Know Your Bro with the Jonas Brothers

  • čas přidán 13. 06. 2019
  • Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas take turns putting on noise-cancelling headphones while Jimmy asks the brothers questions about each other and challenges them to match each other's answers.
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    Know Your Bro with the Jonas Brothers
  • KomedieKomedie

Komentáře • 1 412

  • Diksha Dhiman
    Diksha Dhiman Před 10 hodinami

    Joe is the cutest XD

  • A A
    A A Před 10 hodinami +1

    We want got7 in the show

  • Ishita Sahu
    Ishita Sahu Před 10 hodinami

    Please show the list of songs they were listening because now I’m really effing curious....

    SIMPLE VIEW CLAN kansai Před 11 hodinami

    Justin bieber:Im the most handsome boy

    Jonas brother:Hold my priyanka ass

  • Larry stylinson
    Larry stylinson Před 12 hodinami

    “You gotta watch the show” LMAO

  • humming bird
    humming bird Před 12 hodinami

    Jimmys hangover beard is the worst

  • Nikolai Junker
    Nikolai Junker Před 12 hodinami

    thank you for playing 5:51

  • Ren Martinez
    Ren Martinez Před 14 hodinami

    Nick in Pink. Nick in Pink. Nick in Pink. 😍

  • Usagi
    Usagi Před 15 hodinami

    I’m living for the Jonas Brothers content

  • Ashley Downey
    Ashley Downey Před 15 hodinami

    This reminds of when they were on The Late Late show recently. James decided to do a lie detector test and he asked Joe if he liked all of his sister-in-laws and Joe said yes he did. But it turns out that he was lying. I wonder if he dislikes Priyanka. Kevin's daughter originally did not like Priyanka, but Nick said it was because she is very protective of Nick.

  • Injot Nijjar
    Injot Nijjar Před 16 hodinami +1

    Kevin Jonas

    That’s it that’s the comment

  • Hazel Cesar
    Hazel Cesar Před 17 hodinami

    "I'm pretty sure we had the cops called on us 3 times" for each Jonas? Lol

  • Supreme_billie
    Supreme_billie Před 17 hodinami

    Joe: Watch the show

  • a l a i n a
    a l a i n a Před 18 hodinami

    They all exposed each other😶😂😂

  • Laraine Batilona
    Laraine Batilona Před 19 hodinami

    I just honestly want the J sisters to be interviewed together. Anyone else?😉😉

  • kennedywilkinson
    kennedywilkinson Před 20 hodinami

    I’m burning up over the Jonas brothers

  • hào nguyễn
    hào nguyễn Před 21 hodinou

    very useful

  • Aditi Tripathi
    Aditi Tripathi Před 21 hodinou +1

    When nick has more shoes then Priyanka aka. former Ms. World

  • Simply Unicorn
    Simply Unicorn Před 22 hodinami

    Baby shark!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Britne Phillips
    Britne Phillips Před 22 hodinami

    Them getting back together has been the highlight of my year

  • Milly
    Milly Před 22 hodinami

    You know you've grown up when you realise that Kevin is the hottest Jonas

  • Mariana Venegas
    Mariana Venegas Před 22 hodinami


  • Gabrielle Hanggono
    Gabrielle Hanggono Před 23 hodinami

    All these dislikes from Kevin right after watching this

  • Nymphadora Tonks
    Nymphadora Tonks Před 23 hodinami

    I LOVE them this is so hilarious 😂😂😂😂💞💞💞😍😍😍😂😂😂

  • shawolmblft
    shawolmblft Před 23 hodinami

    HUAHUAU the audiences ooh and kevin and nick's slow laugh fkjhasdkjs

  • Sadie Brh
    Sadie Brh Před 23 hodinami

    Joe and Nick, sweeties I hope you're doing well! Kevin votes for trump so who cares

  • Kaity Mcgarigle
    Kaity Mcgarigle Před dnem

    I love how they are matching

  • ᕼI ᕼIᕼI
    ᕼI ᕼIᕼI Před dnem

    😂 Nick and Joe cross legs exactly the same

  • Moonlight's Alicorn
    Moonlight's Alicorn Před dnem


  • Nicole Langford
    Nicole Langford Před dnem

    i want to know what they were listening to

  • Dorin New_life
    Dorin New_life Před dnem

    Pink Suit, Nick?! Come on?! Is this an idea of your wife?

