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The Betrayal of Technoblade on Dream's Server...

  • čas přidán 8. 11. 2020
  • HryHry

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  • Nina Welsh
    Nina Welsh Před 2 lety +2099

    "So you just bend to peer pressure?"
    "Yes. Immediately."
    -Techno 2020

  • dAR1
    dAR1 Před 2 lety +7577

    This content is better than any Netflix show

    • Itsmeplushy
      Itsmeplushy Před 17 dny

      Lol no it’s not

    • trollfack 296
      trollfack 296 Před 25 dny

      I would disagree but I realise everything on Netflix is garbage so I honestly can't

    • 放火 -arson-
      放火 -arson- Před 29 dny


    • Geezer D Luffy
      Geezer D Luffy Před měsícem

      @Leigon 406 what anime ends witha mc being gay lol ive watched 200+ anime and never seen a mc end up being gay

    • randomdude
      randomdude Před měsícem


  • Yin Centeno
    Yin Centeno Před 2 lety +1241

    I love how Tommy's barely holding in his laughter while Techno casually lists a few of his real-world problems 🤣😂

    • joseph meilak
      joseph meilak Před 4 měsíci

      Now 1.1k likes!

    • Gumi
      Gumi Před rokem +22

      "I might've just committed tax fraud recently"

    • BucoPandan_
      BucoPandan_ Před rokem +2

      420 likes baby

  • Because_Why_Not
    Because_Why_Not Před 2 lety +2276

    “You only joined this server to be on our side!”
    “I only joined this server to destroy the government.”
    He said it from the beginning, and they still never listened. They paid the price.

    • What is my life?
      What is my life? Před rokem

      He didn't say "I'ma betray y'all" technoblade always gets the okay, technoblade is the only good guy and he gets away with everyone.

    • Random Person
      Random Person Před rokem +1

      @Dakka 2018 well Wilbur wanted it to be blown up, if you look at the line of command Wilbur and Tommy are at the top, then techno underneath. Wilbur is saying blow it up while Tommy is saying no. Technoblade wants to destroy the government and they all agreed with that saying “any means necessary”.

    • Dakka 2018
      Dakka 2018 Před rokem

      @Mario Moreno This is a pretty old argument but whatever, am gonna try to respond
      They didn't really decieve him. They announced they were gonna retake L'manberg and they did overthrow a dictator, but when you do so there's someone usually taking the place, no? Just because you took over a dictator dosen't mean your not gonna place a new dictator onto the throne. If Technoblade didn't get into his brain that they were actually gonna replace Schlatt with someone else that's his fault, but it's also their fault if they didn't get into their head that Technoblade hated government as a whole. He did it because of his moral compass, that's fair. I can't call him a villain because he's only a villain to people on the L'manberg side, but i'm mixed on whether to call him selfish. He was doing it for the good of everyone, but he was also forcing it onto everybody without exception, he was basically saying "my ideal is better than yours" with the ideal that he thought would benefit everyone. So idk if he's selfish.

    • Mario Moreno
      Mario Moreno Před rokem +1

      @Dakka 2018 Actually, they deceived him into thinking he was helping to overthrow a dictator and then had him do literally all the work to get the supplies for the revolution, then after the revolution, they just installed a new president without an election, completely not caring (or not remembering) that Technoblade's whole thing on the server is that he hates governments, so from Technoblade's POV they'd tricked him to establish a new government and so he spawned withers, which is either good or bad depending on your perspective, but you can't say he just did it because he's a villain or that he's selfish, that is something a lot of viewers fail to consider.

    • Lackin’ Lotus
      Lackin’ Lotus Před rokem +2

      @Dakka 2018 your argument was that techno did pay the price for something, which he did not, he didn’t care about having lmanberg as an ally. He just did his thing and that worked out better for him than possibly any other option.

  • kayli
    kayli Před 2 lety +246

    "Tommy, the thing is your using words, but the thing about this world Tommy is that the only universal language is violence. And we've had that conversation, we've spoken that language, in the pit. It's over Tommy. Onto a new day, a new plot, to destroy Manburg." -Techno 2020
    The best quote EVER

    • Nepsy
      Nepsy Před rokem

      No comments needed...

