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Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022) KILL COUNT

  • čas přidán 1. 12. 2022
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Komentáře • 3,4K

  • @sirfearabush3220
    @sirfearabush3220 Před rokem +7206

    Alice “did you just shoot me”
    Jordan “no”
    That line delivery from Jordan is fucking fantastic

    • @marybellefleur
      @marybellefleur Před rokem +132

      The kids I work with (thank god no one has a gun-- yet) will hit one another, turn around, look at me and say, "I didn't hit him!" Now THAT'S how you gaslight, people.

    • @formeridiot8641
      @formeridiot8641 Před rokem +31

      Jordan: ₙₒ

    • @plsgelp1985
      @plsgelp1985 Před 10 měsíci +11

      That line had me dieing

    • @whatsthatmovie1637
      @whatsthatmovie1637 Před 9 měsíci +5


  • @karadx950
    @karadx950 Před rokem +1247

    I feel so bad for Greg specifically, the poor guy wanted to tag along and have fun. I was wondering why he was hanging out with people so much younger and less mature than him, after David started bothering me, I would have just went home and read a book

    • @funfunslay
      @funfunslay Před 9 měsíci +107

      I didn't really feel bad for him because why the hell would he hang out with a bunch of youngsters plus they're dumb as hell. He's very endearing though.

    • @ButterflyScarlet
      @ButterflyScarlet Před 9 měsíci +128

      @@funfunslay Dating someone younger than you is not a crime. It's not inherently predatory, especially since his GF also seemed to like him and he liked her. I feel like ppl just see any age difference and start side-eying

    • @funfunslay
      @funfunslay Před 8 měsíci +82

      @@ButterflyScarlet bombastic side eye... criminal offensive side eye...

    • @tydune2631
      @tydune2631 Před 8 měsíci +101

      @@ButterflyScarlet it’s not a crime, but being at this hurricane party with a bunch of 20 something year olds when you’re 40 something is definitely odd. It kills the vibe for the younger ppl cuz they feel like a parent is there

    • @realestsienna
      @realestsienna Před 8 měsíci +14

      @@ButterflyScarlet what… would you be saying this if he was ugly and fat??☠️

  • @vinylcomets2770
    @vinylcomets2770 Před rokem +2940

    I love how they called Greg an “Afghan Vet” which they probably got from them hearing he took care of an Afghan Hound for his job- that gag clicked for me a few minutes after they revealed he was a Veterinarian’s Assistant-

    • @catherine.marial
      @catherine.marial Před 10 měsíci +48

      OMG thank you I never understood that comment

    • @Quesoquantum
      @Quesoquantum Před 9 měsíci +39


    • @Tw0Dots
      @Tw0Dots Před 4 měsíci +13

      Oh lmao. Never caught that
      So he’s technically is an Afghan Vet at the same time? Considering he is a veterinarian, or soon-to-be ig, who happens to care for an Afghan. Thats actually hilarious

  • @aaabirdman
    @aaabirdman Před 10 měsíci +823

    That was probably the SMARTEST plot twist I've seen in a while

    • @yaralisthen1104
      @yaralisthen1104 Před 2 měsíci +11


    • @JazzyJonas
      @JazzyJonas Před měsícem +11

      Agreed. I don't know that I've ever seen the "no killer" twist done in a slasher before.

  • @Jaaack7
    @Jaaack7 Před rokem +1355

    This movie is a fucking FEAST of tiny details. There are SO many little moments that you barely catch the first time through that could incriminate any of the characters at any moment. It's genuinely fantastic and I really hope more people here actually take the time to watch it for themselves. This movie deserves the recognition.

  • @averageyoutubewatcher1129
    @averageyoutubewatcher1129 Před 11 měsíci +2810

    To me, Bee really started it off. The group weren't actually going to kill Greg and then she just did it no hesitation.

    • @superjackster0165
      @superjackster0165 Před 11 měsíci +531

      True. She claims she only did it to protect Sophie and that she had to do it. No Bee, you didn’t. At most, you just needed to knock him out. Even then, Greg was totally calm and chill until the girls started viciously attacking him. Emma and Sophia literally just immediately accused him of killing David without even giving Greg a little bit of time to explain himself

    • @anyaarcadia9166
      @anyaarcadia9166 Před 11 měsíci +259

      I think it's to tie in to the theme of needing to fit in and go along with things even is you don't usually want to; the other characters were getting more and more agitated so she hopped to kill instead of knock out since David was already dead

    • @lochofmceo
      @lochofmceo Před 11 měsíci +203

      @@superjackster0165 just knocking somebody out, is actually not a real thing. That is a movie thing. There is no specific amount of hitting somebody in the head that guarantees them being unconscious versus them dying.

