Dead by Daylight | Livestream #96 - And a great plague fell upon the world

  • čas přidán 12. 04. 2018
  • April 12th 2018 Twitch Stream capture.
    We stream on Thursdays at 2PM EDT (view schedule here - )
    Hosts: Gabrielle Murphy (not_Queen)/Louis McLean, Mathieu Côté
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  • Oli
    Oli Před 9 měsíci


  • ZenomFire
    ZenomFire Před 10 měsíci

    At what time will the update launch?

  • TrickyLover
    TrickyLover Před 10 měsíci +3

    That tease I see what you did.

  • Ruben O.
    Ruben O. Před rokem

    When KFC is finger licking good and you need to collect them in a ring and save them for later 😋🍗

  • Epic_shaggy_420_69
    Epic_shaggy_420_69 Před rokem

    Pretty good job so far

    BORG OFFICIAL Před rokem

    Emblem feature stupid to lol add more variation to the game we dont all wana be the same..... my ranks over. Sorry guys love the game but it needs so much more now

    BORG OFFICIAL Před rokem

    And add pennywise my friends we dont want no ringmaster clown. Isnt a freakier clown than IT ;)

    BORG OFFICIAL Před rokem

    So bored of the game you need to make things earnable for characters or seems pointless to play unless being a killer. Add supply drops like call of duty... give us rewards and character customisation then worth the playtime. Feel im wasting my life when play it these days haha is it that hard for the team to figure out what the game needs? Its so simple Lol

  • Chris Manley
    Chris Manley Před rokem

    I thought the plague was referring to the new emblem system

  • X Legend
    X Legend Před rokem +1

    Campers suck f*ck every camper alive they ruin this game more people leave cause of campers

  • Dead By dailight icsde

    New killer please

  • _ moonly _
    _ moonly _ Před rokem

    Toi speake frensh?

  • Eric Van Adelsbergen
    Eric Van Adelsbergen Před rokem +1

    madhieu cote and mclean i got a question
    is it pussible to place the totems on diffrecent place`s
    because the place`s where they now are really suck

  • Riot Angel
    Riot Angel Před rokem

    "We make killing better"

  • xrz gammer
    xrz gammer Před rokem

    dead dy light mobile

  • Itz Pinecone
    Itz Pinecone Před rokem

    If you devs can evan flipping see this PLEASE make an offline mode where you can play with bots I wanna earn bloodpoints and actually have fun without wasting my life

    FLUFFY Před rokem

    Baliw is the best and most :(

    FLUFFY Před rokem


  • EvilBuИИy
    EvilBuИИy Před rokem

    Madhieu yey XD

  • Ruben_Brown
    Ruben_Brown Před rokem

    They don't listen to their fans smh. How about you fix 'losing your offering when killers d/c'. Or buff Freddy. 2 things everyone wants.

  • DenMcCartney
    DenMcCartney Před rokem

    Pretty good jobe soo far gggg

  • lil sam
    lil sam Před rokem

    I make 19 thousand points and after updating I have to save etc ... and it happened to me so many times, before I'm playing it was beautiful now not

  • Gabriel Gonzalez
    Gabriel Gonzalez Před rokem

    I want Pennywise to be the new killer

  • XxRaiderxX -gamez
    XxRaiderxX -gamez Před rokem

    Pls you HAVE!!to add a clown killer

  • xxSpike1989xx
    xxSpike1989xx Před rokem

    can you give us a single player mode....and offline bots would be awesome too....

  • Marshall B
    Marshall B Před rokem

    Buff all killers (except nurse, hillbilly, michael, and huntress)

  • Rick
    Rick Před rokem

    I like the system but I don’t like this in particular, why should I be punished for unhooking someone and they go down 10 seconds after because the killer was camping them to me why should I take that risk of unhooking them at all when I’m going to lose points for it

  • DeadlyTD
    DeadlyTD Před rokem

    can i suggest a DLC? Pennywise from IT?

  • Tom Farrar
    Tom Farrar Před rokem +1

    Add Ricky Berwick

  • Huffle Fluffle
    Huffle Fluffle Před rokem

    Finally new outfits for existing characters? >.> about time. Look at poor Laurie and bill and mister dude, no one wants to play them cuz they have one choice: granny style, military man, or grey suit.

    • Symebo Symebo
      Symebo Symebo Před rokem

      wont happen, licensed characters will NEVER get cosmetics

  • Zucc
    Zucc Před rokem

    Can . You . Please . Add . All . Of . The . Cosnetics . To . Xbox

  • Steven Zwiesler
    Steven Zwiesler Před rokem

    still waiting for the removal of teachable perks to kill off the decisive spam

    • Symebo Symebo
      Symebo Symebo Před rokem

      so you wanna se only claudettes megs and lauries? no.

  • Kawaii Banana Kun
    Kawaii Banana Kun Před rokem

    I remember a while back I saw somebody made a steam forum for new characters from the game Outlast? It's another license needed but this would be the first game. Personally I really like how it's fit into the game, though I'm not sure about others. Credit to the guy who wrote the stats and abilities in the forum. Thoughts?

  • trentigalaxy
    trentigalaxy Před rokem

    20K points last game w/, 7 pallets slams to the killer, gen work, escape, and no pip!! the emblem system = BAD

  • matthew Sedillo
    matthew Sedillo Před rokem

    Can you guys neuter the survivors already?

  • HackMedal53
    HackMedal53 Před rokem

    i think they did a pretty good job so far

  • Guzma Guzmanian
    Guzma Guzmanian Před rokem

    I know this prob wont happen but wouldnt it be cool if we could change the colors of our clothes???

