Dead by Daylight | Q&A session #3 - August 2nd 2018

  • čas přidán 2. 08. 2018
  • Hosts:
    Stefan Horvath - Game Designer
    Louis McLean - Gameplay programmer
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  • xx xx
    xx xx Před měsícem

    can you add better fps on consle

  • TheShowtime
    TheShowtime Před 11 měsíci

    Please devs don’t nerf decisive strike, it’s already hard to hit the skill check and you only get one use.

  • []Eagleblack6[]
    []Eagleblack6[] Před rokem

    On console when u wiggle it moves at the same speed no matter how fast you move your joy stick will this be changed?

  • Justin Hewitt
    Justin Hewitt Před rokem

    Get rid of Mori shits annoying and ruins survivors at a high rank

  • Jordan Foruonly
    Jordan Foruonly Před rokem +1


  • MH Gaming
    MH Gaming Před rokem

    dead by daylight Mobile

  • obay444
    obay444 Před rokem

    are you going to add anything new to DLC like items or game modes

  • ForgottenTitan
    ForgottenTitan Před rokem

    What about making a hook that activates when a generator is activated that requires you to destroy an active generator in order to save a survivor that’s on a powered hook?

  • Gage Carroll
    Gage Carroll Před rokem

    Can we get a killers v killers mode?

  • Josh Cowherd
    Josh Cowherd Před rokem

    How about a new gamemode in day light like actual day time and where, there is 5 survivors they all the same person no customizing at all and when it turns night time the one of the survivors turns into some monster/demon and once it turns day they back normal maybe some cycles or not maybe just one time, but just make it a little diffrent experience, like maybe changes the gens to something else like power up light poles idk 😂😂 also maybe a new gate like maybe a fence you gotta cutt or something or a ladder you climb, also no partying up because people will probably coop with friends

  • Mr. Bofo
    Mr. Bofo Před rokem

    Make the one unhooking able to cancel unhooking, and make the hooked one able to do something to alert their team mate to the killer being near, but only when they're being unhooked.

  • Algernon Papadopoulos
    Algernon Papadopoulos Před rokem

    Kindred as a default ability would be nice, make’s decisions a little bit more swift and effective.

  • Nicole’s World
    Nicole’s World Před rokem

    Can we have a middle finger emote so you can flip the killer off when he hooks you that would be satisfying

  • Renan Gonçalves Flores

    Does any of you devs play the game? For real?

  • Tee Lee
    Tee Lee Před rokem

    Please add GhostFace and Sidney Prescott as well be added as a survivor

  • My Name Pete
    My Name Pete Před rokem

    i know a lot of killer mains are a little upset that they're getting nerfed, but how do you think survivor mains felt when they were constantly getting nerfed? I think its a fair change as i switched from survivor to killer main as survivor felt too hard and the hit boxes are too big. Make the hit boxes smaller. tHanKS.

  • Doctor 2.0
    Doctor 2.0 Před rokem

    Pls don't ask for more killer buff

  • Squidman 6166
    Squidman 6166 Před rokem

    devs you should upgrade on your EAC[easy anti cheat] because their is still lots of hackers, in my opinion i hate versing them they make the game not fun but most likely fun for them.

  • njasekolbuceia ceuiacbia

    Great to see camping is taking a hit. I also love the new pallet changes, they are currently feeling quite inconsistent. Now we just need to remove more pallet loop spots and the game will be in a much healthier state.

  • panca hanum
    panca hanum Před rokem

    pretty good job so far, so many camper on v2

  • Teddy Trollz
    Teddy Trollz Před rokem

    Plz make survivors die faster on the hook

    • Flecient L
      Flecient L Před rokem

      Teddy Trollz then once you chase more instead of standing at the hook you’ll get smarter and know the survivors tricks in chase and you’ll get better at the game

    • Flecient L
      Flecient L Před rokem

      Teddy Trollz they nerf’d survivors so much what are you talking about pallet loop is damn near impossible with the pallet change, the exhaustion change, survivors even rank 1’s are dropping like flies now I’m a high rank survivor and it’s rare for more then two to escape you need to get better as killer stop camping you get more points and experience by chasing and hunting the other survivors ..they feel like a god because you camp and they do gens and get out. Play more get better at the game and you’ll be fine just because you camp and they manage to escape and do gens doesn’t mean make survivors weaker it means get good at the game.

