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  • čas přidán 19. 10. 2021
  • he out smarted me.. #shorts
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  • Safin lol
    Safin lol Před rokem +189

    You know it's fake when they go "SHHHHHHHHH"

    • Kennedy Lam
      Kennedy Lam Před rokem +1


    • Snake
      Snake Před rokem


    • Yeapi
      Yeapi Před rokem +1


    • fighterjet
      fighterjet Před rokem +1

      Where's the proof to back up your point

    • meow
      meow Před rokem

      no it wasn’t jellybean fan

  • neelam Gupta
    neelam Gupta Před rokem +35

    My respect is for invisible cameraman

      LEO IS BEST Před rokem

      It was probably a go pro

    • slims banner
      slims banner Před 7 měsíci +1

      ​@LEO IS BESTLmao no it wasn't you can tell this is staged

  • Katherine Prokup
    Katherine Prokup Před rokem +54

    Wait is that shaving cream-

    • SKREAM
      SKREAM Před rokem +3

      POV it wasn’t shaving cream it was his cream

    • Amii the Awesome
      Amii the Awesome Před rokem

      It was shaving cream

    • Ana Panuve
      Ana Panuve Před rokem

      @SKREAM just stop bro look what stupid TikTok did to this world I hate it now it made it worse

  • vick
    vick Před rokem +304

    -How fake do you want this to be?

  • Craine Plays
    Craine Plays Před rokem +2

    If this is staged

  • CR7
    CR7 Před měsícem

    The black banana needs a oscar

  • Saria khogali
    Saria khogali Před rokem +6

    The cream was literally melting on the cup

  • Shouldn't concern yuh bruh
    Shouldn't concern yuh bruh Před rokem +176

    I remember when someone said if the one who's making the video shushes the camera, then it's a staged video

    • Axel Edits
      Axel Edits Před rokem +22

      Ray William Johnson

    • phong is stupid
      phong is stupid Před rokem +12

      You can tell by how he spray the cream out,like bro do they expect the viewer to have potato sack brain?

    • condoctor 1
      condoctor 1 Před rokem +1

      People dead ass forgot what skits are. What’s next? You gonna call fake when Jesus flys down from the air or some shit

    • Shouldn't concern yuh bruh
      Shouldn't concern yuh bruh Před rokem

      @condoctor 1 bruh why yo burnin

  • Your average mouse
    Your average mouse Před rokem +1

    Fun fact: if they shush 🤫 the prank is fake.

    BENJA Před rokem +382

    He’s definitely not gonna notice the handles are backwards. 100%


    Fun fact: he saw it

  • yhh
    yhh Před rokem +1

    People say these pranks are cringe, but they are harmless and better tham "HIDING MY BOYFRIENDS WHEELCHAIR PRANK"

    • Cubing Verse
      Cubing Verse Před 7 měsíci

      Bro it's a spray idk which it's harmful so harmful

  • 💖𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐀💖
    💖𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐀💖 Před rokem +73

    The prank backfired on Zhong, watch the glass handle.. lol

    • Elisha Naomi Garcia♡
      Elisha Naomi Garcia♡ Před rokem +1

      Lol yea

    • ghost
      ghost Před rokem +1

      In fact ,his channel is redoing the same prank🙄. Thats the problem

    • 💖𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐀💖
      💖𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐀💖 Před rokem +4

      This prank is still funny 🤣🤣🤣

    • Me
      Me Před rokem +1

      Fun fact : it's fake. But i don't complain, it is made for 9 year olds :D

    • 陸桂英
      陸桂英 Před rokem

      Just to remind ther memory old video

    UNIVERSE25K ART Před rokem +188

    Every day I start to respect Thanos more and more

  • ernesto lopez
    ernesto lopez Před rokem +1

    Literally nick saw some of the RED that why he switch🙄✋🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Burnt2ashes
    Burnt2ashes Před rokem +11

    How fake do you want this to b-
    Zhong: yes

    • jzwoo
      jzwoo Před rokem +1

      It's not fake so shush

    • Anya forger
      Anya forger Před rokem +1

      Yeah it's not fake

  • Eleni Kyrmishi
    Eleni Kyrmishi Před rokem +1

    Karma is real

  • user9999
    user9999 Před rokem +1

    Is that only me or u guys also noticed that we never saw Kat and Zoe together in one video

