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  • Sharon Neethling
    Sharon Neethling Před 16 minutami

    U know what, both of you guys are TWATS. You both are gutless assholes to get spooked by a girl out there. Duh plainly she needed help and both of you were to stupid to see that. Grrrr I want to puke. Shame on u both.

    ABDUL RAHMAN MANDANGAN Před 24 minutami

    thats like a men pooping 💩💩💩

    MEGIDIOT Před 56 minutami


  • Wolfie_The_Wolf
    Wolfie_The_Wolf Před 2 hodinami

    Is that a 65cc

  • Erny D Claudio
    Erny D Claudio Před 2 hodinami +1

    Help her

  • olivia pattita
    olivia pattita Před 4 hodinami

    Jk I gotcha didn't i😂😂😃😚😙😘😛😅😆

  • 2016KTM450
    2016KTM450 Před 4 hodinami

    Another ball less california dude. Afraid to help, focussed on his toys, and unconcerned with all else. This is why people from cali make every place they go worse. i.e. Seattle, Denver, Dallas, etc.

  • Liliana Dominguez
    Liliana Dominguez Před 5 hodinami


  • Ali G
    Ali G Před 5 hodinami

    Me....and he should've stopped and helped her....WTF he scared of a girl.....smh ppl these days can't even FKN help

  • KeilyN Tr
    KeilyN Tr Před 5 hodinami

    your are you helpful

    • KeilyN Tr
      KeilyN Tr Před 5 hodinami

      if you like to help give a like

  • 『 M o c h i 』
    『 M o c h i 』 Před 5 hodinami

    Who got triggered when he just left her
    Comment if you did

  • unicorn gundam
    unicorn gundam Před 8 hodinami

    I'm you 2422nd follower on amino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lia Brazoban
    Lia Brazoban Před 9 hodinami

    Two assholes who didn’t decide to help the poor girl

  • KrazyKatgirl 03
    KrazyKatgirl 03 Před 11 hodinami

    Why did they wait a whole day to call?!? They could've been gone by then! They weren't gone, but they could've been!

  • tri kes
    tri kes Před 14 hodinami

    It's so messed up how you left a little girl out there by her self

  • Raven
    Raven Před 15 hodinami

    is she still missing? i don't see any reports that she's found

  • eck dynamicz
    eck dynamicz Před 16 hodinami

    dont u hate every 3 minutes its a stupid ad -_-

  • Diana S
    Diana S Před 16 hodinami

    So sad you just droved off... Wtf

  • Rychu
    Rychu Před 17 hodinami

    Why is everyone in the comments hating like at least he did something and he probably drove away because he most likely didn’t think she was missing like would you go to some person minding there own business and just say “are you missing” or some dumb crap like that because unless they come to you and ask for help they are most likely not missing. Smh 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • FoxGaming
    FoxGaming Před 19 hodinami


  • Ioanita Santos
    Ioanita Santos Před 21 hodinou

    Bruh who think they knew it was a girl getting fucked but didnt wanna say it click

  • Tortoisetube Xx
    Tortoisetube Xx Před 22 hodinami +1

    1 day later she might still be there. Are u kidding me sent the cops to look for her she wasn’t going to wait there

  • Tortoisetube Xx
    Tortoisetube Xx Před 22 hodinami +1

    U notice that much from a few seconds and from a distance hmmmmm

  • Leehyung Nam
    Leehyung Nam Před 23 hodinami

    I'm really angry, he left the girl!
    Wooooowww, what a gEntlEmEeeWn he is and he called it a GHOST girl?????

  • Noor Kansi
    Noor Kansi Před 23 hodinami

    I am really upset for this. Kind of people. They fine that girl missing why both of not even asked her if she is ok or not amazing if that’s your sister. And you watch in people you tube. What are think maybe. Where is your concern To other human being ,,,,

  • Adrianna Vlahos
    Adrianna Vlahos Před dnem

    Ghost girl😂 i like that name

  • Mackenzie Smith
    Mackenzie Smith Před dnem

    Did you know how long she has been out there

  • Gatcha Girl 101
    Gatcha Girl 101 Před dnem

    I’ve never tapped so fast in my life..

