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THE LAST OF US Episode 3 REACTION!! 1x3 Spoiler Review | HBO | Bill & Frank "Long Long Time"

  • čas přidán 19. 03. 2023
  • SO DIFFERENT FROM THE GAME! Thanks to G-Fuel, Visit gfuel.ly/3wD5Ygo and use code REJECTNATION for 20% off select tubs!! We React To Season 1 Ep 3 of TLOU giving our Breakdown, Ending Explained, Easter Eggs, & Spoiler Review.
    The episode features Nick Offerman, Joel & Ellie (Pedro Pascal & Bella Ramsey), Bill & Frank Death, Tess Anna Torv, Murray Bartlett, scene differences from the game vs series, Neil Druckmann & MORE!
    NOTE FOR CHclip: The footage we are reacting to is of a fictional, scripted tv series conducted by a professional cast & crew. Audiences will understand this
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  • Reel Rejects
    Reel Rejects  Před měsícem +133

    The Last Of Us *Episode 4* Reaction: chclip.net/video/M4L0aR5zRlI/video.html
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    • ThisPlatformIsDed
      ThisPlatformIsDed Před měsícem

      Personally this episode was boring and terrible.

    • Latune95
      Latune95 Před měsícem

      @The Viewer pride goes before the fall

    • dd dd
      dd dd Před měsícem +1

      I appreciate the irony of Frank representing hard core gamers -“I do not support this… I should be furious… I admit it is very romantic.”

  • Tal Eggleton
    Tal Eggleton Před měsícem +1687

    I grew up in the closet. I never thought I'd see a world where I would see two grown men smile and cry over the beauty of the love between a same sex couple. So while I sit here and weep at the beauty of this episode, this story, I'm also weeping because the world has changed so much. And I wish Bill and Frank could have lived to see the world where they were free to be happy.

  • QuantumAscension1
    QuantumAscension1 Před měsícem +1332

    That final letter Bill writes to Joel with the lines about "one person worth saving and that's what he did" definitely sets things up for what's to come. love it

    • QuantumAscension1
      QuantumAscension1 Před měsícem +1

      @vault29a Played the game several times and I know what he said. Yeah, on a subjective level, Joel was making a selfish choice and was prioritizing Ellie's life over a potential cure for the world.
      However, I was referring to Marlene and the Firefly doctors' decision to go ahead and kill and dissect Ellie without getting any input from Ellie herself. Sure she probably would have volunteered, but I guess we'll never know because they didn't bother to let her wake up first. And yeah we can argue about the cure being too important to let one person's life get in the way, but let's be real, the idea that they would successfully produce a cure relies on an absurd amount of plot armor.

    • vault29a
      vault29a Před měsícem +1

      @QuantumAscension1 i mean joel saving ellie was never about the vaccine, he even told marlene to find someone else. He was ok with killing someone for the vaccine whom isnt HIS kid. Go play the game or smth.

    • georgia
      georgia Před měsícem +5

      This show is such an incredible gift. Game Bill was a warning to Joel about what happens when you shut everyone out, and TV Show Bill showed him what he could miss out on. Both function perfectly for the effect for their medium. The game version wouldn’t work even half as well if they’d tried to recreate it bar for bar in the show. I absolutely loved this episode and that we got to know Bill & Frank like this.

    • QuantumAscension1
      QuantumAscension1 Před měsícem +4

      @Al As 57 Well, sure; so are the mentions by the epidemiologist and the mycologist at the beginnings of Ep 1 and 2 respectively about a cure/vaccine not even being possible.
      Personally, except for maybe the first five minutes after my first playthrough of the game, I've always been on the side of Joel saving Ellie. I find the notion of the Fireflies actually managing to develop a vaccine AND be able to mass produce it AND not use it as a tool to gain power for themselves as dubious, if not hopelessly naïve. To say nothing that no one, not Marlene, not the doctors, thought to let Ellie wake and get her opinion; sure, we can assume that Ellie would choose to sacrifice herself, but they didn't bother to give her that choice. Doesn't exactly match up with the fireflies' ethos of "freedom and democracy", does it?
      How things happen is often just as important as why they happen.

    • Al As 57
      Al As 57 Před měsícem +1

      I mean, its really trying to leverage a justification to the ending. It was pretty morally ambiguous/dubious in the game.

  • SugaRay22
    SugaRay22 Před měsícem +573

    I love how we were introduced to Bill with closed/hidden doors and ended it with an open window due to the impact of Frank. Shows the 180 that Bill took on the outlook of life.

    • mx mars
      mx mars Před 26 dny +1

      I also love that their last meal together was the same as their first meal together. Made me bawl my eyes out!

    • A T
      A T Před měsícem +6

      @Jalbesbe whether or not that was the case, it certainly had that effect. besides, not everything that can be read in between the lines is deliberate anyway.
      also, a little unrelated, but I've just started watching reactions to this show recently, and out of all fan communities, tlou fans seem to be less believing of theories related to the story-telling, less willing to read in between the lines. wanting more forward movement and less depth in story. this isn't a knock on you, it's just something i noticed.
      i wonder if it's zombie/apocalypse genre fans that think like this in general. wouldn't that be funny? if I'm right, then a lot of them would be like Bill before Frank

    • Jalbesbe
      Jalbesbe Před měsícem +2

      Sure you can look at it like that. Bit in the note it is clearly Bill just being over prepared for every circumstance. "Don't go into our room, I imagine it would be quite the sight. I left the window open so the place wouldn't smell." Even in his death he is preparing, preparing for people who he doesn't know would ever get to his place, mostly Joel

    • theConquerersMama
      theConquerersMama Před měsícem

      Good point

    • Ryan Miller
      Ryan Miller Před měsícem +26

      That’s such a good observation 🚪🪟

  • BgPapa
    BgPapa Před měsícem +280

    as soon as he said: "because it's my last day!" i had to pause it right there and get up to walk it off and prepare myself for the inevitable. as someone who has dealt with suicide in the family and deep depression this was a hard one to get through. thankfully they did a good job with it and it was worth sticking it out. i loved how even in his suicide letter he has that introverted sense of humor when he's talking to Joel. not a dry eye anywhere

    • SJ
      SJ Před 25 dny

      I sobbed

    • Darko Ale
      Darko Ale Před měsícem +7

      Dude me too. Soon as he said that I started to lose it.

