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  • HEY EVERYONE.. Welcome BACK to my channel! Today we are unveiling the brand new Jeffree Star Cosmetics Northern Lights Supreme Frost palette PLUS the new NUDES Mini Velour Liquid Lipstick VOLUME 2 box which features 2 new shades! And of course because it's the holiday season, we have new makeup and travel bags! Come dive into the swatches and explore with me! Everything is launching DEC. 7TH @ 10AM PST / 1PM EST on my website!
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  • Anna Bella
    Anna Bella Před 21 hodinou

    Obsessed with his look in this vid

  • Amanda Pace
    Amanda Pace Před 2 dny

    What video does he reveal the xlarge bags? I believe it was pink and black?

  • Savina Baca
    Savina Baca Před 4 dny

    Love the loves on Platte & your wig!! Love the color . length😍!!

  • Breann
    Breann Před 5 dny

    Birthday suit but on crack-

  • Z J
    Z J Před 8 dny

    not hating but am I the only one that was confused when he put the gold on his face n there was nothing there

  • Galagya
    Galagya Před 8 dny

    Desperately want the first shade, Alaskan Ice, on its own! I really, really hope it's eventually released by itself so that I can have it for myself. I can only dream~☆

  • Bella’s World
    Bella’s World Před 9 dny

    Nate is so good to you

  • Evie Axtell
    Evie Axtell Před 10 dny

    6:51 ‘not full metallic BLINDING ‘ ??????

  • Heather W.
    Heather W. Před 10 dny

    Hey jeffree.. my sister lived in Alaska for 16 years until her husband passed away and she had to come home to Indiana but I know exactly what you are talking about with that gorgeous sky up there !! Every time I visited her it was amazing to just look at the beautiful lights in the sky ! Your palette caught those perfectly ! Congrats.

  • Angelo Muega
    Angelo Muega Před 11 dny

    .hi ms. Jeffree star im from philippines i wish i can have a make up brush and make up from you on my birthday on aug. 20 i love you my fairy god mother
    GOD Bless. .😘😘😘😘😘

  • Iqra Akhtar
    Iqra Akhtar Před 11 dny

    Hi, how are ya!

  • g been
    g been Před 12 dny

    Thought the colours would be greens 😑

  • lx moon
    lx moon Před 12 dny

    love this look on Jefree one of my favourites 💗 love the makeup so much

  • Olivia Paintner
    Olivia Paintner Před 14 dny


  • notes softee
    notes softee Před 14 dny

    hi jeffree

  • Nikita333
    Nikita333 Před 15 dny

    Your eye look and BLUSH is EVERYTHING!!! Please, please, PRETTY PLEASE tutorial this look!!!

  • Oralia Torres
    Oralia Torres Před 15 dny

    Jef estaría genial que subtitularan en español

  • Lilly Beth
    Lilly Beth Před 17 dny

    omggggg my eyes r blinded by that highlighter

  • isauraDL0099
    isauraDL0099 Před 17 dny +1

    Jeffree, I know your products are out of this world. But it could more awesome if you had a recycling program. It such a waste that incredible packings are going to the garbage.

  • Hippie Housewife
    Hippie Housewife Před 18 dny

    So happy for your accomplishments Jeffree. You inspire many to succeed and GO FOR THOSE DREAMS GIRL! Lol love you oodles!! 😙😙😙

  • Greg Case
    Greg Case Před 19 dny

    Wish I saw this video last year this was all released on my birthday!! I could’ve had some great gifts!! Hahaha. I absolutely live for you Jeffree!

  • Jennifer Cromwell
    Jennifer Cromwell Před 19 dny

    I live in Alaska and my school was destroyed in the earthquake. Now we are in trailer things for school. (But now it's summer and I'm going into high school)

  • Jaq Jacq
    Jaq Jacq Před 19 dny

    WHY is there not a 'GREEN' in this "Northern Lights" Palette???

  • عمرو موسى
    عمرو موسى Před 20 dny +1


  • Brandi Martinez
    Brandi Martinez Před 20 dny

    Beautiful eyes ❤️

  • Anindita Primiari
    Anindita Primiari Před 21 dnem

    Love his makeup in this vid!

