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How to cook SPAGHETTI


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  • Mariyah Sheikh
    Mariyah Sheikh Před 21 dnem +5793

    These guys really take “upsetti without spaghetti” to another level.

  • Julian Holl
    Julian Holl Před 3 dny +4

    I always use my standard nonstick pan if I just make spaghetti for myself. You can use very little water, drain most of it by just holding the spaghetti with kitchen tongues and boil of some of the left over water before adding your sauce. That way you get your starchy water super reduced and if you're making something like caccio e pepe you only need one pan. You'll still need a second pan if you want to fry up some garlic or boil your tomato sauce before, but pan is the best for smaller servings of long pasta IMO

  • Andre Infante
    Andre Infante Před 11 dny

    I love how even in this video, you can *see* that it's obviously way worse than breaking it in half. Requires much more active attention to slowly, awkwardly scoot the half-cooked pasta into the water... and half your pasta cooks longer than the other half!
    Don't be a sheep! Follow the evidence of your own eyes! Break your pasta into a shape that fit in the cooking pan!

  • blood crow
    blood crow Před 2 dny +42

    I'm not Italian. But NEVER! NEVER break pasta in half. If you do your a demon.

    • blood crow
      blood crow Před 12 hodinami

      @•Lx_vi• there is no "oops"

    • blood crow
      blood crow Před 12 hodinami +1

      @Tarttaken still. It gets annoying to get corrected.

    • Jason Stell
      Jason Stell Před 12 hodinami

      I guess I’m a demon😈😈😈😈

    • •Lx_vi•
      •Lx_vi• Před 14 hodinami

      .. oops?

    • Tarttaken
      Tarttaken Před 15 hodinami

      @ThePugAnimator 🅥 it’s called simple grammar.

  • Kalila Davis
    Kalila Davis Před 10 dny +460

    Being an Italian myself seeing him break the pasta sent chills down my spine.

    • علاء العوض
      علاء العوض Před dnem

      @Abc Abc تةيول😙😚😍

    • TiredNotFound👓
      TiredNotFound👓 Před dnem

      I'm not Italian but it kinda makes me feel mad when people brakes spaghetti

    • José Carlos Nunes
      José Carlos Nunes Před dnem

      ​@Simi Radouane 1

    • Aysel Alca
      Aysel Alca Před dnem

      ​@Abc Abc ý🦺🧦👟🧣👓🎒🩲💄⛑️🩴👠🥿👠🎺🎤📞☎️🎹🪗📱📚📙🗞🔎🗓🛠💊🛒🧼🧺🎯🏸🛹🏍🍳🤡

    • Cyrius
      Cyrius Před 2 dny

      I love how only american people just don't know how to cook spaghetti.
      I'm french and since i'm a child i know how to properly cook pasta.

  • cristianuwu
    cristianuwu Před 9 dny +1

    Gracias a ustedes ahora hago bien la pasta :)

  • tennistor •\\т.о.м\\
    tennistor •\\т.о.м\\ Před 14 dny +204

    Matteo was clearly holding back tears 😂

  • A Certified Fan 🗿🍷

    My mother makes spaghetti in a big pot and i eat like half of it
    Love spaghetti so much ❤

  • crazy artist
    crazy artist Před 14 dny

    Thank you now I can cook spaghetti in the correct way.🙏

  • 🥀Vampiregirl🥀
    🥀Vampiregirl🥀 Před 21 dnem +259


  • marcelo almeida
    marcelo almeida Před 13 dny

    Sou brasileiro e descendente de italiano e sei que é um pecado quebrar o espaguete 😤😂

  • geloo
    geloo Před dnem

    As a person who cooks pasta like this.. I never new it was the correct way

  • Nabeel Alsalahi
    Nabeel Alsalahi Před 10 dny +30

    Even me, a non Italian person seeing spaghetti breaking makes my heart break

  • theduelist92
    theduelist92 Před 2 dny

    In case any non Italian is wandering yes, the really small pot is to prove a point :D

  • ILikeBooksALot
    ILikeBooksALot Před 21 dnem +505

    I don’t get how Matteo was able to smile after breaking the spaghetti. I’d be in tears

