Introducing Christian Serratos as Selena Quintanilla.

  • čas přidán 12. 11. 2019
  • Red lips: check. Feathered bangs: check. Legendary jumpsuit: check. Christian Serratos will star as legendary Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla on Selena: The Series. Coming to Netflix in 2020.
    Selena: The Series is a coming of age story that follows Selena Quintanilla as her dreams come true and all the heart-wrenching and life-changing choices she and her family have to make as they navigate success, family, and music.
    Selena: The Series, Only on Netflix:
    About Netflix:
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  • Marion Sanders
    Marion Sanders Před hodinou

    Yah no she just doesnt fit the part why make another one we know what happens the story that was told how she passed JLO was perfectly fine watching that made me cringe

  • Alba Sanchez
    Alba Sanchez Před 3 hodinami

    Selina fué la renya de texano-mex de los años 80's que más apoyo tuvo de las casas disqueras porque había otras mujeres muy talentosas que se presentaron con Jony Canales.

  • Gabi Martinez
    Gabi Martinez Před 6 hodinami

    Mhmm nah.

    PROJETO SING Před 13 hodinami


  • Toker Mendoza
    Toker Mendoza Před 14 hodinami

    De donde sacaron esta información?
    En la película de Selena el productor ejecutivo fue el señor Quintanilla.
    Claro que estuvieron super involucrados.
    Yo lo único que espero de la serie es que retraten a Selena tal cual, en sus errores y aciertos. No solo su lado positivo que ya todos conocemos. Además de que sean más claros en los detalles de su muerte ya que en la película únicamente muestran que Yolanda andaba robando y boom la mata.
    Muestren los detalles, si es posible dramaticen todo lo que contaron a ID Discovery en “Crímenes de película”
    No queremos otra versión de la película de Selena.

  • TKingWorld
    TKingWorld Před 14 hodinami

    What hurts me is that
    She died Because

    She worked on something that she wanted and people knows about her hard worked plans and people got jealous and someone took that hard work away from her and also her own life

    That’s why y’all never tell anyone your hard worked plans!

  • Mimosa Sangre
    Mimosa Sangre Před 16 hodinami

    Nice to see she got DAT ASS.

  • paulakoz
    paulakoz Před 18 hodinami


  • Sandy
    Sandy Před dnem

    Let Chris say his truth !!!

  • Sarah Venable
    Sarah Venable Před dnem

    That's Mose from Ned's Declassified!

  • Lilly
    Lilly Před dnem

    Some people in the comments saying the parents only did this because they want money. I wanna know which one of you know that for a FACT! Who in here is close with the family and personally heard them say “we’re doing this for the money?” No? Anyone? So stfu if y’all don’t know the truth, MAYBE they want to keep her legacy alive, MAYBE they wanted to be apart of the production this time around! Y’all don’t know the real reason! JLo was my version of Selena, this girl is my kids version of Selena.

  • Nikki Herrington
    Nikki Herrington Před dnem

    Ummmm... wut

  • TheWonderwoman311
    TheWonderwoman311 Před dnem

    When Is this coming out

  • Krista Hanner
    Krista Hanner Před 2 dny

    I can't wait for this ♥️

  • J Reyes
    J Reyes Před 2 dny

    Omg...what did they do to her voice

  • Kr 887
    Kr 887 Před 2 dny

    What's with all these "fans" thinking this series isn't letting her rest in piece and shit? First of all how does a show honoring her memory not let her rest in piece? And why do people not want her memory to carry on?? She was a legend and her story deserves to be told for the generations who don't even know who she is.

  • Gra Salgan
    Gra Salgan Před 2 dny +1

    Ojala que esta actriz la interprete como Jlo

  • yamilei cruz
    yamilei cruz Před 2 dny

    Que ganas !!! Selena mi idola la mejor 😍😍🥰

  • Daisy Serrano
    Daisy Serrano Před 2 dny

    I’m readyyyyyy ♥️🎙💄💋🌹💃🏻

  • Ebony White
    Ebony White Před 2 dny

    Selena was huge! Selena touched the world even postmortem. 💝

  • Enano Navarro garcia
    Enano Navarro garcia Před 3 dny


  • Francisco Gonzalez
    Francisco Gonzalez Před 3 dny +3

    The woman playing the mom is the one who played selena's friend at the mall

  • Victoria Shelton
    Victoria Shelton Před 3 dny

    its not on netfix

    iLYANN XOXO Před 3 dny

    Has anyone else paused the script and read a few words? It's interesting

  • Samantha Cristina Rodrigo

    Known her since Ned's Declassified and one of Bella's friends in Twilight. 😊

  • Vanessa Carranza
    Vanessa Carranza Před 4 dny

    I’m glad they trynna keep Selena’s memory alive, but maybe they should use the actual music? Or is that too expensive for Netflix 🙃

  • Kamy Alexandra
    Kamy Alexandra Před 4 dny

    When does it start

  • Alandreeno
    Alandreeno Před 5 dny

    What is the song in this teaser?