  • Rachel Fondeur
    Rachel Fondeur Před měsícem +157

    I don’t know if people realize because of how much more open we are with gay love now but Bill lived in a small town as a gay man in 2003 when the world ended so the fact that he was able to find love and create a safe happy relationship during the end of the world is so telling. Bill probably thought the world was over already and everyone leaving was his only chance to be himself. This was so beautiful and I’m happy they made it so long 🥹

  • Sensei
    Sensei Před měsícem +363

    I started crying at bills reaction to eating a strawberry and didn’t stop the entire episode. I watched this with the bros and not a single eye was dry

    • 𝕄𝕖𝕞𝕖𝕤
      𝕄𝕖𝕞𝕖𝕤 Před 22 dny

      @Eli Noyes-Shepherd sameeeee idk why and the part where Frank was old and he was just painting in his wheelchair

    • Colby
      Colby Před 28 dny +1

      same i don't know why started cry when they ate the strawberry.

    • PapiHeisenberg
      PapiHeisenberg Před 29 dny +7

      @Josh lol cry about it, Ellie’s gay as well

    • Josh
      Josh Před měsícem +1

      @ImMrFootball mine's dry tho. that was the most disgusting episode so far than the clickers.

    • ImMrFootball
      ImMrFootball Před měsícem +9

      Anyone eyes who were dry during that episode ain’t got a heart😂

  • Onion King
    Onion King Před měsícem +2981

    In my oppinion, Bill won the apocalypse. He went out old, and on his own terms with the person he loved. What more is there to life? Simply beautiful.

    • Reece Andrew
      Reece Andrew Před 20 dny

      @ronin i am very confident that you want to do those things. Just give in. God doesnt exist. You wont get in trouble

    • Z
      Z Před 20 dny

      @Reece Andrew well i would probably make a lot more sense if youtbe didn't delete half of the replies to me and my informative comments in response. but im sure your ego would disagree because its already created an opinion based on assumption and spite.
      whats the problem buddy?

  • StrawberryLemLime
    StrawberryLemLime Před měsícem +131

    The fact that in their universe, gay marriage wasn't made legal before the pandemic began. Bill and Frank are so beautiful, and I will forever love this episode.

  • Cinematic Goodness
    Cinematic Goodness Před měsícem +336

    I find it so beautiful that what really made Bill and Frank fall for eachother wasn't the food or the hospitality, it was the piano that made each of them realize they had found their first real human connection in God knows how long, someone they can empathize with, someone they can trust. This whole episode was so moving.

    • Rue
      Rue Před měsícem

      @OneHonestCritic not true lol

    • Not A Skaven
      Not A Skaven Před měsícem +1

      @OneHonestCritic I can't imagine being so upset that other people love eachother, I hope you can grow up someday.

  • TheCratsky
    TheCratsky Před měsícem +475

    I felt that Bill and Frank were symbolic of the fact that despite all the bad out there after the outbreak, there was a little pocket of paradise just for those two.

    • Jack Bross
      Jack Bross Před měsícem

      @Josh lmao what’s gross

    • Josh
      Josh Před měsícem


    • theConquerersMama
      theConquerersMama Před měsícem +2

      Well said.
      I never even new it was a game until reading comments in reactions. So I am taking the show as I find it. I find it compelling story telling.

  • PizzaBoy153
    PizzaBoy153 Před měsícem +88

    As someone who never played the game this felt like a 90 min stand alone movie. Had my heart going the whole time, absolute masterpiece.

    • PumpedUpBricks
      PumpedUpBricks Před měsícem +17

      I’m being 100% serious, when we first saw Joel and Tess during the lunch party sequence, I thought “Woah! It’s Pedro Pascal from the Mandalorian!” I’d genuinely forgotten what show I was watching, it felt like an art house romance film. Blown away by what they managed to do in this episode.

  • CardBoard Box
    CardBoard Box Před měsícem +455

    Annie Wersching's passing was unexpected and saddening, Rest in peace and thank you Annie for all your work and the joy you brought to us through these mediums.

    • Clown guy
      Clown guy Před měsícem +7

      Rest in peace Annie 🕊️

  • Taylor Cortes
    Taylor Cortes Před měsícem +1138

    I know it's not real, but I'm glad the show gave Bill and Frank respect by not showing them dead laying together

    • SCUMMY 420
      SCUMMY 420 Před 29 dny +2

      I know, I had my hand on the off button. I was just saying "This is perfect, stop zooming away from the window, STOP" and right when I was going to click the button it stopped and I just thought "Perfect, this episode alone deserves AWARDS" it was so well done, props to everyone involved.

    • TheComedian95
      TheComedian95 Před 29 dny

      At the end shot of the open window frame like a fairytale.

    • Iris Shea
      Iris Shea Před měsícem +1

      Instead we got the open window from the game menu😭😭😭

    • OurWorldAhead
      OurWorldAhead Před měsícem +2

      I thought the same. It would have been tasteless. Thought the ending they did was perfect.

  • potatopouf
    potatopouf Před měsícem +233

    i saw some terrible comments about this episode elsewhere, and it made me so sad. but I'm glad so many of the people in the comments here share the same feelings i do about this episode. it was amazing. i don't cry often to shows or movies, but this was heartwrenching and beautiful and i absolutely loved it!

    • Reece Andrew
      Reece Andrew Před 20 dny

      Yea Ben Shapiros comment section...

    • Jack Tait
      Jack Tait Před měsícem

      @El Bruce noooo please dont😭

    • Not A Skaven
      Not A Skaven Před měsícem +6

      @Jack Tait yeah you totally skipped all the gay scenes
      Just come out bro, we will all still love you it's fine.

  • Danish Nerdess
    Danish Nerdess Před měsícem +32

    Murray Bartlett and Nick Offerman were beautiful in this episode. Bill taught Frank how to survive and Frank taught Bill how to live. I love how the episode subverted the "Bury Your Gays" trope by actually giving life and agency to these characters. They had a long, happy life together and went out on their own terms. What more can anyone ask for? Thank you, Craig Mazin, Neil Druckmann and the whole team for killing it with every episode so far!

  • just_peachy
    just_peachy Před měsícem +315

    I was SOBBING. This is the most pure form of love I’ve ever seen. I was so genuinely invested in their relationship. This is the hardest I’ve cried in a long time. I needed this lol

    • just_peachy
      just_peachy Před měsícem +3

      @Shaan Wayne You clearly haven’t experienced enough love in your life. It’s ok my dude. Maybe somebody will love you one day, and maybe one day you won’t be so hateful. But in my experience, you can’t have one without the other.

  • Geof Thompson
    Geof Thompson Před měsícem +57

    If people get annoyed by the changes to the game I have a simple answer, just go play the game.
    This is an adaptation based on the game. It's faithful where it matters, but becomes something more when it's appropriate.
    This episode ripped my heart out, the performances were amazing and by the time the credits rolled i was left devastated but smiling and so excited to see what happens next. Outstanding 👏👏

    • theConquerersMama
      theConquerersMama Před měsícem +3

      Some of us didn't even know it was a game and are taking this one it's own merits.

  • Hannah M.
    Hannah M. Před měsícem +200

    This was the first time I feel I've ever seen a gay couple on screen that really REALLY made you feel as though those two people were falling in love and in love for life. No one else has hit that mark on screen for me. This episode was incredible. The writing and the actors. Incredible.

    • Scott Brynildsen
      Scott Brynildsen Před 3 dny

      @OfficialSPbeats seriously, you’re not contributing anything to the conversation

    • OfficialSPbeats
      OfficialSPbeats Před 26 dny

      @theConquerersMama Brad Pitt isn't even good looking lol

    • theConquerersMama
      theConquerersMama Před 26 dny

      @OfficialSPbeats meaning they look like people you actually see at the store or walking around in real life. While Brad Pitt is certainly normal for his life, most people I run into look more like these folks.

    • OfficialSPbeats
      OfficialSPbeats Před 26 dny

      @theConquerersMama "Normal looking" lol

    • theConquerersMama
      theConquerersMama Před měsícem +2

      It was so well done. I was thrilled that they are like people I know. Normal looking and over 35.
      This was great on so many levels.

  • jakeylee.mp4
    jakeylee.mp4 Před měsícem +1497

    “THE GOVERNMENT ARE ALL NAZIS” had me rolling lmao

    • Flufferz626
      Flufferz626 Před měsícem +4

      I was half expecting when Bill got shot that Frank would grab the first whiskey available and it's Lagavulin 16 and Bill gasps "no, anything but that."

    • Izonas
      Izonas Před měsícem +3


    • Spiked_Halo
      Spiked_Halo Před měsícem

      From Florida, it's just true.

    • Mad Titan
      Mad Titan Před měsícem +15

      @Isaac Mendes I’m just imagining one of the FEDRA comes evict him out of the town and he gives the solider a letter that said “I can do whatever I want” lolll

    • The Viking Bear
      The Viking Bear Před měsícem +1

      Ron Swanson strikes back!!

  • thewirah1
    thewirah1 Před měsícem +27

    Nick Offerman showed phenomenal range in that episode, from the angry prepper uttering "Not today, you new world order jackboots" to that strawberry giggle.

  • Bekki Babineau
    Bekki Babineau Před měsícem +41

    This episode broke me. I'm still broken 5 days later. I ugly snot cried. It's heartbreakingly beautiful. The writing, cinematography, music, ACTING. *chef's kiss
    "Frank was the flowers and Bill was the soil". In the end, Bill loved Frank like he wanted to be loved. ❤️

  • Nicole Isom
    Nicole Isom Před měsícem +62

    It felt like game Bill never lowered his walls for Frank and this episode was a 'what if' if he had. So Bill goes from Joel's cautionary tale about what he could become if he stays closed off, in the show he's the hope of what he could be if he opens himself up. It's a beautiful parallel.
    It reminded me of the giraffe scene. Not just because of the music, but because it was a section amidst all the trauma where we could breathe and see something beautiful that reminds us why it's even worth it to try for a cure it to keep going.
    While it was definitely different from the game i fell like this was better. Bill was so bitter and hateful and most of that section of game was just combat to get from point a to b, to get a car battery. It wasn't story heavy. And while i love Bill and Ellie together I'd rather have this beautiful story than her calling him fat in 7 different ways. Stunning writing, cinematography and performances.

  • Vincible
    Vincible Před měsícem +20

    In that world, Bill won the zombie apocalypse lottery. He died of old age with the man he loved. No one can really say that. Like Frank said, “it’s poignantly romantic”

  • Uncle Tomski
    Uncle Tomski Před měsícem +36

    We didn't need to know Bill and Franks story, most shows wouldn't have showed it and would be lesser for it. This episode was a masterpiece.

  • 𝑫𝒂𝒗𝒊𝒔 𝑺𝒕𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒔

    I was shocked they changed so much, would’ve loved to have seen Ellie & Bill go at each other... But Bill served his same purpose from the game. In the game he was an example for Joel how not to be, Bill was an uncaring loner and because of that was losing his mind, it was showing what could happen to Joel if he completely cut himself off from the world. In the show however, Bill is the opposite and is actually inspirational for Joel and shows him how he should be, I thought it was beautiful.

    • olg06
      olg06 Před měsícem

      Still romanticized suicide tho

    • Sami Salsa
      Sami Salsa Před měsícem

      @romee renz deloso a lot of people fail to realized they have a budget for this show. The game can do whatever because it’s all animated, asking for an exact play by play of the show would be a tall order, especially since no one knew how big it would be.

    • Inventions
      Inventions Před měsícem

      @Corvid3314 We'll probably see her self-discovery later on. I mean she already hinted it. But I liked how they didnt connect Ellies internal struggles with Bill/Frank's relationship, because in the end, they're just a couple like any other.

    • romee renz deloso
      romee renz deloso Před měsícem +1

      @Mike S. that scene would have been great as well as it had the battle with the Bloater zombie., but I guess its impractical for the show, They'll be using alot of their funds if they adapted what happened in the game (you'll pay extra to have Pedro hang upside down, all the stunts, practical and visual effects would have shreded the budget of this season) also it indicates more visually appealing episodes are coming our way plusit was a well written and excellently acted episode

    • Spiro314
      Spiro314 Před měsícem

      @曾華偉 everyone likes what they like. I honestly can’t pick between the two because to me both convey so much to the story and characters with both serving the same purpose but in such drastically different ways with bill as a character being one of the many things that sets Joel on his path.

  • Chartreuse MM
    Chartreuse MM Před měsícem +26

    It’s nice to see writing that knows how teens act, speak. Everything Ellie says I could totally hear coming from my teen sibling in the same situation.

  • PunIntended
    PunIntended Před měsícem +92

    It is heart-warming to see these emotions that we are showing... collectively. I have never felt so close to people on the internet.

    • dimetrodonz
      dimetrodonz Před měsícem +5

      I love when TV can bring people together like this. It's a true testament to the quality of the show and this episode, that it can touch so many people in the same/similar ways

    • Layton
      Layton Před měsícem


  • Jeremy Trager
    Jeremy Trager Před měsícem +43

    I don't play video games, but so far this is probably the best show HBO has ever done. This episode will win a lot of people a LOT of awards. Absolutely phenomenal.

    • Layton
      Layton Před měsícem

      @LeFlairon this person said the best show HBO has ever done not the best zombie Apocalypse show HBO has ever done.

    • LeFlairon
      LeFlairon Před měsícem +7

      @Layton not really comparable since it's not the same genre. Both great shows though.

    • Layton
      Layton Před měsícem

      Euphorias way better

  • Jeff Erckert
    Jeff Erckert Před měsícem +80

    Thank you both for being so open to this story. I always appreciate how open Greg is with his emotions. This episode was beautiful and so was this reaction. 🙏🏻

  • Zach Zbinden
    Zach Zbinden Před měsícem +22

    This is random but based off when you said "guess he and tess never really had a title" reminded me of when she tells him "I never asked you to feel the way I felt" when they find out she was bit. I get the sense that he did care for her but never wanted to say to her or anyone what she meant to him because it would mean it was real and he could lose her like he lost Sarah. Further cutting himself off as best he can

  • Luiz Felipe
    Luiz Felipe Před měsícem +3217

    Even in a zombie apocalypse, all we really crave is human connection

    • כּוּשִׁי
      כּוּשִׁי Před 9 dny

      @n0emiette 2023?should be 1943

    • Jake Kayden
      Jake Kayden Před měsícem +1

      @כּוּשִׁי what??? You’re mad at things that don’t even exist. You live in a fantasy world that doesn’t even make sense!! Like how do they get aroused if they don’t know they’re spreading it? And it’s not a choice at all, please base your opinions on facts not feelings

    • כּוּשִׁי
      כּוּשִׁי Před měsícem

      @Not A Skaven why not? social darwinism is the all the hype

  • ArtxLife
    ArtxLife Před měsícem +10

    I feel like the love story is so important, especially for a show like this, because sometimes it’s hard to understand why people keep going when the world has fallen apart like this. And of course Bill’s arc shows Joel what life can be-even in the worst of times-if he opens his heart up again. ❤ can’t wait for the next episode!

  • Eric Ericson
    Eric Ericson Před měsícem +24

    I loved the fact that when Frank and Bill were arguing about restoring the town, I pointed out how Frank looked identical to game-Joel, beard, shirt, everything. Then later on, sure enough, Joel grabs those exact clothes after his shower. Loved it.

  • Louis Marti
    Louis Marti Před měsícem +144

    There are plenty of other movies and shows that can get me to cry over characters but I've never encountered a show that can get me to cry SO QUICKLY. First with Sarah after less than 30 minutes with her and now with Bill & Frank.

    • Layton
      Layton Před měsícem

      @Albel Valentine because I don't cry a lot

    • Christopher Mar
      Christopher Mar Před měsícem +1


    • Bumbley1
      Bumbley1 Před měsícem +2

      I felt like Sarah was a character that pulled me in quickly. Knowing she was going to die ahead of time was like watching a calamity happen that you're powerless to stop. This episode though, not so much.

    • Albel Valentine
      Albel Valentine Před měsícem +13

      @Layton sad life you must have

    • Layton
      Layton Před měsícem +2

      You cry very easily

  • ThugMuffin
    ThugMuffin Před měsícem +17

    I ugly cried this whole episode man, I haven’t been that emotional watching something in quite awhile. I’ve played the game 6 times, and I absolutely am satisfied with the direction they went with this episode. Absolutely amazing

  • Engo
    Engo Před měsícem +8

    This episode was literally devastating. A lot of shows try to be this emotionally compelling and it doesn't translate. This did.

  • Anton587
    Anton587 Před měsícem +1727

    I was gonna type a whole block but I just have no words for how beautiful this episode was. my girl and I were basically sobbing watching this, she was like “ant why didn’t you warn me about this” I said “this is NOT how it went” but I am absolutely so happy with the changes they made

    • Met Your Match
      Met Your Match Před 26 dny

      @Jose Inostros I know he looked so lost and childlike it wrecked me

    • TheBatman617
      TheBatman617 Před měsícem

      Same bro me and my girl too😂

    • Time Sheet
      Time Sheet Před měsícem +2


    • Rachel Fondeur
      Rachel Fondeur Před měsícem +4

      Me soaking up my boyfriend’s shirt 😩

  • Lizzy Giggles
    Lizzy Giggles Před měsícem +35

    I've not felt this moved by media in years, if ever. This episode shook me to my core, I was stood up weeping/in shock at how much pain I was feeling. This episode is a truly incredible work of art.

  • Loona
    Loona Před měsícem +31

    As someone who is mad with the world and everyone like me and have passed years away from others, these episode hit me harder than thought it would be, I cried a lot, almost makes me think that maybe there could be something for me outside, someone who love

  • Joey FL
    Joey FL Před měsícem +67

    Both the actors and the writers and director deserve some type of award for this episode. This is probably one of the best episodes of television I've ever seen in my life.

  • Nate Patton
    Nate Patton Před měsícem +44

    When someone asked Neil Druckman if tlou would get a part 3, he said if there was a way to tell a story that revolved around love then he would do it. In the game you do not have the ability to see backstories about anyone except Joel. This is Neil finding another way to tell a story about love and it was beautiful. It may not be how it was in the game, but by every bit, it continues to keep the theme of tlou which is love.

    • KayleighJones
      KayleighJones Před 24 dny +1

      @Red Sparrowdo you have any proof or anything for this? I listened to the podcast and Druckman seemed to be very on board with the changes and was praising the episode

    • Red Sparrow
      Red Sparrow Před měsícem

      This episode was actually written by Craig Mazin, and Druckman was initially opposed to the change.

  • Victor Negron
    Victor Negron Před měsícem +57

    I also found out Annie Wersching passed away shortly after watching episode 3. I was heartbroken. I didn’t even know she was sick.
    Thank you for mentioning it and giving her some much deserved recognition.

  • Halcyonic
    Halcyonic Před měsícem +1007

    Bill in the game is a perfect example of who Joel could be if he decides to shut himself off to the world and stay by himself. Bill in the show is a perfect example of who Joel would be if he decided to open himself up to love.

    • TheTonytone77
      TheTonytone77 Před měsícem

      @Not A Skaven yeah whatever dude

    • Not A Skaven
      Not A Skaven Před měsícem

      @TheTonytone77 I mean, nice try I guess

    • Not A Skaven
      Not A Skaven Před měsícem

      @TheTonytone77 its true, it is one of the strongest game plots of all time
      but you're watching a TV show, all good TV shows have world building, have romance plots, have filler episodes that flesh out side plots
      you are either media illiterate and dont understand stories, or you dont want to say "i hate gay people so i dont like the episode" and tbh, you can just be honest dude, cause if that wasnt the case you wouldnt be saying "cater to the gay community" about an episode loads of straight people liked.

    • TheTonytone77
      TheTonytone77 Před měsícem

      @Not A Skaven ur missing the point ...there bigger better plot points that need time to breathe ...its world building via hints in a 9 episode season...thats something you do in a 16 to 24 episode season with 5 seasons to go....your grasping at straws ....the episode made no sense ...when theres bigger better plots to flush out in the story but we only have 9 episodes ....so they could cater to the gay community ....the plot of the sourse material is one of the strongest stories of all time ...and it doesnt have time to justify small sub plots that take up valuable time

    • Not A Skaven
      Not A Skaven Před měsícem

      @TheTonytone77 in the episode it showed how Joel could be if he chose to open himself up rather than being cold and closed off
      It also showed how Ellie was clever, the code she cracked about 80s music was set by these characters
      Ellie and Joel got a car out of it
      It did worldbuilding, and while it did advance the plot, which is a weird thing I keep seeing people say it didn't do, it also did a lot of worldbuilding, which is extremely important
      All in all this episode added context to the world that the game couldn't because it's a game, that's why you make stuff like this into a show, my only hope is thay they do more worldbuilding episodes, we all already know the plot, we all already played the game, if you want a linear rush through the story, just go play it tbh

  • Smol Neji
    Smol Neji Před měsícem +17

    Bill leaving everything they had to Joel for him and Tess to live there and stay safe literally broke my heart.

  • AnJelloProductions
    AnJelloProductions Před měsícem +17

    This episode hit EVERY emotional nerve possible. Being in a post apocalyptic world, yet Bill and Frank were able to find love within each other was beautiful. I was absolutely balling my EYES OUT during this episode. Loved every moment.

  • Paula Porras
    Paula Porras Před měsícem +6

    I always can count on Greg to share my same reactions. I was crying every 10 minutes since the piano scene. Like damn... PERFECT casting from day 1.

  • Evan Reeves
    Evan Reeves Před měsícem +21

    God damn it me and my boyfriend held each other crying this episode. It was amazingly filmed

  • AJ Lovë
    AJ Lovë Před měsícem +1098

    I swear the producers on this show know how to make a good episode because one minute I am fully indulged into Bill and Frank's relationship only to then have my heart ripped out right after...Dear God, if this broke me, I can't imagine when we meet Sam and Henry.

    • xKaedos
      xKaedos Před měsícem

      @KILL3R CLOWN I mean definitely. Bill didn't end up resentful and hateful and lonely. He found someone worth living and fighting for. And Frank had a happy and peaceful ending too.

      KILL3R CLOWN Před měsícem

      @Stephanie Reyes to me this is better than the game.

    • xKaedos
      xKaedos Před měsícem

      @Layton just wait til you find out about the other gay characters in the show. This episode was excellent.

    • Layton
      Layton Před měsícem

      @xKaedos this episode was fruity

  • Joshua Hall
    Joshua Hall Před měsícem +19

    Probably one of the coolest genuine episodes in a post apocalyptic scenario I have ever seen! Kudos to the writers!

  • Layla J.
    Layla J. Před měsícem +23

    I didn’t want it to end!! Authenticity, beauty, and devastation all in one episode.