  • Snow
    Snow Před 6 dny

    Eu já fiz do primeiro jeito, ficou ótimo

  • Annalisa Tarozzo
    Annalisa Tarozzo Před 13 dny

    I'm Italian and I break spaghetti in two! Everytime I do that I feel like Ivan Drago! 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • Pamela Borges
    Pamela Borges Před 7 dny

    Não sou italiana de nascença, mas sou na alma. Sempre dói no meu coração quando vejo alguém quebrando o espaguete! Dou um troço quando minha avózinha faz kkkk🤯🥺

  • L|F (yumypegasustaisy)
    L|F (yumypegasustaisy) Před 15 dny

    Na realidade aqui no Brasil é comum quebrar soaghetti por questões históricas de quando muitos imigrantes italianos que vieram para cá não conseguiam alimentar seus filhos por conta das dificuldades da época então eles quebravam por esse motivo. Assim rendia mais e tinha mais macarrão para mais dias.

  • StarWars_Knowledge
    StarWars_Knowledge Před 21 dnem +1455

    Wait… did Matteo just…. Break spaghetti? Oh no, the apocalypse has begun!

  • SamoSjena
    SamoSjena Před 10 dny

    3d one was also wrong! You twist them in the middle and drop vertically in the middle of the pan. they spread out evenly around and sink down with minimal help and are perfectly oriented in water

  • JimJamer
    JimJamer Před 8 dny

    Me, a Nigerian, breaking spaghetti for a living 😂

  • sumbreebro
    sumbreebro Před 8 dny

    I cant imagine the pain he must have felt when he broke the spaghetti

  • Billotron
    Billotron Před 10 dny

    That's what I try to tell my mom, but when I use a small pot, she makes me break it anyway :(

  • Bluebird19
    Bluebird19 Před 21 dnem +3

    Honestly I'm surprised more people never thought of doing this with spaghetti.
    Like you're not gonna mess it up if the top doesn't go into the water at the same time as the bottom.

  • Eddsworld_Fan
    Eddsworld_Fan Před 13 dny +2

    As my mom's a greek, she does it THE ITALIAN WAY. EVEN IF SHES NOT ITALIAN.

    WORLD GAMES Před 6 dny +4

    I'm not Italian, but this is how I cook spaghetti 🤤

    • flo
      flo Před 22 hodinami

      *breaks spaghetti*

    • flo
      flo Před 22 hodinami

      ​@Flavia Fasulo I'm not

    • Flavia Fasulo
      Flavia Fasulo Před 2 dny

      Im from italy

    • Flavia Fasulo
      Flavia Fasulo Před 2 dny


  • darkpoliceplayz dump
    darkpoliceplayz dump Před 6 dny +21

    you guys just got onto Italy’s hit list for breaking spaghetti

    • Zantique CHM
      Zantique CHM Před 4 dny

      @darkpoliceplayz dump Oh Thank god, I was little scared.

    • darkpoliceplayz dump
      darkpoliceplayz dump Před 4 dny

      @Zantique CHM im not italein

    • Zantique CHM
      Zantique CHM Před 4 dny

      I'm still Gonna break them. Fight Me.

    • Franco
      Franco Před 4 dny

      they sell short pasta if you can't handle the length....

  • xXmlgamingXx
    xXmlgamingXx Před 5 dny

    I’m definitely the last one, I would never break my spaghetti!

  • ianthia
    ianthia Před 21 dnem +9

    My half Italian stepdad taught us the right way to both cook and eat pasta 😂 good times

  • Rikko_2008
    Rikko_2008 Před 14 dny

    Im dutch and my mom always breaks it, but i cook it like this🤌

  • Guus De Jong
    Guus De Jong Před 13 dny

    Even I’m not from Italy I still do it the right way

  • Breb U
    Breb U Před dnem

    THAT'S HOW I DO IT!! i sometimes put the fire on too high and burn the dry spaghetti though

  • hw-criptic yt
    hw-criptic yt Před 6 dny +9

    As a non Italian I can also confirm the last one is the way to do it

    • Alex Briskievicz
      Alex Briskievicz Před 4 dny

      as a person who can cook, you need a bigger pan for spagetthi lol

  • ThatKingAlex
    ThatKingAlex Před 15 dny +2

    My mother taught me to split the spaghetti, so it will cook faster, instead of waiting it to soften and fall into the pot.

