BTS (방탄소년단) WINGS Short Film #2 LIE


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  • ProtectHobifromSnakeu
    ProtectHobifromSnakeu Před 46 minutami

    Anyone else read the HYYH notes and are really curious about what happened to jimin at the Flowering Arboretum? Im pretty sure he expeienced something traumtic there, which would explain his seizures and why hes in the hospital all the time.
    I really hope the webtoon will talk about Jimins story since not much is known about him.
    If you havnt read it, in the HYYH notes Jimin went to a Flowering arboretum for a picnic day at school, in the notes all of Jimin's friends and their moms came, but no one came for Jimin as his parents were too busy. After the picnic's over, all his friends & their moms left, so Jimin went home alone. It started to rain hard but he couldnt find any house or shop for shelter. He went to the flowering arboretum and found a warehouse for shelter. And i guess it was implying that Jimin went into the warehouse but then the story stopped and noone knows what the hell happened to him there.
    The reason i think something traumatic happened to him there is because whenever a Flowering arboretum is mentioned in the HYYH notes he gets supper nervous and starts acting strangely. Also at 1:05 the sign says Flowering arboretum in Korean.
    Idk what do you guys think happened to him there?

  • Cj Argonza
    Cj Argonza Před hodinou

    What does the sentence say at 1:58 and 2:12 😣😣😣

  • Derin Karakter
    Derin Karakter Před 3 hodinami

    2019? 🌹

  • BTS Fan
    BTS Fan Před 4 hodinami

    THEORY: Jimin is Billie Ellish Boy version.

  • Isabella Phelps
    Isabella Phelps Před 4 hodinami +1

    ok so jimin said that he was faking depression . So everytime that he does something that seems suicidal it him “wanting “ to die because he needs to seem depressed to stay with hoseok. So he says he’s caught in a lie because he is :( and him recording the picture is him trying to keep a good image

  • Nay R.
    Nay R. Před 5 hodinami

    Me confundo más con las teorías v':

  • Daniela Laveriano Arevalo
    Daniela Laveriano Arevalo Před 5 hodinami

    BTS makes good music

  • Fernanda Clv
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    2019 and still can't get over jimin's awesomeness on this (◐∇◐*)

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    *Who is watching 2019* ??

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    1:54 ME CAGUÉ.

  • Tatiana Guzman
    Tatiana Guzman Před 15 hodinami

    En este video también como euphoria jimin es como el enfermo o el que está en una camilla y esta la tina atrás creo que ahí muchas teorías aca

  • Joeline RODRIGUEZ
    Joeline RODRIGUEZ Před 18 hodinami

    Did anyone else get a Jimin add and think it was the video??

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  • Ejuirn the pigeon
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    How can someone be so perfect ?!