    • @icantthinkofaname1062
      @icantthinkofaname1062 Před 11 měsíci +78

      @@superjackster0165 to be fair, they all came in covered in blood clearly freaked out and instead of deescalating the situation, he pretended to attack them and made them fear for their lives. And when they said someone was murdered he didn’t do much to try and prove it wasn’t him

    • @kevinv806
      @kevinv806 Před 10 měsíci +48

      I see it as Bee being brought into this group who’s throwing around accusations so she was scared like a lost puppy and tried to defend Sophie yes technically she started it but that wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t jumping to conclusions with little to no proof and doing drugs etc which is the point the movie was making

  • @one_for_one
    @one_for_one Před rokem +10634

    My favorite detail about this movie is that Sophie went to rehab and her friends abandoned her. The same friends who enabled the drug problems in the first place. And then when Sophie shows up again, they're all holding their breath.

    • @Aisha_Luv
      @Aisha_Luv Před rokem +587

      I also like that it leads to one of the few times in the movie where bigotry actually does play a role and isn't just being used byt the characters as a tool.

    • @vikramprasanna8908
      @vikramprasanna8908 Před rokem +65

      Both parties are bad though.

    • @one_for_one
      @one_for_one Před rokem +406

      @@vikramprasanna8908 oh sure, im not saying Sophie wasn't responsible for her own addiction, she went to rehab. Just pointing out they are really bad friends lol

    • @skyofthelivingdead
      @skyofthelivingdead Před rokem +226

      Pretty much, and unfortunately it’s not uncommon. I saw my best friend through each of her rehab stints until she died. It’s that much harder to kick when you have almost nobody on your side. It disgusted me how quick people were to drop her when her addiction was at its worst instead of trying to understand what she was going through.

  • @kimd7835
    @kimd7835 Před rokem +1275

    I really loved this movie. It's so hard to look at millennial and Gen Z online culture without seeming like you're making fun of real concerns about -isms and social issues, but some people absolutely use activism-speak as armor or to bully people instead of communicating or getting anything real done. Everyone in this movie getting paranoid and then justifying that paranoia with a lot of self-serving nonsense disguised as who's a 'good person' is so perfect here, it's a delicate balance and they just nail it.
    Also thank you for the charity merch, James, that's just awesome of you.

    • @pat2rome
      @pat2rome Před 6 měsíci +8

      So, so true. I think the issues with online culture come from being exposed to social issues purely online, while not really knowing anyone impacted by them in real life. That combination makes it easy to 1. get overly focused on language above anything else, 2. convince yourself you're a tolerant person even though you've never really been tested, and 3. make things about yourself (since you can't make it about the people in your life). This character group is perfect to explore that with. All young, well-off, and very sheltered.

  • @tavinprice2310
    @tavinprice2310 Před rokem +1899

    I ALWAYS appreciate when a sponsor segment is written with entertainment in mind

    • @bloodmoon9294
      @bloodmoon9294 Před rokem +13

      This is a scam don’t believe

    • @supremeleader7863
      @supremeleader7863 Před rokem +3

      I appreciate it more when there’s no sponsor at all

    • @tavinprice2310
      @tavinprice2310 Před rokem +44

      @@supremeleader7863 well how do you expect them to make money

    • @supremeleader7863
      @supremeleader7863 Před rokem +2

      @@tavinprice2310 I know they need to do it it’s still annoying tho

    • @formeridiot8641
      @formeridiot8641 Před rokem

      @@supremeleader7863just skip over it

  • @peregrinehawk8363
    @peregrinehawk8363 Před rokem +335

    I love how in his haste to imitate Greg David forgot the most important part of what Greg did. Moved the blade away from his body, which I I think perfectly demonstrates how much more knowledgeable Greg is then everyone else that he remembered the most important blade safety rule and they didn't.

  • @7deuc2e38
    @7deuc2e38 Před 11 měsíci +512

    Pete Davidsons line of "I feel like I'm more attractive than that" is fucking hilarious because I think most guys look at him and think the exact same thing

  • @PhilFightmasterRavrov
    @PhilFightmasterRavrov Před 10 měsíci +220

    Alice's body dysmorphia line was probably one of the biggest laughs I had last year. It's just a perfect Gen Z aside.