  • MIKE
    MIKE Před dnem

    The three faggots bullshit suckers aint shit worth it

  • Magui Contrera
    Magui Contrera Před dnem

    When did nick become in such a diva?

  • Zeynep Eda
    Zeynep Eda Před dnem

    Türkler +1

  • Katirvana
    Katirvana Před dnem

    Jesus christ.. looking back and remembering how much hair kevin used to have..

  • Zeynep Eda
    Zeynep Eda Před dnem +1

    Kirmizilari beyazlarlan karistirmis

  • Melisa Hernandez Diaz


    CAPTAIN PEZZ' Před dnem

    No-one's talking about Nick's suit ?
    Alright ! I'm gonna do it then,
    HE IS SO HOT !!!!!! 🔥💥

  • Maria Va
    Maria Va Před dnem +2

    2:36 *Scandalous*

  • Best Ever Epic Millennial

    Please whatever you do DON'T play the guitar!

  • Sister julie
    Sister julie Před dnem

    it was 'lets wear shades of pink and dont tell joe' day

  • Hafsah Parveen
    Hafsah Parveen Před dnem +1

    Am i the only one who wants to know what songs they were listening 2

    • Hafsah Parveen
      Hafsah Parveen Před dnem

      YES,i liked and replied 2 my own comment

  • John Jermaine Watson

    That pink suit is DRIP 💧

  • Maria Pia
    Maria Pia Před dnem

    Nick is such a Leo baby hahaha

  • Mariam Guillen
    Mariam Guillen Před dnem

    ok but Nick wearing that pink suit is EVERYTHING

  • bee boop
    bee boop Před dnem


  • qimmydaniella sabri
    qimmydaniella sabri Před dnem

    "i brought joe to the tattoo parlour"😂

  • WreckitRaf
    WreckitRaf Před dnem

    Watching Nick listen to the music with those headphones on is everything.

  • Cassondra Daveler
    Cassondra Daveler Před dnem +1

    Did anyone take notice to the strategic placement of the buttons on nicks shirt?

  • it's muffin time
    it's muffin time Před dnem +3

    is it just me or joe looks extra sexy in this video

  • Ada Kiran
    Ada Kiran Před dnem

    Baby shark ? 😂😂

  • Lainie Medina
    Lainie Medina Před dnem +1

    Growing up is realizing Nick Jonas is an arrogant prick.

  • India Louise
    India Louise Před dnem


  • HeyItsAbby
    HeyItsAbby Před dnem +1

    Kevin: what did you guys say?
    Joe: watch the show

    Ps small youtuber here

  • HeyItsAbby
    HeyItsAbby Před dnem +3

    “’s just getting worse and worse😂”
    ps small youtuber here💕✨

  • gilliebilliee
    gilliebilliee Před dnem

    I really wanna know what soundtrack that is

  • Jhaney Hamlett
    Jhaney Hamlett Před dnem

    didn’t they perform at the white house as a group though 😂

  • Melissa Nugent
    Melissa Nugent Před dnem

    I want to know what song they were listening to!

  • Madison Rocker
    Madison Rocker Před dnem

    I love nicks outfit

  • Linda Maria
    Linda Maria Před dnem

    Their suits 🔥

  • Hayley Smith
    Hayley Smith Před dnem



  • Khkula Jalili
    Khkula Jalili Před dnem +1

    Nick and Kevin: let’s wear pink and not tell joe

  • cool waffle15
    cool waffle15 Před dnem

    I hope they do camp rock 3

  • rey urbano
    rey urbano Před dnem +1

    Those outfits are fineeeeeeeee

  • sassyEst
    sassyEst Před dnem

    I like this game lol

  • Rosalind Ng
    Rosalind Ng Před dnem

    Now I really want to know what they’re listening to with that iPod nano

  • Alexx Kwon
    Alexx Kwon Před dnem

    Aren't they all looking so dapper in those suits? Like deeeymm 😍

  • Oblivion •
    Oblivion • Před dnem

    I died at "I performed at the white house a few times" hahahaha I laughed like nuts hahaha 😂😂