  • Kikko San
    Kikko San Před 20 hodinami

    Wings resembles the time travelling power jin currently has. Jungkook started this. Jungkook was the first to have wings, but then jungkook dies, if you have read the webtoon you would understand, so tae is given the powers of time travelling. but tae was seen to kill his father, and to get powers, he most likely got it from the so called magic shop. maybe his pay was controlling his anger? i dunno.but whatever it was, it was seen as a STIGMA, aka a disgrace, so tae was no longer having his time travelling powers which were given to jin. I suspect that using those powers jin's lifespan becomes shorter because at the end of blood sweat and tears, jin's face starts cracking, after he kissed the angle, and sometimes kisses are seen to seal a promise.
    I googled the definition of singularity and the first definition was being singular but if you scroll down to the 3rd definition, it states that singularity means: when artificial intellengence has gone so highly advanced that it gives humanity a irreversible change. THATS MAGIC SHOP.
    if you look at the song 134340, if you add each digit to each other you get the number 15. and in the webtoon jin time travels to the date of april 11th. If you add the month april=4 and 11 you get 15.
    On august 24th 2006 pluto was announced no longer a planet. on august 24th 2018, love yourself answer was released, coincedence?
    Boy meets what: wonder=w her=h answer=a tear=t, i wonder if her tear is the answer. if you look at the outro: tear, rapmon states, i call you her, her,cuz your my tear, tear. the girl from the highlight reel drops a notebook. maybe its her troublesof meeting all 7 boys and she wants to help but she doesnt know how, so she is in 'tears.' and i wonder if her tear is the answer, would then completely make sense.
    In suga's solo song first love, he talks about his piano and everything, but at the bridge he says hyung, i miss you. and since jungkook is dead, i think that's what yoongi is trying to say. and in begin jungkook says When hyung is in pain, it hurts more than when I’m in pain, which is the lyrics, so jungkook is telling yoongi to not be sad anymore, and stop mourning over his death.
    in stigma by v, tae states,"i'm sorry i'm sorry ma sister." and he repeats that phrase but with ma brother instead. he's probs apologizing for killing his father, which is seen as a disgrace, hence why it's called stigma. then u here v say are u calling me a sinner, and in the webtoon ppl kept asking tae why he killed his father. tae believes they r claiming he is a sinner.
    also. i believe, us, the ARMY, is what is young forever. army stands for Adorable Representative MC for Youth, and we represent the youth. we keep'regenerating.' as we continue with our generation. but after bts is gone. their gone. they don't just keep passing on the name bts. but we, us, we are young forever.
    thx for reading this long theory! i'll edit this comment once i find more stuff!

  • azumi vlog
    azumi vlog Před 20 hodinami

    He looks psycho in here 😅😍

  • Kikko San
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    Mi jimin tu voz es tan hermosa❤❤❤❤ i love😍

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    W🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗W.I ❤ U CHIM CHIM 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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    jimin is so fucking beautiful

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    Heart attack

  • Sydney Arguello
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    After reading save me and watching videos about the story and time line, everything makes sense

    • Ranin Army Stay
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      +Bts Army too can someone explain

    • Bts Army
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      I'm still confused tbh

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    These were released in 2016 nd am here in 2019 trying to figure out what it all means....!!!

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    I got scared at 1:55 I don't want to go out in my room rn 😂😭

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    I can listen to Namjoon's voice all day without eating or drinking anything

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    im here for some Jibooty... Or Jieyes

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    He's definitely the sexiest member of BTS😍

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    *Wow ChimChim ❤️😍😝*

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    ITU LUKISAN APA!!!!! :")))))))))

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    can you make movie for the ARMY pleasssssssssssse

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      merly ryan pemandangan~😂😂

  • BTSArmy Original아밍

    💖🧡💜무대 카리스마 팔색조 지민💙💛💚

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    im sorry im late. Is he having a psychosis episode?

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    2019 anyone?

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    I love you 💜

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    Hi jimin

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    I literally what the hell is creepy about this video and then 1:54 came and I regretted what i said

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    who's also here after the save me webtoon?

  • tae kook
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    yall see how at 2:30 the first circle shows feathers (jungkook having wings in #1) and the circle shows a bite (jimin biting an apple in #2) idk if everyone noticed this before but i never did and now I'm shooketh

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    JIMIN 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • DreamPink Dance cover
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    1:36 si no me equivoco, este baño o tina sale en el short film de Suga ah

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    11,227,237 Jimin fighting! Please listen to Lie on Spotify soon 60M

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  • bolinho de arroz do jimin

    Aahhhhh perfect

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  • SevenHaven
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    Rewatching everything I guess, Because I miss you guys

    I can't believe youre this famous now, back then in your debut, you were all cute fetuses, and I was confused to whom will be my bias, and then I saw your future in your bulletproof mv, And at that moment I always thought you guys will become really famous, the talent was there and the natural positive attitudes will bring more more fans into you. I hope you guys will not forget the first ARMY's of the days were when you were babies of the fame.

    Thank you for the music you gave us, BTS and BigHit.