    • ThatKingAlex
      ThatKingAlex Před 14 dny +1

      @Saji TheBloody Idk, my mom taught me. Either way, it still feels like spaghetti, broken or not.

    • Saji TheBloody
      Saji TheBloody Před 14 dny

      Why are u so hurry? Take ur time, no need to rush. Don't break them.

  • daves Macalacad
    daves Macalacad Před 15 dny +256

    a true Italian would NEVER OR EVER break the Italian spaghetti rule
    don't even break OR put something that's no capable in a spaghetti 👿

  • el dios palomo
    el dios palomo Před dnem

    Exactly how we do it at home.
    And how it shall be done

  • Angelica Carausu
    Angelica Carausu Před 15 dny

    Wow, i m italian and the mode with Cook your spaghetti Is perfect. VIVA ITALIAAAAAAA

  • Muhammad Syahmi
    Muhammad Syahmi Před 6 dny

    My mother, a master: moisturise the spaghetti in bigger container using warm water first before cooking

  • Tony Pepporoni
    Tony Pepporoni Před 10 dny

    Wait a minute, wouldn't one part of the spaghetti be softer than the other if it has to get soft to be fully submerged in the water?

  • Kilpickle
    Kilpickle Před 9 dny

    I sadly live in a reality where neither of my parents want to keep their spaghetti whole and neither does my brother.....so im always sad when i eat spaghetto

  • United Steaks of America
    United Steaks of America Před 8 dny +14

    I must convince my dad to no longer break spaghetti (we’re American)

    • Amor Kujovic
      Amor Kujovic Před 5 dny

      My dad does it always and that's why i never eat his spaghetti pasta when I'm not in the kitchen

    • United Steaks of America
      United Steaks of America Před 6 dny

      @BearManPiggy thanks

    • BearManPiggy
      BearManPiggy Před 6 dny

      (We're American*)

      🦋ZEYNEP ÇINAR🦋 Před 6 dny

      P9oopppgigvv ve ekspertiz bilgileri verdi perde 🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠💵💵🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🍒🎠🎠🎠🎠🍒🍒🎠🍒🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠

  • Mr Ampio
    Mr Ampio Před 21 dnem +25

    for us Italians knowing how to make pasta is an art

    • >:D
      >:D Před 18 dny


    • Satnam Singh
      Satnam Singh Před 19 dny

      I thought it was complaing about everything not being authentic.

    • don't look at my avatar
      don't look at my avatar Před 19 dny

      don't look at my nickname 😄

    • Topann
      Topann Před 21 dnem +5

      @Keiran Marley yeah nobody said that, please go let pasta offend you somewhere else lmao

    • Keiran Marley
      Keiran Marley Před 21 dnem +2

      @Topann it's cringe when you act like making Italian food is like sending a rocket to space.

  • Fallen Phoenix
    Fallen Phoenix Před 5 hodinami

    Breaking pasta is fine here....
    Source had homemade spaghetti cooked by an 70 year old Italian grandma in the exact same situation

  • stron doge
    stron doge Před 9 dny +2

    dont remember the ketchup bottle, it makes it so that the spaghetti is a lot smoother and cooks better. Happy eating!

  • Trytobemebecauseyoucant,I’mOn_oh

    That’s what my mother and I do don’t worry, we care about food 😁

  • Mr Dean
    Mr Dean Před 15 dny

    Thank you for being willing to disrespect pasta to show people how to make pasta. Your mothers are proud.

  • BugZapperBob
    BugZapperBob Před 21 dnem +1075

    Just staring deadpan into the camera like; "It's really not that hard."

