Dead by Daylight | Livestream #90 - Soooooooo many coins!

  • čas přidán 22. 02. 2018
  • February 22nd 2018 Twitch Stream capture.
    We stream on Thursdays at 2PM EDT (view schedule here - )
    Hosts: Gabrielle Murphy (not_Queen), Mathieu Côté
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  • Pythonhier
    Pythonhier Před 7 dny

    I came back to this to be reminded that the BHVR doesn't care about players having any fun playing Killer

  • Reichskeks
    Reichskeks Před 5 měsíci

    I liked his kind of humor at 31:26 :Dits a cool dev

  • Bobby
    Bobby Před rokem

    Lmao, that dude hates his job with a passion. He's tired of people bitching about a 1v4 game that, no matter what they do, will always be imbalanced. Show me a 1v4 game in history that is widely accepted as balanced (it doesn't exist). That being said, he also shows that he is fairly clueless when it comes to gameplay and he certainly isn't the right person to use for PR. Real companies would term someone for the responses he has given. Get that man back in a coding cave where he belongs and let someone with better communication skills do this part of the job.

  • Nutnoizaza
    Nutnoizaza Před rokem

    Pretty good job so far

  • Ghost Wolfie
    Ghost Wolfie Před rokem

    Oh and byt i play on PS4

  • Ghost Wolfie
    Ghost Wolfie Před rokem

    I hate that i have to wait so long and i cant play with my dad anymore bec of ur guys's trashes take so long load up

  • Hamytheturtle
    Hamytheturtle Před rokem

    Can we get a remix of "You're just tired, try survivor."?

  • Dennis Džeko
    Dennis Džeko Před rokem

    It's gonna be way too late when you finally understand what your community undergoing, Mathieu.

  • Mnr.StelJouTabel
    Mnr.StelJouTabel Před rokem

    Leather face be a chunky boi damn

  • Mnr.StelJouTabel
    Mnr.StelJouTabel Před rokem

    What do you think about making a good entity that could repair pallets but the stun would be a lot less every time it gets remade half every time and killers could get less hooks on the map but faster hook and maybe one per 10 square feet

  • Mnr.StelJouTabel
    Mnr.StelJouTabel Před rokem

    Guys aim at the neck lower mouth area that’s where you blind them :) hope this helped upvote so plebs can see no hate btw

  • Mnr.StelJouTabel
    Mnr.StelJouTabel Před rokem

    Devs question do you mind when you get more staff to go back and as that guy said more leather face masks what you could do is make a ace mask where u just add his hat I’ll be a happy ass camper

  • Mnr.StelJouTabel
    Mnr.StelJouTabel Před rokem


    Edit:not sarcasm I’m I think it would be cool to learn it

  • Mnr.StelJouTabel
    Mnr.StelJouTabel Před rokem

    Devs look at me huntress mask is amazing I love it 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Mnr.StelJouTabel
    Mnr.StelJouTabel Před rokem

    Oh please I’ll call you daddy make sprint burst shorter and make it toggle dadddy pwease

  • Mnr.StelJouTabel
    Mnr.StelJouTabel Před rokem

    Some perks have to be better than others some perks are neish for reasons like special builds

  • Mnr.StelJouTabel
    Mnr.StelJouTabel Před rokem

    I say give shards and blood points for the higher ranks like rank 15 at the end of the season would give 1 mil bp and 1000 shards

  • Mnr.StelJouTabel
    Mnr.StelJouTabel Před rokem

    The devs seem so likable they just need to listen since the community’s mad at what their doing and not listing not them existing devs stay strong listen to the killers for a bit cause as a suv main I do feel their underpowered like Freddy cause you can preform any altruistic action in front of him and he can’t do jack wraith needs a smaller terror radius when uncloaked and needs a default speed boost when recloaking and trapper need faster trap set times the hag needs a larger area to teleport to her traps faster speed and bans for troll suvs should get a 1 hr ban cause I was in a game hiding from hag and this guy watches me come in and he keeps going to it trying to enter and giving my spot away over and over even when he got hit and I got body blocked in a corner by his friend when I was working on a gen also I feel as if you need to be rewarded for doing gens cause what would happen is you’ll do 4 out of 5 gens and you’ll end up dying cause your team left you on the hook when you got caught trying to help them it’s pure bs and happened to me 3 times in a 3 hour period I love your game devs and I like most of your decisions please keep doing what your doing and listen to the community❤️

  • Freejek38
    Freejek38 Před rokem

    Im giong to play Civ 5

  • Vera Henriques
    Vera Henriques Před rokem +1

    Pls fnaf fnaf

  • Mafina's Channel
    Mafina's Channel Před rokem


  • Mafina's Channel
    Mafina's Channel Před rokem


  • Mementonia TH
    Mementonia TH Před rokem

    I have some wake up and pharmacy but I don't have this in bloodweb

  • Orion Rogers
    Orion Rogers Před rokem

    bring back legacy make so after prestige 3 you can legacy up

  • MOLDY BANANA'S gaming
    MOLDY BANANA'S gaming Před rokem +1

    Like for chucky as next killer

  • MOLDY BANANA'S gaming
    MOLDY BANANA'S gaming Před rokem

    You should add chucky it would be really cool if he sit on the outer wall of the map to see though walls and if you go near him on the wall he giggles and have a standard heart beat radius on the wall but off the wall he should have a small heart beat radius and a cool more would be to jump on there stomach and stab there chest over and over

  • Nico Nunez
    Nico Nunez Před rokem

    its funny how they always say they dont want camping but they put hooks right next to each other where the killer can camp someone pull someone off the hook going for the save and then camp 2 survivors smh, but yeah the pallets are the problem

    ESKEETIT Před rokem

    Pretty shitty job so far, unbalanced as fuck to many pallets get rid of DS remove atleast 20 pallets each map get your shit together cus your killing the game, literally :)

  • Dr Nick
    Dr Nick Před rokem

    Pls fix Waiting time as Killer for survs...

