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  • čas přidán 16. 04. 2021

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  • Fight Logic Pascal
    Fight Logic Pascal Před rokem +175

    Jake literally boxed a wrestler who jake himself says has "grandma striking"....what do you expect. Jake has never even faced a legit amateur boxer. If he just fights a legit amateur boxer then he gets credit.

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin Před rokem +143

    Congrats... you once again defeated someone THAT IS NOT A BOXER! You must be so proud! 🤣😂

  • Marty Mcfly

    Snoops commentary is legendary...If your having a bad day, just come here.

  • memphis 901

    Ben was literally hiding behind the ref after the knockdown. pep how he was walking behind the ref saying help me

  • Charlie Meyers

    That was the best commentary over the worst fight lmao

  • Andrew B.
    Andrew B. Před rokem +66

    It’s obvious the ref was told if there is a Knock down especially by JP “end the fight as soon possible”.

  • Jim Park

    lmao... this kinda cracks me up whenever I see it. The ref definitely saved Askren a couple of years of his life by calling it after the first knockdown.

  • John Poling
    John Poling Před rokem +60

    Lol, he knocked out a dude who didn’t know how to even throw a punch. Please fight someone who can actually box next time.

  • Iron Baron
    Iron Baron Před rokem +37

    I wonder how much ben got paid to go to sleep in the first round and I mean lets be real for a 2nd ben is rocking love handles and seems like he ate donuts in preparation for that fight

  • En3 Arrow
    En3 Arrow Před rokem +38

    That was just a knock down Ben got right up how does that count as a knockout someone explain

  • goaty mcgoatface

    It'd be awesome if he fought a real active pro boxer


    Imagine being that pumped about KOing a UFC fighter with no boxing credibility.

  • S Hawk
    S Hawk  +3

    Ben barely even tried

  • Christopher Eshleman
    Christopher Eshleman Před rokem +20

    I wonder how much Snoop had riding on this fight. I wish he'd tell us.

  • NA
    NA Před rokem +30

    And Jake Paul continues boxing NON BOXERS lol

  • Kirk Patrik Ballares

    Jake went the Mayweather route and is cherry picking matches that he knows he can win.

  • Zen7
    Zen7  +1

    Jake would make a good Rocky baddie if it was the 80's

  • jim kreider

    Damn, that guy is something else

  • Paul Townsend
    Paul Townsend Před rokem +8

    My nan could box ben. This fight is hilarious 🤣