  • yourstruly
    yourstruly Před 2 lety +4033

    Techno: kills Tubbo
    Tommy: heart broken and mad at Techno and saying that he has betrayed pogtopia
    Tubbo: Respawns

    ÆUGH ÆUGH Před 2 lety +2740

    “Techno, you drove a pickup truck into an orphanage.”
    “*It stays in the pit*.”

    • Indihomie
      Indihomie Před rokem

      if only it were true

    • Oh No no
      Oh No no Před rokem

      When do they say it

    • emersyn
      emersyn Před 2 lety


    • Evoblade
      Evoblade Před 2 lety +2


    • crownedchaos
      crownedchaos Před 2 lety +12

      @THEMaNIsWOrTHit "This is an interesting situation"

  • Ray Russell
    Ray Russell Před 2 lety +596

    Techno: Um, might've just commited tax fraud recently,

    • Villager Supremacy
      Villager Supremacy Před rokem +4

      Tommy: what’s wrong with you?
      Technoblade: uh a lot of things actually, i have a bad attention span, uh bad at conversation, don’t really deal with social conversations well, might’ve just committed tax fraud recently.

    • Zwabbah
      Zwabbah Před rokem


    • Philip Marchand
      Philip Marchand Před 2 lety +1

      BOiS SeT hIm FreE!

  • Marcos J. Martinez
    Marcos J. Martinez Před 2 lety +453

    Techno: is very depressing and realistic
    Me: “this man can’t just say something positive for once”

    • Zwabbah
      Zwabbah Před rokem


    • Patrick Anderson
      Patrick Anderson Před 2 lety +23

      He literally plugged his channel into the entire genocide.

  • CAG Wentzel
    CAG Wentzel Před 2 lety +138

    "At the end of the day tubbos really the one who made this all happen"
    Quakity, the one who made schaltt win by sharing the vote with him,and wilbur who made the election happen in the first place:👁️👄👁️

    • Le Pickle
      Le Pickle Před rokem +2

      Dream who decided to let L’manberg have its independence: 👁👄👁
      Tommy who decided to sacrifice his discs: 👁👄👁
      Tommy who also challenged to dream to a duel: 👁👄👁
      Eret who decided to betray L’manberg: 👁👄👁
      Everyone who decided to fight in the L’manberg revolution: 👁👄👁
      Wilbur who decided to start L’manberg: 👁👄👁
      Dream who decided to let Tommy on the server: 👁👄👁
      Dream and George deciding to create an SMP: 👁👄👁

  • Lyrate
    Lyrate Před 2 lety +7651

    Technoblade absolutely refusing to roleplay the entire time is possibly the funniest part of this SMP

    • pepper10
      pepper10 Před rokem +1

      He doesn’t need role play he’s to epic

    • Aige
      Aige Před rokem +1


    • MB
      MB Před rokem

      @RiftspiritIV me too, and then I was always so confused when they would play different games together like Among us right after or something and act like they weren't just trying to kill eachother

    • Santino Ocon
      Santino Ocon Před 2 lety

      @KartAUF_L me k we

    • Noobface
      Noobface Před 2 lety +1

      Lol listen to the end, it’s all part of his character. He doesn’t care what happens he just wants chaos and anarchy.

  • kazue. -san
    kazue. -san Před 2 lety +95

    Tommy’s and tubbo’s friendship is literally so wholesome, I CANTTTT

  • memes should stay as dreams
    memes should stay as dreams Před 2 lety +71

    "He LiTeRaLlY bEtRaYeD yOu In A hEaRt-BeAt" meanwhile technoblade mentally struggles with millions of voices, 20 people staring at him and he doesn't even get any help from his allies. Yet he got called the traitor? Like ow.

    • Le Pickle
      Le Pickle Před rokem

      @epicblue 00 EXACTLY! Tommy ,who was dressed in full netherite armour, decided not to help Techno. He had an enderpearl so he could have their and killed Schlatt and Quackity

    • epicblue 00
      epicblue 00 Před rokem +2

      @Blazing Diamond and who stood by while he was subjected to mild peer pressure instead of helping? Tommyinnit

    • Blazing Diamond
      Blazing Diamond Před rokem +4

      @Sacred Falx They are talking about how killing Tubbo and listening to Jschlatt basically betrays every code he was with . People who are anti-government usually wouldn’t listen to the president of a country to kill a friend of your fellow revolutionaries so yeah I think this is the one and only inconsistency with Technoblade character in the entire story
      But at the end of the day still team techno

    • Sacred Falx
      Sacred Falx Před rokem +6

      @sutedz Nah he made his goals clear from the start

    • sutedz
      sutedz Před rokem +2

      Technically though, he is a traitor

  • rosie
    rosie Před 2 lety +159

    "might have just committed tax fraud recently"
    we just gonna move past that?

