The $69 Gaming PC RETURNS

  • čas přidán 7. 10. 2018
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Komentáře • 9 099

  • Eldon Stacey
    Eldon Stacey Před 2 hodinami

    "When you see mei, its over....." 😂😂 it's so true.

  • mehdi karpov
    mehdi karpov Před 6 hodinami

    Omg the cringe is unreal

  • Jackanese
    Jackanese Před 13 hodinami

    Of course its 69 dollars

  • Chris Barke
    Chris Barke Před dnem

    The high school in my town has tons of optiplex's

  • Josh Blagden
    Josh Blagden Před dnem

    Yeah, up until 2014, Dell did some strange proprietary OEM stuff, including - as Linus pointed out - mounting the motherboard on the other side of the case.

  • Vahab Javid
    Vahab Javid Před 2 dny

    my PS4 Pro and LG Full HD 24 Inch looks monster when i watched this.

  • Nathan
    Nathan Před 2 dny

    Me: **left this pc alone with my lil sis**
    My sis: **Throws The pc**

  • kwitchabichen
    kwitchabichen Před 2 dny

    Those fucking limbo skills¡¡

  • jams pak-man
    jams pak-man Před 2 dny

    if any on is interested i have a core i-2 duo and 4 gigs of ram im selling my let me know in the replies

    • jams pak-man
      jams pak-man Před dnem

      sorry already taken on kijiji

    • Luka Megru
      Luka Megru Před dnem

      I'm interested,I'll take it for 10 dollars and some pocket lint

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia Před 4 dny

    You guys are being over dramatic, im using this pc rn, windows 10 pro, 8gb ram, 3ghz dual core, 500 gb hdd, and a 1gb nvidia 9600gt. Works fine. Yall are acting like you dug up a old ancient relic from egypt. -.-

  • An Australian Bloke
    An Australian Bloke Před 4 dny

    wat if the budget is 450 AUD

    • An Australian Bloke
      An Australian Bloke Před 3 dny

      hellfire92837 is that specs to look for in a laptop?

    • hellfire92837
      hellfire92837 Před 3 dny

      @An Australian Bloke used 4720hq and gtx 950m to 960m laptop then, if you find a deal

    • An Australian Bloke
      An Australian Bloke Před 3 dny

      but thanks for that, my friend wanted a laptop, it was my mistake, and i can see why cause u can take it with u. im looking for possibities, help a brada out, ya kno?

    • An Australian Bloke
      An Australian Bloke Před 3 dny

      hellfire92837 **cough cough** no amd my friend (pasha accent)

    • hellfire92837
      hellfire92837 Před 3 dny

      ryzen 2600, b450 mobo and rx 570, wait for ryzen 3000 launch for low prices, that is a good 1080p 60fps machine

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee Před 4 dny

    How many times is youtube going to autoplay this video for me

  • Katerina Rampenthal
    Katerina Rampenthal Před 5 dny

    What's wrong with wanting an optical drive?

  • Thomas Winovich
    Thomas Winovich Před 5 dny

    Master yee yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Thomas Winovich
    Thomas Winovich Před 5 dny

    Does it run ROBLOX

  • Jacobee Games
    Jacobee Games Před 5 dny

    This is the kind of stuff I do. I managed to get a pc for free from an upgrading office, and I snagged an R9 270 (rough equivalent to a gtx 950-960) for 50 bucks. Threw in a free 1tb HD etc

  • Kristopher Wood
    Kristopher Wood Před 6 dny

    I have a Optiplex 790 SFF that I removed the side panel, stock PSU, storage housing and optical drive. I fit it with a RX580 4G and a XFX Pro450W. I then added two 120SSD and I have 9 sec boots and play decent gaming. Linus do a viewer budget gaming computer review and tell me what you think. all for $120

  • GhostyKAT
    GhostyKAT Před 6 dny +1

    I have an optiplex 7010, which my mom got for me at a surplus, and I upgraded it with 16gb of ram and a gt 1030. It can run minecraft at like 400+fps and fortnite at 1600x900 at 80+fps. It only costed like $250 total too.

