MGK - VEVO News Interview: Origins

  • čas přidán 26. 01. 2012
  • From battle rap to sleeping on futons, MGK visits VEVO HQ in L.A. to talk origins. © 2012 VEVO
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  • Miss Putri Khadijah
    Miss Putri Khadijah Před 5 měsíci

    colson, Colson

  • GOD RULES Devil is decieveing us on our devices

    can i say ill sick and soul less crooked eye bold and the devils best friend.
    but hey God still loves him.

  • Mindy Morningstar
    Mindy Morningstar Před 2 lety +1

    where have I been, under a rock? lol I just found his music today, I'm IN LOVE! I've always been a huge fan of Eminem

  • hola adios
    hola adios Před 2 lety

    fake voice

  • Daniel Sekyra
    Daniel Sekyra Před 2 lety +2

    He's talking about End of the road? At the end of interview?

    • Niki See
      Niki See Před 4 měsíci

      Daniel Sekyra I know this was 2 years ago, but I’m pretty sure he was talking about lead you on. Just to let you know. If you still exist. Lol.

  • kelly sloan
    kelly sloan Před 2 lety +3

    Yo. I straight up wanna fuck him. No words. Dang.

  • BryanENVY
    BryanENVY Před 2 lety +1

    if you wanna talk trash don't speak about Eminem. Look at 2016 XXL's freshman class

  • belinda281
    belinda281 Před 2 lety +6

    I love how he mentioned Eminem aka Marshall Mathers

  • slim.g
    slim.g Před 3 lety +26

    it looks like he contours. his cheekbones are sculpted by the gods!😍

  • Jay B.
    Jay B. Před 3 lety +6

    ❤️ all of your albums and songs 🖕🏽

  • killswitch6111
    killswitch6111 Před 5 lety

    Mgayk is dope

  • Jan Bautista
    Jan Bautista Před 5 lety +1

    my girl loves her. :))

  • finn harrison
    finn harrison Před 5 lety +32

    God damn he's so hot

  • Aldair Romao
    Aldair Romao Před 6 lety


  • yassine belbadaoui
    yassine belbadaoui Před 6 lety +16

    THe new Eminem (y)

    • Ej8Savage
      Ej8Savage Před 5 lety +1

      mgk doesn't even need to listen to know if he is emo or not just look at it lmfao

    • CalzTwisted
      CalzTwisted Před 5 lety +1

      not saying its shit just a bit emo at times :)

    • Anthony Stant
      Anthony Stant Před 5 lety

      @CalzTwisted so its emo rap. and eminem is not? lol. listen to his song kim or 25 to life. is that not depressing? both r good but still lol

    • CalzTwisted
      CalzTwisted Před 6 lety +2

      @ProductionsDrew emo rap lol

    • Ej8Savage
      Ej8Savage Před 6 lety +3


  • Mostex
    Mostex Před 6 lety +7

    MGK RULES!!!!!!!!!

  • Mandie purple
    Mandie purple Před 6 lety +5

    He's so hottt

  • JamesNV
    JamesNV Před 6 lety +13

    Eminem and MGK should rap together

  • Malby Ammala
    Malby Ammala Před 6 lety +3

    Eminem with anyone would be fucking awesome

  • DrrrZolty
    DrrrZolty Před 6 lety +6

    Suck my dragon balls bitch call me goku!

  • Mia Jones
    Mia Jones Před 6 lety +5

    His ink is awesome just like his music

  • Chelsea Miller
    Chelsea Miller Před 6 lety +5

    His voice omg.

  • YungBuck900
    YungBuck900 Před 6 lety +4

    Mgk is awesome, and he's loyal to his crew, the only reason he is signed to Bad Boy, is because Eminem wouldn't sign the rest of his boys

  • StaySunnyHoney
    StaySunnyHoney Před 6 lety +4

    Which Lace up, the mixtape or album

  • Nick Como
    Nick Como Před 6 lety +3

    ily mgk

  • Elaina Davenport
    Elaina Davenport Před 6 lety +1

    MGK is the shit

  • callum hayward
    callum hayward Před 6 lety


  • callum hayward
    callum hayward Před 6 lety

    i snort bums

  • callum hayward
    callum hayward Před 6 lety

    i like pie

  • Instakilla
    Instakilla Před 6 lety +1

    MGK has huge ears. haven't noticed before.

  • Zachary Twine
    Zachary Twine Před 6 lety

    Horrible language

  • Medz
    Medz Před 6 lety

    LOL im sorry to tell you but eminem FELL OFF, mgk's style doesnt match with eminems either

  • Tami Macias
    Tami Macias Před 6 lety

    Unless you'd rather listen to mainstream rap talking about bitches popping their pussy and twerking and getting money and shit. Kells has his songs where they're vulgar and fun, then he has his real, story telling songs. In the end, they all represent a time or situation in his life. You can't get more real and true than that, goddamnit. Lace up, mufucka.

