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Black Gun Ownership: A Roundtable Discussion (feat. Carlos Ellis and Alex Yablon) Extended- TGHT

  • čas přidán 31. 01. 2023

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  • alexT2091
    alexT2091 Před rokem +162

    This is what happens when one person who wants to have a conversation, meets a person who just wants to be right…

    • Nothembinkosi Lepesa
      Nothembinkosi Lepesa Před 19 dny

      I don't know who you are but I have encountered so much of this in my life. A debate is for both points to either integrate or not but to exercise power (being right) in a debate / conversation is to miss the point. And in this case it was to...if not integrate their points, build their points to structure a solution. Not one guy be right and the other wrong. Also...the need to be right is usually because he is under the urgency for a quick solution whereas the journalist is under the urgency for a long term solution. They didn't realize they're both in the same space or contain the same vision. Because POWER dynamics made its way into the debate.

    • Janice Anderson 2020
      Janice Anderson 2020 Před 29 dny


      TANYA HUNT Před 2 měsíci

      @TrueAlpha100 yes AND perhaps some of these "twisted, racist, xenophobic people have undiagnosed mental health issues.

    • TrueAlpha100
      TrueAlpha100 Před 2 měsíci +1

      Also, can people stop echoing that traumatized mentally ill people are the “thing” that needs to be policed instead of weapons and tools of destruction. A mentally ill person is 10x more likely to be A VICTIM of assault than a perpetrator of one. MOST of the school shooters and domestic terrorists are NOT mentally ill. They’re just twisted racist,sexist xenophobes walking over the corpses of a dozen canaries who feel like dying in a hailstorm of bullets will make them feel powerful and maybe they’ll even become infamous if only for a day. Humans can become monsters just as easily as becoming martyrs.

    • Gershom Koinei
      Gershom Koinei Před 3 měsíci +2

      That's EXACTLY how I felt the whole time. People just want to believe guns protect them, but they don't.

  • Iamdantebruhh
    Iamdantebruhh Před rokem +56

    I would love to hear Alex Yablon speak without interruption. His points were based in logic and not emotions.

    • lemeshadow
      lemeshadow Před 2 měsíci +5

      @Reginald Carr But do you regularly hear about mass stabbings or school stabbings?

    • Reginald Carr
      Reginald Carr Před 2 měsíci

      Britain has had a gun band for years. They just use knives now. All you hear is stabbing now. Can you now band knives?

  • MichaelMalice
    MichaelMalice Před 4 měsíci +12

    Alex doing his best to make the real points while Carlos blows past them to ignore them with conviction. Guns always put you in more danger, in every scenario. Even if it ENABLES self defense in a scenario your mere capability to defend yourself makes you a higher priority target for impending violence, or greater violence than you were already at risk of. They will hurt you more often because that gun makes you dangerous to them. You also can never assume that your gun will only ever be in your hand - your gun being present enables others to access a gun, as unlikely as you think it is.

  • Emmett Lester
    Emmett Lester Před 11 měsíci +25

    Alex said things I never thought about.. meanwhile Carlos and Char said the same things I've been hearing all my life.. those 2 did nothing for the progression of gun ownership. I'm for self defense but damn, conversations they ran did nothing.

    • Shalon Smith
      Shalon Smith Před 3 měsíci +2

      @NWR Lingomingo Yeah and it still doesn’t amount to the amount of people killed by guns. You are much safer in the UK than most states in the U.S.

    • Jenise Jackson
      Jenise Jackson Před 4 měsíci

      @TheDrew0602 . UK has mass murders due to knives every year.

    • NWR Lingomingo
      NWR Lingomingo Před 5 měsíci

      @TheDrew0602 have you been to the u.k what about china which had a mass stabbing cause they can’t own guns

    • TheDrew0602
      TheDrew0602 Před 5 měsíci +2

      The knife comparisons make me cringe, no one commits mass murderer with a knife

  • Derrick Graham
    Derrick Graham Před rokem +175

    Yo! I need the producers of this show to ensure better moderation for their panelists. As a black man in America I feel where Charlemagne and Carlos are coming from, but can I here from Alex for a minute. In order to move our society in a positive direction we need the opportunity to hear the juxtaposing viewpoints so we can tackle our own perceived or actual biases and maybe amalgamate towards a viable solutions. I would recommend Cha and the producers watch PBS's "Point Taken" and take some notes.

    • Lamar Williams
      Lamar Williams Před 2 měsíci


    • Alyssa Stram, MD
      Alyssa Stram, MD Před 3 měsíci


    • Mikel Truss
      Mikel Truss Před 3 měsíci +1

      Totally agree

    • Antwan d
      Antwan d Před 3 měsíci +1

      @Big Laz I'm confused on how a legal gun owner would lose his gun with new gun laws

    • Jenise Jackson
      Jenise Jackson Před 4 měsíci

      @Derrick. What are you talking about they listened to Alex! It is a conversation.

  • Erin Bailey
    Erin Bailey Před rokem +71

    Go Alex! The patience he has exhibited is heroic.

  • A B
    A B Před rokem +47

    I'm a proud gun owner and I love them. I hate the car argument with a passion. A gun's intended purpose is to kill, the purpose of a car is transport... That's why vehicles aren't getting banned. It's literally the dumbest argument from pro gun guys. I am a gun guy!!! There are plenty legitimate points on why we should own guns, please pick them. Especially black people, we are our own first line of defense. Not just your own, your family's too. The average response time for police is too long. Plus they aren't always on black peoples side. Protect yourself and your family Kings. Responsibly!!!