  • nia durant
    nia durant Před dnem

    You guys are so stupid. Incredibly, in no way do you leave someone who is clearly not in the right state of mind or looks like they need help. Regardless if she was a runaway or not Who knows she could have been running away from someone and y’all could have been her only escape.

  • Mona Mia wolf
    Mona Mia wolf Před dnem

    To all the people who have hated this
    They did not know she was a missing until they looked it up

  • Micara Dugan
    Micara Dugan Před dnem


  • Jakob Lantermans
    Jakob Lantermans Před dnem

    Vroom vroom Dana vroom vroom dana

  • Mark Edwards
    Mark Edwards Před dnem

    That was really booooooring

  • Grim
    Grim Před dnem +6

    "I found a lost girl in the mountains and didn't do shit"

  • LeUnknown YouTubeChannelMeaning

    Him: *Passes*
    Me: ARE YOU F***IN* STUPID?!
    Him: *Calls 911 a day later*
    Me: *Facepalm*

  • Abbey Koz
    Abbey Koz Před dnem

    Any boys here

  • Abbey Koz
    Abbey Koz Před dnem

    His sister sorry

  • Abbey Koz
    Abbey Koz Před dnem

    I live in the same country as this guy I’m her sister

  • Abbey Koz
    Abbey Koz Před dnem

    Me lol I though it was just clickbait it was annoying at first but then I noticed the part btw I’m actually deathly allergic to bees that why I screamed during the video it scared me so much btw if he sees this I’m subscribed 😘😘😘

  • Christy Harris
    Christy Harris Před dnem

    I am only 12 and I can ride a 150 dirtbike an flat foot it

  • Turtles 123 Jayna
    Turtles 123 Jayna Před dnem

    They probably left bc she could have a gun and like they said she kept staring and I think I heard him say sum ab a jail 30 min away but idrk

  • SadBluezz 2
    SadBluezz 2 Před dnem

    Duck adds

  • emily flocky
    emily flocky Před dnem +1

    Omg I can’t believe they never asked if she was ok, like omg I can’t believe they just left her

  • Milly lee
    Milly lee Před dnem

    you dont call someone skitzo because they were scared.

  • Abstract Mind
    Abstract Mind Před dnem

    The scary thing is what if you didnt kill the bikes to talk you wouldnt have seen her

  • Elsa Da Silva
    Elsa Da Silva Před dnem

    Idk why it freaked me out so much

  • Bigshows93
    Bigshows93 Před dnem

    The one guy even said she went running towards him and he just took off

  • Kaitlyn Cressy
    Kaitlyn Cressy Před dnem


  • J Mae
    J Mae Před dnem

    If I was them I would also feel the same way, seeing a girl comes out of nowhere espe. in that kinda place must be creepy lol

  • Jessica McClamroch
    Jessica McClamroch Před dnem +2

    6:19 is when he starts ridding

  • booger man
    booger man Před 2 dny

    these 2 bitches. ffs scared of a teenage girl? so shit. pussies

  • Jackie Hebert
    Jackie Hebert Před 2 dny


  • True North
    True North Před 2 dny

    🐷 This is my little piggy.
    One like = one arrow.
    Let's make a bacon sandwich.

  • Barak J
    Barak J Před 2 dny

    How much did them Honda bikes cost

  • Barak J
    Barak J Před 2 dny

    That’s cool dude

  • Leah Scalph
    Leah Scalph Před 2 dny

    You told the dispatcher you talked to her I don’t even see you stop or say anything to her . Whatever tell the truth

    IZZYBOLLAS Bollas Před 2 dny +1

    22:25 I shat myself

  • FoxHound Airsoft
    FoxHound Airsoft Před 2 dny

    That's not a sand crab or an octopus or a frog... That's a sandsquanch

  • Jazzy Man0804
    Jazzy Man0804 Před 2 dny

    Hello, I'm new to your channel, I enjoy watching dirtbikes. This is the first video I've seen but, Your cannel is awesome!

  • Dora Clement
    Dora Clement Před 2 dny +1

    What do you mean what was that?!? A person and you left her alone. If she is a missing person you should have kept an eye on her and called police right away