Bastille - LIFT Video Diary 4

  • čas přidán 27. 02. 2013
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  • Mark Kevin
    Mark Kevin Před 2 měsíci

    Finally, I found this one...

  • BΔSTILLE! at the disco
    BΔSTILLE! at the disco Před rokem +2

    1:57 imagine doing Dan's hair

  • Choriyah Pane
    Choriyah Pane Před rokem


  • • RunningWithTheWolves •

    Holy guacamole, Dan was so damn cute (He's still but not as cute as he was in the Pompeii-times!!)

  • Courtney Burgess
    Courtney Burgess Před 2 lety +21

    I love how the first thing said in this video is " haha f*** you "

    • Henasai LauSau Berry
      Henasai LauSau Berry Před 2 lety

      Don'tHugMeI'm Courtney no the first thing said was eh eh eh eh oh eh eh eh eh oh lol

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Před 2 lety

    Omg is that a game boy at 2:51? 😂

    • Courtney Burgess
      Courtney Burgess Před 2 lety +1

      -BR- WizardDude that my friend is Dan's phone case . Strange lad

  • Kthblue
    Kthblue Před 2 lety

    o que eu estou fazendo aqui ? ashuashua

  • Louquinhas Instagram
    Louquinhas Instagram Před 3 lety

    perae o dan ta usando o olrtom de natal que o kylie deu pra ele

  • Bad Skeleton
    Bad Skeleton Před 3 lety

    Married me lmao
    all what you do is perfect you know ♥

  • Lana XOX
    Lana XOX Před 3 lety


  • elmo2488
    elmo2488 Před 4 lety +16

    Wow, I had no idea To Kill a King sung on Pompeii! Makes sense why he supports them so much (other than the fact that they're his close friends)

    • dem
      dem Před 4 lety +3

      @elmo2488 And that Ralph is kinda one of Dan's best friend. They also used to sing together under the name of "Annie Oakley Hanging" and did loads of stuff together...

  • Laura Jēkabsone
    Laura Jēkabsone Před 4 lety +4

    The beginning , haha ! :D

  • Emiel Terzieff-Godefroy
    Emiel Terzieff-Godefroy Před 4 lety +8

    i don't even know why. but i like they way he said that in 0:19 lol

  • NCH WhΔn
    NCH WhΔn Před 5 lety

  • Marilin Saluveer
    Marilin Saluveer Před 5 lety +8

    HAHA! The beginning though, brilliant!

  • isabelle Robinson
    isabelle Robinson Před 5 lety

    I love Bastille !!
    I wish I could see them live !
    Pompeii ❤️

  • Ves N2
    Ves N2 Před 5 lety

    wow.. handsome jesse lol.. anyways..i love you guys! come to new zealand (auckland) often please :)

  • Nyte Storm
    Nyte Storm Před 5 lety +32

    He walks in and is like f**k you

  • Ava Garsee
    Ava Garsee Před 5 lety +18

    Love Bastille, and how their a close knit party who start small with their projects and eventually build them up into phenomenal outcomes.

  • Courtney Anna
    Courtney Anna Před 5 lety +17

    I love how Dan writes his own songs and helps make the album!

  • RunnyNose91
    RunnyNose91 Před 5 lety

    Another day at the office? Poor guy.

  • blacckkRain
    blacckkRain Před 5 lety +20

    Damn that director's hot!

  • abigail chidavaenzi
    abigail chidavaenzi Před 5 lety +3

    Ahhhh,amazing! Δ

  • harry stoltman
    harry stoltman Před 5 lety

    seeing them live

  • Lily Stannard
    Lily Stannard Před 6 lety

    Omfg love this vid toooooo muxh xx

  • Parinda
    Parinda Před 6 lety +3

    dan's laugh is so aggressive hahaha

  • Birte Bredow
    Birte Bredow Před 6 lety

    ermm... 1:27 ralph kissing dan?! wtf :D

  • Pauline
    Pauline Před 6 lety

    Last week danwas staring at me while i was taking a picture, now i found out we have te same iphone case :)

  • vicky
    vicky Před 6 lety +1

    Dan’s reaction. Haha.

  • Marhaba
    Marhaba Před 6 lety

    He mentioned the Vaccines! its like the two best bands with the best videos

  • Georgia Whalen
    Georgia Whalen Před 6 lety

    Hes said that in alot of interviews lol :)

  • daisy.
    daisy. Před 6 lety


  • Hollie Roses
    Hollie Roses Před 6 lety

    Love this, love you Bastille!!

  • TheAwkwardGiraffe96
    TheAwkwardGiraffe96 Před 6 lety

    I was actually quite surprised- I thought that Dan looked really comfortable in front of the camera!

  • tina nicols
    tina nicols Před 6 lety

    is it available in America? cant find it

  • Rachel Farrell
    Rachel Farrell Před 6 lety

    I agree, although I know ( if you're talking about the video for pompeii ) that dan never intended to even be in the music videos, it was in an interview.

  • Brian Nisun
    Brian Nisun Před 6 lety

    Dan started Bastille as a solo project, so everything basically does revolve around him..

  • 94silviaa
    94silviaa Před 6 lety

    Please come to Norway!

  • jalopotan
    jalopotan Před 6 lety

    Vevo says this is trending....yet it has like only 3000 some views what the lumps!!!

  • Greta Menghini
    Greta Menghini Před 6 lety

    I love Bastilleeeeee! :)

  • ariyachito
    ariyachito Před 6 lety

    awww to kill a king!

  • Karina Contreras
    Karina Contreras Před 6 lety

  • davie colton
    davie colton Před 6 lety

    5 DAYS

  • Jessi Swanson
    Jessi Swanson Před 6 lety

    I'm sorry but he keeps saying my name, and I am basically dying on the floor! ;D

  • Lemons_Tea_
    Lemons_Tea_ Před 6 lety

    These videos need to be longer :( I love them too much!!

  • Stephany Yanez
    Stephany Yanez Před 6 lety

    #DanCan'tRun hahaha, love you Dan! x

  • D A R L I A. Oh Aurora Borealis

    Awesome !!

  • Georgia Roberts
    Georgia Roberts Před 6 lety

    Can't believe i am going to be seeing Bastille on Monday!!! Ahhhhhhhh!! :)

  • Sophie Thompson
    Sophie Thompson Před 6 lety

    5 days until bad blood is released AHH

  • Milly Mbabazi
    Milly Mbabazi Před 6 lety


  • Milly Mbabazi
    Milly Mbabazi Před 6 lety


  • AnaMore
    AnaMore Před 6 lety

    Less than a week!!!

  • Tiago Carvalho
    Tiago Carvalho Před 6 lety

    Hey Bastille, just dropping a comment to send you guys lots of love from Portugal :)

  • Monarchiehl A
    Monarchiehl A Před 6 lety


  • Hello :D
    Hello :D Před 6 lety


  • Lexis Cook
    Lexis Cook Před 6 lety

    Bastille come to SEATTLE!!!