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    Produced by Stain & DJ Patt
    Official Audio by XXXTENTACION & Craig Xen - RUN IT BACK! (Audio) © 2019 Cruel World / EMPIRE
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  • Glenn Leggett
    Glenn Leggett Před dnem

    I've ben crying since June 1st this king about him just wish he could give us one last inspectional message R.I.P bro I Wana continue to feel close to you you'll forever be in our hearts 🖤
    Guys do us all a favor and go listen to Jocelyn Flores backwards you must open your mind and take in what he's saying it will be hard but you must listen carefully love you all us fans of X must stand strong as an army and put the middle fingers up to haters love you all

  • Nicolaiy Vizyrenko
    Nicolaiy Vizyrenko Před dnem +1


  • Mercy Muzic
    Mercy Muzic Před dnem

    Someone died for him ho look like him

  • YNW L&J
    YNW L&J Před dnem


  • Daniel Gibson
    Daniel Gibson Před dnem

    #RIP XXXTENTACION 1 year ago today we lost a legend and a hero

  • fitness pg
    fitness pg Před dnem +1

    I love you xxxtentacion😞💔😭🙏

  • Mercy Muzic
    Mercy Muzic Před dnem

    You still alive

  • Hamza Korashi
    Hamza Korashi Před dnem


  • Moto Show
    Moto Show Před dnem +1


  • Edgy Rose
    Edgy Rose Před dnem

    Here on June 18th 2019 💔❤️

  • Jaxed
    Jaxed Před dnem


  • Alex44 YT
    Alex44 YT Před dnem

    1 año muerto y sigue sacando música,???? No entiendo

  • Vinnie Sauce
    Vinnie Sauce Před dnem +1

    *1 year...*

  • Panda Sykes
    Panda Sykes Před dnem +1

    R.I.P X you are the best.

  • Pooja Menon
    Pooja Menon Před dnem +1

    Can’t believe its been a year without you😭

  • Valentina Santana
    Valentina Santana Před dnem +1

    #LLJ 😢😢😢😢😢💕💔💓

  • Amish Mar
    Amish Mar Před dnem +1

    1 year today LLJ

  • IRB clan
    IRB clan Před dnem +1

    Officially a year guys ......

  • Sub PewDiePie
    Sub PewDiePie Před dnem +1

    We missed you a lot💔

  • by_nail76
    by_nail76 Před dnem +1

    1 8 / 6

  • R I
    R I Před dnem +2

    At 0:03 it says RIP X if you pause it...

  • Muhammed Talan
    Muhammed Talan Před dnem +1

    1 year 💕
    18.06.2018 💔

  • Albina Lekocaj
    Albina Lekocaj Před dnem +1

    Rip Xxxtentacion one year anniversary of Xxxtentacion death

  • 50,000,000,000 subs with garbage content Trash

    This guy got 5 mil in 11 minutes

  • :d nick gibi nick
    :d nick gibi nick Před dnem

    Rest in peace X 🕊

  • aaliyahalyse
    aaliyahalyse Před dnem +1

    Stop using Jah for likes it..sad

  • Reptix
    Reptix Před dnem +1

    Came here to remember xxxtentacion because it's been a year ❤️❤️ 😭 18/6/18

  • fledi
    fledi Před dnem

    Today is the tHaT x passed away... 1 year without X... missed him so much. Rest In Peace king

  • Luke the Duke
    Luke the Duke Před dnem

    Today is a sad day he beat his wife but not a bullet 🙏🏼😢❤️🤡🖕🏻

  • SmokeMatrixxYT.
    SmokeMatrixxYT. Před dnem

    its been a year...since

  • Darksyde868
    Darksyde868 Před dnem

    RIP King you was a great musician and motivation #LLJ #RIPXXX

  • 69_babyrares _96
    69_babyrares _96 Před dnem

    1 year

  • BRADY HD99
    BRADY HD99 Před dnem

    If this was only a couple days ago then that shows that x is alive!!

    • drali230
      drali230 Před dnem

      BRADY HD99 if that isn't a joke, you're tapped

  • Fatt Robb
    Fatt Robb Před dnem

    X pulled a Dr.Suess

  • Djadfdhh Fhxhchfy
    Djadfdhh Fhxhchfy Před dnem

    Love you x🖤🕊

  • vlonechrxs
    vlonechrxs Před dnem +2

    6/18/18 R.I.P. jah🕊🦋!!!!

  • supitzjesus 117649
    supitzjesus 117649 Před dnem +1

    1 year ripp 🥀🕊🖤

  • LoganElCool
    LoganElCool Před dnem +1

    R.I.P X

  • Joseph Ken Ben Marcos
    Joseph Ken Ben Marcos Před dnem +2

    It's been one year man!😧😔

  • Kingmelvin Yt
    Kingmelvin Yt Před dnem

    Wait what is xxxtentaction Alive cuz he post this on 11 june 2019 omg now way

  • Tashest
    Tashest Před dnem

    It’s been a year without you but we never forget #LLJ 🖤👑

  • Samuel de Guia
    Samuel de Guia Před dnem

    Like = xxxtentacion
    Ignore = Drake

  • Emily Will
    Emily Will Před dnem

    Haven’t forgot about you x still listing long live the king 🤴

  • Yashmit Deeal
    Yashmit Deeal Před dnem

    Ngl x blew up when he died

  • #il bomber
    #il bomber Před dnem

    Oh shit

  • Robert Santana
    Robert Santana Před dnem

    Miss his vibes bruh no other artist can match his shit

  • JayJayPee
    JayJayPee Před dnem


  • DAMNED___SOUL Aka viking nation.

    Drake woke up last week; salty as fuck bout this mix tape 😂😜🕺🕺

  • Arion
    Arion Před dnem +1

    Its been 1 year 😔

  • 멜빵
    멜빵 Před dnem

    Please tell me you're not dead are right? Please...:(

  • Ava Dela Cruz
    Ava Dela Cruz Před dnem

    Rip X, it's been a year (Also happy birthday, trippie redd)

  • Lorena Zignale
    Lorena Zignale Před dnem

    Il est mort ou nn

  • Lil Gucci best
    Lil Gucci best Před dnem +1

    Been a year

  • Froomz
    Froomz Před dnem

    Rip 😪

  • xxx_hi_xxx
    xxx_hi_xxx Před dnem +1

    It's been a year 😔
    We all miss and love you X
    Rest In Paradise ❤
    LLJ ❤🕊❤
    (1.23.1998 -6.18.2018)

  • K1D M00N
    K1D M00N Před dnem


  • 100,000 Subscribers without video

    Who is better ?
    Comment = *Drake*

    • kennasah hailu
      kennasah hailu Před dnem

      100,000 Subscribers without video drake a fuck nigga

  • Fatima Lopez
    Fatima Lopez Před dnem

    Your stupid his mom released the song cuz it was in published or something

  • Hannah Avakin
    Hannah Avakin Před dnem

    Happy 1 year in heaven ☹️ may you rest in piece and fly high Jah! I can't believe we lost a legend exactly a year ago.. 😭
    gone but never forgotten..💕🕊

  • Ur Nan
    Ur Nan Před dnem

    r.i.p xxx ily :(

  • Mees Bulsink
    Mees Bulsink Před dnem

    0.03 you can see Rip X wow..

  • Lamilton Taeshawn
    Lamilton Taeshawn Před dnem +2

    It’s been a whole year already 😞
    Still can’t believe this kid died he was such an amazing artist.

  • ItsMeRaidZ
    ItsMeRaidZ Před dnem +1

    1 year we miss you

  • james benson
    james benson Před dnem +1

    A Year Today just thank you Jahseh 🤟🏻😇

  • SpamZ YT
    SpamZ YT Před dnem

    LLJ Long Live Jah Lost Legend Jah

  • xoibzz
    xoibzz Před dnem +2

    1 year ago today, i miss him.