  • @insertname2895
    @insertname2895 Před rokem +1471

    I actually really enjoy that ending where no one was the killer but it gets the audience trying to guess who it is just like the game they played

    • @kyrohowe3156
      @kyrohowe3156 Před rokem +40

      Great ending, just for the characters realize their tomfoolery

    • @tomzinho78rasera
      @tomzinho78rasera Před rokem +3

      This is good like bodies bodies bodies that was a good movie you should be funny

    • @werewolf914
      @werewolf914 Před rokem +15

      Yeah I really thought that my money was on Alice because they said she had a Podcast and if theres one thing people love its True Crime podcasts so I was thinking she'd want to do the Classic Ghostface move and pretend to be the sole survivor and then use it to boost views on her Podcast, but I definitely like the movies much more original and funny ending more

    • @MyNameJefff
      @MyNameJefff Před rokem +14

      I had a feeling it was an accident after I saw Emma’s death. Seeing I was right while all my friends were wrong felt so good.

    • @superjackster0165
      @superjackster0165 Před měsícem +3

      @@werewolf914Fun Fact: Alice was actually the killer in the original draft of the script

  • @goodolrainbowpet
    @goodolrainbowpet Před rokem +431

    as a gen z myself... that ending feels too real... one person did something dumb and then another dies from accusations and the panic from no one asking any real questions leads to more harm because everyone wants results without taking the steps to see the results due to a lack of patience

  • @lespaulnasty31
    @lespaulnasty31 Před rokem +275

    I love how it keeps the audience as paranoid as the characters the whole time, keeping us in their heads as opposed to looking down on them.

  • @Grassrope123
    @Grassrope123 Před 9 měsíci +109

    This movie just has so many little details that are so funny. Like the fact that Alice is so quick to accuse Jordan and Bee of being the killers but still defended Greg’s innocence to the rest of them. And then admits to everyone that she’s only known him for six weeks. Jordan must’ve not had that Libra moon too

    • @superjackster0165
      @superjackster0165 Před 6 měsíci +1

      I wanted to like Alice. But my god, she got on nerves. She has this annoying character trait where she repeatedly changes sides non-stop with no explanation. Whenever someone is accused of being the killer, Alice says, “That’s true. She has a point.” She does that over and over throughout the whole film and just wouldn’t shut up. Like Jesus woman, make up your mind on whose side you’re on

  • @CaladonianQueen
    @CaladonianQueen Před 3 měsíci +32

    I love how this film poked fun at gen z'ers without feeling like an old man yelling at a cloud.

  • @Yeaster
    @Yeaster Před 10 měsíci +79

    I think I laughed literally every time Alice opened her mouth 😆 2022 was such a great year for movies

    • @padtrickkeys3261
      @padtrickkeys3261 Před 7 měsíci +4

      It really was Especially for horror

    • @superjackster0165
      @superjackster0165 Před 6 měsíci +2

      I wanted to like Alice. But my god, she got on nerves. She has this annoying character trait where she repeatedly changes sides non-stop with no explanation. Whenever someone is accused of being the killer, Alice says, “That’s true. She has a point.” She does that over and over throughout the whole film and just wouldn’t shut up. Like Jesus woman, make up your mind on whose side you’re on

  • @reptvismy13threason
    @reptvismy13threason Před rokem +3498

    I think this movie is genius in a way that a lot of people kept guessing seriously about who was the killer but that sudden revelation that they just killed each other for no reason was actually shocking but totally realistic. Some people quickly jump to crazy conclusions & theories and it leads to terrible endings.

    • @BeyondDaX
      @BeyondDaX Před rokem +43

      I know one crazy conclusion a situation like in that movie may end up going into, that guy is gonna call the cops on those two.

    • @alexisbidule5555
      @alexisbidule5555 Před rokem +40

      @@BeyondDaX well...they totaly killed an innocent guy.

    • @mcq2879
      @mcq2879 Před rokem +2


    • @alexisbidule5555
      @alexisbidule5555 Před rokem +44

      @@mcq2879 it's a comment of a video recaping the movie...

    • @mywig8971
      @mywig8971 Před rokem +33

      exactly! i went in expecting a murder mystery and slowly figured out what was going throughout the movie so when the twist was revealed i felt like it made perfect sense. but naturally the people who went in expecting a slasher movie were prob left disappointed and feeling tricked idk

  • @karlyross2871
    @karlyross2871 Před 11 měsíci +250

    I appreciate that small nod James gave to Lee Pace being the pie maker in Pushing Daisies. Lee Pace is 100% always the right choice.