  • VideoArchivist
    VideoArchivist Před 7 dny

    Speccy dude is *hot*.

  • Ian Das
    Ian Das Před 7 dny

    You guys are somewhat of a minecraft noob cause you haven't even pressed E to open your inventory and this is coming from a experienced redstone user and TNT cannon user. i could help you learn

  • Azwar Trap
    Azwar Trap Před 7 dny

    When your mouse is more expensive then your pc

  • Simon Aarekol
    Simon Aarekol Před 7 dny

    ok so it's about the same as my laptop, wich uses intel hd 620 igpu with 512mb vram (most likely allocated), and runs at 40-50fps with everything at the lowest setting. It does almost as good as a desktop with a dedicated gpu. I feel slightly better now.

    yes i am gaming on my school computer (hp probook 440 g4)

  • stranger besides
    stranger besides Před 8 dny

    I'd recommend a Dell optiplex 7010 which you could get for like a 100 bucks if you look around, and then a 1050 ti for around 150

  • xADx-GO D-PR
    xADx-GO D-PR Před 8 dny

    that runs better than my hp 15 notebook that runs cs go hardly at 20 fps and a friend gifted me a optiplex 745 but it runs worse than the hp 15 but i need tips on how to make it better if someone knows how to please let me know

  • Potato Pc Gamer
    Potato Pc Gamer Před 9 dny +3

    This thing is two times stronger than our family pc

  • morris lee
    morris lee Před 10 dny +3

    "who need a optical drive anyway"
    Well Linus
    I still have Battlefield 2 on PC on CD

  • Sgt Megatron
    Sgt Megatron Před 10 dny

    Hello Linus!!! :D I would just like to make a suggestion on a cheap pc build like this if u ever plan to do one in the future I actually have a Dell OptiPlex 745 with a Core 2 quad Processor/ Gt 1030 low profile Graphics card and 8 gigs of ram and nearly all of my games work really well with decent framerates on medium settings for most some on low settings with 60fps or better Look into this card its not horrible and it fits into these mini towers like a glove :)

  • Noah Carignan
    Noah Carignan Před 11 dny


  • Barry Goen
    Barry Goen Před 11 dny

    Can't you just add a Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5?

  • pxmetalxd
    pxmetalxd Před 12 dny

    omg theres another Linus hes multiplying fraternal twin?

  • Pavel Drumev
    Pavel Drumev Před 12 dny

    How did you fix/bypass the issue with "not supporting Open GL on W10" ??

  • XxiMcRAzYLaZyxX
    XxiMcRAzYLaZyxX Před 13 dny

    just bought a lot of 30 computers for $3.50 a piece and there were a bunch of these in there so you can do even better if you look around and are willing to make some sacrifices to basement space and make the wife very mad... btw i see this in alot of videos, what do you keep touching in your pocket?

  • Brandon Church
    Brandon Church Před 13 dny

    @ 5:18 I hear knocking on glass

  • Joey Hillers
    Joey Hillers Před 14 dny

    Currently building a budget PC for $30. Got an HP dc7900 for $15 initially because it had a 1tb HDD. Specs: C2D e8400, 4gb ram. Put an r5 240 in it and cleaned it up and it can game. Just got an offer for $75. Should I sell?

  • Darren K
    Darren K Před 15 dny

    Get a used Dell Precision T3500. Mine has 12 cores and 24GB memory with a 3d graphics card. I bought 3 from a design company that was upgrading. I paid $150 total for the 3 of them from ebay!!!

  • Resolvelution Tension
    Resolvelution Tension Před 15 dny

    I got a Dell Optiplex 380 with a big case, 3 gigs of ddr3 10600(1333mhz), 250 watts power supply, no hard drive, a motherboard that I do not know what it is, all for 10$. Just in a flea market/swap meet.