  • MelodyTheatre
    MelodyTheatre Před 2 lety +14

    This video really shows that even though Tommy makes fun of Tubbo and acts like he’s constantly annoyed by him, deep down he really does care a lot about him and considers him a close friend. He was literally willing to fight one of the best players just because Techno killed Tubbo. They’re such good friends and that’s just incredibly wholesome

  • tobioghoull
    tobioghoull Před 2 lety +3811

    alternate title: techno's blood lust kicks in and he "accidentally" kills the majority of dream smp in under 10 seconds-

  • This is a username
    This is a username Před 2 lety +53

    "There were like 20 guys who would have killed me where I stood!"
    -The same person who killed basically everyone at the festival after he killed Tubbo, Schlatt, and Quackity

  • R.
    R. Před 2 lety +41

    “The thing with this world is that the only universal language is violence and we’ve had that conversation, we’ve spoken that language in the pit.
    It’s over tommy, onto a new day a new plot...
    To DESTROY L’manberg ha ha”
    - technoblade

  • Richard Hernandez
    Richard Hernandez Před 2 lety +45

    tommy: you killed 20 people
    technoblade: it stays in the pit

  • Ejekekekekneneke Jajajakkakajakajajjajjajajaj

    No one:
    Literally No One:
    Technoblade: iN tHe PiT

  • joey
    joey Před 2 lety +3673

    "sometimes you just gotta kill a crowd of people with a rocket launcher yk?"
    - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    • Angie Weiss
      Angie Weiss Před 2 lety


    • NthDrunkMan 69
      NthDrunkMan 69 Před 2 lety

      @Cool Cal Chicken Bone "sometimes report some shithead for self promoting" Sun-Tzu the art of war

    • SimbalacrA
      SimbalacrA Před 2 lety

      @Cali *stop abusing suns*

    • bananaSlayer
      bananaSlayer Před 2 lety +1

      And make it painless and colorful at the same time 😎

    • Classic Dannyboy
      Classic Dannyboy Před 2 lety +2

      @Cool Cal Chicken Bone sometimes you need to report self promoters and hope they get banned
      - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  • Systematichaos
    Systematichaos Před 2 lety +9

    Wilbur: If we crouch, they can't see our names.
    Jschlatt: *stares into Tommy's soul*

  • Karen Lau
    Karen Lau Před 2 lety +2

    11:35 Wilbur acts so psychopathic here (and this whole video). As a man who lost his power and has been exiled, he has thrown away his morals for the pure enjoyment of the war and the fight.
    I love it

  • rekaSHADE
    rekaSHADE Před rokem +7

    Tommy is one of those Twitter people that gets more offended by the message than the targeted group.

  • Odze
    Odze Před 2 lety +3

    It's strangely beautiful how wise Techno can be... and then in an instant, the opposite.

  • Choks Raisins
    Choks Raisins Před 2 lety +2025

    Techno: Literally commits a massacre to a whole crowd of people
    Tommy: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that

    • LSL SFM
      LSL SFM Před 2 lety

      @John Dominc Bajamundi ironic considering dream formally stated that he will help jschlatt last friday

    • Sam Panicker
      Sam Panicker Před 2 lety +2

      @John Dominc Bajamundi U sux

    • John Dominc Bajamundi
      John Dominc Bajamundi Před 2 lety

      @Drew Caraig ok

    • Drew Caraig
      Drew Caraig Před 2 lety +2

      @John Dominc Bajamundi nothing,just telling you that you must make him make the decision himself

    • John Dominc Bajamundi
      John Dominc Bajamundi Před 2 lety

      @Drew Caraig whats the problem

  • Maddox
    Maddox Před 7 měsíci +2

    I love how you can see that everyone is trying to be serious while also trying not to laugh cuz of Techno

