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So I lost my mind deep in Subnautica...

  • čas přidán 24. 05. 2021
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    Subnautica Live Wallpaper FHD - Safe Shallows by
    eXernox www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzJL-...
    The Glowing Kelp Forest - (Subnautica) - Live Wallpaper by
    Live Wallpaper Master www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJAhG...
    ►Puppy commercial break music: 🎈Song : 샛별 - Sugar Cookie / chclip.net/video/7lqpOlVYtD0/video.html
    Music credits:
    Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill (Cover) by Koji Kobura
    Art credits:
    Knight walking puppies animation - bluescluesv...
    Medieval overgrowth - mdesgn099
    Sitting with the pups - lazy__drawi...
    Dathomir - sin-scribbles.tumblr.com/
    Floating temple - titiknoda_
    Alien fantasy - kyle_cochra...
    Medieval sunset - DainsArt
    White castle - fyctionv
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  • zanny
    zanny  Před rokem +2342

    Play Genshin Impact 1.5 today! mhy.link/4141ECA6 Use code: GS6ACJ775KNV for in-game bonuses #ad

  • Ultima Gamer
    Ultima Gamer Před rokem +13108

    Subautica: do you have a fear of the ocean?
    Me: no
    Subnautica: *Do you want to?*

    • Catlover69-420
      Catlover69-420 Před 23 dny

      Omg YES

    • BakedToast
      BakedToast Před 3 měsíci

      This barely kinda reminds me of that scene in despicable me when Agnes, sees a potion and goes "What's this" and doctor nefario goes "dO yOu wAnT to ExPlODe!"

    • Anton Papierwaite
      Anton Papierwaite Před 9 měsíci +1

      I have really intense thalassophobia, and finishing this game was a fucking nightmare
      *actually I think anyone who has played this game already said that-*

    • Nik G
      Nik G Před rokem

      No but I don't think it matters what I want

    • krab
      krab Před rokem

      I actually think its cool

  • Hello
    Hello Před rokem +2917

    Him after 18 hours: Exploring the whole map and building a cyclops
    Me after 18 hours: Gathering up my courage to finally leave the safe shallows

    • andre silva
      andre silva Před 2 dny

      @Sterben1103 ecological dead zone scared the shit out of me, the ghost leviathan just peeped in on me and went back to its daily tasks, made me have a heart attack.

    • a very motivated man
      a very motivated man Před měsícem

      @Sterben1103 and then you go into craters edge without realizing and now are being chased by 3 adult ghost leviathan

    • RaeLikesToPlay
      RaeLikesToPlay Před měsícem

      Me after 18 hours: Still "About to press any button"

    • Snoot E
      Snoot E Před měsícem +1


    • Minii_Pockets.
      Minii_Pockets. