Dead By Daylight | #111 Big buckets of blood and lore

  • čas přidán 18. 10. 2018
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  • emad daas
    emad daas Před 2 měsíci


  • Stretched Almond
    Stretched Almond Před rokem

    The devs deleted my comment on MAKE HIT BOXES GREAT AGAIN. Really devs censorship?

  • Breno Oliveira
    Breno Oliveira Před rokem

    I think we did an a pretty god job so far !

  • Alec Marcum
    Alec Marcum Před rokem

    Biggest crush on Mathieu Cote 😩

  • Erax FriXion
    Erax FriXion Před rokem

    Quand vous faites un jeux,finissez le aux lieu de le bâcler comme une merde .
    Vous n'arrêtez pas de buff les tueurs (temps de soins des survivants réduit,on met plus de temps pour se débattre,etc...)
    Ensuite,les tueurs qui abusent de glitch comme enlever un survivant de son épaule car on sait qu'il a coup décisif,les tueurs qui posent énormément de piège autour d'un endroit strategique de la map (les portes de sorties,la trappe,les crochets et pour finir les fleurs de l'événement).

  • Spongebob Caveman
    Spongebob Caveman Před rokem

    Will they ever add gore? Like the reverse bear trap

  • Pennywise
    Pennywise Před rokem +1

    Please make another mode like kill with a friend. 2 killers 6 or 8 survivors. That way killer mains can play with their friends and still play as there main. Also if you do add that mode maybe add a extra 1 or 2 exit gates. And raise the number of gens to 10 gens. Probrably 6 survivors so people dont do groups of 8 and rush the map. Thank you.

    • Pennywise
      Pennywise Před rokem

      Also identity v already has that game mode 2 killers.8 survivors.

    • Pennywise
      Pennywise Před rokem

      Just a suggestion for new mode

    • Guillermo Mijangos
      Guillermo Mijangos Před rokem

      Play solo and stop crying.

  • Executioner withweapon

    In this event you can't play as a killer, cause 80% play as killer and 20% survivor.

  • Gilbert Collins
    Gilbert Collins Před rokem

    I never have nothing bad to say about this game but this new update like broke the game i play both killer and survivor a lot of the time survivor and Evertime i play im tunned champed and can never run fast enough yess i play other games but even when i get mad at playimg survivor i play killer and there are more people like me who can say the same but when i play killer i have ever people in my lobey dc also killers are so over powed now and make no one wanna play least not me im sorry it was a great game but i will not be playing amymore until it get changed to be fair idc what u do just make it a fair game plzz ty sm devs r are great gamer people plzz read this...🙌

  • XenoRoach
    XenoRoach Před rokem

    Pls bring back the old menu soundtracks, or at least let us the chance to choose between the old and new

  • Joseph Flores
    Joseph Flores Před rokem

    I don’t understand you can get 30 killer and 30 survivor can’t you pick 2 whole outfits ?

  • Joseph Flores
    Joseph Flores Před rokem

    There should be something done about killers who dodge swf

  • Joseph Flores
    Joseph Flores Před rokem

    So the cosmetics will be available to buy forever ?

  • Marco douglaus Marcozzi

    Porco dio ma che cazzo mannaggia al padre eterno fate? Oppure What a fuck You doing porco dio nnamo ridateme er gioco che porco dio me mena cor wireless dio Calimero grazie avete fatto più danni voi che Montolivo al Milan ciò er sopravissuto con la sla

  • A -
    A - Před rokem +1

    just 60 NECTAR VIAL
    very few

  • help me get 1000 subscribers without a video

    Add bots so noobs like me can accualy get at least one kill

  • EJSVideo
    EJSVideo Před rokem

    This event sucks. I don't care that you made the cosmetics limited and buyable via cells but why the hell did you make it so hard and time consuming for both sides to get nectar to buy two unlockable sets? Why couldn't it just be like Summer BBQ and the Chinese New Year where you just do gens or hooks and you'd get the stuff? Not every person that plays your game is unemployed or a no life streamer, some of us have real jobs and don't have all this free time to grind away.

  • Destiny Hero
    Destiny Hero Před rokem

    I like dbd but i want to fix the bugs

  • Mr.Gamer4Life
    Mr.Gamer4Life Před rokem

    Omfg stop doing Events and dlcs to earn Money FIX THE BROKEN HITBOXES at consol

  • Francescosos ITA
    Francescosos ITA Před rokem +1

    A pretty good job so far

  • Vasiliy Horlin
    Vasiliy Horlin Před rokem

    fu my acc was banned FOR NO REASON!!! yo eac is a fucking trash

    • Vasiliy Horlin
      Vasiliy Horlin Před rokem

      if i am a cheater what is the reason to write here this ? dont be stupid if i was cheater i knew my bad and wasnt writing this comments!