    • R D
      R D Před 6 měsíci

      Recent comment that‘s decent let‘s gooo!
      The best thing about Techno‘s entire performance was that he was the only one to NEVER break character. Everyone else goofing off and then demanding utter sincerity during lore bits always felt so weird. Techno completely circumvented that by just being himself at all times. It can make roleplay so much easier!
      (Applies to any sort of roleplay: Don‘t bend over backwards to portray something, insert parts of your natural self into it so you don‘t have to constantly think „what would this character do“. Thinking fast is impossible if your character feels like a complete stranger to you.)
      That said, I always enjoy seeing other perspectives from Techno‘s. I‘m kinda used to his pov, but looking from the outside is what makes you appreciate why he made everyone nervous. And Tommy just never kept his distance, even in character. =)

  • Dem Sheol
    Dem Sheol Před 2 lety +35

    Dream smp really is a whole ass Netflix show like bro i-

  • IplayGames29
    IplayGames29 Před 2 lety +14

    I need the entire war to become a movie

    • Faded_Void
      Faded_Void Před 2 lety

      It is search it up. Well Manburg verse Pogtopia

  • bc123vv
    bc123vv Před rokem +1

    I love how chaotically deceptive Wilbur is

  • Oliver Schwarz
    Oliver Schwarz Před 2 lety +2123

    Techno: literally kills everyone
    Tommy: alright. Cut that out!

    • Classicopop
      Classicopop Před 2 lety

      @tcc i didnt understand that, but sure.

    • tcc
      tcc Před 2 lety

      techno hilling commonwealth and doughboy just straight-up-and-down up anthropophagous on the self-determination pf the ultranationalist

    • MeboDotExe
      MeboDotExe Před 2 lety

      @Shell S imagine reverse psychology self promotion

    • voidcdxx
      voidcdxx Před 2 lety

      @a low quality emoji a trend

    • Estrode
      Estrode Před 2 lety +1

      yeah wtf

  • kyotik
    kyotik Před 2 lety +14

    9:46 tubbo felt brave when tommy was beside him LMAOOOO WHAT A CUTE REACTION

  • paul jackson
    paul jackson Před rokem +1

    Techno just going “it stays in the pit” and shaking his head is just hilarious

  • Hailey..
    Hailey.. Před rokem +2

    Watching this 10 months later is crazy I remember this live and freaking out

  • Conquer 9999
    Conquer 9999 Před 7 měsíci +1

    Techno has been the coolest dude I ever seen. Rest in peace blood God

  • IrrationalMango
    IrrationalMango Před 2 lety +2248

    “The fall of technoblade”
    Impossible. Perhaps the archives are incomplete.

  • Kenny
    Kenny Před 2 lety

    To think it was almost a year ago I was watching him with only like 70k-100k subs. Now look at him. Im actually proud Please keep growing tommy, the hard work paid off.

  • Axel F
    Axel F Před 2 lety

    Can we all just take a moment to respect the fact that Tubbo's last words were literally just _"what the hell?"_

  • Matt
    Matt Před 2 lety +2

    If this isn't Technoblade's downfall than it was definitely his actions taken after the revolution.

  • K1JOKER Is a god
    K1JOKER Is a god Před 2 lety +4

    They should make the dream smp a show on Netflix

  • SalDan
    SalDan Před 2 lety +3403

    "You're supposed to kill Shclatt, not Tubbo"
    To be fair, he killed everyone.

    • Francis CS
      Francis CS Před 5 měsíci

      Yeah, he did blew up the *entire stage* .

    • HisokasBetterThanYou
      HisokasBetterThanYou Před rokem

      yeah the firework kinda had to-

    • boyet
      boyet Před rokem +1

      yeah and to be fair it was kinda funny

    • TheHoboJojo
      TheHoboJojo Před 2 lety


    • Eagan _
      Eagan _ Před 2 lety

      Equal rights equal death

  • Mojofang
    Mojofang Před 2 lety +1

    Tommy was sweating so hard in the pit when techno still had like 8 hearts 😂

  • Unprofessional artist
    Unprofessional artist Před 2 lety +1

    Tommy’s face when jschaltt said tubbo is his right hand man. He was so sad! I love how protective he is of him. And I love their friendship

  • Okko Heiniö
    Okko Heiniö Před rokem +1

    Technoblade's speech at the end
    Out of context: epic quote, goes in the movie trailer
    In context: Techno tries to bullshit Tommy

  • JosepiThe13th
    JosepiThe13th Před 2 lety

    Tubbo: I’m not an advocate of violence.
    Tubbo just moments before: I actually do kinda want to see them fight.