  • Lea Knežević
    Lea Knežević Před dnem

    This should be called "Expose your bro with Jonas Brothers"

  • Emilia Brejza
    Emilia Brejza Před dnem

    Damn, Nick's pink suit is goal 😍

  • R S
    R S Před dnem

    Joe and Kevin have on some nice ass boots!!!!!!

  • karol Martínez
    karol Martínez Před dnem

    Me encantaron sus outfits 😻

  • Samantha Booth
    Samantha Booth Před dnem

    The outfits: YESSSSS!!!

  • nilt z
    nilt z Před dnem

    I wonder what song they were listening to 🤔

  • Danielle Marshall
    Danielle Marshall Před dnem

    They're talking so loudly

  • Kapush Cinema
    Kapush Cinema Před dnem

    Jimmy really missed the opportunity to call it “Know Your Jo Bro”

    ART2 ARTISTIC Před dnem

    Some days back i was in love with nick but now they all three of them is just so pure.

  • Yazzy Jazzy
    Yazzy Jazzy Před dnem +2

    Why I can't trust these games lol I feel like they can hear even though they wear headphones!

  • Emily Reyes
    Emily Reyes Před dnem

    “What could have they have possibly have said” *strokes fake beard like a detective*

  • missseventhward
    missseventhward Před dnem

    Lord, Kevin is more Savage then we give him credit for 😂

  • Justin Drew Bieber
    Justin Drew Bieber Před dnem

    Joe looks like a “nick” and nick looks like a “joe”

  • Marleen Fajardo
    Marleen Fajardo Před dnem

    You know why Kevin wasn’t at that concert after the J Bros broke up? Because his back was to sore from carrying the group

  • BashCode
    BashCode Před dnem +1

    Indians are here to hear about priyanka only

  • Welcome To T'z Room
    Welcome To T'z Room Před dnem

    THAT PINK SUIT!!! Nick can do no wrong

  • Josie Nelson
    Josie Nelson Před dnem

    I want to know the song tho...

  • seling97
    seling97 Před dnem

    is that an ipod classic

  • sister jade
    sister jade Před dnem

    Nick I love you Soo much and I would love to meet to you but you look like you swam in bottle of Pepto Bismo I am so sorry and love you!!!!😅😄

  • Lois Sheppard
    Lois Sheppard Před dnem


  • Kassandra Lozano
    Kassandra Lozano Před dnem

    Joe! Hahahahaha tbh that don't surprise me, the funniest man on earth!

  • Kassandra Lozano
    Kassandra Lozano Před dnem

    I don't wanna say this but I'm gonna write this hahaha Kevin is a rain of sunshine in my life❤ Love them so much!

  • Karena Ardaji
    Karena Ardaji Před dnem

    Where did joe come from he looks the most different from his entire family like where did his olivey skin come from

  • Aesthetically Played

    I loveeeeee Nicks suit

  • Sandra Sylvester
    Sandra Sylvester Před dnem +1

    Nick: I WANT SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nightowlx
    Nightowlx Před dnem

    I'm wondering what they were listening to

  • dazaimaru
    dazaimaru Před dnem

    My god they're so LOVEABLE

  • Karla Bannana
    Karla Bannana Před dnem


  • Ana Luisa
    Ana Luisa Před dnem +1

    I just loved their outfits omg😍❤️

  • Emilie Jenkins
    Emilie Jenkins Před dnem

    Am i the only one who loves that part where joe says he had a couple of beers before twenty one hahahaha

  • Ana21
    Ana21 Před dnem +1

    Kevin's voice is so cute 😍

  • A B
    A B Před dnem

    Nick: Hey babe let's go shoe shopping