    • srami004
      srami004 Před 2 měsíci +1

      Sensible gun owner

    • KiiDMaGiiK
      KiiDMaGiiK Před 3 měsíci +2

      As someone who doesn’t really like guns I came to the comments just to say that the “why don’t they ban cars??” argument is so dumb but you beat me to it hahaa

    • Probable Cosby
      Probable Cosby Před 4 měsíci +1

      I agree, that’s argument is absolutely bogus, a better argument would be kitchen knifes cause knifes were invented to be used as a tool of war and hunting so they were made to kill, but how every often someone is killed with a kitchen knife we never try banning them or even talk about it

    • Angel Eyes33
      Angel Eyes33 Před 4 měsíci +2

      Agreed on all fronts. Fellow gun owner.

  • Roberto Pinto
    Roberto Pinto Před rokem +227

    I appreciate the conversations that this show is having. But Charlemagne gotta do a better job at moderating so both sides can fully convey their arguments

    • Anon Mitty
      Anon Mitty Před 3 měsíci

      I think its because Ctd agrees with the guy advocating for getting guns

    • cmoneymadhops
      cmoneymadhops Před 11 měsíci

      @S Hutchins define semi automatic

    • S Hutchins
      S Hutchins Před 11 měsíci +1

      yeah in this case... and getting rid of cars ain't the same as the gun argument. Everyone that shoots someone isn't about mental health. There is no reason for any civilian to need a semi automatic which holds 20+ bullets or can kill multiple people in seconds.... why????

    • cmoneymadhops
      cmoneymadhops Před rokem

      I hear both sides alot compared to other shows

    • russwlsimmons
      russwlsimmons Před rokem +2

      Conversation topic is great but charla is horrible at this by choice. And dude wont let the anti gun finish most of his points.

  • cherie clark
    cherie clark Před rokem +26

    That journalist held his ground

  • Andrew Wyche
    Andrew Wyche Před rokem +161

    I’m all for Alex and I was literally infuriated and yelling at my screen to Charla and Carlos to shut the F up and let the man speak. And I agree with a lot of the people commenting about Charla needing to be a little more unbiased and be a better moderator, in the way the debate is articulated you can’t have 2 on 1 and have it so unbalanced. That will only make some people completely ignore or laugh at all the great points Alex was making and not actually listen and hear what he had to say. He had to literally repeat the same thing over and over because Charla and Carlos weren’t listening to him whatsoever. They already have their minds made up about the entire argument.

    • Mr Curious
      Mr Curious Před rokem +1

      @Righteous IndigNATION exactly. The sad part is that very few will understand your point

    • Mr Curious
      Mr Curious Před rokem +1

      @Harry M that’s likely your bias and/or racism speaking. You are compelled to measure people based on you western BS methods.
      I say it’s the safe white guy vs the real world black folks.
      This white-ish guy can easily go back to his happy safe theoretical world. The blacks will leave there having to be conscious of their race at all times

    • Mr Curious
      Mr Curious Před rokem +1

      Who said it was supposed to be unbiased?

    • Righteous IndigNATION
      Righteous IndigNATION Před rokem +4

      As a whyte male you feel the need to dominate the conversation of Blacks defending themselves in amerikkka to the point that now yall just look like narcissistic psychos literally...the madness of whyte supremacy is🤯🤯🤯

    • dmoneyas24
      dmoneyas24 Před rokem +1

      Alex lost me when he said he wouldn’t care to defend himself.

  • Kendre Daniels
    Kendre Daniels Před rokem +9

    Alex made great points. I hated the tag team on him

  • Rhoda Baruch
    Rhoda Baruch Před rokem +51

    Speaking over people so they can’t get their point out makes your argument look so weak. Charla, you failed this one.

  • MochaZeus
    MochaZeus Před rokem +137

    Charlemagne gotta do a better job of letting both sides speak uninterrupted.

    • C J
      C J Před 2 měsíci

      @Brian Johnson who wants to be like fox.Stupid statement.

    • Brian Johnson
      Brian Johnson Před rokem +2

      No, he doesn't. You ever watch Fox

  • eric graham Sr.
    eric graham Sr. Před rokem +12

    Alex 1 - Lenard and Carlos 0
    Alex Won and had valid points . Thing is Guns aren’t going anywhere in the US until they create a better weapon … So until everyone gets rid of theirs I’m keeping all of Mines …

    • m S
      m S Před 4 měsíci

      How did Alex win? He openly admitted that he would be completely unable to defend himself from an attack and said it’s ok because “it’ll never happen to him” thats retarted

  • BaimaTV
    BaimaTV Před rokem +36

    Again, this is what irks me about CTG. His inability to critically think. It’s his show so in a since he’s a moderator in this debate. If he agrees with the black dude that’s fine but you also have to be objective and not let dumb shit slide because you agree with the person saying the dumb shit. Comparing guns to cars is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. The reason you don’t regulate cars because car murders because that’s not their intended purpose of existing. A car’s sole purpose is to get people and things from Point A to point b. A guns sole purpose of existing is to KILL! I sorta agree with a few of the points the black guy made but I was more on the white guy side. You wanna know why that was my take on it? It’s because I believe you can do both at the same time. There is grey area here as usual. Then the black dude made another crazy argument about a woman getting beat having to wait on a gun because of red flag law.🤦🏾‍♂️ it seemed he was just here to debate and not have any understanding of the other side whatsoever.