  • @justinkiefer1988
    @justinkiefer1988 Před 3 měsíci +18

    This movie genuinely has one of the best plot twists in horror history it’s hilarious and insane

  • @sofia326
    @sofia326 Před 11 měsíci +59

    justifying feeling so threatened by greg with a "he's 6'4 of muscle and we're one-wet-tshirt-away-from-100-lbs" would have been so much more logical but i love how jordan immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion it tells so much about her character

    • @superjackster0165
      @superjackster0165 Před měsícem

      It annoyed me how the girls just immediately accused Greg of killing David without even asking him or letting him explain himself

  • @melleen629
    @melleen629 Před 9 měsíci +81

    I never noticed this, but Bee is *almost* vindicated pointing a gun at Sophie at the end.
    Sophie possibly killed Emma, or at least knew how Emma died - and chose not to speak up and let Bee take the fall when Alice locked Bee out of the house.

    • @Isabelle-hv6ny
      @Isabelle-hv6ny Před 8 měsíci

      Didn't Emma Trapped because she was so high?

    • @melleen629
      @melleen629 Před 8 měsíci +24

      @@Isabelle-hv6ny Sophie saw her fall and die, but came back later so she could pretend she found Emma like everyone else

    • @superjackster0165
      @superjackster0165 Před 6 měsíci +34

      @@melleen629Sophie was just awful. The fact that she refused to show Bee her texts is enough to prove that she cheated on her with Jordan

  • @jongon0848
    @jongon0848 Před rokem +146

    I remember watching this film in theaters and when the ending twist was revealed I immediately thought to myself
    Perfectly sums up the finale of the film

  • @emilexo8465
    @emilexo8465 Před rokem +5647

    As a gen z kid, this movie was terrifyingly accurate to how people I know would react in a scenario like this. I was genuinely terrified because I could draw parallels between the characters and the people I know

    • @corypowercat7277
      @corypowercat7277 Před rokem +96

      Same. I'm an older GenZ and I know a lot of younger Gen Z and some Gen Alpha who would do this.

    • @PurpleLightning6was9
      @PurpleLightning6was9 Před rokem +76

      Yeah, gen z is fucked. But it’s not entirely their fault. Hopefully we get it right for the next generation.

    • @MrJeanGuru
      @MrJeanGuru Před rokem +64

      Sounds like you need better friends man

    • @gggallin8279
      @gggallin8279 Před 11 měsíci +50

      Nah I doubt teens would start arguing about if upper middle class is privileged in a situation of life and death 💀

    • @emilexo8465
      @emilexo8465 Před 11 měsíci +58

      @@gggallin8279 never put anything past gen z teens, especially upper middle class gen z teens who have access to drugs and alcohol

  • @Trickyinsidious
    @Trickyinsidious Před rokem +44

    One of my favorite movies of 2022 I was so confident with who I thought the killers were, but that plot twist changed everything

  • @BenSoloakaKyloRen
    @BenSoloakaKyloRen Před rokem +190

    Because of this kill count, I went to watch this movie on streaming right away, just to watch this episode! This movie is a masterpiece. It kept me guessing through and through, and when the reveal came, I was shocked. This movie was so intelligent, destined to become a cult classic one day.

  • @klandgraf6956
    @klandgraf6956 Před 6 měsíci +16

    A cast can make or a break a movie and I think the cast did a really terrific job with this film

  • @littlegoat713
    @littlegoat713 Před 11 měsíci +31

    God I love how great these sponsor segments are, and Chelsea's great acting.

  • @DuDe3810
    @DuDe3810 Před rokem +59

    Yo I actually LOVE that twist ending. Would NOT have seen that coming.

  • @kmay7134
    @kmay7134 Před rokem +4313

    i think a lot of gen z (myself included) was worried this would be a cringey, preachy, mean-spirited dig at our generation. i really loved this movie and i also really enjoyed the layers and messages it lets you interpret. my partner and i went to go see it and were laughing the entire time because it was accurate and hilarious. it definitely wasn’t a “hey fellow kids” kind of script and it was refreshing to see a piece of media that’s supposed to be about gen z actually reflecting it somewhat well.

  • @aidanhunter9934
    @aidanhunter9934 Před 6 měsíci +16

    I will say it is quite refreshing to have a cast of characters that are dislikable because they are written very well to serve that purpose instead of them being unlikable because they’re lazily written and one dimensional. I did began to watch this kill count before watching the movie but I’m glad I listened to James because it truly is better going into that movie without knowing anything. Truly A+ material even though I do feel a little mixed on the ending though I will say after experiencing said ending it truly was the most fitting way to end that roller coaster of a movie.