  • ezio auditore
    ezio auditore Před 16 dny

    Wouldnt the power supply that is around 250w cause any problem or the fact that the pcie x16 slot can provide power upto 25 watts in these old optiplex
    Please do reply

    MPF_AGUNDIPSHT Před 16 dny

    i rebuilt an acer aspire 5800, fsp 500 psu, core2quad, 8 gigs of ddr3 1333 ram, gtx 1050 ti oc. i get 100+ fps on fortnite on high settings, no shadows and motion blur turned off

  • Adam Back
    Adam Back Před 17 dny

    you should do a similar video but buy refurb pc from amazon

  • KTN_ Jimaek
    KTN_ Jimaek Před 17 dny

    Dat ting tho😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Billy TK
    Billy TK Před 17 dny

    Before purchasing a Graphic Card, just do a bit of research and make sure that the card will work best with your CPU, and it won't cause a bottleneck. Its fairly easy to Google the video card and CPU chip set your using to see the performance and if there are any bottleneck issues.

  • Rupert C
    Rupert C Před 17 dny

    I have suitable hardware (a Core i5-7200U laptop with Intel HD 620 graphics and 8 GB of RAM) to run Fortnite at low-ish settings but Fortnite doesn't work on Linux. F*** you, Epic Games!

  • AOwlNest
    AOwlNest Před 18 dny

    putting your fingers inside a powered on pc is a bad idea my friend

  • Virux
    Virux Před 18 dny +1

    My friend built one of these in 2015, core2quad and a 750 ti, the 750 requires no extra power so that with the quad made it quite good as a portable gaming masheen to bring to my house on weekends.

  • mikepro1015
    mikepro1015 Před 19 dny

    yes core 2 machines usually only let minecraft work with windows 7, 10 if you have a graphics card

  • C SH
    C SH Před 20 dny

    Did You Just Fat Linus??

  • IvanPlayStation4LiFe
    IvanPlayStation4LiFe Před 21 dnem

    A Game Boy Color less than $20 A PS2 30

  • Vlad Duh
    Vlad Duh Před 22 dny

    Nice Luke replacement 9/10

  • Grim Dark End
    Grim Dark End Před 24 dny +13

    30 fps in CS go on low with 720p... that's basically the same specs as an Xbox 360 :D

  • Grim Dark End
    Grim Dark End Před 24 dny

    30 fps in CS go on low with 720p... that's basically the same specs as an Xbox 360 :D

  • JovcaCreaper TEMC
    JovcaCreaper TEMC Před 24 dny

    why Minecraft says that it has hunderts of fps and don't run smooth, cs:go says a lot less and runs smoother?

  • Danny Tran
    Danny Tran Před 26 dny

    I spent more on my cooler on than that pc

  • A.F
    A.F Před 26 dny

    *69* dollar pc

  • Imaginary Friend
    Imaginary Friend Před 27 dny

    Hey Linus
    I have a dell optiplex 745 running a socket 775 Q6600 with 8Gb of DDR2 800, a 120Gb SSD and a Radeon 7700 GPU on a PCI-E extender with Legal windows 10 Pro.
    It can run all those games on High 1080p and the whole PC cost me less than £100 GBP here in the UK.
    I Utilised stores like CEX, Amazon & Ebay So the budget build can be done even cheaper with Mods...
    Oh and a little side note, if you buy a Sata Power Splitter (one power cable split to two) on both the optical and HDD side with a Sata Card in the PCI slot you can add extra Hard drives Easily to the system...

  • zeusrealm r
    zeusrealm r Před 27 dny

    yeah.... if i couldnt fit in the gpu due to that, id also just leave it laying slanted vertically as well ..and hope for the best...

  • dhica love
    dhica love Před 29 dny +1

    I have Dell Optiplex too,but it's 755 and really shitty for heavy games like gta etc.i wanted to upgrade it tho😂😂

    • Kawlll Maxso
      Kawlll Maxso Před 26 dny

      mine is 550 but it's blown last month. More shitty than yours

  • Bill_Skills
    Bill_Skills Před 29 dny

    What psu are they using

  • OscarCanham
    OscarCanham Před 29 dny

    Lmaoooo that whole PC is cheaper that anyone of my single parts.