    • Rainbow Dash
      Rainbow Dash Před rokem


  • l104l SuperFeeds
    l104l SuperFeeds Před rokem

    Create Werewolf or Dracula as killer And Van helsing as Survival and new map is some horror tomb :3

  • 中村ソクラテス【高校1年で大検合格して中退系youtuber】

    why there are many terrible update on DBD recently?
    many player says this halloween event is worst event ever...I was disappointed from such an idiot balance.
    why you changed gather the item from generator to extra-gathering spot?
    many player gather event items even if when someone killed,doing generator....
    I wish this event end as soon as possible.
    it is not a game.
    every time we discussed about VCPT problems.
    it is impossible to make good balance VCPT and non-VC player.
    please apart from PT match and non-PT match.
    and If non-PT matching,upgrade survivor parks.

    thinking from the escape data is useless,
    please release to public whether the data was apart from VC and non-VC.
    it's been a many downgrade patch to survivor, especially the patch 2.3.0 was the serious one.
    according to the reason many downgrade,Non-VC player cannot enjoy the game.
    balanced from based VCPC escape rate and Non-VC escape rate mixed,it will be not a game.
    it is impossible.

    please add the comment why this balance, why downgrade or upgrade was needed to the patch notes.
    and release the data about escape rate, park used ranking,
    we want to know the reason why there are many many idiot balance update like this event.
    I saw the many bad comments on STEAM forums,these comment was since 2.3.0 update and this event.
    I hope DBD will return to GAME.

    From japan DBD player.

  • Ty Mosley
    Ty Mosley Před rokem

    Lore animations are a big win for me! Who is Vigo??! WHO WAS PHONE?!

  • Elitechaz 8
    Elitechaz 8 Před rokem

    ITS MORE THAN JUST SHARING “BANDAGES” between Wraith and Spirit

  • light time
    light time Před rokem

    Who here has trouble finding a mach in rank 1 as killer? Or survivors.

  • LuKeiiN xNx
    LuKeiiN xNx Před rokem

    i really like dead by daylight but i fucking hate campers dude. can u make something to eliminate they pls ?

  • MAQ Tamer
    MAQ Tamer Před rokem

    How come I can't collect any more vials even though I'm about to reach 10 vials in total

  • Franix97
    Franix97 Před rokem

    Can you please stop ban random players and begin ban cheaters? I'm reporting like 5 cheaters every day and NOONE got banned from the begin of the event. This community is bullshit

    • Franix97
      Franix97 Před rokem

      Your mother. I never cheat, and who the hell are you? get the fuck out of here.

    • Rainbow Dash
      Rainbow Dash Před rokem

      You cheater

  • Alex M90
    Alex M90 Před rokem

    Baned De la reporturi?

  • ประหยัด
    ประหยัด Před rokem

    Survivor Soften :(
    Less wood 👎

  • Rav EXclusive
    Rav EXclusive Před rokem

    You creators are some greedy dumb asses you want us to work for one damn outfit like we don’t already pay you dicks enough be happy we still playing your unbalance shitty game.

  • Rav EXclusive
    Rav EXclusive Před rokem

    You need to monitor each match and banned killers for camping a survivor and still gaining a tremendous amount of points

  • Rav EXclusive
    Rav EXclusive Před rokem

    How about you do something about these trash killers being able to camp

  • Cyber Meltdown
    Cyber Meltdown Před rokem

    How about a wolf man serial killer update? And then a super power would be transforming into a full werewolf, abilities would be sniffing, augmented hearing, super healing, etc.

  • LoReX
    LoReX Před rokem +3


  • El señor S
    El señor S Před rokem

    Fixed the game in console stuff

    FØØTBÀLL KEY HD Před rokem

    Give me q shout out pls. Mind checking me out

  • Maxfield Stanton
    Maxfield Stanton Před rokem

    Any chance for a Norman/Norma Bates killer, or one inspired by him? He might seem to be a Michael Myers clone, but I think the dual personality element could be played up, sort of like Pam Voorhees channeled the spirit of her son, and then voila, Jason is a zombie. Could have a Dark power that function s as a bot and/or decoy. Elements like the figure sitting in a chair, Norman's mother being heard speaking to him, maybe tipping him off to a survivor's whereabouts, like the D.C. character Scarface ordering around the Ventriloquist.
    Aside from that, other ideas I have are as follows.
    Pumpkin Head,
    Yog Sothoth,
    Meat Cleaver Max Jenke

  • Jacob Martinez
    Jacob Martinez Před rokem

    UPDATE** Day 2 into the event, filled all 30 survivor vials. Turns out its easier for survivor despite being able to lose progress on death. As long you you fill it to a line or fill it completely so orange smoke shows, you wont lose anything up to that point on death. On full vial I welcomed death and allowed killers to take me to their event hooks since the vial was already full and would still give me the serum after the match. Killer takes alot longer!

  • Franix97
    Franix97 Před rokem

    Why fix the real shit of the game like the hitboxes, who sucks from 2 years, when you can nerf healing speed so now you repair a gen faster than you heal yourself?
    Oh, and the halloween event let you buy just ONE outfit, if you want the other you have to spend more money.
    Because game+dlc+outfits is not enough, if we want the costume we cannot use in-game currency, we spend more money and you still not going to add dedicated servers.
    And main killer keep crying for everything even if the killers have been buffed, and surv nerfed.
    Wow, always worst this game. The 1.0 was the heaven, now...
    Oh, and baby main killer, before come here and speak your shit think about one thing. If really surv are so OP, why there are so much killers and always less surv? Mmmmh...