  • Tami Macias
    Tami Macias Před 6 lety

    His stutter! Omg. But yeeah, honestly, if you're gonna hate on a rapper and you've only heard ONE song that's just like a wild party song, you're fucking ridiculous. Listen to The Return, See My Tears, Lead You On, Her Song, End Of The Road. He puts his heart into each song, they all have their own special meaning to them. Listen to D3mons, he's battling shit deep down that he's willing to put on the fucking table to all his fans, come on now. he's real, trust.

  • QuadStar721
    QuadStar721 Před 6 lety

    This dude is a saint! Real talk!!

  • BabyOtter
    BabyOtter Před 6 lety

    listen to save me.. end of the road and invinceble... fuckin' douche.. eminem is a really good rapper as well as MGK stop hatin' dude..

  • Paul K
    Paul K Před 6 lety

    lol "wayne shit" Little Wayne id the pinnacle of garbage. Don't be so ignorant online next time.

  • chahinou lhamriou
    chahinou lhamriou Před 6 lety

    why there is no traduction in french !!! sa fais chier mdr

  • Jamie Yancey
    Jamie Yancey Před 6 lety +4

    eminem is NOT trash.. he told full stories with his music.. rapped about his life. go back and listen to your modern day Wayne shit if you think he is trash.

  • MalaysiaC Floyd
    MalaysiaC Floyd Před 6 lety

    I've Only Heard The Song Called Wild boys & I Liked It. Gonna Download More To See If I Like It

  • MrSpecktatorfan
    MrSpecktatorfan Před 6 lety

    Fukn people claiming there "mgk fans" when they've never even heard a song from rage pack

  • Anthony Mazza
    Anthony Mazza Před 6 lety

    oh yeah?listen to see my tears,chasing pavements etc..fuck you lace up

  • Paul K
    Paul K Před 6 lety +1

    eminem is trash.

  • Devon Foor
    Devon Foor Před 6 lety

    ok wild boy isn't the best sound but MGK has way better songs than that so LTFU

  • peaches mcpeach
    peaches mcpeach Před 6 lety

    clearly, you haven't heard the rest of his music.

  • Sydney Morin
    Sydney Morin Před 6 lety

    Half of the people commenting probably haven't heard any other song than ''Wild Boy'' if you listen to some of his other shit, even if it's older, it's real rap.

  • CaliLyfe209
    CaliLyfe209 Před 6 lety

    yea apparently you haven't even listened to any mgk tracks besides wild boy n u wanna judge what a dumbass....Em is good but hes not great or the greatest you giving him to much

  • Warren cole
    Warren cole Před 6 lety +1

    gks music is more than screamin yeah bitch yeah bitch why dont yall listen to the songs that have meanin by him like end of the road, invincible, see my tears, and many more

  • iretrobabymusic
    iretrobabymusic Před 6 lety

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  • Nico
    Nico Před 6 lety

    Tbe Return

  • Nico
    Nico Před 6 lety

    get yo big fat ass black booty of the couch and work out bitch before you judgeg other people

  • barb0720
    barb0720 Před 6 lety

    It's called commas and period, otherwise known as punctuation. That way we don't have to decipher your fucking post like it's Latin or something.

  • barb0720
    barb0720 Před 6 lety

    That's a big load of shit. Em's much more like Pac than anyone else. The "Fuck The World" attitude, the aggressiveness, you have no clue because I grew up listening to Pac and then Eminem burst on the scene and filled that gap that Pac left in hip-hop. You were probably not even a twinkle in your Daddy's eye when Pac got killed.

  • Wade Horn
    Wade Horn Před 6 lety

    Why is he surrounded by some bamboo?

  • samantha smith
    samantha smith Před 6 lety

    He nvr wears. Shirt lol who cares cuz he sexy either way

  • carlos zapata
    carlos zapata Před 7 lety

    MGK and Eminem are my 2 favorite rappers i think Eminem and Royce should put MGK in Bad Meets Evil

  • Bannanals19XX
    Bannanals19XX Před 7 lety

    i feel ya bro i feel you

  • chris T
    chris T Před 7 lety

    ppl need to stop comparing white rappers to eminem, its just stupid.

  • 2shotsgaming
    2shotsgaming Před 7 lety

    why can't people like you talk normal? You're ability to put words into a sentence is horrible.

  • MookGray13
    MookGray13 Před 7 lety

    You know that's just his hype song right? If Waka Flocka is in something it's only meant to pump people up. He's other stuff from years ago is great and isn't like this at all.