    • Teddy Trollz
      Teddy Trollz Před rokem

      @Flecient L the fact of the matter is rite now survivors feel like gods, I play survivor a lot more than killer and i just can't be afraid of something that has to catch up to me, hit me twice just to get me down just so I can be revived a few seconds later and do it all again 3 more times b4 I finally get taken while the whole time my teammates have completed all gens and are now leaving the killer in their dust its not balanced at all

    • Flecient L
      Flecient L Před rokem +1

      Teddy Trollz like why don’t you just ask for survivors to die on first hook lmao we need a chance to play too if you weren’t watching them die and looking for other survivors you wouldn’t have problems with how long it takes them to die on hook, camper.

    • Flecient L
      Flecient L Před rokem +1

      Teddy Trollz no don’t feel bad ass honestly just killing them quicker isn’t fair especially since they take their sweet time to save someone anyway get good at the game stop camping the hook

  • Was auch immer
    Was auch immer Před rokem

    STOP lobby hopping killer and survivors with 1 day time out and new game mode

  • Lachlan Hilton.
    Lachlan Hilton. Před rokem

    Please please please make dedicated servers! Hosts are too unreliable!

  • L- GZY
    L- GZY Před rokem

    Why does the audio quality constantly change?

  • Johnny 2fly
    Johnny 2fly Před rokem +1

    Make hooked survivor last longer on the hook if the killer is face camping

  • TheDuskOne
    TheDuskOne Před rokem

    How about including Pyramid Head?

  • James Day
    James Day Před rokem

    Guys,great game . Late to the party but totally addiction now, Michael Myers being the favourite

  • Nuggetツ
    Nuggetツ Před rokem

    Killer idea:The shifter
    This killer can morph into any of the survivors in the trial, he takes time to morph into the survivor , or out of the survivor like the wraith. The shifter can run , walk, and vault over items. But he cannot work on generators. His weapon can be a fireaxe. Like so dead by daylight devs.

    DEADSCHOOLED Před rokem

    Gens should take twice as long to repair.
    Maps should be shrunk in half or no extra generator items.

    DEADSCHOOLED Před rokem

    Killers are not freaking strong enough. This is ridiculous.

    • Flecient L
      Flecient L Před rokem

      DEADSCHOOLED they are beyond strong after the patch get good

  • KING_Oso_7
    KING_Oso_7 Před rokem

    Bbq invite 2 gens left killer dc for no reason can we finish the game even after he quit I lose a pip because salty ppl can't play fair

  • AeroSimmer
    AeroSimmer Před rokem

    You guys ever consider a contest for fans to design an original killer and/or Survivor?

  • CristianCJSantoS
    CristianCJSantoS Před rokem

    Next Chapter: Child's Play
    New Killer: Chucky
    New Survivor: Andy Barclay
    Thumbs up if you agree.

  • chapinero017
    chapinero017 Před rokem

    RIP rank 1 killers, they might as well allow them to close the hatch for compassion purposes

  • CloverKnight
    CloverKnight Před rokem

    since Survivor Quality of life is so important to the devs, is there any way you can fix being hit through a window after you jumped through it?

  • KING_Oso_7
    KING_Oso_7 Před rokem

    Sometimes it takes 30 min to an hour to find a lobby and when we do the killer dc I lose my good offerings I spend bloodpoints to get. someone do something please this game take a long time to find a lobby then boom it happens killer back out I can't deal with it!

  • Truth of Reality
    Truth of Reality Před rokem

    Any chance we could see Candyman in the future?

  • Nodlens
    Nodlens Před rokem

    please translate the game for portuguese on ps4

  • IPR0
    IPR0 Před rokem

    I think that exhaustion should go down while running but 75% slower than normal. Not at all is a bit harsh

  • Roku
    Roku Před rokem

    I feel like a cancel unhook action would be very good actually because trolls could just not care about ranking or pipping they just wanna be assholes sometimes but why would anyone want to kick someone away from a safe unhook? If they do that they are trolling themselves. Just my thoughts im excited for this new patch update!

