Dead by Daylight | Livestream #86 This one is for all the piglets!

  • čas přidán 1. 02. 2018
  • January 25th 2018 Twitch Stream capture.
    We stream on Thursdays at 2PM EDT (view schedule here - )
    Hosts: Gabrielle Murphy (not_Queen), Mathieu Côté
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Komentáře • 656

  • Malik
    Malik Před rokem

    caah ta pas de vie

  • Flor Mayorga A.
    Flor Mayorga A. Před rokem +1

    Hi dead by daylight :-D Could you put a new killer please make it "Jason Voorhees or ghost face

  • H comes before S
    H comes before S Před rokem

    Let us all hope that disconnect bans are not Related to connectivity or server issues.... otherwise ... rip DBD on consoles

  • Garman14
    Garman14 Před rokem

    The flashlight for 1.9.2 ps4 needs fixed it’s bugged when you stun a killer with it it doesn’t make them drop the player on there shoulder

  • SnowdenHeroX
    SnowdenHeroX Před rokem

    how high was Matt during this video? Literally can't believe you let this guy be in charge of map balance.

  • Francesco Fiocco
    Francesco Fiocco Před rokem

    new balancing :
    1)the survivors who hear the chanting pass to the transition state in a dream. (the nightmare sees the aura of the survivor while he is in transition in a dream or when he is outside the killer's ray of terror while in the dream world)
    2)A survivor struck by the power of the nightmare immediately goes to sleep.
    3) make the nightmare faster.
    4) reduced the chance to try a check while you are in the dream world
    -ambush attack longer
    -the pig receives a notification when a survivor starts using jigsaw boxes
    -the pig has the same speed as when it is raised when it is lowered
    - the reverse bear trap slowly advances the timer when the survivor is in pursuit.
    -the teleportation distance increased to 36 meters
    -increased the sprint with every chainsaw stroke

  • Isentous Familiy
    Isentous Familiy Před rokem

    Hag needs a buff

  • Jacob Rutherford
    Jacob Rutherford Před rokem

    For the love of all that is holy no. Freaking. Pennywise. Please. PLAEASE.

  • Jacob Rutherford
    Jacob Rutherford Před rokem

    Survivors- i died waaaaaa too op. killers- they didnt die grrrrrrr stupid killer. Btw love the pig pretty balanced.

  • Jordan Velez
    Jordan Velez Před rokem

    Please Nerf the nurse

    • Jacob Rutherford
      Jacob Rutherford Před rokem

      Jordan Velez she has already been nerfed to hell. Just learn how to play against her. Here is one way. Wait for her fatigue or whatever then hide. Never ever run if you dont have to her slow movement speed makes it easy to hide. And you need to hide from her.

  • Mohammad Almalki
    Mohammad Almalki Před rokem

    ID: G-MBI

  • god joseph21
    god joseph21 Před rokem

    You are trash

  • Goldfish /
    Goldfish / Před rokem

    so are there more of those map blueprints? like at 32:30?

  • skiod
    skiod Před rokem

    Game has turned into a garbage full shit.
    The team is ready to fail in order to escape through the hatch.
    The anti cheat in this game is bad.
    Reports, it's fucked up, on how many they're cumming

  • Kyle Fitzpatrick
    Kyle Fitzpatrick Před rokem

    "Super fast is a relative term... There's no plan right now to change the speed of gens" Plain and simple, killers shouldn't have to so heavily rely on a perk to balance an unfair game mechanic. At times, if you don't manage to hook a survivor as soon as the game begins, the rest have already completed 2 and maybe even 3 generators. At the end of the day, the killer is only one player (who most of the time) can only focus striking one person down at a time, this puts the killer in an uncomfortable position whether they have to let a survivor go (after wasting time chasing them in the first place) and focus less on killing survivors and more on hitting generators. Currently, it only takes 2 and a half minutes to complete all the generators (excluding walking to gens, survivors choosing to do other things and killer interference), especially if survivors are running with toolboxes and brand new parts then your practically done for. The game is so unbalanced as it stands, games are ending too quickly and it's unenjoyable. Bricky made an excellent point on his killer case file that broken game mechanics are being treated by introducing new perks and killers, rather than fixing the mechanic. Your attempt to justify the Pig's practically useless reverse bear traps (which are too easy to take off and take too long to put survivors under any real pressure) is embarrassing (people are paying money to play these killers that are severely limited). Just needed to vent a little, still enjoying the game, but frustrated at the lack of change and how out of touch you lot seem with your community and the problems your game faces.

  • KinGTreY 14
    KinGTreY 14 Před rokem

    Put in Jason Voorhees

  • MOMAD Xz
    MOMAD Xz Před rokem

    DEAD BY xdox360

  • Canal:Szg Janopro
    Canal:Szg Janopro Před rokem

    please chucky chapter and penywais

  • GewdWell
    GewdWell Před rokem

    Didn’t have any time to answer the survey, especially since the livestream was uploaded late.

  • xxepicpandadronem44
    xxepicpandadronem44 Před rokem


  • Sky Chrome
    Sky Chrome Před rokem +1

    Plz increase 4 percent hook chances ...make it 5 or 7 percent plz....when needed the most it doesn't happen

  • Minachy
    Minachy Před rokem

    Can you guys add Ghostface? I think he'd fit really well into the game. He can blend into his surroundings very well with the dark robe of his.