    • Malaury Roland
      Malaury Roland Před dnem

      ​@Sono_Chi_No_Sodium_Chloride zzz 2sec r b F1 2

    • Dinara Batirkulova
      Dinara Batirkulova Před 3 dny

      ​@deez kacang деп тур ввавввввввчвввввввввчввввввввввввввв

    • Dinara Batirkulova
      Dinara Batirkulova Před 3 dny

      Ф​@don't look at my avatar ФК4АКЙ ццйуй деп аталады және ол кеттп вввввййй

    • Mr Banana
      Mr Banana Před 5 dny

      @Sono_Chi_No_Sodium_Chloride One in three Americans eat fast food everyday

    • Потпишись пж🥺😍 uz
  • F4
    F4 Před 13 dny

    This is how you make pasta. Whenever someone cuts it in half, they are not a real Italian. Good job 👌

  • Autism Cat
    Autism Cat Před dnem

    That's how it's done. I don't understand why people break it in half

  • PowerGel699
    PowerGel699 Před 15 dny

    I cook it the right way , respecting the Italians xD

  • Almond
    Almond Před 7 dny

    I'm Italian and I use the second method or I boil them in the microwave lol

  • ODA___
    ODA___ Před 18 hodinami

    Wow I’ve been doing it right my whole life I must be Italian

  • Sonia M
    Sonia M Před 3 hodinami

    Glad to know that I do it the right way :D

  • Brandishlover
    Brandishlover Před 13 dny

    me seeing everyone say ''dont break your apaghetti'' yet my family is over here breaking it in half for more portion

  • Thomas Browne
    Thomas Browne Před dnem +1

    number 2 would have been right if you just cracked them down so the small cracks go into the pan. the last way creates unevenly cooked pasta! but the smartest person in the world (me) would crack the pasta still in the box creating a less mess. or you could get a pot that fits your pasta.

  • VaX MeRsTaPpEn
    VaX MeRsTaPpEn Před 21 dnem +19

    Thank you so much for this video . I always thought that I had to put the spaghetti next to the pan

  • Blue Thunderbolt 1003 siren

    Not gonna lie, I was expecting a slap when Matteo broke the spaghetti.

  • Ladewa Ade
    Ladewa Ade Před 3 dny

    Breaking the spaghetti is like mushing up the lasagna before you eat it.

  • Katy C.
    Katy C. Před 23 hodinami

    You can buy pot size spaghetti in the US, pre-broken. 😅

  • zahra asadi
    zahra asadi Před 10 dny

    Wow thanks now I know how too cook noodles lmao

  • Adyasree Banerjee
    Adyasree Banerjee Před 21 dnem +34

    "Don't forget the pasta gods are always watching" 🙂

  • SplitxHeart
    SplitxHeart Před 13 dny

    I do the twist technique and only stear once the pasta slowly starts to sink in.

  • Qazz
    Qazz Před 13 dny


  • Vincent
    Vincent Před 7 dny +37

    Never let them know your next move, takes the tallest pot I can find

  • 🗿hello
    🗿hello Před 12 dny

    This is how I do it but my brother always breaks it🥲

  • The Fantastic One
    The Fantastic One Před 21 dnem +3

    "Matteo smiling after he broke the spaghetti"
    Me: He actually smiled after breaking his favourite food 😂😂😂😂

  • I L E
    I L E Před 15 dny

    🤣 so without knowing i have been a Italiano for all my life 🤣 yeah i remember the first home computer people was getting 🤣🤣

  • Ripinchaos
    Ripinchaos Před 5 dny

    Can someone explain to me why it's such a sin to break the spaghetti? I'm not Italian so I don't really understand why all the comments are in an uproar over it.

  • mastercrack
    mastercrack Před 13 dny

    algo que nos enseñaron bien a los argentinos los italianos es a saber cómo poner bien la pasta no va ni rota ni así nomás va bien puesta

  • Jennifer her shorts
    Jennifer her shorts Před 9 dny

    Matteo in his head: i break spaghetti now i regretti 🤣🤣

  • latoyiab79
    latoyiab79 Před 12 dny

    I'm breaking those noodles! The end results will be the same Lol

  • Даджаль, как жаль

    Насмотрелся итальянцев и научился варить макароны. Теперь я тоже так делаю

  • Sara
    Sara Před 13 dny

    I'm not Italian but i get when people break the spaghetti noodles 😭

  • Profex
    Profex Před 14 dny

    Bro honestly I'm Italian and i break the spaghetti a lot, like when I have a small pot like yours i don't have time to wait for the spaghetti to go down. Moreover, it's useless, it doesn't change the taste. The only thing that changes is that you won't be able to "arrotolare con la forchetta" the spaghetti. If i cook for like 4 people then yes, i use a big pot then yes i don't break them, but if I'm alone and only have like 80 to 100g of pasta it's totally fine to brake them. A lot of people I know this and we are all Italians living in Italy. Stop spreading stereotypes please