    • C J
      C J Před 2 měsíci

      He was confusing laws the wait to purchase a fire arm is not for offenders it's for the general public so it's for the benefit of all that the time is taken for background checks before handing someone a weapon. This mythical woman who is being abused should known that the most dangerous time is when you first leave an abuser so she should be taking steps to get as far away from her abuser and lay low for awhile; a gun would not save her if he wanted to come back and kill her. These are such stupid arguments. How many times have we heard of instances where both the perp and the victim had guns and they both ended up shot dead?! Yes, anything can potentially be made into a weapon, but guns are the preferred because you don't have to get right up on someone and it's quick to hurt them. That's a fact. Most people who stab it's personal and that's an entire different group of sociopaths that we're dealing with and is not part of this particular conversation. I guess I'm just saying I found the black dudes debating skills faulty and him saying that gun killings were caused by mental illness is really ridiculous. Yes some are but like Alex said they usually hurt themselves so the ones who hurt others are ALSO sociopaths and you can be both. This guy was stupid. He embarrassed me.

    • phillysipha
      phillysipha Před rokem

      @Nnamdi Nwaneri Red flag laws can apply whenever a complaint is made against someone.

    • Nnamdi Nwaneri
      Nnamdi Nwaneri Před rokem +3

      Right. the red flag law would apply to her abuser not her lol, assuming she hadn't exhibited behavior or actions that would make the red flag laws applicable.

  • Jamal Robinson
    Jamal Robinson Před rokem +10

    This has been a big issue with CTG. He WANTS to have these big conversations (which is good) but he doesn't really have the depth ans capacity to have them and ends up messing up the convo.

  • Meeky W.
    Meeky W. Před 2 měsíci +6

    I thoroughly love Alex saying "jump on my ass"! and "I don't think your tripping"! 🤣😂
    "You just goin' give up the ass"?🤣😂
    I'm shocked this didn't go viral!

  • Allison Hubbard
    Allison Hubbard Před rokem +37

    Great debate. CTG, you gotta do better with mediation. Alex made some very valid points from a statistical and philosophical standpoint. However, y’all tag teamed him which was very unnecessary. Carlos was all about black people while Alex was about people in general.

  • Kyle Flournoy
    Kyle Flournoy Před rokem +6

    Carlos was so butthurt he was stuttering over his own words trying to make up a counter argument on the spot whenever Alex hit him with some factual data and reasonable points. It was actually kind of wild watching this goofy white boy twerk all over both of these dudes at the same time verbally... At least, whenever Carlos would actually let him get a word in.
    I don't mind Charlemagne being funny and biased and taking pot shots every now and then, but he really does need to ensure that both sides get ample opportunity to express their points fully

  • freethinkingMILF
    freethinkingMILF Před rokem +30

    This was the lamest debate, they both have weak arguments, but the Black guy is not listening (says he doesn't believe the data) and he is contradicting his own stance (asks to be shown the data). He also uses ONE example of a car being used for crime to justify his points, cars are not the same as guns (purpose of killing, their only function, cars are NOT for the purpose of killing), but asks he opponent for multiple examples...and when he gives them, he still doesn't listen and deflects.
    Neither was convincing, and that sucks, cuz it leaves us in the same place as we are now...in constant terror & danger of being shot at any given moment, no matter where we are on ideas to fix the problem. We can become victims literally where we actually are (school, grocery store, clubs, streets...at home). We have a gun crisis in America...the number one TOOL of destruction, used by people....can we admit both can be the problem...if used to kill, but one is more epidemic at killing????

    • cmoneymadhops
      cmoneymadhops Před rokem

      @MJA Reacts but you do want a gun on you in case you become the next target right?

    • MJA Reacts
      MJA Reacts Před rokem +5

      @jmannx21 I'm a avid gun owner and a war vet, so I can tell you for a fact the best thing to do in that scenario is take shelter, and don't try to be a hero. A scenario like that doesn't need multiple civilians trying to shoot the "bad guy". Innocent people in scenarios similar to what you just said have actually been shot by law enforcement due to confusion of who's the active shooter.

    • jmannx21
      jmannx21 Před rokem +2

      You people are so brilliant and philosophical, however let's break it down in more rational terms. You work a long day stop by the grocery store to pickup some eggs and cupcakes for a party at work. You are in the back of the supermarket and you hear someone scream and guns shots. At that moment, cops are minutes away. If the shooter is shooting people randomly you want a carton of eggs to defend your life? I know this example may sound extreme but, we live in America. And this stuff happens here! You can debate how often but you can't debate it doesn't happen. People should have the right to carry guns even if others don't want or like it. America has a value problem. We don't value each other like we used to. Carlos example was they grew up around guns but people had better values at the time. And you can't legislate that. Be blessed 🙏🏾

  • phillysipha
    phillysipha Před rokem +13

    CTG, please bring on Maj Toure, Colion Noir, Marcelle "Tig" Davis, or the owners of Redstone Firearms in Cali. Black pro-2A advocates, business owners, and instructors.

    • ronaldglover72
      ronaldglover72 Před rokem +1

      Colion did a video on this these folk want debate them or go on a show with them

  • Bethany C. Baldwin
    Bethany C. Baldwin Před rokem +9

    If the propensity for lawbreaking prevents us from legislating against undesirable behavior, we wouldn't pass ANY laws. We legislate against behaviors that are detrimental to a peaceful society and then we enforce them to the best of our ability.

    • Theway tv
      Theway tv Před rokem

      Try that with a constutional right .

  • Jeremy Orthman
    Jeremy Orthman Před 3 měsíci +2

    The problem with Alex's argument is, it's basically, "trust me I'm right." He'll mention data, but not tell what the data is or where it came from. How he is presenting his argument is invalidating it. If you're going to say the data backs you up, you have to come prepared with what the data is.