  • Matter641
    Matter641 Před rokem +38

    Proud of the invisible cameraman

    • Tenguツ
      Tenguツ Před rokem +2

      Ik it’s a joke but he’s using a tripod

    • Deebo Cole-P ™
      Deebo Cole-P ™ Před rokem


    • Random king
      Random king Před rokem +1

      Na I’m proud of Harry Potter for giving away his invisibility cloak😭

  • Delfina Baez
    Delfina Baez Před rokem

    El estafador resultó estafado

  • ♡jk
    ♡jk Před rokem +1

    Magic turned against the magician😂😭😂😭

  • Neaverthereaver
    Neaverthereaver Před rokem +6

    So funny😐
    I thought we were done with the upside down cup “prank”

  • Egal
    Egal Před rokem

    Zhong got karma

  • Aki
    Aki Před rokem +1

    I need to sleep turn off the lights plz. *Nothing happens* Fine I'll do it my self. Oh nvm there's a party.

  • Little Paw
    Little Paw Před rokem +4

    Seriously I saw these kinda pranks like thousand times😂

  • Katzuya
    Katzuya Před rokem +1

    How fake it you want to be?
    this guy: Y E SS

    • ADoginVR
      ADoginVR Před rokem

      Bruh just enjoy the content

  • ruffrunner_edits158
    ruffrunner_edits158 Před měsícem

    Bro kind of deserved it

  • Manoth2088
    Manoth2088 Před rokem +85

    Love that the handel is turned around and he doesn't notice it

    • Mason Jackson
      Mason Jackson Před rokem

      I fjjchfhd I like to describe on pierces channel dear Pierce you need to be good Pierce so you can be nice and bring disrespectful and don't be mean to other kids in Minecraft world and I just love you but you can't redo tricks on your brother or yourself Pierce dear Jackson Jackson Rossi you have a good time kids by Aaron love you Aaron for weeks and I hope you have a good time with your girlfriend dear Pierce and

    • NAS💫🔥
      NAS💫🔥 Před rokem

      @Mason Jackson dude shush plz

    • انور النجود
      انور النجود Před rokem


  • hdlr0033 De La Rosa
    hdlr0033 De La Rosa Před rokem

    Cancel culture should really look into these vids and actually cancel pointless things like this instead of worthy intelligent people.

  • Fatima De guia
    Fatima De guia Před rokem +1

    You know its fake when the person is shhh the camera

  • Erblina Tahiri
    Erblina Tahiri Před rokem +8

    When he picked the juice he looked the camera🤔 means he knew what would happend😏

  • Nicole Blake
    Nicole Blake Před rokem

    His plan backfired

  • Suzy_bliss
    Suzy_bliss Před rokem +1

    Bro zong is the worst prankster it was so obvious

    MAC COOLEST Před rokem +9

    How scripted is this gonna be

  • Pawn to King
    Pawn to King  Před rokem +1

    To fake
    The mug is upside down
    A mug doesn't get narrower it's gets wider

  • Michael Ig
    Michael Ig Před rokem

    Imagine wasting Gatorade💀

  • Nathaniel 914
    Nathaniel 914 Před rokem +36

    I have a pro tip: Put the prank cup on your side so when he switches it, the prank cup is in his side and he’s gonna get spilled on.

    • THANOS
      THANOS Před rokem +1

      Already Done 😂

    • who am j
      who am j Před rokem

      Thanks old man but i think these kind of pranks wre invented decades ago

  • Mary Grace Lizarda
    Mary Grace Lizarda Před rokem


  • Casual-catgirly
    Casual-catgirly Před 4 měsíci

    This is why u should never prank people... U never know if they're smarter than u😂

  • Oreo queen
    Oreo queen Před rokem +63

    Plot twist: Nich took the other drink as he wanted motee choco chips 😂😂

    • Puma Moon
      Puma Moon Před rokem +1

      I love getting motee choco chips too

    • killer sans (toast)
      killer sans (toast) Před rokem

      You dont know about memes right?

    • Puma Moon
      Puma Moon Před rokem +1

      I know i was making an innocent joke that you apparently don't get

    • demon
      demon Před rokem

      @Puma Moon

    • Puma Moon
      Puma Moon Před rokem

      @demon if you are going to reply at least type a comment

  • Zexxyket
    Zexxyket Před rokem

    Beetle juice would be smart enough for this

  • Helal Aman
    Helal Aman Před rokem

    How fake do you want this to be?

