Slipknot - Solway Firth [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  • čas přidán 22. 07. 2019
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    "Solway Firth” | New song & video out now, featuring footage from the new Amazon Original series The Boys created with Uproxx and Amazon Prime Video.
    The Boys is out now only on Amazon Prime Video
    M. Shawn Crahan - Director
    Nic Neary - Producer
    Kurt Campbell-Anderson - Executive Producer
    Ben Majoy - Creative Director
    Jamie Carter - Director of Photography
    Ryan Mackfall - Director of Photography
    Mike Spagnoli - Editor
    Facebook: slipknot
    Twitter: slipknot
    Instagram: slipknot
    Today, up on this hill, I’m counting all the killers
    They sway as they swarm, a look of gluttons in their eyes
    They mutter as the body loses warmth
    They pick your bones like locks inside a tomb
    And take great care to not take care of YOU
    While I was learning to live, we all were living a lie- I guess you got what you wanted
    So I will settle for a slaughterhouse soaked in blood and betrayal
    It’s always somebody else… somebody else was me- you want the real smile?
    Or the one I used to practice, not to feel like a failure?
    I don’t need you to do it for me/I don’t need you to understand
    I don’t need you to hide it from me/ I just want to feel like any other man
    I won’t show you the whole story/I won’t show you the aftermath
    I won’t show you my allegory
    Don’t look away… HERE’S AN UNEXPLAINABLE ONE
    I’m not ahead of my time- I just drew the first breath- If I’m alive tomorrow
    I will alleviate the pressure… by cutting you out of me
    I found my bottom line- dead on the front lines- I know I’ll never go home
    So set fire to your ships and past regrets and be free
    I don’t need you to do it for me/I don’t need you to understand
    I don’t need you to hide it from me/ I just want to feel like any other man
    I won’t show you the whole story/I won’t show you the aftermath
    I won’t show you my allegory
    Don’t look away… HERE’S AN UNEXPLAINABLE ONE
    While I was learning to live, you taught me how to die- I guess I got what I wanted
    Another needle in the back through purified scarification
    It wasn’t somebody else- you fucking did it to me.
    You want a real smile?
    I haven’t smiled in years.
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  • Slipknot
    Slipknot  Před měsícem +2411

    We Are Not Your Kind is available worldwide. Listen here: If you purchased a pair of tickets online to the Knotfest Roadshow, check your email now to redeem your digital copy.

    • Andrew Meinswift
      Andrew Meinswift Před 6 dny

      @Joshua Wagner
      What abuse?
      What fuse?
      Really?all I see is a bunch of retards scrambling live scavengers for a box lunch
      So, you rape girls
      Eat their flesh
      And the witches
      Like sucking the kock outta your britches
      Anything else you fucking scabs do to each other?
      Purge cunt tree scum purge
      Eat some roasted duck
      Hunt the buck
      Open seasoning
      Preachers are a bonus today
      For a limited time only
      Get your hands on the wheel
      Dial a number
      Get yir checks ready
      Sup old fuk freddy
      Freddy in teddy
      And now Wilma fucking horses and dogs
      Death is a dead end
      I got no friend
      Fuck if and die mother fucking slime bugs

    • Andrew Meinswift
      Andrew Meinswift Před 6 dny

      @Jake sullivan
      Slip a knot around your neck
      Tie up loose ends
      Jump, let your corpse hang to bleed
      Then you are the stable for the greed

      Moral of the story?
      Die mother fuckers die

    • Jake sullivan
      Jake sullivan Před 6 dny

      Slipknot is cool

    • Michael That One Metalhead
      Michael That One Metalhead Před 7 dny

      Andrew Meinswift what the fuck are you doing

    • Andrew Meinswift
      Andrew Meinswift Před 8 dny

      @Joshua Wagner
      God gave you a place long ago
      When retards in my pot did show
      A lake of fire is all you know
      That is what your vile deeds do
      This, I must dispose of you
      Crucify and purge you

  • greedy 22
    greedy 22 Před 22 hodinami

    Anyone else wondering why John Wick 4 is playing in the background of this aka scenes of batshit crazy murder?

  • Diman Ahvachev
    Diman Ahvachev Před dnem


  • Ominous
    Ominous Před dnem

    I'm expecting a Solway Firth - Rambo 5 fan video soon.

  • Charles Christianson

    Yep, it sounds like Slipknot. I don't dislike it but it doesn't really stand out from their other work. I'll remember to throw this on next time I decide to do cocaine and break things. My opinion is subject to change!

  • Дима Якин
    Дима Якин Před dnem

    Разрыв мозга!!!

  • FED7
    FED7 Před dnem


  • Oliver McLean
    Oliver McLean Před dnem

    that chick's stare at 2:46

  • David Hubbard
    David Hubbard Před dnem

    This is a bunch of crap... not music.... I have been a musician all my life and don't see nothing here but stupidity... Pathetic , screaming , nonsense.... chord structure? bwahahahaha... You suck....

    • Black Onyx Cat
      Black Onyx Cat Před dnem

      This is metal? Metal is music even if it's not your favorite type of music.

  • Vegetta u_u
    Vegetta u_u Před dnem


  • Woody Boals
    Woody Boals Před dnem

    i don't need you to do it for me ! I don't need you to understand ! I don't need you to hide it from me !

  • Jonathan Blount
    Jonathan Blount Před dnem

    I love how at 2:33 there’s a lady eating / sucking toes

  • ish the fish
    ish the fish Před dnem

    Is this the theme song for Destroyea from Godzilla?