  • @rebeccafernandes6415
    @rebeccafernandes6415 Před 4 měsíci +14

    A24 is pumping out masterpieces at this point

  • @weedman777
    @weedman777 Před 9 měsíci +12

    That plot twist is actually one of the best I've seen in YEARS.😄

  • @2Momz
    @2Momz Před 11 měsíci +12

    Its so nice seeing the team members being more included into skits and videos in general :D

  • @travisc7722
    @travisc7722 Před 7 měsíci +9

    Another movie I probably wouldn't have watched if not for Deadmeat. This movie was pretty entertaining and the ending twist was brilliant. Really enjoyed it 😂

  • @arandombatmanfan9400
    @arandombatmanfan9400 Před rokem +1558

    Fun fact: I live near where Bodies Bodies Bodies was filmed, and I remember receiving an informal note in my mailbox letting me know the shooting hours for the movie and the general synopsis of the story. The mansion in question is hidden behind a bunch of trees so the movie finally gives me a chance to see what parts of it look like lol
    The crew seemed to be very polite :D
    Edit: For those wondering, this mansion is an exception in the area, and not all the houses around are so huge and expensive, so it’s been abandoned for a while because no one wanted to buy it. The previous owners built it all up and then dipped, hoping someone would come along and buy it

    • @pizzaluving9411
      @pizzaluving9411 Před rokem +7

      That's cool

    • @VioletRose29
      @VioletRose29 Před rokem +6

      Do people actually live in the house?

    • @jt-bw6qd
      @jt-bw6qd Před rokem +8

      Bullshit ain't no person who lives like that would ever admit to living like that.

    • @Silicat1
      @Silicat1 Před rokem +58

      @@jt-bw6qd or maybe they dont care what random people on the internet think about them? Not everyone has to act like they came up from a struggle

  • @kyoshiiiiii
    @kyoshiiiiii Před 8 měsíci +14

    I watched this with my friends, and none of us could’ve guessed the ending the scariest part is the fact that this is totally how we would act in this situation. (Maybe a little more rational)

  • @archerdelta4770
    @archerdelta4770 Před rokem +59

    You know, James, lots and lots and lots of things have made me happy in your references, but the Dear Evan Hanson reference at 10:50 has got to be my favorite so far.
    Top tier, buddy.

  • @joshuaschmidinger3993
    @joshuaschmidinger3993 Před 11 měsíci +14

    This was an interesting movie concept and what really made it work was the crazy out of reality dialog. It has you thinking so much about how the characters don't get what it's like to live in the real world that you don't pay attention to what's going on in the story. It actually is good writing to write bad dialog and it's funny so kudos to this movie a success 😎👌👏 and thanks James fir making it funny as always.

  • @ScorpionStrike7
    @ScorpionStrike7 Před 11 měsíci +55

    An accidental Who Done It with no killer is a pretty interesting concept

  • @interestingusername306
    @interestingusername306 Před rokem +2510

    I saw this in a theatre with a friend and the collective reaction to the twist was a choir of gasps before giggles and laughter started slowly fading in, absolutely loved it

    • @rsfilmdiscussionchannel4168
      @rsfilmdiscussionchannel4168 Před rokem +91

      I do wish I saw this movie in a cinema just for that ending, not to mention the extended buzzword filled argument. Both would have gotten big reactions like your cinema gave.

    • @iz444
      @iz444 Před rokem +35

      i guessed david might kill himself but wasn’t expecting that its so funny 😭

    • @J4CKS0N_D34R3ST
      @J4CKS0N_D34R3ST Před rokem +4

      Not related but I love your pfp

    • @kyrohowe3156
      @kyrohowe3156 Před rokem +7

      Glad they liked it because it was the pure representation of Gen Z

    • @theatticreview777
      @theatticreview777 Před rokem +4

      Gaaahhh I found out too late it was in theaters and missed out on seeing this on the big screen 😑

  • @JosephCWest
    @JosephCWest Před rokem +8

    Definitely one of the best sponsor segments in a kill count, fucking hilarious 😂

  • @dfailsthemost
    @dfailsthemost Před měsícem +1

    It's such a great touch that she uses the headlamp that was part of the stuff they thought he was crazy for having.