    • Juan Jose
      Juan Jose Před 3 dny +1

      Alandreeno como la flor🥰

  • Strawberry_Jello
    Strawberry_Jello Před 5 dny +1

    Love how they are bringing back Selena for generations who didn’t even know who she was❣️-Long live Selena❤️

  • Victoria
    Victoria Před 5 dny

    She’s pretty but doesn’t look anything like selena

  • Ali
    Ali Před 5 dny

    Watching this little teaser everyday over and over again on repeat. THATS HOW OBSESSED I AM SO EXCITEDDDDD

  • Luis M
    Luis M Před 5 dny

    Does anyone everytime selena comes on your eyes get all tear eyed

  • El Lobo
    El Lobo Před 5 dny +1

    I'm in wait and see mode. But after seeing this, I'm not too optimistic. Especially because of the movie, and because we already know the ending. Too many bad memories. Selena and forever.

  • Brianna Brickey
    Brianna Brickey Před 5 dny +1

    I like the original movie. Is that Suzie Crabgrass from Ned's Declassified?

  • Jay
    Jay Před 6 dny +1

    They could’ve asked jLo to ply her again since jLo hasn’t changed a bit

    ALWAYS JURNEY Před 6 dny

    Just put the original Selena movie on Netflix we’ll be cool with that

  • Biggravy271
    Biggravy271 Před 6 dny

    She’s beautiful 😍

  • mya bailey
    mya bailey Před 6 dny

    😑 she sounds nothing like Selena

  • Cruz Sandoval
    Cruz Sandoval Před 6 dny

    Demi Lovato would have done an amazing job playing as Selena!

  • jazzzmine rodriguez
    jazzzmine rodriguez Před 6 dny +1

    I've seen this actress in the walking dead. She's over doing the lips and trying to hard for this role. I guess she has not watched any Selena actual videos.

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith Před 6 dny +2

    Netflix you are reaching...... This sucks I can already tell

  • Gabriel P
    Gabriel P Před 6 dny

    This whole comment thread is cancer

  • ChieftainHawke
    ChieftainHawke Před 6 dny

    Netflix ruins all of our childhoods,
    first Evagelion now Selena

  • Celeste DayRider
    Celeste DayRider Před 6 dny

    If yall don't like it, then don't watch it, but us true Selena fans will be down for anything to do with Selena because we love her and that love over looks anything.

  • Alisha Falwasser
    Alisha Falwasser Před 7 dny

    Very bad choice, she can't even sing well. Why couldn't Netflix just keep the movie on instead of this trash series? And should've just used Selena's voice like the movie did.

  • Karla Sanchez
    Karla Sanchez Před 7 dny +1

    I’m actually excited for this

  • MrSpinel
    MrSpinel Před 7 dny

    These companies stay milking her death

  • Ali
    Ali Před 7 dny

    What‘s the name of the song she was singing

  • Psychedelic Yeti
    Psychedelic Yeti Před 7 dny

    Whoever's vocals they used for the trailer does not have Selena's power. Hopefully they put Selena's vocals on top of whoever is singing here. Other than that, y'all know I'll be watching 😎

  • Juan S
    Juan S Před 7 dny

    Listen here Rosita them chicken thighs ain't gonna cut it, this ain't the walking dead.

  • Stevie Armando
    Stevie Armando Před 7 dny

    Some of these comments are heartbreaking, the old generation of Selena fans are loving to hate on this new project.
    Keep in mind, It probably took a lot out of Selena’s family to even consider a new production.
    I know this will be a great new installment. I’m excited for The New Generation of Selena fans to be captivated by the exciting/ unfortunate tragic story.
    I hope I’m not alone in this.
    The comments could be so much better/ supportive. Selena, deserves it.
    I am still curious what direction they went in for this Series! None the less I’m excited to see Selena live on!

  • Edm Garcia
    Edm Garcia Před 7 dny

    I know this is about Selena (Selena is Queen!!), but, I hope San Antonio gets some love, too! She spent so much time here....this was basically her second home!

  • Edm Garcia
    Edm Garcia Před 7 dny

    So, are the other people the official casted members as well, or was this just a hype trailer...? I think that younger Selena looks pretty accurate to Selena when she was small; even the casting for Selena's mom and dad look better than the movie casting!

  • quents
    quents Před 7 dny

    selena is not even good vocally. why is she such an undeserved legend?

  • cesar prado
    cesar prado Před 8 dny

    Omg Selenas music is greattttt

  • Cucu Bee Cucu Bee
    Cucu Bee Cucu Bee Před 8 dny +1

    I don’t know how I feel about this yet......

  • BrazilianBoy25
    BrazilianBoy25 Před 8 dny

    I got the chills!! Yasss netflix im proud ❤️🥰

  • frvr21
    frvr21 Před 8 dny

    Her fam must be a fan of the walking dead 😆

  • Naomi Rose
    Naomi Rose Před 8 dny +8

    Yall haven’t even seen this and y’all already bitching about it. Like can y’all wait?

  • Lisette Nicole'
    Lisette Nicole' Před 9 dny