  • Judith Grimes
    Judith Grimes Před měsícem +50

    No tengo palabras suficientes para describir este episodio, solo puedo decir que es hermoso, conmovedor y con personajes que se cuidaban con mucha ternura 💗 😭

  • Iris Shea
    Iris Shea Před měsícem +1

    “Aw man, I wish I’d gotten to see Bill and Ellie meet each other” is a very real sort of grief, so even as they pulled out the rug of what I thought to expect, I feel like it still just deepened my own experience of the emotions this episode has on offer

  • Joy Anna
    Joy Anna Před měsícem +11

    The fact that the writers and the actors have the ability to make you love and care deeply and then mourn for the characters, all within a 60 minute timeframe, is just genius. Excellent writing en superb acting overal. ( i ugly cried )

  • S7Robin
    S7Robin Před měsícem +173

    Something else to think about with this. Gay marriage was never legalized in the universe because it happened in 2003. So Bill and Frank choosing to get married on their final day was also very touching. Their love is something they would have never had the chance to experience at that point

    • adspeed7292005
      adspeed7292005 Před měsícem +24

      Yes!! That's why I cried as soon as he said "There is no girl," and Frank said "I know." 😭😭 I was thinking about how many queers had to stay closeted their entire lives, and how painful and psychically damaging that is. I think it's hard for zoomers to comprehend because they're seeing gay men making super bowl nachos on the Today Show with Al Roper like it's NBD... And it shouldn't be, but it is. The backlash to this episode shows us that it is still, sadly, a big deal.

    • Kallematti Waris
      Kallematti Waris Před měsícem +3

      @S7Robin In that world that old macho joke "all the more women for the rest of us, hyurr hyurr" would actually ring truer than ever.

    • S7Robin
      S7Robin Před měsícem +15

      @La Rochejaquelein I mean the U.S did not legalize gay marriage until 2015. I think we can assume the apocalypse made people less bigoted in terms of race, gender, or orientation because all that mattered was you were alive and human now

  • LA_tx
    LA_tx Před měsícem +10

    I love the game. It’s perfect. His character will always be there in the game but this what we got in the show with the backstory and change in Bill/Franks storyline is so much better. Beautifully done. And so much more emotionally connecting.

  • John Campbell
    John Campbell Před měsícem +6

    Not ashamed to admit I straight up ugly cried while watching this beautiful episode. Love like that is something most of us dream we can have..

  • iHaveSpoken
    iHaveSpoken Před měsícem +12

    This episode was stunning. The first two episodes were incredible and yet they somehow managed to top them and give us this beautiful story - a beginning, a middle and an end - all in one episode. And the pan to the open window at the end was the icing on the cake.

  • Nether Cookiez • 50 Years Ago
    Nether Cookiez • 50 Years Ago Před měsícem +29

    I love this episode. Bill and Frank's story completely fit the narrative of "2 lost people who find each other" but painted in a more romantic way in comparison to Joel and Ellie's relationship.

  • The JayShray Way
    The JayShray Way Před měsícem +8

    One of the most intimate stories I’ve ever watched. Seeing their first dinner and last together.. this was some REAL SHIT

  • redhotchilifan98
    redhotchilifan98 Před měsícem +1070

    I've always enjoyed Nick Offerman very much. But I didn't know he had this caliber of acting in him, he was absolutely sensational beyond words. It may be completely different from the character of Bill, but seeing their life together was beautiful, romantic, tragic, all in one. Pedro and Bella continue to display amazing chemistry, cannot wait for next week.

    • Thom Bruce
      Thom Bruce Před měsícem +7

      The way I've described Offerman's performance in this episode is... he tells half the story with his eyes. He can be unmoving on screen and convey with the smallest gesture a longing, a loving, a fear. He was phenomenal!

    • Stop Eating Bees
      Stop Eating Bees Před měsícem +1

      I'm just here to second Devs

    • Rosie
      Rosie Před měsícem +6

      He is so expressive but so subtle too. He completely blew me away. Call me uncultured, but I’ve only seen him in We’re The Millers 🫣 He is exceptional. Their love radiated through the screen.

    • Lastname, Firstname
      Lastname, Firstname Před měsícem +6

      From the first time I can remember seeing Nick Offerman, which was as George’s mom’s boyfriend on the George Lopez Show, I’ve been so drawn to him as a performer. The man can sell anything that needs to be sold. What a performer.

    • BossKo Nostra
      BossKo Nostra Před měsícem +1

      There, 560... That 559 was bothering me.

  • David Trabelsi
    David Trabelsi Před měsícem +10

    They really chose the best story beats to give the spotlight! I LOVE Bill in the game and was so excited to meet him in the show (especially knowing the actor portraying) and the way they chose to turn it around made me fall in love with this version of Bill, also seeing the after credit scen and getting the reason why they chose to do it this way it made total sense!
    Also, it's a nice push for Joel to start opening up to Ellie and setting him on the path of accepting it

  • Game_Erica
    Game_Erica Před měsícem +1

    I heard this episode was sad, but wow I absolutely sobbed. Such a beautiful story that I wasn't expecting from a video game adaptation

  • OptimusProvost
    OptimusProvost Před měsícem +14

    I was sad for a brief time when I realized Bill and Ellie weren’t going to get to meet in the show, but the direction they went in the show was perfect!

  • Alcor Garcia
    Alcor Garcia Před měsícem +6

    Bill and Frank beat the apocalypse. They went out happy, in love, fulfilled, and on their own terms.

  • unxprienced
    unxprienced Před měsícem +5

    As much as I love the game I love this version of the Bill and Frank part so so much more. It's a nice glimmer of hope in such a sad world.

  • RedHeadStoner
    RedHeadStoner Před měsícem +398

    Bill and frank giggling over the strawberries was the sweetest part of the episode. Bill making Franks last meal the first meal they shared together was the most heartbreaking for me 😭 so good.

    • RedHeadStoner
      RedHeadStoner Před měsícem +1

      @Popinjayishuman the whole episode stood out for me. The amount of character development we got for Bill is astronomical compared to the game. This is my favorite episode yet. Such wonderful writing and acting.

    • RedHeadStoner
      RedHeadStoner Před měsícem +1

      @John Smith shit was so rough I was straight up sobbing

    • Popinjayishuman
      Popinjayishuman Před měsícem +10

      I love the sound bill makes, It’s so real and I can picture times I’ve been in similar situations of being overwhelmed by emotion that you just make such uncharacteristic noises. It’s a weird thing to focus on maybe but it really stood out to me.

