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We Banished a Spirit from an Evil Doll Live on Stream

  • čas přidán 22. 04. 2022

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  • Resident Facehead

    Imagine your a ghost and some british teens haul you into an office, point a camera at you, and start beatboxing

  • Alicia Marie

    As a Buzzfeed Unsolved fan, this is the most respectful ghost investigation I’ve ever seen

  • Just Emily Had That One Error

    The most scary part is probably

  • «𝐒𝐩𝐞𝐞𝐝_𝐒𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐬»

    When Wilbur said “do you have any intentions to hurt Tommy,Charlie or me” it sounded like it said “…kill… Tommy.”

  • Ikaz
    Ikaz  +2

    Wilbur: respects ghost

  • Luna Wolf
    Luna Wolf  +140

    Rule 1 of spirit summoning and banishing is to always be respectful, never command the spirit, and certainly never invite the spirit to interact with the people in the room, as this can lead to posession.

  • Art Cat
    Art Cat  +8

    I just imagine Uncle Nasty is just some random uncle’s spirit in a doll and the whole stream he’s just laughing his ass off at these 3 boys trying to talk to him.

  • frogg_tv
    frogg_tv  +912

    The fact that Wilbur said “I’ve been scared of sleeping with the lights off” made my day

  • Thatguyry and I

    Wilbur is so respectful

  • •Zephyer~Glyphs•

    This is a recollection of things that happened that I deemed important

  • Cyno.
    Cyno.  +63

    I find it funny that this video terrified me like 6 months ago and now I'm bursting out laughing💀

  • Amity Blight

    Wilbur: respectful towards ghost

  • Jayy Wonder

    Honestly I think Charlie felt something in the room. When his temperature dropped I had the most unsettling feeling that the doll was making him uncomfortable and scared. Plus the eyes moved on this own

  • VioletMoode

    I just realized that Charlie invited the spirit into him. Him saying "I invite you in" gave the spirit permission to basically possess him. Wilbur did good getting Charlie away from the doll as soon as he possibly could.

    ICHISELF  +188

    The most interesting thing is that.

  • alyssa
    alyssa  +863

    what happened to charlie was actually really scary. the way his temperature dropped and he didn't wanna get away from the doll even though he was clearly uncomfortable before doesn't sit right with me. especially when he said he was getting up but instead wilbur had to pull him up.. not to mention the fact that when he was ' inviting uncle nasty in ' he was quite visibly pointing to his heart/body. wilbur did the right thing getting him away from the doll as quickly as he did. i believe that something evil lies behind that doll. now, if this is all just a bit, i don't know. but if not, good job wilbur, and i hope you three are all doing good now.

  • Spirit-chan {Hex Haywire's dirty laundry}

    it's cute how the ghost was trying to hurt people but not hurt tommy. mabye it was just there to protect him...

  • YazBee
    YazBee  +6

    i love how tommy is just normal then scared, charlie was just acting strange and wilbur was speaking like he was a pro at this 💀😭

  • ONN3T
    ONN3T  +344

    Wilbur : Specialist of paranormal things.