  • TalkenHead 87
    TalkenHead 87 Před rokem +13

    In defense of Alex, if somebody jumped on his ass, and he pulled out a gun, the gun is being taken and he's being beaten with it too.

  • Si ni kent Musyoki
    Si ni kent Musyoki Před rokem +8

    They speaking over Alex and he making good points

  • Jay
    Jay Před rokem +53

    Charlemagne as the host should've remained unbiased, tag teaming up with Carlos against Alex was corny asf. They did a horrible job of letting Alex get his points across, constantly cutting him off, and him having to repeat his points cuz they weren't listening. Good conversation but would've been great if they listened better.

    • Victor Shaw
      Victor Shaw Před rokem +3

      He literally said in the CNN clip "I'm 2A all day" so he was biased on this topic. I don't think the white guy was bullied but he was clearly not a fan of the second amendment, he is speaking from a protected standpoint where the legal system actually works for you.

    • Lord Smith
      Lord Smith Před rokem +1

      That’s not the point of the show.

  • Harry
    Harry Před rokem +7

    I like how the interview went. They kept everything respectful.

  • Isou Dw
    Isou Dw Před rokem +2

    I live in France and if a school shooting were to happen, there would be national mourning for 2 years straight.
    But maybe it's a bit late for the U.S. The bad guys are already armed so they might need to progressively identify them, disarm them, punish arm violences before they ban guns altogether.
    On that, I agree with blazer dude

  • Star Platinum
    Star Platinum Před rokem +2

    I rather be in jail for defending me and mine than lying 6 feet deep in pine. That said each said had great points, Alex was right that we need laws to be created and ENFORCED. Too often we see people crying to help or actively showing their hate and nothing is done about it. Carlos was also right that it is better to have a gun when you need it than to not have it.

    • dmoneyas24
      dmoneyas24 Před rokem

      Many of the same people who say gun laws should be enforced are many of the same people who say defund the police. Which one is it

  • Probtaylored
    Probtaylored Před rokem +4

    I think a lot of times you have two individuals with great solutions to the same issue. People never take the time to move ego out of the way to see each other. Both guys are right in this conversation, but both guys also shut down valid solution to fix a important problem in America. If we want the same things then we have to make sure the argument is about the solution not the problem.

    TYRATHETHIRD Před měsícem

    Alex made a lot of great points and when he could actually finish his thoughts, I actually learned alot. Carlos is the worse type of person to try to have a debate with because he's overly emotional and listens to argue versus listening to understand.

  • JD Kingsley
    JD Kingsley Před rokem +14

    Guns maker you safer. Dont let any body tell you differently, especially when you get the right training in. The biggest misconception is buying a gun and throwing in your drawer or having little to no practice. Just like you use your car, or phone everyday. Your gun should have the same “milage”- in terms of training. Keep storage and safe keeping in mind, if you carry review scenarios and what ifs.
    Owning one isnt a joke, if you can handle all of this then you can be a gun owner.
    A lot of dont want to take on the responsibility or think its a cake walk.

  • T W
    T W Před rokem +10

    This conversation was very broken, we do limit cars. If we limited guns the way we do cars that would help. Because if we didn't limit the use of vehicles everyone would be driving around in a big truck. race cars or tank. But we put requirements and limits on driving and those types of vehicles for the general safety. So both arguments were poorly laid out. We limit many things and we should limit guns. It makes no sense for a person to drive a tank around town to do their grocery shopping, just like it makes no sense for some one to have a overpowered weapon for "home protection" and/or "hunting". If you need that many shoots to hit a deer, you aren't meant to be out there. I do appreciate what they were both trying to say. The most valid point is that, laws tend to only affect law-abiding citizens but, that doesn't mean you don't make changes to the laws. Because a point that neither side made is that the laws are written now in such a way that, certain people are consider criminals before they even have a chance to get a gun and others that should be flagged as a threat are able to have an entire website about how they hate people and still walk down the street with a loaded gun. So changes the laws won't really hurt certain law abiding citizens, just the "right" ones.

  • SMobleymma
    SMobleymma Před rokem +7

    The gun dude is making dumb arguments even if you agree with his position you gotta admit his arguments wouldn't get past my 14 yr old.

  • Jdonaldson 901
    Jdonaldson 901 Před rokem +3

    We need Convos like this…. I’m 27 been around guns my whole life some legal some illegal… But being brought up guns were looked at as bad things in the hood.. You had a gun you were looked at as a robber or killer not a protector! So last year, me being a reseller, I went to some partments to sell 2 pair of shoes… as I was waiting on the client 2 vehicles pulled behind me… First off I should have backed in which I usually do 2nd I should have been armed and dangerous… They attempted to rob me but due to I had called a friend who stays in that complex and keep a strap on him at all times came and pretty much saved the day… From Dec 14 I became a gun owner and I must say that was a wake up call

  • Stony Knight
    Stony Knight Před rokem +20

    Now this was a very good debate, this needs to be a weekly segment. it drew me right in and held me until the very end.

  • SimplyNea
    SimplyNea Před rokem +5

    I appreciate you charla but man you gotta learn to be unbiased and hear BOTH sides!

    CHEESE Před rokem +197

    Little dude could’ve bodied the gun dude if he had more confidence in his argument. He had facts and data. Meanwhile the other guy trying to compare cars to guns.

    • Miickey
      Miickey Před měsícem

      To me he had confidence , i think he just didnt feel to argue with the other nigga who wasnt listening anyway

    • Daniel Melgar
      Daniel Melgar Před 4 měsíci

      @MrLB1971 public officials need to do that so they don't George Floyd men. Citizens need to pass a background check. Some states don't need background checks do to the population count in that state. Are the places going to sell to someone they don't feel comfortable selling to. Gun owners don't want to sell a gun to a terrorist just to have them show up to the gun shop and interview them about the guns they sold.

