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Metallica: Lux Æterna (Official Music Video)

  • čas přidán 27. 11. 2022
  • Metallica's official music video for “Lux Æterna,” from the album “72 Seasons.”
    Listen to “72 Seasons”: metallica.lnk.to/72Seasons
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    Directed by Tim Saccenti
    Filmed in Los Angeles, CA, on November 3, 2022
    Video Premiere Date: November 28, 2022
    In domination
    A sea of hearts beat as one, unified
    All generations
    Approaching thunder awaiting the light
    Full speed or nothing
    Full speed or nothing
    Lux Æterna
    Lux Æterna
    Frenzied sensation
    Kindred alliance connected inside
    Sonic salvation
    Cast out the demons that strangle your life
    Full speed or nothing
    Full speed or nothing
    Lux Æterna
    Lux Æterna
    Lux Æterna
    Kill isolation
    Never alone for the feelings alike
    Lightning the nation
    Never alive more
    Than right here tonight
    Full speed or nothing
    Full speed or nothing
    Lux Æterna
    Lux Æterna
    Light it
    Director: Tim Saccenti
    Producer: Daniel Lachman
    Executive Producer: Jennifer Heath
    Production Supervisor: Kelsie Drinkwater Buchanan
    Production Coordinator: Jorge Espinoza
    DP: Joshua Zucker-Pluda
    Steadicam: Xavier Thompson
    1st AC: Nobuyoshi Sakurai
    2nd AC: Ryan Murray
    DIT: James Petersmeyer
    1st AD: Michael Estrella
    2nd AD: Ryan Pratt
    Gaffer: Drew Valenti
    BB Electric: Arin Whitlock
    Electric: Tom Peña
    Electric: Liam Madigan-Fried
    Programmer: Iván Jesús Herrera
    Key Grip: Charles Lenz
    BB Grip: Kevin Frame
    Grip: Michael Perez
    Grip: Christopher Lewis
    Laser Designer: Adam LaBay @ Precision Lasers
    Projectionist: Ryan Griffin @ Projected Visions
    Production Designer: Kurt Gefke
    Art Asst: Dylan Robie
    Stylist: Keith Wager
    Hair & Makeup: Lily Barren
    VTR: Ignacio Martinez Jr
    Medic: Matt Payne
    CCO: Chris Howard
    Covid Coord. Jaden Osborne
    AD PA: Benjamin Salvador
    Production Assistant: Joe Largy
    Production Assistant: Xavier Musti
    Production Assistant: Akil Moore
    Production Assistant: Alicia Echevarria
    Production Assistant: Oscar Amaya
    Production Assistant: Sadé Grandberry
    Visuals Curator: Dina Chang
    Creative Direction: Setta Studios
    Production Company: RadicalMedia
    Editorial: PS260
    Editor: Matt Posey
    Assistant Editors: Conor O'Sullivan, Sarah Mlčoch
    Sound Designer: Nicole Pettigrew
    Executive Producer: Raná Martin
    Managing Partner: Zarina Mak
    Colorist: Tom Poole @ Co3
    VFX: Mark Szumski @ Hey Beautiful Jerk
    Digital Artists:
    Newnome Beauton
    Manami Sakamoto
    Yoshi Sodeoka
    Ibex Solis
    Follow Metallica:
    Website & Store: www.metallica.com
    Official Live Recordings: www.livemetallica.com
    Instagram: / metallica
    Facebook: / metallica
    Twitter: / metallica
    © 2022 Blackened Recordings
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Komentáře • 46K

  • @duds7952
    @duds7952 Před rokem +15


  • @KarlRock
    @KarlRock Před rokem +4

    Man, it felt good to hear a new Metallica song after so long! Looking forward to the album 🤘

  • @yanopuedoseguir-lt1uw

    They're not just musicians, they're legends.

  • @Pop40577
    @Pop40577 Před 21 hodinou +17

    Happy 1 year to this baby! I still remember waking up in confusion to this song, not knowing what was going on, only to find out the boys cooked up another album. Long live Metallica! 💛🖤

  • @rockyalls4386

    This is definitely a concert song, it just has that sound!

  • @terrorazeing

    What a great song for a concert/live performance.. Imagine the crowd going along James as he shouts

  • @lexluth89
    @lexluth89  +111

    I may prefer most of their older songs, but there’s something special about this song, and I seen them perform this one live at MetLife this past Sunday and they did not disappoint performing this one, this song kicks ass!

  • @MeatCanyon
    @MeatCanyon Před rokem +6

    So fucking good, cant wait to see you boys live again!

  • @davidlyman694

    I lost my father on Good Friday. This song has helped me though all of the anguish. Thank you.

  • @camsnow9822

    It needs to be said. This is the best thing lars ever did on drums. He f***ing nailed it. It feels brutal and fits the song so well.

  • @bennymayermusic
    @bennymayermusic Před dnem +8

    This is one of the few Modern Metallica songs I actually came back to. Love the riff, love the drums, love the energy, and the music video is eye candy and I love it 🤟

  • @Linkperez
    @Linkperez Před 21 hodinou +7

    Happy 1 year of this song kicking ass 🤘

  • @jaro7180
    @jaro7180  +501

    This is so 80's and I love it

  • @Cherryrar
    @Cherryrar Před rokem +2

    obrigada Metallica!!

  • @MultiRafael75


  • @frz_akbar

    they really transferred the energy through this music

  • @ddkillswitch

    This may be unpopular, but this is my favorite song by them

  • @thefallenones1goldsmith597

    Love it and the solo too. Meet Metallica where they are , not where every critic is.

  • @Ivan-kq4jh
    @Ivan-kq4jh Před dnem +4

    Man these guys are next to god! Still so energetic and powerful! Their songwriting still s’well

  • @tommyboi9
    @tommyboi9 Před rokem +29

    The fact that they just dropped this out of nowhere makes it that much sweeter