    • John Smith
      John Smith Před měsícem +8

      It made me break down in tears for Which I don’t ever do

  • Air Espenilla
    Air Espenilla Před měsícem +2

    One of the absolutely best episodes of any show I’ve ever watched

  • Jlac_ Fit&More
    Jlac_ Fit&More Před měsícem +5

    I loved this more then the game, Franks letter to bill in the game broke my heart

  • Jigger Trigger
    Jigger Trigger Před měsícem +31

    The best part I think with this change is the fact we meet Frank. In the game we find his body after he hanged himself. I could not be happier with this version than the game version, it was SO amazingly well paced and the acting? my god don't even get me started on the acting. I loved the interaction between Ellie and Bill in the game, but this version legit made me much much more impressed with the writing and directing that I can't wait for the next episode!

  • SirEdward
    SirEdward Před měsícem +8

    This is how you´re supposed to write a completely new angle to a story and respect the original characters at the same time 😄

  • tedstriker2000
    tedstriker2000 Před měsícem +2

    an absolute joy seeing this be the norm and supported...and for the story to be a life of love surrounded by danger, walls and hiding..just like those who live this life have had to

  • Marius Pimentel
    Marius Pimentel Před měsícem +373

    To take a side character with barely any backstory at all, to take little hints from the game and completely flush it out into a gut-wrenching and heartful story all in one episode while also serving the same impactful lesson as it did for Joel in the game was so cool. I haven't cried to anything in years but this one episode had me fucking sobbing

    • Layton
      Layton Před měsícem

      @vixxən what is a DL my little marshmallow

    • vixxən
      vixxən Před měsícem +1

      @Layton like i said, cry about it, DL man, there's no point in telling you the truth since u wonr accept it lmao.

    • Layton
      Layton Před měsícem

      @vixxən must be deprived if you somehow picked out that he's gay unlike must people who assumed it was just his buddy he was with through the Apocalypse and besides it didn't matter at all given they both died and aren't relevant at all in the game...you telling me their sexuality has nothing to do with how they made a mini movie about characters who were only around for 30m.

    • Layton
      Layton Před měsícem

      @Predator H2O sigh

    • Predator H2O
      Predator H2O Před měsícem +1

      @Layton You mean *love* ?

  • Sage2000
    Sage2000 Před měsícem +2

    So much love in this episode. A lesson to us all.

  • Dylan Myers
    Dylan Myers Před měsícem +11

    When Frank is telling Bill that he will fall asleep in his arms, and the camera pans over to Bill just balling his eyes out, reminded me a lot of Interstellar’s scene when Cooper was watching the videos and sees Murph as an adult. You felt all the weight of their pain.

  • Chill Hard
    Chill Hard Před měsícem +8

    3 episodes in and this is what they're giving us ? Can only imagine how much better this series can get.

  • R-Smokey57
    R-Smokey57 Před měsícem +11

    You know how great this show is, this was the first time I can say I got emotional watching the life and romantic relationships between two men in Bill and Frank. I’m kinda glad they did a switch up from the game and gave us a deep backstory and view of Bill & Franks life through the years.

  • Manny G
    Manny G Před měsícem +22

    This show keeps getting better and better! I don’t want it to end! 🍓🍓🍓

  • Noah Harley
    Noah Harley Před měsícem +246

    I never cry at movies or shows - and I would like to report that I cried for about 15 minutes straight. Absolutely amazing episode

    • Layton
      Layton Před měsícem

      @David Westerberg that's crazy a grown man at that too

    • 「Marius」
      「Marius」 Před měsícem +1

      I never cried at any movie but this episode was the only one that made me shed a tear , even tho I never even played or seen the game

    • David Westerberg
      David Westerberg Před měsícem +4

      Can't remember the last time I cried at anything- last night I cried like a baby watching this.

    • James Gatz
      James Gatz Před měsícem +2

      You shouldn't cut onions while watching tv

  • Web Monkey
    Web Monkey Před měsícem +14

    The game did bills story amazingly, but this show added so much depth and love to his character. It was perfect

  • stabhead army
    stabhead army Před měsícem +30

    When Bill starts crying I couldn’t help but cry with him goddamn this episode broke me

  • Atela Lafford
    Atela Lafford Před měsícem +2

    this episode took the full reigns of the show format by fleshing out two characters we barely see in the game while also continuing on the message; love can hurt but it ultimately makes your life fuller, and joel and ellie need to open themselves to eachother to live better lives.

  • Nguyên Phạm
    Nguyên Phạm Před měsícem +8

    This episode show us how beautiful love is, even in zombie apocalypse. All of us always need someone to love, to protect, to care about.

  • Jela Lejana Abubakar
    Jela Lejana Abubakar Před měsícem +17

    I am SHATTERED. I'm so comfortable knowing how the storyline goes already, but goddamn this live action made up for the ranges of emotions I felt for the game cuz that was a rollercoaster. Now I'm actually looking forward how they'll do part 2.
    Oh Bill and Frank... they're too precious. Very wholesome episode.

  • Caleb Bonebrake
    Caleb Bonebrake Před měsícem +140

    The second you see the wheelchair I started crying, and didn't stop until the end. So beautiful! When Bill apologizes earlier for growing old faster than Frank, but he tells him he likes him older, then you see the reversal as Frank got sick, it was heartbreaking

  • Phil Knight
    Phil Knight Před měsícem +5

    It will be remembered as one of the best episodes of TV ever made. Simply beautiful. So well acted and the writing just superb.

    • tehtayziez
      tehtayziez Před měsícem

      @Arleh Unfortunately there is no avoiding how much people are gonna whine and they're gonna find every reason to be mad about it. Really is a shame.

    • Arleh
      Arleh Před měsícem

      the opposite, just wait.

  • chris matthews
    chris matthews Před měsícem +11

    This episode was incredible. This episode was brave. This episode was beautiful. This show like the game is a masterpiece.

