma a bitch tho

    The BANANAS Před 19 dny +6


  • Stray Keeds
    Stray Keeds Před 19 dny +3

    It’s so fucking sad to know that there are people like this in this world😔jeffree doesnt deserve this at all he’s worked so hard for everything he’s had and all that money GONE those people who robbed him should go burn in hell🤬🙄😑

  • Paladin Eugene
    Paladin Eugene Před 19 dny

    If it's yours, IT'S YOURS & NO ONE HAS ANY RIGHT TO TAKE WHAT'S YOURS!!! Sorry to hear you had to deal with this Jeffree. Stay positive, they can't steal that from you!!! YOU'RE A GREAT PERSON 😘

  • Johanna Campbell
    Johanna Campbell Před 19 dny +9

    Someone near me is claiming she MIGHT have some of the stolen c5 shades and information from whom she got them from! She has screenshots and everything!

  • TheRealrA9
    TheRealrA9 Před 19 dny

    That's alot of thirium!

  • Catelynn Heys
    Catelynn Heys Před 19 dny +3

    Jeffery Star heads up I found c5 on wish app for $1

  • January Ice
    January Ice Před 19 dny

    She doesn't deserve that at all and the people that stole it we're going to go to jail when are people going to learn that Jeffrey always comes out on top

  • Paula Watson
    Paula Watson Před 19 dny

    My heart goes out to you. You are amazing and I hope they find out who stole your stuff..

  • Sarah Rhodes
    Sarah Rhodes Před 19 dny

    FUCKING BULLSHIT. I'm sorry hunny but I believe your justice will be served and your come back stronger than ever.

  • reaper 2982
    reaper 2982 Před 20 dny

    Jefrree you are doing good your making me cry because I've been watching the life of you and james and everyone else and you dont deserve this I hope they catch the people

  • kyle scheepers
    kyle scheepers Před 20 dny