  • Solid Chills
    Solid Chills Před dnem +3

    1 Year Ago We Lost A Legend😭
    R.I.P Legend 🙏😩🥺

  • SlayersYT
    SlayersYT Před dnem

    Cry 💔💔😔

  • Kay Lap
    Kay Lap Před dnem +1

    One year without you, damn

  • zVenxm II
    zVenxm II Před dnem +1

    Rip x one year ago today we lost a legend Rip

    ALDX ALDX Před dnem +2

    R.I.P X
    Today is death anniversary

  • Rhino Savage
    Rhino Savage Před dnem

    Glad to hear him again dongs hotter than the fuckin sun! 🔥🔥

  • Miriam Olague Robles
    Miriam Olague Robles Před dnem +2

    Damn. Today is 1 year that X had that horrible accident. I hope those pussy ass bitches rotten in jail😭😭. Nothing is gonna make him come back but we will ALWAYS have him in our hearts. I just wanna day that X, your being and are missed🥺. Just hope you the best of up there buddy. You have helped ppl in so many ways including me. I have always have a bad time until I listened to you. U were/are so inspiring, and understand ppls emotions. Fly the high and higher buddy. We love u😭🥺🤧
    “Legends never die”
    “Not all heroes wear capes”
    R.I.P easy man❤️😭🤧

  • Jaedon Poole
    Jaedon Poole Před dnem

    They shoukdve released it on his aniversa

  • Jeferson Reyes
    Jeferson Reyes Před dnem


  • Tio Izani
    Tio Izani Před dnem +2

    1 year without u jahseh love u LLJ

  • Xxxtentacionjah
    Xxxtentacionjah Před dnem +1

    1 Year
    Legends never die.
    I love you Nigga😢😔

  • Felix Wulf
    Felix Wulf Před dnem

    Ставьте лайки под моим комментом и проверим сколько здесь русских.

  • 인직고
    인직고 Před dnem +1

    R.I.P X

  • YOUNG Z.E.Y.
    YOUNG Z.E.Y. Před dnem

    When x passed today he said RUN IT BACK

  • ViB3zJeff
    ViB3zJeff Před dnem +1

    It's Been A Year Without X 💔

  • Caedmon Casswell
    Caedmon Casswell Před dnem

    One year today 😢✌️

  • saddd
    saddd Před dnem

    rest easy bro.

  • Thomas Sky
    Thomas Sky Před dnem

    🥀🥀rest in peace🥀🥀

  • YoungG *
    YoungG * Před dnem


  • 1000 subs with no vids
    1000 subs with no vids Před dnem +3

    🌹The day the Legend passed away, we will remember you, Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy. Long live X.🌹

  • Romeo Jackson
    Romeo Jackson Před dnem

    1 year year but you still remembered big bro😔

  • TOXIC Squad
    TOXIC Squad Před dnem +1

    1 years jahseh

  • lobo Gamer 777
    lobo Gamer 777 Před dnem

    he is still alive he faked his death to become more viral and he conceived it is more viral than before

  • Lucio Vicente
    Lucio Vicente Před dnem +1

    1 years ago 😭🖤
    R.I.P Legend 💔
    We not forget you 🖤

  • lil_mando_wit_da_ sauce

    LLJ 💙🕊️

  • Sir FFM
    Sir FFM Před dnem

    Run it back x

  • Sir FFM
    Sir FFM Před dnem

    Xxx 🍀🍀

  • Luke Swasey
    Luke Swasey Před dnem

    Me: I’m finally over x passing away
    X: it’s the 18th run it back:(

  • islayzcam !!
    islayzcam !! Před dnem


  • nijah jones
    nijah jones Před dnem

    RIP X

    BACK2 LOBBY Před dnem +2

    Coach:Lets let them win this last game

    Players:what should we do

    Coach:run it back

  • Markog Bec
    Markog Bec Před dnem

    Держисьтам на небесах

  • Eddacy
    Eddacy Před dnem

    RIP Prince

  • Roshita M
    Roshita M Před dnem

    Rip xxxtentacion 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