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Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022) KILL COUNT

  • čas přidán 1. 12. 2022

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  • Sir Fearabush

    Alice “did you just shoot me”

  • EmileXO
    EmileXO  +2

    As a gen z kid, this movie was terrifyingly accurate to how people I know would react in a scenario like this. I was genuinely terrified because I could draw parallels between the characters and the people I know

  • kmay
    kmay  +3

    i think a lot of gen z (myself included) was worried this would be a cringey, preachy, mean-spirited dig at our generation. i really loved this movie and i also really enjoyed the layers and messages it lets you interpret. my partner and i went to go see it and were laughing the entire time because it was accurate and hilarious. it definitely wasn’t a “hey fellow kids” kind of script and it was refreshing to see a piece of media that’s supposed to be about gen z actually reflecting it somewhat well.

  • Average Youtube Watcher

    To me, Bee really started it off. The group weren't actually going to kill Greg and then she just did it no hesitation.

  • Jack
    Jack  +502

    This movie is a fucking FEAST of tiny details. There are SO many little moments that you barely catch the first time through that could incriminate any of the characters at any moment. It's genuinely fantastic and I really hope more people here actually take the time to watch it for themselves. This movie deserves the recognition.

  • Kim D
    Kim D  +499

    I really loved this movie. It's so hard to look at millennial and Gen Z online culture without seeming like you're making fun of real concerns about -isms and social issues, but some people absolutely use activism-speak as armor or to bully people instead of communicating or getting anything real done. Everyone in this movie getting paranoid and then justifying that paranoia with a lot of self-serving nonsense disguised as who's a 'good person' is so perfect here, it's a delicate balance and they just nail it.

  • Rep TV Is My 13th Reason

    I think this movie is genius in a way that a lot of people kept guessing seriously about who was the killer but that sudden revelation that they just killed each other for no reason was actually shocking but totally realistic. Some people quickly jump to crazy conclusions & theories and it leads to terrible endings.

  • Tavin Price

    I ALWAYS appreciate when a sponsor segment is written with entertainment in mind

  • banana milkshake

    On the scene where Sophie gave Emma the pills prior to her death, you can hear her fall down the stairs but it wasn't too noticable because it happened coincidentally as a thunder struck.

  • Karly Ross

    I appreciate that small nod James gave to Lee Pace being the pie maker in Pushing Daisies. Lee Pace is 100% always the right choice.

    BEN SOLO  +86

    Because of this kill count, I went to watch this movie on streaming right away, just to watch this episode! This movie is a masterpiece. It kept me guessing through and through, and when the reveal came, I was shocked. This movie was so intelligent, destined to become a cult classic one day.

  • Marble Blue

    Do the menu! Its such a good horror movie and really show how horror shows changed over the years and not some creepy guy who chases girls! 😊

  • Interesting Username

    I saw this in a theatre with a friend and the collective reaction to the twist was a choir of gasps before giggles and laughter started slowly fading in, absolutely loved it

  • JonGon Productions

    I remember watching this film in theaters and when the ending twist was revealed I immediately thought to myself

  • Evan Bagwell

    I love how you guys always find a way to make the sponsorship entertaining 🤣❤️

  • Good Ol' Rainbowpet

    as a gen z myself... that ending feels too real... one person did something dumb and then another dies from accusations and the panic from no one asking any real questions leads to more harm because everyone wants results without taking the steps to see the results due to a lack of patience

  • Darth Y'all

    i love how creative you guys can get with the ads! i never end up skipping past them since they give me genuine laughs! kudos to yall and may zoran RIP (raycon in peace)

  • misa bito

    Alice was the best character of the movie for me, her dialogue was absolutely hilarious.

    CPTBRYN  +7

    Yo I actually LOVE that twist ending. Would NOT have seen that coming.