  • hello
    hello Před 2 lety +1

    It's funny how techno sometimes refuse to roleplay he betrayed them and wants to take down the government, he's just being himself there's no fight or flight response, just plain genocide.

  • TKtheGK_13
    TKtheGK_13 Před rokem +1

    Tommy was trying not to laugh when techno said all the problems he had😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Brooke_the_theatre_kid
    Brooke_the_theatre_kid Před rokem +4

    Nihachu silently watching as Tommy just has a go at techno for killing Tubbo end being reacted by Wilbur😂🤚

  • Jozycat Jozycat
    Jozycat Jozycat Před 2 lety

    You can hear the anxiety in Techno's voice he really is scared of peer pressure

  • William Hanna
    William Hanna Před 2 lety +1485

    I appreciate that Techno's reaction to fear is not the typical Fight or Flight, its to literally *murder everyone*

    • HarryAG
      HarryAG Před 2 lety

      I’m the 999th likes of this comment

    • Fyre Willow
      Fyre Willow Před 2 lety

      When in doubt, commit mass genocide....

    • ME36
      ME36 Před 2 lety


    • Join the communist Party, we got cookies
      Join the communist Party, we got cookies Před 2 lety

      If technos card declines in the store........ he just pulls out the grenade launcer.

    • Jdubc29
      Jdubc29 Před 2 lety

      @ME36 so ur saying if ur scared u would murder everyone with a rocket powered crossbow which kills like 15 people
      in my opinion thats not a normal reaction (don’t get triggered at this im just saying thats not a normal reaction

  • UY
    UY Před 2 lety

    I feel like we need to get the entire dream army

  • waitlexist
    waitlexist Před 2 lety

    can we take a moment to appreciate that Tommy is always playing music from video games? Like, when he played music from fire emblem I freaked-

  • Someone
    Someone Před 2 lety

    "The oppurtinity of defeating the enemy
    Is provided by the enemy himself" -Sun Tzu Art of War
    That explains why he did jschlatt orders so he can kill schlatt

  • Mmm
    Mmm Před rokem

    I love how techno blade says he was under peer pressure when he is the best pvper and could of killed schlatt

  • Inactive
    Inactive Před 2 lety +6335

    techno: "i mightve just committed tax fraud recently-"
    tommy: "techno you killed tubbo"
    techno: "oh, and the murders."

  • Artist OfSHIELD
    Artist OfSHIELD Před rokem

    I like how Technoblade doesn’t even react when Tommy keeps hitting him in Pogtopia 😂

  • Ben Kerley
    Ben Kerley Před 2 lety +1

    This is sooooooooooooo entertaining and I love this

  • y Eva
    y Eva Před 2 lety

    Techno has the best humor I ever seen 😂😂😂

  • natalie cc
    natalie cc Před rokem +5

    tubbo literally about to be killed;
    also tubbo: smiling
    time stamp: idk let me check

  • Lightspeed
    Lightspeed Před 2 lety +2103

    Tommy: "What's wrong with you?"
    Techno: "You see, it all started when I was born."

  • Ab Gamer
    Ab Gamer Před rokem +1

    I was waiting for Wilbur to say “Tommy, take the kill shot.”

  • Raza Mirza
    Raza Mirza Před 2 lety

    All jokes aside, this rp server is going great and keeps getting better

  • Roninjain
    Roninjain Před 2 lety +1

    Build up for this exact moment was insane omg

  • TristanJ4y
    TristanJ4y Před rokem +1

    you can see how wilbur really starts to lose his mind and go insane

    • Olive
      Olive Před rokem

      yeah you can slowly see him loose it and its really sad

  • The Yoinked Trio
    The Yoinked Trio Před 2 lety +677

    Alternate Title: Technoblade “accidentally” kills everybody.

    • Cosmogyral Collective
      Cosmogyral Collective Před 2 lety

      @The Creeper yea a pity really

    • Darksaber DC
      Darksaber DC Před 2 lety +2

      Alternate Alternate Alternate Title: pig commits mass genocide on an entire Minecraft nation because the president was peer pressuring him

    • The Creeper
      The Creeper Před 2 lety +2

      Unfortunately his genocide which was the best part of the entire stream got cut out

    • Alfie
      Alfie Před 2 lety +2

      Oh it wasn’t a accident

    • onii
      onii Před 2 lety +8

      Because of peer pressure

  • Bashir Mahmud
    Bashir Mahmud Před rokem +1

    I like how at the beginning of when Tommy joined Dream SMP he called it “Dream’s Server”

  • Declan Huber
    Declan Huber Před 2 lety +1

    People say Techno isn't role-playing but I think that the lackadaisical, deadpan, violent yet calm and collected cynic badass is just his character.