    • Daniel Melgar
      Daniel Melgar Před 4 měsíci

      Fact that little dude didn't want to say 5hat law affect those who buy guns and not criminal. Is why any argument is redundant. Also the only safe people are white. The biggest minorities don't have that luxury.

    • Sandra Rose
      Sandra Rose Před 4 měsíci


    • Mone F.
      Mone F. Před 5 měsíci


  • magdcs
    magdcs Před rokem +2

    I need ti watch more of this show. Excellent conversation.

  • Gee James
    Gee James Před rokem +1

    Enjoyed the conversation from an entertainment perspective, but it failed in being a good discussion. So many opportunities were missed to find areas of clear agreement and disagreement to actually move the conversation forward. Many of the 'points' conflated possibility and probability. Keep doing your thing Brother Charla - we support you.

  • BlackLemmy
    BlackLemmy Před rokem +28

    Alex is full on right. All the studies show him true. Also countries without 2nd amendment-like gun ownership rights have far less or even no gun shootings in schools and such and also far less racist kills by cops. Without having more crime than in the us, in fact far less.
    That said, you can understand how, being the most likely to die from them in the US, black people could want to arm themselves. But that becomes a question only for a revolution, but is, like Alex said, not gonna solve the problems you think outside that specific context of revolution.

    • jeffrey cruz
      jeffrey cruz Před rokem

      @Clile Hall not true there has been similar riots where ppl have died from cars, fires, & rocks. The “mindset” doesnt come from the tool it comes from the intentions and beliefs of the person .

    • Clile Hall
      Clile Hall Před rokem

      @jeffrey cruz For example Rittenhouse why did he carry a gun and the protestors? The results were two people was killed. All of this would have been avoided if there were no guns involved. Guns put them in a different mindset

    • jeffrey cruz
      jeffrey cruz Před rokem

      @Clile Hall in the US more ppl r murdered with hands & feet per year then with rifles. Black powder was discovered on accident and was first used to make fireworks for celebrations. And yes u do know its not as spontaneous as ppl make it seem.

    • Clile Hall
      Clile Hall Před rokem

      @jeffrey cruz shoes and guns are totally different. Shows are meant to wear and guns were built to kill. Guns put you in a different mindset. I am not against guns but in this country you never know when someone has a bad day and that person just start shooting

    • jeffrey cruz
      jeffrey cruz Před rokem

      @Clile Hall thats called fear mongering lol. There are multiple reasons why someone would own multiple firearms. Number of firearms doesnt mean anything it does not signify anything either. If they arent being used in crimes then its not a problem and of no concern.
      Why do ppl own over 20 pairs of shoes. The audacity of some!

  • RealisticNMotion
    RealisticNMotion Před rokem +2

    I understand both arguments. The white guy is making sense. I carry and have a rifle, but its more likely for an accident to happen with my guns rather me using them to defend myself. But at the same time, this white man has never felt as helpless as a black man in america. Not only are people a threat to us, defending ourselves is mostly illegal. We face different threats than him.

  • Timothy Long
    Timothy Long Před 3 měsíci

    Yea I'm for sure on Alex's side in this conversation. Giving the law teeth to take care of clearly dangerous people is absolutely worth it. It also has very little impact on the average gun owner.

  • fishman 305
    fishman 305 Před rokem +3

    They wouldn't let Alex talk at all. And the car argument is the worst excuse I have ever heard. They kept asking for examples and Alex kept giving it to them. Carlos was the wrong person to argue his side. The best comment was when Alex said whiteness, power, and laws make white people feel safe not guns.

  • Ed Franco
    Ed Franco Před rokem +5

    This could’ve been a much better conversation if you had someone like #majtoure on to speak truth to power. But your media bosses won’t let you so you’ll always have half ass attempts at real conversations.

  • Ron Baisden
    Ron Baisden Před rokem +5

    The debate that aired was EDITED to death! The full debate was much more informational!

  • Chris O
    Chris O Před rokem +4

    In all of his round tables, Charlamagne lets the person that shares his POV step all over the opposing POV. He has to do better

  • Grayson Red
    Grayson Red Před rokem +53

    This is a very intriguing debate. I think both people had very fair points. Btw get your guns if you want, but homie in the blazer was making some points I never thought of.

    • khyre Edwards
      khyre Edwards Před rokem +2

      @J Izz I think you're missing the point of this conversation.
      Sure we can what if and explain away our collusion with kids being murdered because it may mean you have to sign a few more forms.
      Or we can do something about it.
      Alex did well, but my point is that he's a reporter, why not get a Criminologist ? Probably because it would be a one sided discussion.
      I'm a black man living in America, I'm sympathetic to the impulse to arm ourselves out of fear.
      But that won't solve any problems. I'm agree with Carlos saying don't expect the laws to work on our favor... my question is what situations would being armed help for black men when our continued oppression is enforced based on a fear that we all have guns and are violent just waiting to commit horrible crime.
      Anytime we are massacred in the street by police or vigilantes its the faux fear of violence that's cited as reason why we have to go. A dead black men with a gun on his person? The case officer doesn't even get arrested

    • J Izz
      J Izz Před rokem +3

      @khyre Edwards
      Alex is anti-firearms based on their "Potiential" for violence; he believes firearms Increase the potiential for larger violence.
      Where as...
      Carlos is pro-firearms, he believes that violence is and INDIVIDUAL choice people make; whether under duress, xenophobic/ racial gender-biased,over-medicated or other forms of mental instability. He believes its still Choice.
      Alex's decision leads to national mandates() on who can and cannot own FA based on their past and the PERCIEVED (data) potential for more. Ie,
      "pre-crime" watch MINORITY REPORT.
      Carlos is saying: dont punish the many for the sins of the few.
      let's judge individual (citizens) based on what the Individual does.
      Finally: shld all African americans pass laws to imprison or expel caucasian america based on historic (data) and their proclivity for violence??
      OR-OR, do what Carlos suggest and judge on an case by case basis. Welcome.