  • YaBoiMagic
    YaBoiMagic Před rokem

    Dear DBD I'm dying to see a demogorgon in dead by daylight more people like me are too. So please can you think about it

  • Ruben_Brown
    Ruben_Brown Před rokem

    Add level rewards or a level shop. So when you reach level 100 you could get a special cosmetic, or even better- you could receive a token or two, and you can use these tokens in a special shop to buy special cosmetics.

  • PM
    PM Před rokem

    For a while now I've thought about all the problems about this game...
    I've thought about the problems almost since the day this game came out...
    This game became one of my personal favorites, if not my main favorite...
    Despite everything I stucked to you guys (devs)...
    I thought so much about the problems of this game that I came up with 1 ultimate solution to the problems of almost all this game...
    That 1 solution is simple!!!

    • PM
      PM Před rokem

      Because really tho, that's the shit that actually ruins the core idea of the game...

  • Dragon maid 3213
    Dragon maid 3213 Před rokem

    Love it

  • TurboPascal
    TurboPascal Před rokem

    Are you actually happy with your recent update? Since patch v2.3.1 I could not escape a single time. NOT A SINGLE MATCH!
    This game has gotten pretty boring as EVERY killer runs Barbecue & Chili, Hex: Ruin, Nurse's Calling and of course, Noone escapes death. Is this the purpose of teachable perks? And what do you guys do? You allow NOED to insta-down survivors on ANY level. Good job!
    I never understood all the folks raging like: "Oh my god, you NEED to do some balancing with this game!!1!", but now as of patch v2.3.1, I suggest you to really do something.
    DEATHGARDEN died in a pretty short period of time. Why? Almost every Hunter weapon can one-hit a Runner. Is this the purpose of an asymmetric multiplayer game? They lost their player base quite quickly. A patch yet did not follow. GG Behaviour.
    The healing speed nerf pretty much sucks monkey balls. You need four more seconds to heal others, eight more seconds to heal yourself with Self Care. People might say, it doesn't change that much. YES IT DOES!
    And last, but not least: The event. Oh my god the event. As a Killer you just need to do your daily job, like... Hitting and hooking survivors. You get your nectar on the fly. As a survivor you have to concentrate on doing generators, healing each other, unhooking your mates AND collect these stupid ass nectars. What the heck?!
    Maybe it's just me talking weird stuff, as I am quite frustrated right now after playing two rounds that ended in being face-camped and tunneled to death. Please, just explain to me what you are trying to achieve with your current update policy. Do you want more Survivors to play Killer? Do you want people to buy your "awesome" Killer cosmetics? Do you want your player base to change over to DEATHGARDEN, because it died? I just can't understand how anyone can ruin a game in just a single patch.
    I really hope, you will change something on this game, or you have just lost a customer. Many others will follow. Know my words.

  • Alter17
    Alter17 Před rokem

    it is becoming easier for killers

  • Alter17
    Alter17 Před rokem

    change the exhaustion in ps4 PLEASE

  • Alter17
    Alter17 Před rokem

    the exhaustion in ps4 is a shit

  • This is where the fun begins

    Can we get a killer that uses the crows please. Like a plaque doctor

  • Billy Streetman
    Billy Streetman Před rokem +1

    How much does 1 outfit cost?

  • Mario C.
    Mario C. Před rokem

    I swear these two Devs came from Hi-Rez if they did would explain their line their pockets approach to events , I swear I've seen them on their livestream before

  • Răzvan VALOROS
    Răzvan VALOROS Před rokem

    Keler and survivor new

  • Mario V
    Mario V Před rokem +1

    Since we are not able to get everything, it would be cool if there is an event recollecting cosmetics from old events, like this one, the bbq and the chinese one

  • sunny catty
    sunny catty Před rokem

    Too bad you are literally killing your game by making it too easy for killers. Had to stop playing, even with no perks at low level I finish a match in under 10 minutes. Can catch any survivor regardless of skill or perk because of how fucked they have made survivor. Game of cat and mouse? More like playing with poisoned rats running in a circle since they can't even run away with sprint burst.

  • Ectorlot
    Ectorlot Před rokem

    the old song of dbd to come to the dawn of the old song that was nice to put the song

  • Speedrunerka
    Speedrunerka Před rokem


  • Cheesecake 61
    Cheesecake 61 Před rokem

    I’m trying to get the doctor but the try hards are evading dead by daylight

  • MGF
    MGF Před rokem

    Please bring Jason voorhees or ghostface

  • EvilCupcake
    EvilCupcake Před rokem

    Sooo, if I finally collect 30 flasks the game wont let me get more? Because now it looks like you can get 30 for playing as surv and 30 for playing as killer.