  • Rlacm So
    Rlacm So Před rokem

    pls fix the problem of high ping killer. pls just fix this basic problem we cant play with that ping

  • ЯΛX
    ЯΛX Před rokem

    Dead by daylight is my favorite game

  • spy Is here
    spy Is here Před rokem

    Btw can you add a new created killer and survivor like what you do with the doctor and the nurse

  • Maxx Cx
    Maxx Cx Před rokem

    I love this game but after the lunar new year update, my game keeps F***ing crashing... Every f***ing time it crashes, I f***ing lose a rank, not only just that even the items I carry... I lose those too, I went from rank 5 back to 17

  • macsquirrely
    macsquirrely Před rokem

    Does anyone know how to fix the error code on ps4 when you load in but a error code keeps popping out

  • Hi Im Equinox
    Hi Im Equinox Před rokem

    Can we pls get the feng min top on Xbox for free because there’s been so many times where I’ve dashboarded and have lost my offering and couldn’t do the lunar gens

  • BlueWolf Gamer123
    BlueWolf Gamer123 Před rokem

    “Pretty good job so far”

  • BlueWolf Gamer123
    BlueWolf Gamer123 Před rokem

    “Go play a different game”

  • Zizi Marchewka
    Zizi Marchewka Před rokem

    New killer is Jack o latern

  • mans bread
    mans bread Před rokem

    tyler1 killer

  • love is the way
    love is the way Před rokem

    I need coins please someone play with me lol add me BABYGIRL 361 on xbox one

  • تناتتت تييين

    we want the dead by daylight on the xbox 360😢

  • Anteater92006
    Anteater92006 Před rokem

    There is one request I have to make me play the game more. I want a casual mode in this game ware it’s fun and you still get bloodpoints just no deranking you will probably not read this but that’s all I want to make this game more fun!

  • Shu Eso
    Shu Eso Před rokem

    It's more confortable to play survivor. Killer is the new victim :'(

    • adzfoz5098
      adzfoz5098 Před rokem

      Shu Eso don't be a Dev DBD victim. I took there advice and left. Started playing F13 which is the game I wish i had bought. The kills are better and the game is more balanced. There is so much more I could say about how F13 is better but I would just look for game play footage on CHclip as this will do it more justice than I can explain in comments

  • Linkboi24
    Linkboi24 Před rokem

    Can You Guys Add The Charity Pack to Xbox one And ps4 please

  • ivan di reto
    ivan di reto Před rokem

    very good job so far

  • Andreas .w
    Andreas .w Před rokem

    So im not gonna have the orange shmock on ps4 because theres no CHARITY CASE?

  • SuperSenshi
    SuperSenshi Před rokem

    Is it bad that this game reminds me of Kakurenbo? I know it would probably never happen (due to this being a western game), but I would love to play a Dead By Daylight version of Otokoyo, being chased by one of the 4 demons.

  • Bloodhound 29
    Bloodhound 29 Před rokem +1

    Have you thought about maybe adding Slender Man to the game

  • joshua wadsworth
    joshua wadsworth Před rokem

    I guess mathieu doesn't care about the killers.

  • Vinesh Chand
    Vinesh Chand Před rokem

    I'm playing DBD since it got released on ps4. My favorite survivor is Feng Min. I can't play without her.💖

  • The Milkman
    The Milkman Před rokem

    Waiting for a new dlc trailer! When every you want were ready!

  • Kendell Jones
    Kendell Jones Před rokem

    Hi everyone! I'm Kendell Jones and I've spoke to the people of Dead by Daylight and proposed to them that I write a Horror Novel using our favorite survivors and killers. They all have so much potential and have good back stories to start with. They would finally become more than just a character that you play as, they will have a personality and they would matter ti the story and situations at hand.
    I would try to include all (original) survivors and killers to make a scary, intense, and brutal book. I just need support form all of my fellow Dead by Daylight lovers!
    Also play with me sometime.
    Xbox Gamertag: DarkMask417

  • Marco Brien
    Marco Brien Před rokem

    As a game director you say that? (31:30 min)
    Thats shocking... Whenever this game dies, dont bother to fix it. Just play another..... lol

  • Liam Draper
    Liam Draper Před rokem

    Can Bill come to the console version?

  • A Side of Salt.
    A Side of Salt. Před rokem

    Back to camping,tunneling and slugging I guess. If killers can't enjoy their game might as well make it mutual.

  • John Mendoza
    John Mendoza Před rokem

    Would love More chapters, items ,contests I love this game so much thank you guys for making such a awsome game🖒currently playing on ps4 pro😃Thank you guys for all you do.😉Would love hdr settings in this game.In game killer the original Carrie?Bucket of blood or hosing hehe.

  • Thomas Petkovic
    Thomas Petkovic Před rokem

    Can we have more ways to get the golden Feng min costume, even if it is $500 on steam.

  • Caden Stringer
    Caden Stringer Před rokem

    But why no more leatherface faces?

  • Artaniz Sartre
    Artaniz Sartre Před rokem

    I also enjoy playing civilization , and since you think i should play it instead of your game i guess i will , though i think maybe instead Crusader kings 2.

  • El Papone
    El Papone Před rokem

    Technical support DLC!? I would love to buy that one...