  • Destiny Williams
    Destiny Williams Před 22 dny

    Jeffree is Nathan where u can buy if buy it’s self and not the whole set ??

  • aliciaofalaska
    aliciaofalaska Před 22 dny +1

    I want to buy this palette just because its Alaska themed. I really appreciate how much Jeffree loves my home state, it's such a beautiful place. I grew up seeing the northern lights every winter. They are usually even brighter and more frequently occurring the further north you go. I lived in a dry cabin in Fairbanks and whenever I would have to walk to the outhouse late at night I would always be so happy to see the northern lights in the sky above me. People who live here pretty much never get tired of them.

  • Kenia Cuellar
    Kenia Cuellar Před 22 dny

    Im too chicken to shave my eyebrows but looks soo gweeeed on u!!!!!!

  • lala vlogs
    lala vlogs Před 23 dny +2

    Family jewels as a permanent liquid lip full size 😭😭

  • Alas Ii
    Alas Ii Před 23 dny +1

    This has to be my favorite look of Jeffree's. It's just stunning.

  • Walker #18178
    Walker #18178 Před 23 dny

    All of my makeup is from five below and i have 1 wet and wild highlighter and a brush set and eyeshadow palette from amazon but its enough for me im only 13

  • Alyssa Engel
    Alyssa Engel Před 23 dny

    I'm pretty sure I'll buy the lip set

  • Cecillia Jeffery
    Cecillia Jeffery Před 24 dny

    Is it just me or do other people want a highlighter so bright it's like a mirror??

  • Cillian Simon
    Cillian Simon Před 24 dny

    His eye makeup, hair, palette...Jeffree Star COMPLETES me. 😍

  • Renee Miller
    Renee Miller Před 25 dny

    This was on my bday.

  • Keauty Beauty
    Keauty Beauty Před 25 dny

    Definitely snatching those! My insta @keautybeautyy_ go follow me y’all I follow back

  • Aditi Prabhudesai
    Aditi Prabhudesai Před 25 dny

    OMG I just noticed your nails... Girlllllll did anyone ever tell you these nails look amazeballs on you? So much better than the usual acrylic ones...

  • Joshua Pascual
    Joshua Pascual Před 26 dny

    Any news on JSC Foundation? Pls make one!!!

  • IzzyBizzy
    IzzyBizzy Před 28 dny

    “My little hilighter kids” I love that

  • Katarina Aw
    Katarina Aw Před měsícem

    OMG I love all your palettes and brushes, also sponges

  • Vienna Lung
    Vienna Lung Před měsícem

    omg you look amazing in this video. you always look great but woow your eyes 🔥🔥🖒

  • No u Lol
    No u Lol Před měsícem +1

    You’re so talented and amazing! Can we get some colorful glossy lip sticks for summer?

  • Marianne Johannessen
    Marianne Johannessen Před měsícem

    The Norhlight is to die for!!!

  • Arya Arslan
    Arya Arslan Před měsícem

    Do a vid and show all r pallets pleaseeeeee

  • bito hoshizaki
    bito hoshizaki Před měsícem

    Would be amazing to wake up on my birthday to a big box filled with Jeffree star makeup! 💔💔💔 😩

  • Sabrin Luv
    Sabrin Luv Před měsícem +1

    Hi Jeffery!
    I seen your real color eyes , given the fact that the are just as beautiful as the contact your use during your videos. But I see that you do wear different type of colors in your videos and was wondering where , and the colors in most of your video. Could you start link the color contacts or even do a contact rrviews.. it would be sweet to share a new video introduction of contacts colors and a makes up to fo best with your color eyes.. well just a thought . Love your

  • Sabrin Luv
    Sabrin Luv Před měsícem

    What color are your contact Joffrey

  • Jade Golden
    Jade Golden Před měsícem

    Literally NATHAN is my favorite shade and I want it so badly. That alone with drug lord and breakfast at Tiffany’s. Fucking to die for

