All Characters Who Know How Strong Saitama Is

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  • OverLord II
    OverLord II  Před 14 dny +2277

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    • luxer XD
      luxer XD Před 2 dny

      @Mr Penguin yea that too

    • Mr Penguin
      Mr Penguin Před 2 dny

      @luxer XD why is a third-party selling products for something they didn't create.

  • Qualthos Renstalon
    Qualthos Renstalon Před 14 hodinami

    Fubuki is totally in love with Saitama. She's so cute around him after she realizes how strong and noble he really is.

  • Fabian Yefi
    Fabian Yefi Před 14 hodinami

    Were is lord boros?

  • opqwerty
    opqwerty Před 14 hodinami


  • An- Dru
    An- Dru Před 15 hodinami

    3:15 Momo!

  • Brandi Fails
    Brandi Fails Před 15 hodinami

    1:58 who does he look like Sakimoto

  • Lans Conte
    Lans Conte Před 15 hodinami

    Finally good animation!!!!!😂👌

  • Lord Bacon
    Lord Bacon Před 15 hodinami

    season 2 is a disappointment. the artwork is different. does not have the same feel as season 1. -_-

  • Oofy Thecow
    Oofy Thecow Před 16 hodinami +1

    Me when I get money: 3:08

  • Bayslayer11
    Bayslayer11 Před 16 hodinami

    Genos's Doc knows saitama's power

  • clark kent fuentebella
    clark kent fuentebella Před 16 hodinami

    At internet tatsumaki Garou all who will going to the monster association hideout will know how saitama is strong

  • RomJoseph 04
    RomJoseph 04 Před 17 hodinami +1

    Numen ridee is the only RomJoseph BÄ™ seal of approval in one punch man anime.

  • Dusan Bursac
    Dusan Bursac Před 17 hodinami

    Mosquitos are clever they run away from his fists dont charge at them

  • Farukh Khan
    Farukh Khan Před 17 hodinami

    I want to see fight between saitama and tatsumaki

  • Patrick Rameas
    Patrick Rameas Před 17 hodinami

    Skipped class a rank 1 guy, he knows too

  • Angel Generation
    Angel Generation Před 18 hodinami +1

    8:32 Saitama made her Soft and Wet. What a Golden Experience. Really got those Rolling Stones to Red Bind her, it was Made in Heaven.

    • Konami
      Konami Před 16 hodinami

      Is that a jojo reference??????????????????

  • A Salty One
    A Salty One Před 19 hodinami +2

    Even Genos underestimates Saitama still, he thought it would take Saitama and additional S-Class heroes to beat Gouketsu.

  • rifki santoso
    rifki santoso Před 20 hodinami

    saitama vs thanos =flash light vs eggplant

  • Joon H
    Joon H Před 20 hodinami

    I died when mumen rider told the guy that saitama was impersonating that saitama is too much of a hero to impersonate him 😓

  • Penguinox
    Penguinox Před 20 hodinami

    What a strange lack of animation in the last 3rd of the video. I wonder why that is.

  • sirnny mantilla
    sirnny mantilla Před 20 hodinami

    check mate

  • Mecha Man
    Mecha Man Před 21 hodinou

    7:45 I'd play it.

  • Not Obsessed
    Not Obsessed Před 21 hodinou

    Saitama: takes no hits
    Boros: Am I a joke to you?

  • Blens GT
    Blens GT Před 22 hodinami +1

    All character know how strong saitama is:
    King of sea
    Hammer head
    Dr bla bla bla
    Mumen rider
    Sexy girl have skill levitation :v
    And otaku

  • Saad Abdullah
    Saad Abdullah Před 22 hodinami

    Mumen raider eventually will lose his hair and become like saitama

  • TheTriangle444
    TheTriangle444 Před 23 hodinami


  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia Před 23 hodinami


  • June Sakai
    June Sakai Před dnem


  • Randomhobo 369
    Randomhobo 369 Před dnem

    So we just gonna forget about hammerhead

  • Slice Cut
    Slice Cut Před dnem

    Last ep is fucking dope

  • Victor
    Victor Před dnem

    😖 if y’all watched that latest episode my guy saitama was a real ass superhero saving suiryu

  • uman chiso
    uman chiso Před dnem

    10m views tf

  • Riad S
    Riad S Před dnem

    Who is stronger? Like for Son Goku or comment for Saitama.

  • Vo Tuan Phu
    Vo Tuan Phu Před dnem

    all Characters , you mean everyone who wath OPM ?

  • ThatRandomBlackGuy
    ThatRandomBlackGuy Před dnem

    speed o sound sonic has met the speed o light saitama

  • Makoto Kazuki
    Makoto Kazuki Před dnem

    One Punch Man is basically My Hero Academia if they DIDN'T have Quirks and relied on their natural abilities and freaky genetics and lucky 🍀 mutations.
    Except Saitama. Anime's strongest hero.

  • bbyspace
    bbyspace Před dnem

    well saitama is probably the strongest in the universe

  • Secret Instinct SkyX4n0

    You forgot two

    Saitama himself and Saitama fans

  • rjay gemus
    rjay gemus Před dnem

    The animation was pretty good in season 1

  • Land Shark
    Land Shark Před dnem

    I must try this show

  • Balan Rajan
    Balan Rajan Před dnem

    See this Gif fits to any songs

  • Niggainthebackground

    Is there a season 2 ?!?!

  • Ja Esguerra
    Ja Esguerra Před dnem

    Can sonic tell that saitama can defeat a monster if sonic fights it??, (of course saitama can defeat every one In OPM)

  • Jared Chee
    Jared Chee Před dnem

    This reminded me of how much better the 1st season was than the 2nd

  • The Necromancer
    The Necromancer Před dnem


  • Shadyar Gamer
    Shadyar Gamer Před dnem

    Saitama's level power is: 1.000.000
    Saitama fp: 100.000.000

  • Kayden Johnson
    Kayden Johnson Před dnem

    3:39 my face when my big brother farts

  • Jimmy P
    Jimmy P Před dnem

    Ok, fine. I'll watch it.

  • パパン馬
    パパン馬 Před dnem +1


  • Mr black
    Mr black Před dnem

    Genes know how strong is he but not that well he killed a freaking 2 monsters threat Dragon or anything with one punch and he still saying I will gather the heroes together for kill him but he doesn't know he already killed him genos is a boxing bag he's useless

  • J.P. Mallick
    J.P. Mallick Před dnem +1


  • Cody Harvie
    Cody Harvie Před dnem

    How could you forget serious side jumps

  • C A S S I E F A N
    C A S S I E F A N Před dnem

    0:48 when Saitama have ass than you

  • Vonn Jacob Orio
    Vonn Jacob Orio Před dnem

    Bang doesnt know his strength

  • nuel D Impact
    nuel D Impact Před dnem

    Dis guy is a freaking god

  • かりやま
    かりやま Před dnem


  • Anthony Pedarce
    Anthony Pedarce Před dnem

    If Saitama is stronger than superman and mosquito is stronger than Saitama that would mean? SAITAMA > SUPERMAN < MOSQUITO?

    • UnoriginalBraker
      UnoriginalBraker Před dnem

      Saitama isn't stronger than Superman though so that statement is invalid

  • Lui Alexander
    Lui Alexander Před dnem

    10 million views in 1 week🤔

  • Airysmiper aaka
    Airysmiper aaka Před dnem

    0:37 slap .-.

  • David Danh
    David Danh Před dnem +1

    i wouldnt say sonic knows how strong he isbecause he wants to fight him all the time.. most people who know his strength want to be his friend or learn from him..

  • Miguel Rivero
    Miguel Rivero Před dnem

    Damn i miss the season 1 animations 😩

  • Mirko Corrales
    Mirko Corrales Před dnem

    he should of played dubstep instead of trying to kill it

  • Paquito AZ
    Paquito AZ Před dnem +1

    Strongest bugs are mouse

  • starofchaos
    starofchaos Před dnem

    Back to the weird side of CHclip

  • Mich Lin
    Mich Lin Před dnem

    2 week 10m views nice

  • TheSpector
    TheSpector Před dnem +4

    The first season was SOW WELL done wow. The second season is just such a big step down in quality:(

    • TheSpector
      TheSpector Před dnem

      @Cutesy Bols I know, that's why I said that.