  • de 68a
    de 68a Před měsícem +13

    This episode is a masterpiece. It just expanded the story fully. I dont want a 1-for-1 retelling of the game, I have the game for that. This just showed the differences in media and what film can do over gameplay.

  • Priscila Ochoa
    Priscila Ochoa Před měsícem

    Im so happy that Bill and Frank got a happy ending..growing old together is such a pure form of love.

  • Zhan'er
    Zhan'er Před měsícem +2

    The fact that Frank stated that Bill is a coward in the game, but in Episode 3, Bill said that 'he was never afraid before Frank showed up' made it even sadder 😭💔

  • Scott Brynildsen
    Scott Brynildsen Před měsícem +350

    Bill and Frank are what chemistry looks like, so I sobbed… we should all be so lucky to find someone who sees us the same even after all the years soak in.

    • Rue
      Rue Před měsícem +2

      @Kyle Vernon the character was confirmed to be gay by the creator of the game. and the creator is working on the show too. gay people actually exist in real life too, i don't see how that's far-fetched. you just get triggered by fictional people who aren't the same as you...sucks to suck!

    • zylik2112
      zylik2112 Před měsícem +5

      @Kyle Vernon not even worth commenting on lol

    • Kyle Vernon
      Kyle Vernon Před měsícem +1

      @zylik2112 Hey, just as absurd as there being two gays in the show.

    • HopeforHobi XO
      HopeforHobi XO Před měsícem +9

      @Kyle Vernon "this would have been a fine spin off but it doesn't work with the rest of the show"
      Translation: My homophobic ass can't handle the fact that gay people exist.

  • Manu Gibert
    Manu Gibert Před měsícem +2

    Like you guys, I cried a lot in this episode because my mom has multiple demyelinating sclerosis and she tried to commit suicide twice, she is fine now and is contained but it was very hard for me but it must be more difficult for people who suffer from these disabling diseases which don't have cure and only they understand what it feels like to gradually lose their mobility and things that they could do before and no longer do, and in some cases gradually lose their cognitive functions when you have Alzheimer's or the beginning of it. Also understand that it is a personal decision, even though it hurts a lot, if the person decides to take their own life feeling that they lived a full life and the disease is taking away their identity. Something that happens in life and you don't hear much, I'm happy that they covered it on premium television.

  • Chloe J Shirley
    Chloe J Shirley Před měsícem +4

    I'm normally a silent viewer but I have to comment this time, even if you don't see it, but your reactions to this show are my favourite by far. The attention to detail you have, and acknowledging the game moments without spoiling (which isn't a problem for us who have played the game, but considerate for those that haven't) while being emotional and accepting of the changes, is such a great experience. I love seeing you guys react to key GAME moments but you don't hold back on your emotions or thoughts for the new stuff, so it makes watching along with you guys so fun.
    I love the love you have for the game and in turn, the show. I feel like we're all on the same page and I look forward to this every week.
    Thank you for doing this :)

  • the_nikster
    the_nikster Před měsícem +2

    I just binged the first 4 episodes today. I've never played the game but I kept seeing all the reactions to the show all over my CHclip homepage so I decided to give it a try. I'm so fucking happy I did because this show is probably the best new show I've seen this year. this episode in particular had me straight up bawling like a baby, from the moment we see Frank in that wheelchair 'til the end, but I was already tearing up from that moment at the piano. kudos to Nick Offerman and the actor who played Frank; they acted the shit out of this episode! I'm so excited to see where this show goes and look forward to seeing the non-gamer reaction after this one ❤

  • Aslak Nicolaysen
    Aslak Nicolaysen Před měsícem +14

    Imagine crying and feeling so many emotions over two characters ive known for less then an hour, its incredebly well done. This episode blew me away, and i think we have a very very strong contender for show of the year, and a top 5 contender all time. Bravo!

  • Calebe Sagaz
    Calebe Sagaz Před měsícem +85

    *I don't understand who didn't like the episode 3. The story isn't just about infected and action scenes. It's about finding humanity and love in a broken world. I loved Bill and Frank, perfect and extremely emotional episode. It doesn't have to be the same as the game, just a very well done adaptation.*

    • Layton
      Layton Před měsícem

      @Red Sparrow wtf is going on

    • Layton
      Layton Před měsícem

      @Rue I'm not

    • Jennifer Smith
      Jennifer Smith Před měsícem

      @Rue stay glittery 🙄

  • Jonathan B
    Jonathan B Před měsícem +516

    It's an interesting contrast to start that flashback with the mother and her child that we're basically told were sent off to be summarily executed, and showing us the destruction of lives in this world from the outbreak, and then follow it with a story showing a man who's essentially thriving and getting to actually live after seemingly living within himself _until_ the outbreak.

    • Gage Taylor
      Gage Taylor Před měsícem

      @Sonny Ankau Well, in part 2 she basically is a serial killer. And they are building on that for the second season.

    • Sonny Ankau
      Sonny Ankau Před měsícem +22

      @bostonbedlam she wasn't playing with it. she was curious about it, as a lot of kids would be, especially one who's immune and encountered one before. idk how you got serial killer vibes from her cutting its skin open to see what happens. weird take

    • bostonbedlam
      bostonbedlam Před měsícem +1

      That was strange. It’s like they only served to be a transition. I also felt it was strange that Ellie was playing with that stalker in the cellar/crawlspace before killing it. That implication lends too much to the idea Ellie can’t be trusted with a gun, because she comes off like a serial killer. That was just weird to me.

    BIBBO Před měsícem

    I’ve seen this ep at least a dozen times, and I still tear up

  • AK84
    AK84 Před měsícem +2

    Never played the game, barely heard of it. Just tuned in because the show sounds so good. I was taken aback and sunken in with episode 3. I can’t say enough about how that episode broke my heart. BUT let’s go with the rest of the story!

  • Silver
    Silver Před měsícem +3

    This was beautiful..
    I’m so glad they changed their relationship! So much more here, instead of just random scattered notes that hint at how unhappy Frank was before he died.