    • khyre Edwards
      khyre Edwards Před rokem +1

      This is sadly detrimental to the conversation, good questions but the answers are ignored and there's no real point to the discussion in this framing

  • Pitch King
    Pitch King Před rokem +9

    There’s a man in Baltimore who killed two Barbers in the same day a two separate locations and critically injured another. He was killed at the second location he visited by an off duty cop that was getting a haircut at the time. Had he not been there, all of those brothas in that second barbershop would’ve been killed before the gunman were to leave and eventually go and kill more innocent people. Black men and women NEED to gain more knowledge about gun safety and discipline.

  • Mark K
    Mark K Před rokem +1

    I loved this conversation. Two people with different opinions going after the topic. Charla bring more people like this. We don’t need people who are always for the same topic. This was beautiful!

  • John Mattera
    John Mattera Před rokem +4

    I don't care what anyone says the little dude won this argument

  • Dannay McMillian
    Dannay McMillian Před rokem +3

    I love this guy (Alex)! I do understand both Charlamagne's and Carlos' point though. But that doesn't mean anything Alex is saying is wrong.

    • cold dead hand
      cold dead hand Před 6 měsíci

      The whole red flag laws idea was wrong on a few levels. It's comparable to the Salem which trials. Someone you have a disagreement with who knows you own firearms can call police and a judge signs off on it, and police come to your home around 5 in the morning and take your property without you never being able to face your accusers in court. It's a clear violation of at least 3 of your constitutionally protected rights. Then you have to pay an attorney, who aren't cheap by the way, to argue your case so you can hopefully get your property back. Sounds like a good way to get law abiding gun owners and police officers killed.

  • T C
    T C Před rokem +7

    You take away one thing, people will just find the next TOOL to use to execute their plans. We need to hold people accountable of their actions PERIOD!

    • Shalon Smith
      Shalon Smith Před 3 měsíci +1

      All those kids would be alive if there were no guns. The people in Charleston would still be with us if there were no guns. Biggest factor of kids dying is because of guns. There’s tons of countries where children aren’t being gunned down while trying to get a education. Do people not see that something is wrong with this

  • NewPerson22
    NewPerson22 Před 5 měsíci

    Carlos is a King! ❤️ Tell the truth. We live in hell on earth. Carlos gives us help to understand.

  • Dzul Gas
    Dzul Gas Před rokem +2

    Even though yall disagree he seems like a good dude you should have him back on he has some interesting ideas

  • phillysipha
    phillysipha Před rokem +1

    CTG you weren't tripping in the videos but you should have had a number of more competent pro gun black people. There ares tons of them who are well known and can articulate a point with a high level of nuance and consideration for different perspectives.

  • Zykeyus Okray
    Zykeyus Okray Před 3 měsíci

    Both of them are 100% right. They come from 2 different views of life and are effected differently. Who ever you agree I’m sure has more to do with what you have or haven’t experienced in life. But the truth is none of us matter. Have a great day.

  • noneof urbizness
    noneof urbizness Před 3 měsíci

    As a white male who was the Victim of a home invasion by a Hispanic gang that had moved into a predominantly Italian and Polish neighborhood, I believe everyone should have a firearm just in case, and know how to use it. I saved my life and my roommates, I didn't kill anyone, and I was exonerated. I still have firearms and urge my friends to do so also, responsibly.

  • DivineDIVA360
    DivineDIVA360 Před měsícem

    I really liked the debate… & enjoyed the two opposing arguments… but I would’ve loved to see Charlemagne either support both sides and play devils advocate …or be unbiased. Alex had a lot of valid points that I really wanted to hear & I hated how yall just talked over him like that. Great job guys …and great job, Alex!

  • DSVisualsHD
    DSVisualsHD Před rokem +2

    Holy shit!!! He FLAMED y’all and educated! Damn this was good!

  • Daniel Stein
    Daniel Stein Před rokem +10

    Many good arguments here, but one that I feel is missed. Assuming that black people getting guns will bring about gun regulation ignores or minimizes the need for black political power because it assumes white people will make laws to protect themselves under the guise of protecting all. Black (indigenous and people of color) political power will bring about the safety and change that would benefit all for the long-and-deep term.

    • DaNatural1
      DaNatural1 Před rokem

      Nah political power wont come until black people have economic power 1st.

    • Morgen Peschke
      Morgen Peschke Před rokem

      @jeffrey cruz unfortunately, racist laws are the one thing Democrats and Republicans consistently manage to be bipartisan on.
      The Republicans are extra annoying about it because so many of them pretend to be "Ah, Shucks" salt of the earth types, when they were born rich and went to Ivy League schools.
      Mainstream Dems pretending to care is frustrating, but there's something about a fake drawl that drives me up a wall 🤦

    • jeffrey cruz
      jeffrey cruz Před rokem

      @Morgen Peschke facts anti-science democrats stay going after minorities pretending to be helping us while handing out felonies for exercising a right.

