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    THIS IS L&S  Před měsícem +826

    #LSGANG The official house tour is coming VERY SOON! We can't wait to move into the next chapter of our lives🙏

    • Ezekiel Diaz
      Ezekiel Diaz Před měsícem

      I love you guys I can't wait until you have the baby

    • aldof hister
      aldof hister Před měsícem

      What's that sound I hear. ? a stampede of long-time white people moving out because you're moving in - you cuz nothing but problems and drive property values down

    • Jon M
      Jon M Před měsícem


    • Alexis Beaird
      Alexis Beaird Před měsícem

      So happy for you guys! 🥰❤

    • Dariela Rodriguez
      Dariela Rodriguez Před měsícem

      Are they renting or did they buy?

  • Destiny George
    Destiny George Před 22 dny

    Shyla :Peep the back
    Landon: ooohhhhh

  • Destiny George
    Destiny George Před 22 dny

    One small person did all the work

  • Destiny George
    Destiny George Před 22 dny

    My favorite couple ever 💛

  • Yatcity Chavez
    Yatcity Chavez Před měsícem

    We Loveee phora’s merch🤩

  • Stephany Tlatenchi
    Stephany Tlatenchi Před měsícem

    I cant she shyla without her belly:( lol she looks amazing being pregnant,

  • Jewelle Slaughter
    Jewelle Slaughter Před měsícem

    I never commented but I’ll feel bad if I don’t and I love you guys so ❣️❣️

  • Veronica Roldan
    Veronica Roldan Před měsícem

    Been with u guys since day one love you guys

  • Gia Nebren
    Gia Nebren Před měsícem

    Love u guys. Shyla ur freakin beautiful!!!!!!! $StylesbyGG

  • Nina Thomas
    Nina Thomas Před měsícem


  • Nina Thomas
    Nina Thomas Před měsícem +1

    You guys have grown so much it’s insane 😭❤️

  • Nina Thomas
    Nina Thomas Před měsícem


  • LaShantí
    LaShantí Před měsícem

    So excited for ur new journey in life💜it’s going to be great ❕

  • Jennifer Navarrette
    Jennifer Navarrette Před měsícem

    The way he said Bogle! 😭

  • Monica W
    Monica W Před měsícem

    Please a dollar will help I got few days left !!! Please , my mom is my eveything and the only thing I got ....

  • G J
    G J Před měsícem

    Shyla. You shouldn’t care what ppl think. Ppl are always gonna hate. Like obviously you’re pregnant and if ppl don’t understand that they’re obviously haters.

  • Uthmaan Pyram
    Uthmaan Pyram Před měsícem +1

    Shylas actually very annoying. She bothers Landon to much

  • Rxchl
    Rxchl Před měsícem

    Shyla stomach so big y’all having twins

  • cindy hernandez
    cindy hernandez Před měsícem

    Subscribed 💯

  • Melody Caraballo
    Melody Caraballo Před měsícem

    Congratulations you two! So happy for you.

  • Amanda Felicia
    Amanda Felicia Před měsícem

    Love the pregnancy glow 😍😍

  • Jimena Villalobos
    Jimena Villalobos Před měsícem

    What do their Greek tattoos mean ?

  • Carly Meyer
    Carly Meyer Před měsícem

    When you like your own comment so you can get the likes started/going 😫😆😂

  • Lilly a
    Lilly a Před měsícem +1

    They be rockin that phora merch tho. I love it❤🌹

  • Jedda Urteaga
    Jedda Urteaga Před měsícem

    What does their tattoo and shylas shirt mean?

  • Tatiana Angel
    Tatiana Angel Před měsícem

    Their new house is literally a dream house

  • pavithra B
    pavithra B Před měsícem

    Can anybody pls tel did they bought this house..??