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    ตอนแรกRM พูดอะไรงะ แปลหน่อยสิ

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    omfg i think he has completely recovered now

  • IPurple You
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    This is scary

  • Zenith Singh
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    EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE NOW💔 hey, I'm CRYING so bitterly now😭 but why would i cry? This is just a story in webtoon this is just-😭😭But I Can't Stop Crying. Oh my god.. They Already Had A Story Hidden In All Their Short Films💜And Now I'm Getting It All Right💯 #Zenithlovesbts

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    아 이 부분이 지민이 그때의 기억이 안난다고 거짓말한 부분이구나

  • Valentina Hernández
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    Va a parecer mentira pero en 1:54 la luz de la escalera (al frente de mi escritorio estan las escaleras y un bombillo) se fundio y yo quede como :0

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    2019? Anyone?

  • Ong Li Ping
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    Aple symbolizes knowledge. Jimin have a knowledge about somethings. He saw the piano burning which may mean that suga or jungkook died. So jimin May have saw the incident or may have caused it too

  • AnnieJc 200
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    no puede ser tan hermoso¡¡ :,v

  • t
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    why is jimin's video the hardest to interpret

    • t
      t Před 2 dny

      i understand why he's suffering, but i don't know his reason for going through it (as for the notes and the actual story). i've caught onto symbolism, but i don't know about certain objects just yet, like the camera and the curtains.

    • Jellii
      Jellii Před 2 dny

      I still think we don't have enough info on Jimin's side of the story yet.

  • Jimins Triggered jams
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    This is called art

  • yueun
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    a lot of people think water is his fear but is it really? If it was, why would he be in it all the time? I read a theory that he was sexually abused at the aquarium(?) so he feels disgusting which is why he’s always in water. (Just a theory don’t attack)

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    Фига его штырит

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    I PURPLE YOU 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Zahraa AL-gameel
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    I PURPLE YOU 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Zahraa AL-gameel
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  • Kookies and Tae and a Little Bit of Suga

    Is it just me or is the glitch no longer there when jimin ate the apple...

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    After the webtoon everything is different😭😭Hobi...

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    Save me Webtoon got me f’d up

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    Its 2019 and still i cant figure out the theory behind everything. THE HELL IS HAPPENING?

  • Alright, dude just trip over a knife


  • Nguyễn May
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    Comeback after reading Smeraldo books, he said “I lied for the first time today as I look at the doctor and pretended to be depressed saying I don’t remember anything”. When he looks at the pictures, he shakes his head means he doesn’t rmb anything, then the camera is doctor’eyes. Jimin’s vid also link to Hoseok’s, like the pills, the bed next to him is used to be Hoseok’s bed

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    I'm here again after reading the webtoon

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    yuhuu. kemari karna webtoon save me 💜💜

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    Who came here after the webtoon?

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    2019?? January
    Jimmin sshi

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    영화같아서 너무소름이..

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    Come back here after read the webtoon version

  • Rizza Mae
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    did y'all noticed that scene under the rain? just like on Jin's epiphany. my brainnnnnnnnn maygad i kennat. 😂

  • Your FBI Agent
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    Does the picture represent something?

  • Samich_Gaybie
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    I know i'm late, but this video touched my heart so much. No one will ever know. My favorite angel. I hate to see him have to pretend. He's too good for that.

  • lmao k
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    I read someone's theory somewhere that water is not Jimin's phobia. According to the hyyh notes when Jimin was in elementary school he went on a school trip to an arboretum where he got lost and since it started raining everyone went home without him. In search for shelter he went inside from the back of the building where he was abused by someone (probably his teacher) which is why he obsesses with water, trying to clean himself off the impurity as he considers himself to be impurified.. Hence the lyrics in lie " find me back my innocence" And he's caught inside a lie because he can't tell anyone not even his parents as rape victims are considered shameful and are looked down upon by society. Thats why in this video when the arm(doctor) asks him questions he just shrugs.. Lying that he doesn't remember what happened to him. It seems pretty accurate when you read the lyrics of lie and also that time when jimin vigorously washed his arm with water after coming in contact with the girl while dancing in highlight reel, he was reminded of his past by touching a person of the opposite gender.

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    Someone watching in jan. 2019?

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    it... it all makes sense now

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    Amo con locura este corto... LO AMO!