  • Bane of Drywalls
    Bane of Drywalls Před rokem

    Would you consider the Candyman as a killer i would love it if you did

  • Queen_0f Slayyy
    Queen_0f Slayyy Před rokem

    So if killers camp there usually trash not good and salty because people are taunting them lol that’s sad never knew a game could be that serious to camp

  • Andy123AE
    Andy123AE Před rokem

    That Devour hope question should be done with Lullaby aswell... Why does it show it's on at the start of the game

  • mastermustaches teacandles

    And it the clown!!!

  • mastermustaches teacandles

    Purple guy×3 who join me!!!

  • u mama ghei
    u mama ghei Před rokem

    I hate this update! I hate u

  • Hey There
    Hey There Před rokem

    When is dead by daylights anniversary?

  • Aya A.
    Aya A. Před rokem

    Done with this game. The ranking is now horrendous.

  • Kim Ling Ling
    Kim Ling Ling Před rokem

    You shouting add The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers.
    His weapon should be the Axe Of Pain and his power is to fly in the air with no terror radius.

  • Copy Cat
    Copy Cat Před rokem

    Will the left for dead update ever come out on xbox

    • Copy Cat
      Copy Cat Před rokem

      Ok thanks 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Symebo Symebo
      Symebo Symebo Před rokem

      no, its pc only

  • Cade Reeves
    Cade Reeves Před rokem

    I they add a carnival like map then I will love this game even more.

    • Cade Reeves
      Cade Reeves Před rokem

      Also, I played with my friends recently and only got a silver lightbringer for doing 2 and 1/10 of gens by myself. Not sure if that's fine or if it;s supposed to be that difficult.

  • Gabriel Hayes
    Gabriel Hayes Před rokem

    When I think about DBD now days it makes me want to throw up, I loved the game back then but now I feel like it just keeps getting worse with unbalances that never get changed and underpowered killers that the devs don’t seem to pick up on and a new emblem system that forces you to play with a limited play style. This is pretty obvious with the community because of tons of people leaving. I used to have a passion for the game but now I have others.

  • Liam Strain
    Liam Strain Před rokem

    I see the former tea lady who made community manager is back that doesn't have a clue wtf she talks about is drinking tea!!!! this is how bad this team is she doesn't have a mic, the emblem system is a complete failure and you have no time to pass you can barely get a safety pip you fools and they claim people test the updates before release joke of a company, Maybe if you did die then the game maybe could have someone in charge that knows what they are doing.. bull I contact you on a regularly basis and you close tickets that should NEVER be closed why you ask? because these fools only care about things that are easy they still haven't fixed the basics i.e animation when you have to use a pigs device to get the gimp mask off or healing your half a mile away from the character while doing it, you need to get decent programmers instead of a couple of uni students doing it! you also had a chance to use jakes perk to good use sabotage and incorporate it in to the emblem for doing gens how could you over look that? closing the hatch you lot for real it's bad enough the killers camping it, if survivors get crows then camper killers should have an aura or start losing strength, pallet pulling is a joke if you get ANY form of lag it doesn't work and especially if the nurse blinks to it you cant at ALL! and us twitch streamers get bullied stop allowing the killer to see the names there is no need it's pointless or let us see the killer so we can decide to play with them!

  • Parrish Matt
    Parrish Matt Před rokem

    Dead by daylight I got a good idea for you make a satellite station I got a new killer idea it's supposed to be of has a helmet with a chest plate who both of his hands fuse in and you can make this three ways if you want to for his hands swords daggers or machetes who also wears a helmet and a chest plate and both of his legs one of them has whole entire silver chest plating and the other one is half which is up to the horses up to the knee to the foot which is rusted metal plating and I got a second idea a guy who's crazy but can move really fast but has a machete but also has Burns everywhere or you can just make Jason Voorhees map Voorhees can you at least do one of my ideas cuz he's a very important to me I worked on the most of my life for this cuz I wanted to make these characters for game choice of a dead by daylight I thought it was perfect and I've been sending the past couple of years making those we need some modifications I'm very sad if you don't make any of them please at least I never accomplish anything I'm depressed

    LEVELDMC11 LOL Před rokem

    About the killer closing the hatch if the person is last and all gens are done does the hatch stay open permanently or does it shut because that gives the player a chance to escape to the hatch if the killer is camping all exit gates on the same wall and if the killer finds the player trying to open the gate he is pretty much dead ?

    • Symebo Symebo
      Symebo Symebo Před rokem

      at some point they said that they want to appear a key in the basement for the last survivor

  • ol e
    ol e Před rokem

    Just an idea. What about friends vs ai?

  • Oscar pitin
    Oscar pitin Před rokem

    A work wonderfull is a big game i like Dead By Daylight 2 i love You

  • FishNGames TV
    FishNGames TV Před rokem

    You guys should play Dead by daylight

  • Airy of Peace
    Airy of Peace Před rokem

    They should add chucky

  • Enchanted Fox
    Enchanted Fox Před rokem

    Hey I was thinking of a cool killer why don't you do the scream queens killer the red devil and the survivor can be Chanel

  • Skeleton-11 -
    Skeleton-11 - Před rokem +1

    Japanese fans are excited to use bots for points for the first few days

  • thoughts left behind
    thoughts left behind Před rokem

    Yo devs you shold add some secret story's in and about the game/maps and info to show what is really going on in the entity's relm and some more backstory to killers and servivers
    Love ya^-^

  • Luis Christian Luna Rosas

    The doctor is broken, please nerff