  • Mrs Miller
    Mrs Miller Před 2 lety +2

    "Are you sure?" he said as he stared at Jschlatt clearly staring directly at him XD

  • CloakNDagg
    CloakNDagg Před 2 lety +7

    This aged well LMAO

  • Sai R
    Sai R Před 2 lety +3097

    Tommy: "So you just bend to peer pressure."
    Techno: *Yes. Immediately*

    • Tayskii
      Tayskii Před rokem


    • KeyboardSmash
      KeyboardSmash Před 2 lety

      @Fox Gaming41 clout for the clout god

    • Geoman265
      Geoman265 Před 2 lety +1

      Jesus that's a lot of bots

    • Samuel Yang
      Samuel Yang Před 2 lety

      Idk why techno was scared bc he killed half him peers in 10 seconds

    • TheRoyaleGods
      TheRoyaleGods Před 2 lety

      Technoblade and Tommy in LA!

  • TanglySaucer447
    TanglySaucer447 Před 3 měsíci +1

    I am not a Stan or barely a fan of the SMP, but I love the frick out of Tommy and Techno will never get old

  • Jogher
    Jogher Před rokem +1

    "It stays in the pit"
    - Sun Tzu - the art of war

  • Boblet
    Boblet Před rokem

    I love how he keeps calling it ‘Dreams Server’

  • iixDinø_Bxnxii
    iixDinø_Bxnxii Před 9 měsíci

    Tommy’s so protective of tubbo it’s just adorable

  • AB Tamez
    AB Tamez Před 2 lety +3749

    New title:
    Tommy tries to talk- “IT STAYS IN THE PIT”

    • KilTheRoach
      KilTheRoach Před 2 lety +1

      @Charles IT. STAYS. IN. THE. PIT.

    • Charles
      Charles Před 2 lety

      He said they're gonna settle things in the pit. But tommy could'nt get it over with so I'm gonna side with techno on this one

    • Størmy Breeze
      Størmy Breeze Před 2 lety +1

      It stays in the pit 🐷😔🗡👊💪👑

    • tcc
      tcc Před 2 lety

      all of it every undifferentiated accomplishment stays in the disfiguration no meaningfulness what they do and no meaningfulness shat they approximatively

    • Speclore
      Speclore Před 2 lety +2

      Techno: It stays in the pit.

  • viv :|
    viv :| Před 2 lety +1

    Bro for real R.I.P Technoblade mean. He was a legend in this server and will be missed. We love you , Technoblade and Tommy

  • chicken muppets
    chicken muppets Před 2 lety

    I came here right after rewatching the SBI MCC and the funniest bit is that Wilbur said he hated the color purple and Tommy as his caption as purple.

  • MB
    MB Před rokem +6

    title: *The betrayal of Technoblade...*
    thumbnail: **tommy being happy and laughing**

  • British Youtuber
    British Youtuber Před 2 lety

    Schlatt is like an anime protagonist that's actually hecking good, Schlatt's awesome despite being evil on the dream smp

  • ezzi
    ezzi Před 2 lety +1

    Broooo, in the pit, imagine how absolutely SICK it would be if Tommyinnit won in the pit. They would see “Technoblade was slain by Tommyinnit”

  • Justsausage
    Justsausage Před 8 měsíci +1

    Tommys vids just make our day so much better it’s like a series but it’s free

  • Helmet Pigeon
    Helmet Pigeon Před rokem +6

    the thumbnail: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Some Kid
    Some Kid Před 2 lety

    I like how tommy is always involved

  • Bex
    Bex Před 2 lety +1031

    Wilbur as president: A man insisting to solve wars with words ---
    Wilbur as a banned citizen: A man who's plan is to blow up the whole country and watch pitfights ---
    Ahh yes, people do change

    • itzmolls
      itzmolls Před rokem +1

      people change like the tides in the ocean

    • Jake Er
      Jake Er Před 2 lety +17

      People change, but for the better or the worse, thats up to the people that are caught in the crossfire to decide

    • sandra gallegos
      sandra gallegos Před 2 lety +45

      you either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

  • 𝙲𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚢𝚕
    𝙲𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚢𝚕 Před rokem +3

    I like how niki was killed by ponk and no one reacted

  • Inggy Red
    Inggy Red Před 2 lety +5

    The fall of Technoblade isn't exactly accurate, its more "Technoblade kicked everyone's asses"

  • ChaoticNeutral49
    ChaoticNeutral49 Před rokem

    Why do I feel like Wilbur’s sanity just dropped drastically?