  • Birthday
    Birthday Před rokem +10

    My favorite part is when I laughed ! But I didn’t :)

  • Renae Cambanes
    Renae Cambanes Před 6 měsíci

    He basically knew that you did that & you always seem suspicious

  • Aarya Singh
    Aarya Singh Před rokem +9

    The one who invented this prank surely graduated from Harvard University

  • abiri samir
    abiri samir Před rokem +1

    من حفر حفرة لاخيه وقع فيه🤣🤣🤣🤣😇

  • Sparrow Chandler
    Sparrow Chandler Před rokem

    Who has Gatorade with whipped cream 😂

  • nirmala sakthivel
    nirmala sakthivel Před rokem +57

    How fake do u want it to be
    Zhong: yesss

  • Shubi Plays
    Shubi Plays Před rokem +1

    Zhong use shaving cream "Bruh"🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • zaijanexe
    zaijanexe Před rokem

    Cameraman: how fake do u want this to be

    PACKGOD Před rokem +4

    “How fake do you want this to be”?
    Me: yes

  • Eli Lopez
    Eli Lopez Před rokem +1

    MyGatorade fruit punch

  • Banana
    Banana Před rokem

    People can’t tell this isn’t a joke just scares me

  • stfu
    stfu Před rokem +5

    Respect for the camera being invisible and possible to take this much cringe

    • NAS💫🔥
      NAS💫🔥 Před rokem +1

      U hating is getting them money 🤦‍♂️

    • NAS💫🔥
      NAS💫🔥 Před rokem


    • Mason Jackson
      Mason Jackson Před rokem

      @NAS💫🔥 hdhdhdydydhhh if you like to be friends got to be nice but you can't do what you want to do dear kissy Missy huggy wiki I know you have to be I know you have to be mean to eat people and eat them but I know you're mean really not nice so just be nice kissing Missy and huggy woogie you're kissing Missy I love you and I like your videos too dear Jackson Rossi do you love me kissing Missy can you answer that question call kissy miss you right now

    • NAS💫🔥
      NAS💫🔥 Před rokem

      @Mason Jackson bro what

  • Shantel massaline
    Shantel massaline Před rokem

    Don't you dare prank somebody that's disrespectful

  • It’s your girl nat
    It’s your girl nat Před rokem

    Nobody is taking about how he used shaving cream for whip cream

  • Laredo_Exotic_Livestock
    Laredo_Exotic_Livestock Před rokem +47

    When they say 🤫 shhh” you know it’s fake 😂 but the video still gets so much likes

  • Ophelia Pereira
    Ophelia Pereira Před rokem

    When someone says shhh it fake
    -John Cena

    IMNOTREALJD Před rokem

    put the juice on your side and he will switch it and juice will get on him

  • Bo On Toaster
    Bo On Toaster Před rokem

    The people who think this is real: 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Muzan
    Muzan Před rokem

    Who will be stupid enough to literally fall for that dumb trap

  • Ivy’s Imagination
    Ivy’s Imagination Před rokem +11

    Me: Ho-
    Zhong: YES
    Me: but I d-
    Zhong: YESSSSSS

  • TheYoshiShow
    TheYoshiShow Před rokem

    Man nich ruined the Prank

  • Valdecir bom dia eu sou a Janete estou aqui tbm Tareco

    Coitado do homem que pensou que ele ia enganar o piá

  • Taseer Mufti
    Taseer Mufti Před rokem +18

    Disclaimer: don't try this in India.
    (Otherwise no one will rescue you from your mom) 😅🤣

  • Cynthialikescandy
    Cynthialikescandy Před 3 dny

    i think he knew that the camera was their 💀

  • Kdot
    Kdot Před rokem

    U know it's fake when they shush the camera

  • LegendaryPO
    LegendaryPO Před rokem +183

    Imagine if Zhong did a reverse prank of this and he kept the one with the liquid to himself first so that Nick gets it when he switches....😂

    • SleepyReeds
      SleepyReeds Před rokem +9

      That would be awsome!

    • Maliha Ahad
      Maliha Ahad Před rokem +9

      Bro this video is scripted

    • who am j
      who am j Před rokem +3

      That is some stuff that requires a brain

  • CbmGaming
    CbmGaming Před rokem

    Bruh why do ppl say SHHHHHHHHH like we can't talk...