    • Morgen Peschke
      Morgen Peschke Před rokem

      Whenever a minority group starts to arm themselves, the anti-science crowd suddenly gets really good at the kind of statistics and data gathering that let them write innocent looking laws that target that population's rights.
      Yeah, we gotta get the culture fixed, but gun control can help keep the body count down while we get there.
      He probably meant it as a joke, but let's be honest, being a cop is ridiculously safe so they don't actually need guns - and large parts of our population would be much safer if they left their guns at the station.

  • Rackadactal
    Rackadactal Před rokem +2

    Training is key 🔑 training teaches de-escalating and avoidance measures until the point of no return. Knowing Safety codes and the laws of your state .it’s not about I’m unstoppable because anyone can kill or be killed.you are not a god (small g ) as the most hated group in this country the black community Must arm themselves it’s a responsibility to our families . 2nd )the fact that if a black man went to the a cross burning to put out the fire and is attacked and he killed them could he use the rittenhouse case as a defense? That’s what Kyle did. He was clearly a agitator much like the “ protesters “ that he killed. And they wouldn’t be dead if they hadn’t advanced on him. He only shot those who attacked him and one was armed.

  • PaperxMario
    PaperxMario Před rokem +4

    Ctg picked the most meek white guy to bring on, I lost how many times Carlos spoke over him

  • Clay T.
    Clay T. Před rokem +9

    I was with Alex most of the time. All dude had to say about the car argumebt was "guns are designed to kill people, cars are not. That's why you treat them differently."
    I hated that both charlamagne and carlos started counting the examples he provided. That was really rude imo. And carlos at one point said "I don't care about your reporting." Like dude, come on.

  • HighiamDave
    HighiamDave Před rokem +15

    I wish my brother had better talking points, other homie was on point

  • lazydog081399
    lazydog081399 Před rokem +5

    It sounds like Carlos just doesn't want to do anything I guess. I just don't buy into the "everybody has mental issues" argument all the time either

  • Tyron Georgetown
    Tyron Georgetown Před rokem +1

    1. Comparing cars to guns is a false equivalence, cars are heavily regulated, state inspection, mandatory minimum of liability insurance, state registration that has to be renewed every 4 years, plate tags, Drivers licenses course has to be completed, because a car can cause harm! But it has other functions besides causing harm like destination!!

  • srami004
    srami004 Před 2 měsíci

    To counter the whole banning cars argument:
    Cars do get recalled. People get arrested for DUI and others. People have their licenses suspended and/or revoked.
    This advocate continues to interrupt the journalist as he attempts to make a point. This is why having these conversations are tough. One person is so passionate that he/she forgets to be cordial.

  • Vuyani Nhlanzi Zibashise
    Vuyani Nhlanzi Zibashise Před 3 měsíci +1

    You’re right! Especially where Carlo talks about banning of cars just because of Brooks killing 6 people with his SUV!!! That’s a stupid debate

  • armi armi
    armi armi Před 5 měsíci

    There’s overlap you can’t compartmentalize guns and people. When you give a gun to someone, it’s immediately tied to their state of mind when in use and when not in use.

  • KingJRZJ
    KingJRZJ Před rokem

    I live in NJ and a few years ago there was a woman that was murdered by he ex in her driveway. She had a restraining order against him and was waiting(30 days) to be cleared to own a handgun so she could have some sort of of the protection. Neither the law or gun laws stopped her from losing her life.

  • Bullzeye
    Bullzeye Před měsícem

    @1:24 🔥🔥🔥

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee Před rokem +4

    I’m half way thru and enjoying the civil conversation! I have to point out tho that I disagree that Arberys murderers were a case of “privilege”. That was a case of RACISM! It’s also why people confuse what white privilege is. It is distinctly different than racism. Privilege is more about being unaware or ignorant because you have ZERO perspective because you do not have that experience. ie: I’m distinctly ignorant of what it is to be a man in this country because I’m a woman. So Arbery was all about race/racism.

    • Queen Bee
      Queen Bee Před rokem

      @Vernon McClain I got nuthin. I’ve not said much on this issue because I have 2 conflicting emotions. I think it’s absolutely stupid to put myself in a dangerous situation. and unfortunately peeps weren’t protesting they were rioting. But again….I try not to comment on rittenhouse as my opinion doesn’t matter. I’m pretty comfortable with the decision. As I am with all 3 that happened in that time frame

    • Vernon McClain
      Vernon McClain Před rokem

      @Queen Bee also every citizen has the right to protest too. Just because you don’t agree with my cause doesn’t mean I can’t protest. And you can’t act on behalf of the police. If he hadn’t been there causing ruckus he would not have had to defend himself. They all felt entitled to take on the role of judge and jury. Even the judge sat beside him in the court.

    • Queen Bee
      Queen Bee Před rokem

      @Vernon McClain I believe the decision was fair. But I also believe all the decisions were fair on every trial that was happening at the same time

    • Queen Bee
      Queen Bee Před rokem

      @Vernon McClain rittenhouse was only all over the news because of his skin color. There were THREE trials happening at the same time as rittenhouse. All won by self defense….difference is rittenhouse was white, hence why I think it made such national news. I don’t speak on rittenhouse as I have two personal opinions: he shoulda NEVER been there & EVERY citizen has a right to self protection.

    • Vernon McClain
      Vernon McClain Před rokem

      I feel what you’re saying and mostly agree, but I honestly think they felt it was in their right to do what they felt was right as a citizen. Especially the dad that was ex-cop. They ruled self defense for Rittenhouse but in the end it was white privilege that won him the verdict of not guilty. He crossed state lines in order to act on behalf of the police. That’s crazy.