  • @chavesa5
    @chavesa5 Před 10 měsíci +23

    As someone who has been forced to deal with Gen Z kids on both sides of the line, this movie is hilariously accurate

  • @marbleblue7505
    @marbleblue7505 Před rokem +67

    Do the menu! Its such a good horror movie and really show how horror shows changed over the years and not some creepy guy who chases girls! 😊

  • @abbreviateddisc
    @abbreviateddisc Před rokem +38

    This movie works so well as a fun horror comedy but I think there's a nice message in there about how Gen Z will basically destroy itself if we're just always at each other's throats and vilifying harmless people all the time.

    • @ChefofWar33
      @ChefofWar33 Před 8 měsíci +3

      Gen z will be the last generation before the bombs fall.

  • @nickchier6313
    @nickchier6313 Před rokem +1487

    “She’ll ’Rue’ the day that Sophie threatens her,” is absolutely hilarious as Sophie is played by the same actress as Rue in the hunger games

    • @tervepukki1563
      @tervepukki1563 Před rokem +53

      In the subtitles Rue is capitalized :D

    • @CallHimCody
      @CallHimCody Před rokem +15

      I was waiting for someone to point that out.

    • @elephorofonius
      @elephorofonius Před rokem +15

      THATS SO COOL i was rewatching hunger games just a couple of days ago

    • @extraordinaryminx
      @extraordinaryminx Před rokem

      @@elephorofonius lol, same.

    • @lfhn587
      @lfhn587 Před rokem +25

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    @everlastinglife5978 Před 9 měsíci +10

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  • @Countingducks13
    @Countingducks13 Před 9 měsíci +6

    I love how in 9:46 James reference Lee's character (Greg) as the pie maker as a reference to his old acting job as a pie maker in Pushing Daisies. Also love how many references he made about the show with Lee's character

  • @Joe_Parmesan
    @Joe_Parmesan Před 6 měsíci +3

    Glad you made reference to Pushing Daisies. Such a fun show! And, the actress who played Alice was hilarious in this movie, keeping me the most engaged throughout

  • @ScreamQueen217
    @ScreamQueen217 Před 7 měsíci +2

    I was fortunate enough to catch this premiere at SXSW! I love how much people love this film

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    Thanks for the 1k likes!!!

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    @edfed3797 Před 3 měsíci +2

    The fact that I've met kids my age who act similar to the people in this movie is what is terrifying.

    • @d.pedroii2940
      @d.pedroii2940 Před 2 měsíci

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  • @r.i.ptardd
    @r.i.ptardd Před rokem +7

    I think a lot of people hate Pete Davidson because he's one of those comedians who has no filter, but I think that makes him even funnier.

  • @mollypop6887
    @mollypop6887 Před rokem +8

    I loved this movie so much. Fun, funny and I liked that the little jabs at gen z weren't meanspirited. The audience I saw it with LOST IT when Alice died (the dude behind me actually yelled NOOOOoooooOOOOO!!!! I didn't think people did that); people actually cared about these characters. Didn't realize who the writer was until right now!

  • @donkeytoxin8479
    @donkeytoxin8479 Před rokem +723

    For anyone wondering why the kill counts have been changed from Last Night in Soho and Nope to Malignant and Prey, It’s likely because both Last Night in Soho and Nope are Universal films and James mentioned he had a hard time posting The Black Phone kill count (also a Universal film) because they started allowing people to only use so much footage from their films in videos

    • @pieters4288
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    • @cy1631
      @cy1631 Před rokem +1


    • @CurtyTails
      @CurtyTails Před rokem +1

      Which is interesting because I thought Warner Bros was pulling the same stunt-so how is he going to do Malignant?

  • @BEAST-ln3gp
    @BEAST-ln3gp Před rokem +3

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    @marybellefleur Před rokem +3

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    @radialintrepid Před 4 měsíci +2

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    @duvan.deschain Před rokem +5

    18:33 - This kind of easter egg is one of the reasons I watch these Kill Counts. I LOVED this film, although I feel the audience I saw it with were not in on the joke. I could not stop laughing at the final reveal but I was almost alone in that. Also, Pete Davidson also seems like a cool guy, I do appreciate his stan Up and he did a pretty good job on the film.

  • @gagastan18
    @gagastan18 Před rokem +244

    Alice was the best character of the movie for me, her dialogue was absolutely hilarious.