    SAKSHI SRIVASTAVA Před měsícem

    That emerald make up bag ❤

    SAKSHI SRIVASTAVA Před měsícem

    Northern lights highlighters 😍😍😍😍

  • Tammy Johnston dial
    Tammy Johnston dial Před měsícem

    Every time I go to get something specific it’s sold out 😭😭😭😭😭 I’m so jealous

  • Ranran Retro
    Ranran Retro Před měsícem

    Seems all the colors and the texture are so wearable luv all of these!..v.good review thumbs up👍

  • sabrina hicks
    sabrina hicks Před měsícem

    so pigmented, thick, and delicious

  • Nightsgrow
    Nightsgrow Před měsícem

    The pattern pressed into the highlights is so pretty too, makes it look like it’s actual metal instead of powder

  • Tage Babii
    Tage Babii Před měsícem

    When you came out with northern lights I was like omg he stole my idea 🤣! I’ve always been obsessed with northern lights and if there was a highlight palette I could name it would be northern lights! 😘

  • Soulless Whalien
    Soulless Whalien Před měsícem

    i have the highlighter and it’s a m a z i n g

  • Chelsea Webb
    Chelsea Webb Před měsícem

    I f*cking love you. Thank you for all the videos, you are soooooo good for my mental health 💋 I need u in my life ;) dont EVA stop!

  • Sundee Flower
    Sundee Flower Před měsícem

    You should have little hearts or stars next to the items on your web site.. To fav ones.. Of course adding to cart is kinda the same

  • Sundee Flower
    Sundee Flower Před měsícem

    Pretty hairandmakeup together

  • Sundee Flower
    Sundee Flower Před měsícem

    Have you done airbrush makeup review

  • eligia marteliz
    eligia marteliz Před měsícem

    Love the new shades

  • eligia marteliz
    eligia marteliz Před měsícem

    I freaking love your eye color contacts

  • Shana S
    Shana S Před měsícem

    Jefree Starr you are FUCKING FABULOUS!!

  • Alejandra Ocampo
    Alejandra Ocampo Před měsícem +1

    I love Jeffree so much! He is always thinking about all his viewers. His makeup line is amazing for anyone with any skin tone. Overall he's incredible, and not just when it comes to his iconic makeup looks.

  • Nicole Holland
    Nicole Holland Před měsícem

    i'm getting both nude bundles for my birthday and hopefully the rainbow one as well! yass pigment im in love Jeffree!

  • Adrianna Fulbright
    Adrianna Fulbright Před měsícem

    omg i’m fucking disgusted with how absolutely wet this pallet looks 🤩🤩

  • Adrianna Fulbright
    Adrianna Fulbright Před měsícem

    A BITCH IS FUCKING SNATCHED YES THE FUCK IM CRYING!!! i need a rundown on the opening look wtf 😭🙏🏻🤩

  • lisa Dz
    lisa Dz Před měsícem

    Just got these today for my birthday !!! Along with the Alien pallet and the white sparkle make up case !!! Cant wait to play with them :) luv u xxx

  • Ava Rae
    Ava Rae Před měsícem

    Anyone else see the intro with him what’s everybody i’m going back to my channel hi how are you and swing something around

  • Karl Vogel
    Karl Vogel Před měsícem

    Love you and your past

  • Monica Chauncey
    Monica Chauncey Před měsícem

    Jeffers Star: HI, HOW ARE YA?

  • ItsJust Jem
    ItsJust Jem Před měsícem

    Just like to say ur my inspiration!!!! I love ur videos and as a bit of a artist u inspire me to achieve my dreams - I never do comments like this -_-

  • Jenny Grant
    Jenny Grant Před měsícem +1

    Holy Shit I NEED THIS! 😍🤩🙆‍♀️💖 And you have THE cutest most romantic relationship, Wow 🤝👏

  • amaris.nostalgic
    amaris.nostalgic Před měsícem

    *get you somebody that looks at you the way jeffree looks at highlighter*

  • Abells Ann
    Abells Ann Před měsícem

    You can tell you put so much detail into your makeup! Absolutely beautiful! 💖

  • Sharon Emsley
    Sharon Emsley Před měsícem

    Why is there adverts on his channel now :(

  • Grace Kochanek
    Grace Kochanek Před měsícem

    when is it going to come out

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  • Kenziedog
    Kenziedog Před měsícem

    Jeffree... those lips ( or just the package ) looks like something I saw on geek/wish for like 6$

  • Nikki Penrod
    Nikki Penrod Před měsícem

    Is there anymore ulta gift card giveaways?