  • Tira Ann Kaui
    Tira Ann Kaui Před měsícem

    congratulations so excited 😇😇

  • Lexie Elliott
    Lexie Elliott Před měsícem

    Hey, what does the tattoo you guys all have mean

  • Sage Jenkins
    Sage Jenkins Před měsícem +1

    Am I the only person whos gonna keep saying to myself and other people, that they're intro is fire. (Hope you like my comment! Im a fan of you and Shyla, and I bet that baby is gonna be cute! xo)

  • mariela _
    mariela _ Před měsícem

    Joe be thiiiiick lol 😂🤪

  • Fortnight_gameplay
    Fortnight_gameplay Před měsícem

    Jajajajajaja i like that córner over there and shhh stfu 🤭🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Roger Vunakece Tokomato
    Roger Vunakece Tokomato Před měsícem

    It's like they've been moving every now and then...I hope this will be there house for many years to come and for their baby to grow in 💝

  • Shameen malik
    Shameen malik Před měsícem

    love you guys

  • Dhara Sonani
    Dhara Sonani Před měsícem +1

    Anyone know where I can get the white hoodie Landon is wearing

  • Esther Sirena
    Esther Sirena Před měsícem

    Yeyyy can't wait house tour and babyyyyy

  • Angela Crane
    Angela Crane Před měsícem

    My goodness you guys move ALOT! It's like they get wealthier over time and move every time they want to upgrade....smh!

  • Ernestine Balos
    Ernestine Balos Před měsícem

    Aww cnt wait🥰it looks nice

  • Savannah Smith
    Savannah Smith Před měsícem

    The way he was pronouncing the wines had me DYINGGGG!!

  • JAE plus three
    JAE plus three Před měsícem

    i am so overly happy for you guys finding a house and loving the house youre in! I cant wait for the house tour but take your time I know it can be stressful. Shyla you look beautiful as always!

  • Nujud Albaba
    Nujud Albaba Před měsícem

    Get Mr Kate to decorate your new house please

  • Lexus Raine
    Lexus Raine Před měsícem

    L&S Merch is more universal than ACE family’s merch. They usually make the L&S logo small, then put something like “sleigh all day” on it. More likely to buy L&S merch cause of it’s universality. ✌🏻

  • Danielle W
    Danielle W Před měsícem

    I would definitely get her shirt. Love y’all! 💗

  • Keeping up with Keke!
    Keeping up with Keke! Před měsícem

    That sweater you’re wearing, United faith has it as well

  • Norma D
    Norma D Před měsícem

    Landon you’re kinda lazy bro... you showed it so much in this video... “modern men” 😂😂😂

  • Belize
    Belize Před měsícem

    Well u have been living in a good house ever since if u see the house I live it's so small small small

  • Marcela Veronica
    Marcela Veronica Před měsícem

    Moving is such a chore! We just moved in may and I am ready to move again! Do any smaller channels want to support each other? I do a lot of diy home decor on a budget videos!

  • Alexander The Grape
    Alexander The Grape Před měsícem

    Who are these ppl? This is what I get for checking out what's trending.. 😂😂

  • Adrian Sotelo
    Adrian Sotelo Před měsícem

    Complete garbage.

  • Lola Knaff
    Lola Knaff Před měsícem +1

    I love your video always watch them

  • Anastasia Purea
    Anastasia Purea Před měsícem

    Can't wait for the baby to come🙌🙌🙌

  • J & D 's Moments
    J & D 's Moments Před měsícem


  • Marina Burgess
    Marina Burgess Před měsícem

    Sometimes it’s nice to see CHcliprs do “normal people” things like packing up their old house and moving into a new one. You take pride and feel accomplished when you do things alone or with friends/family and not pay someone to do things most people have to do anyway. Glad to see you do this and the process of you guys moving it in. I would much rather see this than someone pay for a move and not be able to vlog it.

  • Maggie Petersen
    Maggie Petersen Před měsícem

    Did you rent or buy this house

  • Bryan Ibarra
    Bryan Ibarra Před měsícem

    Landon is just like Austin 😂😂

  • Maritza Lopez
    Maritza Lopez Před měsícem

    #40 TRENDING ❤️

  • Natalie Delgado
    Natalie Delgado Před měsícem

    Did you guys buy this house?

  • Limitless Austin
    Limitless Austin Před měsícem

    Everyone go sub to my channel and I’ll do the same for you💯

  • Elizabeth L. Alanis
    Elizabeth L. Alanis Před měsícem

    she is beautiful. Blessings.

  • Brandon Herrera
    Brandon Herrera Před měsícem

    Put “my nipples are hard” on a T-shirt