    • @superjackster0165
      @superjackster0165 Před rokem +6

      I wanted to like Alice. But my god did she get on my nerves. She is so hypocritical and constantly contradicting herself. Every time that someone was accused of being the murderer, Alice would immediately agree with the accuser and say, “That’s true. She has a point”. Like Jesus woman, make up your mind on who’s side you’re on

    • @ewanreilly2988
      @ewanreilly2988 Před rokem +22

      @@superjackster0165 Very intentional for what they are going for given the theme of the movie

    • @alissalalala
      @alissalalala Před rokem +4

      the "YESSSSSSSSSSSS" at the start was so funny!

    • @dunnowy123
      @dunnowy123 Před 11 měsíci +4

      @@superjackster0165 sort of the point if her character lol. A character doesn't need to be likeable to be fantastic. Rachel Sennot's performance was literally one of the best of the year and the writing was so good. That Alice switches sides so quickly is core to who she is as a person. Also, she speaks/acts/looks like people Iike A LOT of Gen Z girls.

    • @Spoonkid222
      @Spoonkid222 Před 11 měsíci +5

      "how long have you known greg?"

  • @Ryo
    @Ryo Před rokem +9

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    this was hilarious and still had me guessing. the last scene was perfection

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    @sooshibun Před rokem +4

    One of 2022's best movies, sooo funny and the twist was amazing. Love it~

  • @DeadMeat
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  • @LauDor08
    @LauDor08 Před 8 měsíci +2

    Thank you for posting this video. I overall liked it and liked the drama and mystery aspect of it. But some of it is very confusing and I found myself going back on some parts. It looks like the big takeaways are that David killed himself by accident and being dumb, everyone stopped trusting each other and suspecting each other, secrets came out about their finances and feelings towards each other, and more accidental killings happened. 😂😂😂😂
    Definitely a narcissist bunch.

  • @Felix-xv3wg
    @Felix-xv3wg Před 8 měsíci +4

    The actors killed it here but good god it pains me to know people actually acted like they did when I was watching the movie

  • @callmeobsequious
    @callmeobsequious Před 9 měsíci +3

    I haven't watched a Dead Meat vid in a while but holy shit, y'all's sponsorship segments are incredible 😭

  • @mirafloyd5756
    @mirafloyd5756 Před 9 měsíci

    This movie was fantastic! The cast did a phenomenal job bringing their characters to light as well as highlighting the dangers of distraction (social media) and groupthink. If David hadn’t let his ego get to him he wouldn’t have accidentally slit his own throat and none of the others would have died either.

  • @Filmpunk-sf9bt
    @Filmpunk-sf9bt Před rokem +3

    The sponsor part had me in complete tears the way james just came back into the frame “click the link in the description box”😂😂😂

  • @reptvismy13threason
    @reptvismy13threason Před rokem +832

    Rachel Sennott as Alice is definitely the best performance and best character in this movie! She was so funny and how she always switched sides was hilarious. I really hope she gets more acting roles.

    • @superjackster0165
      @superjackster0165 Před rokem

      I wanted to like Alice. But my god did she get on my nerves. She is so hypocritical and constantly contradicting herself. Every time that someone was accused of being the murderer, Alice would immediately agree with the accuser and say, “That’s true. She has a point”. Like Jesus woman, make up your mind on who’s side you’re on

    • @Schnipps
      @Schnipps Před rokem +8

      @@superjackster0165 I mean, she's on her side. She thinks it could be anyone, so anytime something logical is said she agrees with it.

    • @superjackster0165
      @superjackster0165 Před 4 měsíci

      @@Schnipps But still, it raises the question of why none of the other 4 girls became suspicious of Alice and questioned her about being the killer because her repeatedly changing sides should've immediately made her the primary suspect

  • @liamnewton2657
    @liamnewton2657 Před 11 měsíci +2

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  • @felixdeluxe5060
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  • @fruit4evr
    @fruit4evr Před 10 měsíci +4

    Fun fact: In the original script for the movie Max (they might’ve changed the name i forget) was going to have a much larger role to the story.