  • Honey Honey
    Honey Honey Před 2 lety +1

    The way Tommy is protecting Tommy 🥺

    • Axel F
      Axel F Před 2 lety

      _ya might wanna proofread that, m8_

  • Arthur and Stuff
    Arthur and Stuff Před 2 lety +1511

    "Tommy the thing is you're using words, but the thing about this world, Tommy, is that the only universal language is violence, and we've had that conversation."
    (C) Technoblade (12:37)

    • Sai R
      Sai R Před 2 lety +1

      IN THE PIT

    • Key Crafter
      Key Crafter Před 2 lety

      @Anikek ek the thing u need to know about english is that "there our know rules"

    • Sun Tzu
      Sun Tzu Před 2 lety

      @Dilya I would copyright claim it

    • Sun Tzu
      Sun Tzu Před 2 lety

      @Merlin Williams The Dream SMP pit

    • Dilya
      Dilya Před 2 lety +3

      Techno should write a quotebook called “Techno Tzu, the art of war”

  • YRU Sweaty
    YRU Sweaty Před 2 lety +1

    I love how jschlatt sounds like a villain

  • It’s Weskin’ Time
    It’s Weskin’ Time Před 2 lety +1

    Tommy needs to make a new town and get ready to blow up l’manberg.

  • John Bravo
    John Bravo Před rokem

    Its fun finding the quotes used in animations, its like the most brutal game of bingo

  • SeamsLegit
    SeamsLegit Před 6 měsíci +1

    *tommy continues talking*
    Techno: I might’ve committed tax fraud recently

  • Breh
    Breh Před 2 lety +1333

    Tommy: "the fall of technoblade"
    TechNoBlade: "the fall of dream"
    WilburSoot: "the fall of manburg"

    • oshibb
      oshibb Před 2 lety


    • Dylan dave Dajotoy
      Dylan dave Dajotoy Před 2 lety


    • birdiz
      birdiz Před 2 lety

      Tubbo: "the fall"

    • snaukball
      snaukball Před 2 lety

      manburg: "the fall of the fall of the fall of the fall of the fall of tommyinnit"

    • aslynn wong
      aslynn wong Před 2 lety

      Sad-ist : f*ck it. "the fall"

  • Flynnie
    Flynnie Před rokem

    Tommy needs to make a playlist of this

  • NotRidz
    NotRidz Před 6 měsíci +3

    R.I.P Technoblade The King 👑

  • Emperor Chaos
    Emperor Chaos Před rokem +1

    Tommy: Techno can we swear on your stream?
    Techno: Tommy, my viewers-
    Tommy: You're being a BXTCH!
    Wilbur: OOOOOOOOH

  • {*_ M a g i c _*}
    {*_ M a g i c _*} Před 2 lety +1

    This is the most *intense* SMP e v e r like really, THIS GIVES ME CHILLS :D

  • Camolover 40
    Camolover 40 Před 2 lety +5510

    Techno: “There were like 20 dudes there that would’ve jumped me”
    Also Techno: *murders those exact 20 people for lols*
    (Some of y’all are taking this comment a little too seriously XD)

    • Amsrose
      Amsrose Před rokem


    • StrawBerry Kisses
      StrawBerry Kisses Před rokem

      @Julie Morrison lol your comment translates to a$$hole

    • Blazing Diamond
      Blazing Diamond Před rokem

      @bruh. you forgot best boy

    • Blazing Diamond
      Blazing Diamond Před rokem

      @f1avory yeah but their irrelevant

    • bruh.
      bruh. Před 2 lety

      @Onidii but these players arent nons in skywars, theyre ytubers who know how to fight with the same armor, sure he could 3v1 maybee, but not a whole 21 other people. plus, his allies arent as good as him nor have the same armor

  • Joshua Kleinman
    Joshua Kleinman Před 2 lety +2

    “Might’ve just committed tax fraud”-TechnoBlade 2020