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KARA (카라) 'WHEN I MOVE' Official MV

  • čas přidán 28. 11. 2022
  • KARA 15th Anniversary Album 「 MOVE AGAIN 」
    'WHEN I MOVE' Music Video
    2022.11.29 6PM RELEASE
    #KARA #카라
    #박규리 #한승연 #니콜 #강지영 #허영지
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Komentáře • 15K

  • @Stella-yo5wz
    @Stella-yo5wz Před rokem +4

    테이블에 한자리 더 있는거랑 마지막에 마이크 여섯개인거보고 울컥했네요. 우연히 알고리즘 타서 카라 컴백 뮤비 본 뒤로 여운이 너무 강해서 영상에서 떠나질 못하고 있어요. 멤버들이 댓글들을 볼 지는 모르겠지만.. 진심으로 이렇게 다시 뭉쳐줘서 고맙고, 하라의 빈 자리도 남겨줘서 너무 감사합니다. 진짜 여러가지 감정이 겹쳐서 북받치네요. 부디 늘 건강하게 곁에 있어줬으면. 항상 응원할게요. 카라 화이팅❤

  • @alanlopez2180
    @alanlopez2180 Před rokem +4

    As soon as I saw the 6 mics I bursted into tears. What a beautiful way to pay tribute to their former member. I’m sure this made this reunion that much more meaningful. Fighting KARA ♥️

  • @Mr96POP

    I’m glad all 5 of them came back not only for the 15th anniversary but also to honor Goo Hara. It’s neat getting to see Nicole, Jiyoung, and Youngji perform together for the first time.

  • @m.i.p.747
    @m.i.p.747  +920

    Six set of plates,

  • @TayTks
    @TayTks  +639

    This MV is such a true testament to new k-pop fans about how hundreds of millions of vie*s are meaningless when it comes to measure success. KARA's was one of the most awaited and celebrated comebacks of the year, the song is still charting in all major charts and their popularity is as high as ever. No amount of people watching in 10 devices at the same time would change that.

  • @Ghizlane_06

    it's 7 months already, and I'm still addicted to this, kara are one of kpop's LEGENDS they just never d1e

  • @floralfancy7814

    I love the pleasant familiarity of this comeback. Also their vocals, music and visuals are all refreshing. This is why 2nd gen Kpop is my favourite.

  • @user-pt7zq7rl7w
    @user-pt7zq7rl7w Před rokem +9

    과거에 잘나갔던 그룹이 다시 뭉쳐서 좋은 정도가 아니라, 이정도면 괜찮은 컴백이네 정도가 아니라, 진짜 모두의 기대를 완전히 뛰어넘어버렸다. 과거의 커리어 다 제외하고 이번 노래 자체만 봐도 객관적으로 눈부신거 인정해야한다. 예전의 카라가 주던 상큼함과 사랑스러움을 그대로 이어주는 그룹은 현재 많지만, 그 많은 시간이 만들어낸 '2022년의 카라'는 현재 그 어떤 그룹으로도 대체할 수 가 없다. 다시 돌아와주워서 너무 고마워요 카라 당신들은 영원히 노래해줘야해

  • @josephblogs352

    They deserve far more than 8 million views.

  • @NLRevZ
    @NLRevZ  +253

    After all that has happened in the past with members going their own ways and of course Goo Ha-Ra's passing, for them to reunite and make a real come back in this strong of a form fills me with joy. They definitely still have that wow factor!

  • @jphill6303

    카라 팬이 아닌 내가 봐도 이번 컴백은 정말 대단하다

  • @E08423em
    @E08423em  +68

    I've watched countless new kpop mvs, but even before I saw the 6 mic stands, I had the hairs on my arms standing on end. That's how much Kara's music affects me. Literal goosebumps. Not making light of the new K-pop Idols, but Kara is just a tough act to follow. That's how special these amazing ladies are...and they will forever be amazing.

  • @user-ez9fs3hp3x


  • @powerpuff4ever
    @powerpuff4ever Před rokem +951

    I’ll be thankful to KARA for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for coming together for your anniversary this year with fun and high spirits. It was so special to see Nicole and Jiyoung with everyone again and Hara’s favorite KARA concepts were ones like this so it feels all the more special.

  • @user-cs5fh4be7c


  • @michca2112

    I love how their sound and style was kept true to their original style, even down to the old boxes that the groups used to be trapped in back in the 2000s. So good!!!!❤❤❤❤

  • @user-ot7sz2qh5f

    진짜 카라가 컴백한것도 너무 좋지만 곡 자체도 너무 좋아요 제가 늙어서 그런건지 모르겠지만 요즘 아이돌노래 보다 더 귀에 착착감기고 많이 듣게되네요

  • @desyanggrainisoetanto9279

    OMG, am I too late for their comeback ? Let's go KARA, I know you guys can dominate the chart again.

  • @rebecca...s

    This song and music video remind me so much of the time when I first got into Kpop. It feels like a tribute. I love it

  • @jennytrn9062
    @jennytrn9062 Před rokem +1

    They’re topping the charts in Korea ! I’m so happy people are not forgetting and support this comeback ❤