  • Roku
    Roku Před rokem

    I miss the old music and killer music I hope they will come back soon ;-;

  • Stabby boi Finnfx
    Stabby boi Finnfx Před rokem

    I the dead hard problem... Just get dedicated servers

  • Samuel/Sami Rus
    Samuel/Sami Rus Před rokem

    Who will be the killer from September?

  • Evil Within IV
    Evil Within IV Před rokem

    Signori i survivor avranno la possibilità di droppare i pallet col pensiero

  • Evil Within IV
    Evil Within IV Před rokem

    David King che droppa il pallet senza neanche afferrarlo? Seri?

  • R20XBOX
    R20XBOX Před rokem

    When it vote maps???

  • Mr Cat 333
    Mr Cat 333 Před rokem

    And there is a Bug with Dark perception u cant See freddy when gen is ready

  • LogicOpposer
    LogicOpposer Před rokem

    Add Jeepers Creepers to Dead by Daylight. Base him on all three movies.
    Bring us more DLC character skins.

  • Mr Cat 333
    Mr Cat 333 Před rokem +1

    Nice game but stop doing skins or doing Stupid fixes FIX THE BROKEN HITBOX!!!

  • supermegapenguindroid Gunter

    ds shouldnt be changed as it is already a known high risk high reward perk that if missed will be rendered useless.

  • ixsicness
    ixsicness Před rokem

    Why did you make the option to invert camera/controld a face button instead of leaving it in the options menu like a competent dev?
    People invert their controls before they play not midgame.
    I accidentally pressed whatever facebutton you limited intellects decided to make invert controls on my first game completely ruining it and now i am happy i didnt pay for this as you devs are clearly incompetent

  • dielex 486
    dielex 486 Před rokem

    Baff the wraith every killer need to have the same power

  • † NarkOo †
    † NarkOo † Před rokem +1


  • Two Snaps
    Two Snaps Před rokem

    Anyone else have a issue with the killer hit box on ps4?

    WE ARE YOUR TEST Před rokem +2

    What about jeepers creepers

  • Epicstevey Mega
    Epicstevey Mega Před rokem


  • slycam47
    slycam47 Před rokem

    Its easy for survivors, now even easier for them, means more toxic players too

  • sonickid18
    sonickid18 Před rokem

    new killer idea. The joker.

  • Marcos Sater
    Marcos Sater Před rokem

    We need new maps, killers and survivors, lets make more terror! And fix bugs pls

  • Tobert das Plaetzchent

    Borrowed time
    Devs: Its a perk which is can be used outplay campers
    This is how it works in the game:
    Survivor is hooked and the killer is standing in front of him, you as survivor with borrowed time, tries to rescue him and this is how it goes.
    Ýou are going for the safe, then the killers sees you because and you cant reach the hooked survivor without getting noticed so you get your first hit. Then you are finally on the hook and then you made it he is unhooked and is protected by borrowed time!!!... but whats that the killer hits you the second time and... not the other guy? ...suddenly you are down... he isnt chasing the other guy.... because camper dont do that so you sacrifiec yourself without any result and borrowed time was useless how can that be? how it comes that this perk wasnt useful at all?
    Conclusion: if it jsut would have protect me too (like in old days), or rather to keep the "balance" just protect the first person who gets the hit and not the other person this perk could be used from person who play sole survivor, but no no it would just piss off more killers who are made because they cant go against teams. i bet it wouldnt be that much diffrtent in a game then the killer would lose to this team with or without this perk in one way or another because survivor play dependent on their perks, no one would go for a straight safe without such an perk they would find another way like teams always do. you can see this because killer are still just to "WEAK" ami right they are gettign pushed because devs are just thinking their community are jsut of fulll pro team survivors who bully killer they cant imagine there are sole survivor which want to have fun at least they dont act liek they would care about that fact