  • GizmoThe GuineaPig
    GizmoThe GuineaPig Před rokem

    I also meant Mori

  • GizmoThe GuineaPig
    GizmoThe GuineaPig Před rokem

    I meant hook on chain

  • GizmoThe GuineaPig
    GizmoThe GuineaPig Před rokem

    His ability could be his I'm hooked on a chain and his main weapon could be an Axe and his Moti rips
    people's eyes out

  • GizmoThe GuineaPig
    GizmoThe GuineaPig Před rokem

    Could you please add Jacob goodnight from See No Evil

  • Jocke Månsson
    Jocke Månsson Před rokem

    fix so the pig can't drop u over and over again (to make you escape the wiggel") and when u "escape" from her shoulder, it makes your trap time go on even if the pig is next to u, so the pig will just hit you to the ground , take u up on her shoulder, drop u like 4 times so u escape and then your trap will pip more and go off so u de after 5min off farming u -.-

  • Chloe Sweet
    Chloe Sweet Před rokem

    I love the Pig! She is my playstyle for sure, but when all the generators are complete i think when you put a trap on someone it should start the timer.

  • Pongsapak Subpokatorn
    Pongsapak Subpokatorn Před rokem


  • Gamer Home
    Gamer Home Před rokem

    Outlaaast please

  • iidribbleforvc your mom
    iidribbleforvc your mom Před rokem +1

    You need to fix some sutff on ps4

  • Kongmong Yang-Lim
    Kongmong Yang-Lim Před rokem

    Dead by daylight should add Jeff the Killer in the future update.

  • Renan Gonçalves Flores

    They guy who does the illumination did not a pretty good job so far. You can also desaturate the green channel

  • Renan Gonçalves Flores
    Renan Gonçalves Flores Před rokem +1

    Can't wait for banning rage quitters

  • Aquil Khan
    Aquil Khan Před rokem +1

    Pls put a clown killer, map could be a carnival clowns power don't know survivor don't know either

  • it's boi Yeet
    it's boi Yeet Před rokem +1

    when the pig kicks the generator it sounds like breaking a pallet

  • Ghosti07
    Ghosti07 Před rokem

    How do console players make suggestions or say what they want to say etc..? Or can we only do suggestions through steam? Also, how do we join these streams to comment? Is it on twitch? Sorry, just not sure

  • Arctic
    Arctic Před rokem

    Maybe for the next killer it should be original. Like a clown and instead of a heart beat its a jack in the box music. (For those who say Pennywise he can NOT be in the game unless they want to break their own game lore)

  • Matthew FaUsT
    Matthew FaUsT Před rokem

    will be a voic chat in DBD or just chat?

  • Max Clinton
    Max Clinton Před rokem

    You really messed up the killers in my opinion

  • frank the rabbit
    frank the rabbit Před rokem

    Make a killer of Harry warden from my bloody Valentin

  • Tomahawkprobrothers Vlogs,unboxing and more


  • Elissa Tabris
    Elissa Tabris Před rokem

    Please just do something about the hackers I've completely had to stop playing on pc it's just horrible

  • Drives & Details
    Drives & Details Před rokem

    How about you guys fix “Survive with Friends” on the consoles before adding content. That shit’s been broken forever, constantly getting disconnected & waiting forever in friend lobbies to join a game (& my internet connection is not the problem, this happens to everyone). But, single survivor mode works just fine. Fix it damnit!!!

  • Lostinyoursound
    Lostinyoursound Před rokem +2

    What about Dracula/Queen of the Damned/a vampire? Where you can actually grab and bite survivors?

  • Nahil_059
    Nahil_059 Před rokem

    Xd Mathieu cote game ditector

  • Altarstar75
    Altarstar75 Před rokem

    Please fix all the bugs with dead hard you can do some really weird/ game braking stuff on the preschool in the hall with the hole if the killer hits you and you dead hard at the same time you can bug on top of the school and on the new map there is a hang box if you do it there then you can jump on top of one of the bigger container the best way to fix this is so if you get hit you cant dead hard or put a barrier on the top of the maps

    PAWCIOJUDASZ Před rokem

    28:00 book of the matrix xd

  • Black Halo
    Black Halo Před rokem +1

    Traps need less time, 2mins 30secs is too long. OR dont give the Survivors an aura of the jigsaw boxes.

  • robin zatulovski
    robin zatulovski Před rokem

    Saw chapter is nice good job

  • robin zatulovski
    robin zatulovski Před rokem

    Fix the glitch where the nurse blinks to a survivor but the achievemtn doesn't unlock .I literally do it and the challenge doesn't even unlock

  • robin zatulovski
    robin zatulovski Před rokem +1

    Hellraiser as the next character plz

  • Bloop
    Bloop Před rokem +1

    Just add jason you know you want to

  • Anti Venom
    Anti Venom Před rokem

    Would like pumpkinhead to be in here

  • Doyga
    Doyga Před rokem

    I'll just drop this here
    (Gimme FeedBack)

  • Julia h
    Julia h Před rokem

    Add better perks this game is starting to be a joke for the survivor

  • Ramel Royandoyan
    Ramel Royandoyan Před rokem

    What are you guys going to do about the killers who hard DC in the middle of the trial? It's not fair for the survivors when the killers are salty. We can even find out who the killer is because we won't know if they will stay or hard DC. Please look into this. My friends and I just had 2 hard DC in a row because he couldn't catch us and it always happens at the last generator before the gates are powered.

  • Guilherme Boss
    Guilherme Boss Před rokem

    "Why do not you put the killers released in the private session and in the public session have to pay the killer I would like very much"

  • ASJagerWOLF12
    ASJagerWOLF12 Před rokem

    Soo one question will u put pennywise the dancing clown in the game

  • Noah Griffin
    Noah Griffin Před rokem

    Love your game