  • Alejandro Campos
    Alejandro Campos Před rokem +1

    I love seeing the different convos but it really hurt me how bad some of the guy on the rights takes were. Why are we still talking about cars V guns when cars are obviously much better regulated.

  • immyownpresident
    immyownpresident Před rokem +7

    The lady tried to twist the words “defend” and “attack” insinuating that they are the same. Changing the definition of words to fit a certain narrative is an overused play.

  • Reginald Greene
    Reginald Greene Před rokem +7

    They need to get the facts straight on the Rittenhouse case

  • Frank Nyamayaro
    Frank Nyamayaro Před rokem +4

    The white dude has facts getting loud doesn’t mean you know what you talking about let him speak

  • Connor Ryan
    Connor Ryan Před rokem +1

    Buddy paused for an applause break after his book comment BUT that sh*t got nothing 😂😂

  • K B
    K B Před rokem +8

    Charla and the dude on the right are speaking more protecting yourself during acts of 1 on 1 gun violence while Alex was speaking to preventing mass shootings. They never clearly established that and kept repeating themselves bc of it

    • J Izz
      J Izz Před rokem

      Pre-crime advocate vs Free-Will advocate....you choose America?

  • slylockdefox246
    slylockdefox246 Před 3 měsíci +1

    This is why with a CAR you need to go through a test to drive, you need to pass and you also need to be road worthy AND Insurance...

  • Dougs M
    Dougs M Před 2 měsíci

    POV from a UK, Alex Yablon is absolutely right, the law is there to prevent crime - Carlos, you can't prevent crime with crime that just nonsense.

  • dmurray1674
    dmurray1674 Před rokem

    Going to say the anti-gun person clearly failed at presenting his case. That said, the car argument is the dumbest argument ever to present. Car are note a tool designed to kill, Guns are. There are no guns created for any other reason. That said, I kinda agree with the red flag law though. Further along the argument both were each other's point but, didn't realize the agreements. Thus, the argument became circular.

  • Miss B
    Miss B Před rokem +3

    Great conversation

  • Shanda Barker
    Shanda Barker Před rokem

    I think laws need to be changed in this country. If you have training course or take a test to drive a car, then you should have training and testing to own a gun permit. This way you can decrease gun violence.

  • Ct Bt
    Ct Bt Před 3 měsíci

    The all the people who own a firearm, I would like to know out of the people who owned it, and had a course or class on obtaining it. How many people lost their firearms or did something crazy with it. The point is not who legally have one, but the ones who took an actual fire arm course to obtain it.

  • ʍҽʍօíɾ
    ʍҽʍօíɾ Před 7 měsíci +1

    I like this conversation 👍

  • Tia Haygood
    Tia Haygood Před rokem

    I wish data based researchers and boots on the ground activists could see eye to eye. Was very disappointed that the black gun owner activist seemed to look for gotcha moments rather than listen to the day. Alex was right, both sides are seeing the trees and not the whole forest.

  • Vernon Nickerson
    Vernon Nickerson Před 2 měsíci

    As a teacher of 50 years who reads owns and pushes books, I want to hear directly from CARLOS Ellis who says black people should exercise rights to gun ownership, and purchase guns.

  • The Average Juice
    The Average Juice Před rokem +2

    What’s so crazy is the person who is the aggressor will always have the upper hand and u having a gun usually are the one reacting which tends to be slower…good luck

  • Kevin Foreman
    Kevin Foreman Před rokem

    FINALLY!!!! someone brought up the subject.

  • Friendly Fever
    Friendly Fever Před rokem

    The end there... guns make suicide a lot easier than other options. Shooting oneself is effortless meanwhile overcoming the courage to physically move your body into harms way by say running in front of a train is a lot harder then pulling a trigger.

  • 0 Oo
    0 Oo Před 5 měsíci

    Facts are FACTS!!!
    "Black man with a 📖 book" = Black man with Google = Facts are researchable = Equals Data and Facts can be verified = Due-Diligence = ability to properly discern the truth......
    Conversations such as the one featured here... Is ESSENTIAL to the facilitation of favorable social change and significant change in general. Kudos to the host AND Panel🏆

  • #WhoDat4Lyfe Kris
    #WhoDat4Lyfe Kris Před rokem +4

    Both sides make good points...Im neutral on this

  • Tressa C
    Tressa C Před rokem +4

    I'm enjoying Alex's composure and delivery but, Carlos isn't being perceived intelligent enough for this conversation.

  • EA Morrison
    EA Morrison Před rokem +1

    The guy makes the most ridiculous argument. Are you going to ban cars. There were 500 homicides in Philly last year, 97% of those were by firearms. Were there 500 parade homicides by automobiles? No. A car, truck, van, aren't designed to kill. A gun is, with that being said, you have to find a way to stop illegal gun sales.

  • Devin roche
    Devin roche Před rokem +2

    To all the people on little dude side. I wanna see if you feel the same way when men with guns break in your house. O that's right you going call the police 😅 they will get there in time to save you 😅😅😅

  • A Smith
    A Smith Před rokem +10

    He if he bring up that car issue ONE MORE TIME 🙄

  • MrCase22100
    MrCase22100 Před 22 dny

    Owning a gun to protect yourself, family and your home or apartment.I agree with that.Conceild legal weapons Good too.

  • Alvin Strong
    Alvin Strong Před 5 měsíci +1

    Yo, if someone shows up to mug you, the gun is out before you have time to think about defending yourself.. now this dude got all your money and personal items including your gun.

  • Gabriel Clark
    Gabriel Clark Před rokem +2

    Lol. Ol boy had me Rolling when he kept circling back to the banning of cars.