    • @superjackster0165
      @superjackster0165 Před 10 měsíci

      If I remember correctly, in that original script, Alice was revealed to be the murderer

  • @Kingdomheatsox2
    @Kingdomheatsox2 Před rokem

    Finding out that the screenplay was written by the same person who wrote The Wolves makes a *lot* of sense. Especially with how the characters bounce off each others

  • @BrodyRevercomb0327
    @BrodyRevercomb0327 Před rokem +11

    I love how it’s more than a movie recap he actually makes jokes and adds funny commentary I love this channel

  • @REDACTED_Hyde
    @REDACTED_Hyde Před rokem +512

    Honestly, as a Gen Z myself, I was expecting this movie to be cringy as hell. But honestly, it was surprisingly accurate. The classic "gen Z lingo" worked SUPER well. I especially liked the "you're silencing me!", because that sounds like something I would say ironically to my friends 😅 Something a lot of people miss about Gen Z is the diversity (haha more lingo) of us. While some of us would say "gaslighing" as a joke, others would be serious, and others would complain about it. We all grew up on different parts of the internet, and where we congregated shows our humor and language. So, this movie was pretty accurate to the gen z experience imo, the "fighting over phone not gun" part was a bit silly, but considering how silly these characters are I don't mind.

    • @user-rb9tr5rz4g
      @user-rb9tr5rz4g Před rokem +37

      Yeah same, the Gen z thing is very rarely actually portrayed accurately or not being slander, all of this movie was so enjoyable as a Gen z myself and the jokes were genuinely funny and not slid in to be forceful

    • @payt00n
      @payt00n Před rokem +5

      U pretty much read my mind lol

    • @lyndseywilliams9993
      @lyndseywilliams9993 Před rokem +10

      I’m also gen z and I did find it cringy as hell though 😅 to each their own I guess. I’m not a fan of comedy as genre so maybe thats where my issue was. It just didn’t feel like anything actual people would say

    • @pusheenqueen519
      @pusheenqueen519 Před rokem +13

      I'm a millenial and I was sure this movie would be a lazy cringfest and potentially preachy movie thinking it's making witty commentary bout "kids these days" and the evils of "woke PC culture", phones, tiktok blah blah blah but this movie was so much smarter and fun than I anticipated.

  • @FNAFFANFNAF-xs9ku
    @FNAFFANFNAF-xs9ku Před 11 měsíci +2

    I was lucky enough to watch this without remembering anything in the trailer.. GREAT DECISION! Really added the suspense and CONSTANT guessing

  • @stefaniearanda4317
    @stefaniearanda4317 Před rokem +2

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  • @Selena15089
    @Selena15089 Před rokem

    This was awesome! You have such a great sense of humor and never fail to make people smile! Also, in 2023 when M3GAN comes out could you do a kill count for it?

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  • @alexgambrell808
    @alexgambrell808 Před rokem +78

    I feel bullied at how hard i tried guessing the killer (i was adamant it was Sophie having revenge on her old friends) and i was SO WRONG! That twist was frustrating, hilarious, and super tragic, cause it totally fits Pete Davidson😆

    • @BrianaNicolee
      @BrianaNicolee Před rokem +4

      I honestly thought it was a two-person job & it was Sophie & Jordan 😭

    • @superjackster0165
      @superjackster0165 Před rokem +2

      @@BrianaNicoleeI honestly thought it was gonna be Alice because of how she constantly kept changing sides every time that someone was accused of being the killer

    • @sylvie3804
      @sylvie3804 Před 8 měsíci +1

      “Hi I’m Pete Davidson and this is jackass”

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    @regant123 Před rokem +4

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  • @wqynes
    @wqynes Před 3 měsíci

    i’m so glad i listened and watched this movie before watching this cause omfg this movie is wild i think this is one of my favorite horror movies now

  • @brycenbohl5657
    @brycenbohl5657 Před 3 měsíci

    Sarah deLappe is one of my favorite new writers. I know her from her play; The Wolves. Highly recommend giving it a read if this movie interested you.

  • @sunspritedollandtoycollect6758
    @sunspritedollandtoycollect6758 Před 8 měsíci +2

    I love the Racon ad you did! Please do more skits if you can/want to, I LOVED it!

  • @natralskitsophrenia8465
    @natralskitsophrenia8465 Před 11 měsíci

    I remember going to see this film a good few months back.
    The ending, in my opinion, was a bit naff, but other than that I really enjoyed the film! :D
    It's not every day you see a film like this blended with modern technology/views, and handled quite well. If just having a naff ending was my only criticism, then so be it

  • @CyborgCharlotte
    @CyborgCharlotte Před rokem +730

    Seeing Pete Davidson with all his tattoos on display makes me really appreciate the work of the makeup team on this movie, like damn! It looks so seamless!

    • @barakobama2304
      @barakobama2304 Před rokem +5

      You mean skete?????

    • @Flux800
      @Flux800 Před rokem +1

      I have no idea why people hate Pete fr

    • @BenDaGoat
      @BenDaGoat Před rokem +7

      @@Flux800 He said racist shit about black women

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