  • Jon d
    Jon d Před dnem

    glad I do not live in Des Moines.

  • killerms2221
    killerms2221 Před dnem

    This band just keeps getting better and better.

  • Troy Fleming
    Troy Fleming Před dnem


  • Joshua Bennett
    Joshua Bennett Před dnem

    Hopefully there will be a video for the Birth of the Cruel.

  • el Volkixd
    el Volkixd Před dnem

    ilou yours canciones :v

  • オルスカOlskya
    オルスカOlskya Před dnem

    Purity vibes

  • Antonio Marroquin
    Antonio Marroquin Před dnem +1

    Recently got divorced , it got me good ... but then I found slipknot , now everything is changing in my life . I even started going to the gym 🤘

  • Coach Eric Guitard
    Coach Eric Guitard Před dnem

    For a new album, Corey should have the fiend's mask( wwe)

  • Dave Persons
    Dave Persons Před dnem

    Without light there is no dark without darkness there is no light

  • бурый зверь

    ❤️❤️❤️🐱Мы снова вместе Господи как же я люблю! их музыку я то уже думала что люди разучились петь и писать музыку 😂

  • Bradley Montgomery
    Bradley Montgomery Před dnem

    Does this contain clips from a movie or is this the most inconsistent, gory, nonsensical video I've ever seen?

  • Миша Кирписев

    Твоим бы хлебало, я подумаю. о том, чтоб твои .

    • Миша Кирписев
      Миша Кирписев Před dnem

      В очереждной раз. Да не , похер.А говно , которое на стероидах, чему оно может научить?

  • Dash Dawson outdoors

    This is horrible

  • Ivan Cortez
    Ivan Cortez Před dnem

    Slipknot is the best song ever and I’m 8 years old and I listen to slipknot

  • barret 80
    barret 80 Před dnem

    Corry family but slipknot have a New album

  • MIngalls
    MIngalls Před dnem

    "The Boys" is a great show

  • Mudskipper 007
    Mudskipper 007 Před dnem

    I would have loved to hear Pantera cover this....

  • pulpoviera
    pulpoviera Před dnem +1

    Os a cool song

  • Muktafi Noor
    Muktafi Noor Před dnem



    Melhor música do álbum.

  • Timothy Krier
    Timothy Krier Před dnem

    More of the same. Bored.

  • Andrew Knutson
    Andrew Knutson Před dnem

    RIP Translucent and Mesmer.

  • Toxic Hudsoup
    Toxic Hudsoup Před dnem

    I listen to this song when cleaning the washrooms at work. I've broken a lot of sinks because of it.

  • Dakota Hardie
    Dakota Hardie Před dnem +2

    4:25 = my favorite part of whole video. Corey's headbanging is unreal.

  • Дмитрий Гаврилов


  • Carlos Santos Gazzaneo


  • Farida Suraida
    Farida Suraida Před dnem +1

    Snuff: My smile has taken long ago.
    Solway Firth: I haven't smiled in years.

  • Timothy Ketchum
    Timothy Ketchum Před dnem +1

    Hands down my favorite song from We Are Not Your Kind

  • Wii :u
    Wii :u Před dnem +1

    Slipk? Not
    Hotel? Trivago
    Heavy? Metal

  • Wii :u
    Wii :u Před dnem +1

    Este Corey es un Loquillo :v

  • maks maks
    maks maks Před dnem

    Мужики, давайте в Россию уже с туром

  • adamtheyankee
    adamtheyankee Před dnem

    11k thumbs down?! Lots of fags out there ...

    • adamtheyankee
      adamtheyankee Před dnem

      Mate, I don't give a fuck if it's 2059. I'll let the pussies cower to the new age.

    • metal forever
      metal forever Před dnem

      come on mate its 2019

  • Vlad21
    Vlad21 Před dnem


  • Omar lp
    Omar lp Před dnem


  • Fire Ice
    Fire Ice Před dnem

    Got I love this song. Pure Slipknot.

  • Let's Play
    Let's Play Před dnem +2

    My love song Slipknot
    Solway Firth
    Liar Funeral
    I am Hated
    People shit
    Nero forte
    The Heretic Anthem

  • Gino Vulto
    Gino Vulto Před dnem


  • PammaChia
    PammaChia Před dnem

    after bosses leave my desk...

  • Николай Булочкин

    А что за фильм в клипе

    • Vlad21
      Vlad21 Před dnem

      "Solway Firth” | New song & video out now, featuring footage from the new Amazon Original series The Boys created with Uproxx and Amazon Prime Video. Описание читай

  • queen sidsid
    queen sidsid Před 2 dny +1

    What a powerful song, this is exactly what I was going through.

  • KudBelg
    KudBelg Před 2 dny +2

    I’m in a depression and this song keeps me alive. Cause I feel the song. “You want a real smile, or the one I used to practice not to feel like a failure” that hits me everytime

  • Tayum Junior
    Tayum Junior Před 2 dny


  • Riick Tänn
    Riick Tänn Před 2 dny

    as cool as chris’s mask was , tortilla guys is brutal

  • Bradley Serafin
    Bradley Serafin Před 2 dny

    Hell to the fuck yeah that blew my ears to a multi dimension lol

  • Michael Bast
    Michael Bast Před 2 dny

    I'm so shocked there are no retards saying 2019?

  • Ian_M
    Ian_M Před 2 dny

    so fucking good.

    ITZ DYLANPHD Před 2 dny