  • sujan kasaraneni
    sujan kasaraneni Před měsícem

    You should use windows 7 or XP customised version

  • Chris Ayres
    Chris Ayres Před měsícem

    LOL ive got one in my closet, it has the old core 2 quad inside it and the TDP is crazy like 95 watts of power , good room heater lol

  • Edwin The Destroyer
    Edwin The Destroyer Před měsícem

    Can it run cool math games?

  • Craig Ster
    Craig Ster Před měsícem

    GT 1030 2GB GDDR5 low profile fit perfect for the 380MT or the SFF like the one you all had. Fixed 2 up for my 8 year old twins & they run great with Q9650's 8gb DDR3, I got a 20 & 22" lcd with mice & keyboards all for under $400 used.

  • David Mijan
    David Mijan Před měsícem

    In India 90 % pc is under 100$

  • Wolf Playz
    Wolf Playz Před měsícem

    What keyboard is he using?

  • chad w
    chad w Před měsícem +2

    damn. makes me wanna just go out and buy a bunch of these old pcs

    • Chris Ayres
      Chris Ayres Před měsícem

      They are like $5 on Ebay now , they are good if all you want to do is watch youtube or surf the web but for video editing and gaming m save your money and buy a new PC

    • Hyperion Stardust
      Hyperion Stardust Před měsícem

      Go and look at Modstek's'll thank me. I bought a refurbished SFF for $160, 8G more ram, and a gtx 1030 and custom painted mine as well. It plays most everything ive thrown at it to an enjoyable degree

  • bzacon
    bzacon Před měsícem +2

    what about setting up a cheap game server? I'm thinking about which optiplex to buy for farm sim server?

    • kreigmonch
      kreigmonch Před 17 dny

      I've gone this route for servers myself. If you aren't going to have a ton of players on they work decent for the cost. Helps if you pick up the highest core 2 quad that the board supports and max out ram.
      Picked up an optiplex for $25 off craigslist, spent another $20 on 8gb of ram, and my buddy bought a $30 processor. Ran a heavily modded minecraft server for a while and even ran an Ark server on it!

  • LC 7INEO
    LC 7INEO Před měsícem +1

    MAN! RILEY IS AWESOME! TEAM RYLEY FTW... or whatever his name is written

  • Russ Michaels
    Russ Michaels Před měsícem +1

    I actually purchased a few used Optiplex 360's a few years ago as cheap office pc's. They then got repurposed as PC's for ky kids. They were able to play Roblox and minecraft just fine, plus plenty of online games, games from the Microsoft store, emulators etc. There are literally thousands of games you can play on an old pc like this even without upgrading the gfx card.
    A few years later as they got older, I upgraded the gfx card so they could play steam games.

    • Jeanpg900
      Jeanpg900 Před měsícem

      That's cool man, and yea they are very cheap and run great👍

  • theredbaron20
    theredbaron20 Před měsícem +3

    I need to learn more about computers

  • Luc Grenier
    Luc Grenier Před měsícem

    Just spent £1,000 on a Dell inspiron 5570. I feel like I wasted my money.
    16gb ddr4 SODIMM
    2tb hdd + 256gb ssd
    Amd radeon 530
    Totally comparable

    • chad w
      chad w Před měsícem

      i spent around 900 on mine. came with monitor, r9 580 25 gig ram 1tb hhd 250 hhd forgot my chip. think you got me on that. but it was also partially built by me, not bought

  • Luc Grenier
    Luc Grenier Před měsícem +1

    Just spent £1,000 on a Dell inspiron 5570. I feel like I wasted my money.
    16gb ddr4 SODIMM
    2tb hdd + 256gb ssd
    Amd radeon 530
    Totally comparable

    • Wolf Playz
      Wolf Playz Před měsícem

      Those specs really are not bad at all it's just the fact that it's a Dell...
      My laptop:
      8GB DDR3
      180GB SSD
      Intel Haswell Mobile
      Btw it cost me 144.99 of your money.