  • SovixZ²⁰⁰⁰
    SovixZ²⁰⁰⁰ Před rokem

    If the influencer shushess to the camera then the prank is fake - Ray

  • linda Jones
    linda Jones Před rokem +14

    How much acting do You what?
    Him- Yes


    No importa que broma le agas el sabe cuando le ases una broma el te mira a escondidas

  • Liz Holman
    Liz Holman Před rokem

    That just backfired

  • Working with obsidian my SDiT

    Who would even think this was tea? The cups are upside down

  • Elmanos
    Elmanos Před rokem +1

    C H I S P A S
    D E
    C H O C O L A T E

  • _.club.jdm._
    _.club.jdm._ Před rokem

    Naw bruh he actually made it realistic by putting the cups upside down that real smart

  • Sheila O'donnel
    Sheila O'donnel Před rokem +14


    UNKOWN LEGEND Před rokem +1

    How fa-
    Him : yes
    Me: let me continue my word fa-
    Him : yesssssss

  • Lil Clan
    Lil Clan Před 2 měsíci +1

    Who would eat that anyways they used shaving cream 😅

  • Wow
    Wow Před rokem +11

    I like the fact he used shaving cream

  • JamesPlayz_RBLX
    JamesPlayz_RBLX Před rokem

    FOR THE LAST TIME STOP wasting stuff

  • PhilBod
    PhilBod Před rokem

    Never prank Nich

  • LeeplaysYT
    LeeplaysYT Před rokem +18

    Sireusly trying to poison a friend? Instead of whipcream you used shavingcream

    • Camille Smith
      Camille Smith Před rokem +1

      Yo I saw This dude on CHclip bro oh the fun of him but he is keep Breaking people

    • LeeplaysYT
      LeeplaysYT Před rokem +1

      @Camille Smith me?

    • ADoginVR
      ADoginVR Před rokem +1

      Bro he obviously would not do that..

    • LeeplaysYT
      LeeplaysYT Před rokem +1

      @ADoginVR really how?

    • Mary Hess
      Mary Hess Před rokem +1


  • dancer 💃
    dancer 💃 Před rokem

    Anyone else talking about shaving cream and not wipt cream


    He would know its upside down just by looking at the handle

  • Black Ben
    Black Ben Před rokem +39

    Yummy I’m so sure that they will eat shaving cream 😂😂😂

  • Kutloano Ralepelle
    Kutloano Ralepelle Před rokem +1

    It is obvious that it is upside down

  • kewme
    kewme Před rokem

    "when they shush the camera it's fake" -some guy

    • ADoginVR
      ADoginVR Před rokem

      Why u gotta do that, just enjoy the content man.

  • EyeOfHeart
    EyeOfHeart Před rokem +33

    Seriously did no one gonna talk about he put shaving cream instead of cream 👀

  • star queen of unicorns
    star queen of unicorns Před rokem +1

    ❌Its not a Joke, Its a Hazard✅

  • BloxferVR
    BloxferVR Před 11 měsíci

    How fake do you want it- Him: Yes.

  • iisimplystitch
    iisimplystitch Před rokem +3

    it’s not OKEH to be OKEH (titan cry)

  • Raffina Kiel
    Raffina Kiel Před rokem

    I PrAnKeD My MoM MaNy TiMeS NoW I ThInK My VoIcE Is UgLy NoW

  • Eris Haxhiu
    Eris Haxhiu Před rokem

    Nick he know het😂

  • Asma Leghari
    Asma Leghari Před rokem +6

    Whenever someone shhh's the camera there is a very high chance that the prank is fake

  • Goofball.                                 goofball
    Goofball. goofball Před rokem

    The cup handle:UR PUNY EYES CANT SEE ME!

  • Taz Patel
    Taz Patel Před rokem

    No one...
    No one ever...
    Me:why did he use shaving cream as whipped cream and why'd he put so much on

  • Jessa Maxima
    Jessa Maxima Před rokem +47

    Everyone talking about how nich is smart
    Me: why shaving cream

    • Ümit efe
      Ümit efe Před rokem +1

      Have you even looked at the comments

  • Jerell Lim
    Jerell Lim Před rokem

    Whip cream is replaced with shaving cream

    MARK ELEAZAR NAPANOY Před rokem +1

    Hahhahahahahahaha poor zhong