  • Italian Country Ball
    Italian Country Ball Před 17 dny +337


    • hamnidads
      hamnidads Před 2 dny

      @Italian Country Ball that 21 inch long spaghetti tho

    • Italian Country Ball
      Italian Country Ball Před 2 dny

      @hamnidads it softens while it’s long in the pot, and all falls in

    • Italian Country Ball
      Italian Country Ball Před 2 dny

      @Da Videogamer it gets too short, and there’s no point to break it, some responses I get is “oh but then it sticks out the pot when you don’t break it”you just wait for it to soften and then it all falls in the pot

    • Da Videogamer
      Da Videogamer Před 3 dny

      not a single person said why we shouldnt break it, yup its just a meme.

    • Zoren Paras
      Zoren Paras Před 9 dny

      italians dont like it

  • Marga sagatinto
    Marga sagatinto Před 3 dny

    I thought everyone know how to cook it like the last one

  • BlackToothGrin
    BlackToothGrin Před 6 dny

    also twist the bunch of spaghetti in opposite directions from the top and the bottom and drop in the pot for more even dispersion.

  • diyan tahir
    diyan tahir Před 15 dny

    The first guy: a idiot
    The second guy: the devil
    The third guy: perfection at its finest

  • PR0X
    PR0X Před 6 dny

    Omg i always done it like that :0 Im german but the italian name actually work-ke… d-d *transforms into Pizza*

  • Filtrated Mars
    Filtrated Mars Před dnem

    Doesn't it cook faster if you break the sphagetti?

  • Budi Arto
    Budi Arto Před 13 dny

    Ha ha ha! In Indonesia, how to cook spaghetti is like the second cooking method

  • that one random guy
    that one random guy Před 15 dny

    I honestly don't care as long as all of it gets in and it's cooked to my liking

  • Absolute one
    Absolute one Před 9 dny

    Can you do the same thing with pizza 🍕 a pizza tutorial from lionfield ✨

  • ちっく
    ちっく Před 10 dny

    I'm not italian, but i have never broke spaghetti, oh wait, i'm argentinian, it makes sense

  • М. L.
    М. L. Před 13 dny

    В смысле.... Вы там реально верите, что люди не знают как варить спагетти? 😂😂😂

  • Bruh Life
    Bruh Life Před 12 dny +1

    Matteo feeling when break the spaghetti 🥲🥲🥲

  • dov shanni
    dov shanni Před 3 dny

    notice how he got his friend to break the pasta instead of himself

  • शिवाय
    शिवाय Před 21 dnem +239

    Matteo breaking the Spaghetti.
    His Mom be like: You will never leave your mischief, am coming to whoop your ass. 😑😑😑

  • Zu
    Zu Před 10 dny +6

    The second guy sacrificed his whole dignity so he could teach the people what not to do, he will be remembered.

  • M29
    M29 Před 5 dny +6

    this is how mama used to cook my spaghetti

  • qab
    qab Před 10 dny +1

    I'm not Italian so I can break spaghetti two pices and it's really convinient

  • Scarlet Gaming
    Scarlet Gaming Před 8 dny

    I was expecting a flying hand when he broke it in two

  • Zach
    Zach Před 14 dny

    I had some today and this is exactly what I did

  • Kino Geno
    Kino Geno Před 7 dny

    They make spaghetti that's dried in a U shape rather than straight so it's easier to get in to the pot.

  • Monkey D. Vegito
    Monkey D. Vegito Před 15 dny

    Only reason my parents Crack spaghetti is because having the noodles too long is an issue, especially if there is tomato sauce

  • Toasty
    Toasty Před 2 dny +1

    In my country we break it in half cause it’s too long!

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa Před 8 dny


  • Ismail S
    Ismail S Před 7 dny

    I love Italians🇮🇹🍝🍕

  • Максим Оніщенко

    When he do THIS i'm cry... Although i'm Ukrainian.