  • Mario Araujo
    Mario Araujo Před měsícem

    I'm loving the shorter fingernails....good job!

  • Kali Darlene
    Kali Darlene Před měsícem

    Love love LOOOOOVE this collection Jeffree! I wish your brand would sell in Morphe stores so it could be more accessible to me because atm my living situation is difficult so I can't really order anything online BUTTT I love your makeup,the quality,YOUR BRAND OVERALL and just you girl so I wanna stay supporting you 100% girl!
    Hmm maybe even open a Jeffree Star store in itself?! Dambn that'd be a thing! Like could you imagine? I live for it! Shah
    Anyways this collection is gorgeous,as well as ALL your makeup products and launches. Like tbh I wish I could say I own alot of your products cause I love them soo much but a girl is going through very tough times but I stay pushing because of you I've learned to love myself more and be more confident as well. I've been a fan of yours forever and trust I KNOW you've probably heard that soo many times but I've been around since the Myspace days and from when I lived in Las Vegas so girl you know I was a total scene kid!(you get me 😉) Aha but yeah LOVE your videos and completely love your makeup and only wish the best for you and your company that you've worked soo hard to build. In that aspect,you've been such a role model because you've came from nothing really and from having such a tough life in a sense and look at you now building this huge empire and what you stand for is soo beautiful and what you've accomplished is soo beautiful. Ahh well sounds like I'm kissing your ass but for real it sucks people judge and profile like a mother fucker but your story needs to be heard more and UNDERSTOOD.
    ILL stop there but like I said love ya and just keep doing you boo 💜

  • amy nicole89
    amy nicole89 Před měsícem

    2:46 ☠️☠️☠️😂😂😂

  • hey stranger
    hey stranger Před 2 měsíci

    "like birthday suit but on crack... That would be Nathan" THIS IS WHY WE LOVE YOU JEFREE!!

  • Kristeen Izzio
    Kristeen Izzio Před 2 měsíci

    No green? No purple? Northern lights with no green or purple? Not northern lights 🤔

  • PrÊTTy PrÏncèSß
    PrÊTTy PrÏncèSß Před 2 měsíci

    U look so sweet

  • Sarah
    Sarah Před 2 měsíci

    Does anyone know what eyelashes he’s wearing in this video 😣

  • Sarah Durkin
    Sarah Durkin Před 2 měsíci

    Everytime I put one of your videos on my four month old baby girl lights up and smiles at you

  • Victoria Sammacicci
    Victoria Sammacicci Před 2 měsíci

    jefferee's highlighter children

  • Corina Lawrence
    Corina Lawrence Před 2 měsíci

    I love the Nudes v2 I need me some Christmas Cookie!

  • Brian J. Cross_ Sakura_tree
    Brian J. Cross_ Sakura_tree Před 2 měsíci

    Beautiful makeup products.

  • Tanya Nelson
    Tanya Nelson Před 2 měsíci

    You're the best!! xoxo

  • The bella show 16
    The bella show 16 Před 2 měsíci

    2:46 I here that here in middle school everyday

  • Anton Rr
    Anton Rr Před 2 měsíci


  • Aracely Galvan
    Aracely Galvan Před 2 měsíci

    Jeffrey If You are reading this please get in touch with me , i know i am a random fan but im in Tijuana B.C and i cant get a hold of your cosmetics :( can you please contact me i want a deal with you pleaseee! I love you!

  • Stephanie Allegra
    Stephanie Allegra Před 2 měsíci

    Love your halr u always look so beautiful ✨💜💜✨

  • KitKat Noob
    KitKat Noob Před 2 měsíci

    I would buy ALL of these if I wasn’t a broke ass bitch 😂

  • Liz Ben
    Liz Ben Před 2 měsíci

    Don’t like the cosmetic bags , specially the greens

  • Addison Steele
    Addison Steele Před 2 měsíci