    • Cutesy Bols
      Cutesy Bols Před dnem

      TheSpector different company animator

  • 1000 subscriber without any videos

    Don't read my name

  • PAG _Pein
    PAG _Pein Před dnem

    His name is Fang not Bang

  • Vineet Gopal
    Vineet Gopal Před dnem

    3:30 if saitama would have really punched sonics balls🤣🤣🤣🤣😱😱😱

  • Zade YO
    Zade YO Před dnem

    The title is wrong. No body knows how strong he is. These guys aren't even close.

  • Mason More
    Mason More Před dnem

    Bro you missed garou, he got bitch slapped by saitama twice

  • VashTS7
    VashTS7 Před dnem

    All hail King-Sama! He who is most lucky!

  • Godon Foden
    Godon Foden Před dnem


  • I'm BayzidMahir
    I'm BayzidMahir Před dnem +1

    Who haven't still watched One Punch Man Season 2

    Yes = Like
    Will watch = Like
    NO = Why not you idiots...🤣🤣🤣 What are you doing with your LIFE ?

  • mcxxv ssj
    mcxxv ssj Před dnem

    SEASON 1 >>>>> season 2

  • yirk1
    yirk1 Před dnem

    Mumen rider has become the new yamcha

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  • Muhammed Nazeer
    Muhammed Nazeer Před dnem

    Sonics 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • amir razak
    amir razak Před 2 dny

    Yet bang still afraid no one can stop garo except for himself lol

  • Gam Stubley
    Gam Stubley Před 2 dny

    Ouch 😱😳

  • san mahiro
    san mahiro Před 2 dny +1


    • すし
      すし Před dnem


  • Amin
    Amin Před 2 dny

    7:37 thats runo from bakugan

  • FBI
    FBI Před 2 dny


  • That OneGuy
    That OneGuy Před 2 dny

    *mOsQuItOs sUck*

  • MisterIzix
    MisterIzix Před 2 dny

    7:56 what is music pls ?

  • Unknown Mysterious
    Unknown Mysterious Před 2 dny

    Except rumen rider to be the second strongest hero after some time

  • elaiza
    elaiza Před 2 dny +2

    3:08 Sonic's "innocent smile" by saitama

  • Mafex Syreum
    Mafex Syreum Před 2 dny

    Idk but when i see Mumen rider is simmiliar to saitama before he was bald, will he be as strong as saitama 😂😂

  • santrolization
    santrolization Před 2 dny +2

    Garo should be on this list too. He got his ass handed to him, not once but twice!

    • The Awesome One
      The Awesome One Před 17 hodinami

      Yeah but both times he forgot who smacked him in the first place.

  • Petrius Maximus
    Petrius Maximus Před 2 dny

    So in his world he was able to reach the heights he did by doing a pretty standard human workout regime does that mean goku in saitamas world considering he can perform 1000's of push ups in a second would goku break his limiter as well & possibly be more powerful then saitama? Or does saitama have something unique?
    I don't watch one punch man but I assume his super power if thats what it is is to defeat anybody in one punch

  • asaf miler
    asaf miler Před 2 dny +3

    nobody know How Strong Saitama Is

  • Puppy Artz
    Puppy Artz Před 2 dny


  • Aleto. Kin.
    Aleto. Kin. Před 2 dny

    The art is kinda crappy as the old artist are not doing it anymore

  • Kwek Menas
    Kwek Menas Před 2 dny +3

    Can see and catch Boros, Sonic, Genos but can't kill a mosquito hahaha

  • Yim Daniel
    Yim Daniel Před 2 dny

    I think it should be "All Characters Know thst Saitama is strong" It is because no one know saitama limit tho , even himself.

  • Sam Gowman
    Sam Gowman Před 2 dny

    @4.04, i got severe goosebumps

  • p7arash mishra
    p7arash mishra Před 2 dny +1

    Editors :lets make saitama invincible
    Mosquito:hold my beer 😎

  • Nier Shinuki
    Nier Shinuki Před 2 dny +3

    1:59 sakamoto desu ga?

  • Derick Smith
    Derick Smith Před 2 dny

    Oh wow. He bitch slapped her so hard I felt it. I can't even.😆😆😆