  • memes served
    memes served Před měsícem +3

    I would say just use an oem card since they are extremely cut down in size

  • James Hattenhauer
    James Hattenhauer Před měsícem

    This thing runs faster then my 5 year old $800 pc

  • Boris Pernichev
    Boris Pernichev Před měsícem +3

    Put in an old msi gpu for 10-20 $ and anulate the shipping

  • GobbleyDuck
    GobbleyDuck Před měsícem

    I could believe that he built that insulin monitor

  • 3xtremePC Gaming
    3xtremePC Gaming Před měsícem

    Why don't you build a Better pc and not spending money for great keyboard and mouse!

  • 3xtremePC Gaming
    3xtremePC Gaming Před měsícem

    I have a 700€ 2009 laptop with:
    Intel Pentium dual core T4400
    ATI Radeon Mobility 5960hd
    4gb of ram
    320gb HDD...

    And I tried to play Fortnite on it,LOL!

    • Verpal
      Verpal Před měsícem

      That HDD didn't die? I reckon it should be using very old technology, quite impressive that it chucked on.

  • Timothy J
    Timothy J Před měsícem

    Why is Linus staring into my soul at 5:41?

  • Evelyne Burtis
    Evelyne Burtis Před měsícem

    csgo runs on my potato computer
    intel hd 530 graphics lol

  • [CK] Clayton Knixter
    [CK] Clayton Knixter Před měsícem

    Lol what the heck i got my new budget pc few months ago it runs wild but the best part is its only 60 Dollars cheaper than linus 79 dollars budget pc
    My 60 dollars budget gaming pc contains
    300 Gb of storage hard drive
    4 gb of ddr3 ram
    Intel core i3 3240 3.40Ghz
    Intel Hd graphics 2500 1.45gb graphics memory
    And windows 7 32 bit
    I gotta say its worth it i can play csgo on 180 fps+
    Edit:this pc i bought isn't even used by someone before but its only 60 dollars

  • This Izit
    This Izit Před měsícem

    were in the us? Are you In Britain or what? i really don`t know yet :P

    JUULPLAYS Před měsícem

    That pc has or school with vista lol

  • Gmaster54
    Gmaster54 Před měsícem

    I have a 1050ti and Minecraft runs 30fps

  • Rt Samiul
    Rt Samiul Před měsícem

    anyone know what monitor is he using?

  • William Wilson
    William Wilson Před měsícem

    Those systems had pci-e riser cage thingie available.

  • JSheetz Artwork
    JSheetz Artwork Před měsícem +1

    That ad was the best ting

  • JSheetz Artwork
    JSheetz Artwork Před měsícem +1

    Can it Play Crysis?

  • Blank Blank
    Blank Blank Před měsícem

    I have a hackintosh with same specs

  • YaBoy Rapid
    YaBoy Rapid Před měsícem +17

    Me: Can it game?
    LTT: Yeah!
    Me: What ones?
    LTT: Roblox and gmod on 800x600

  • Callum 1876
    Callum 1876 Před měsícem

    But can it run crysis

  • yeetmeister jr
    yeetmeister jr Před měsícem

    I got a dell optiplex 755 with 1 tb hdd for 20$

  • Pingi
    Pingi Před měsícem

    Why does minecraft run better on that pc than on my pc with a rx 580..

  • GamingNoob
    GamingNoob Před měsícem

    Can i have that pc please?

  • Greiferbeast
    Greiferbeast Před měsícem

    What... How is are huh 🤨

    ADL KHDR Před měsícem

    Wow still better than my celeron wtf

  • Gothic Wave
    Gothic Wave Před měsícem

    Ahh, my keyboard ^^.

  • RalfsStuff
    RalfsStuff Před měsícem

    Nice Vulcan (100)

  • theBlueHero
    theBlueHero Před měsícem

    if you don't know your chunks, u in trouble.

  • BC_ Yeah
    BC_ Yeah Před měsícem +1

    If a 69$ Pc can even... play something, my 1000$ laptop can do it, better.

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee Před měsícem +1

    dude what about PSU??
    IS IT 500 WATT?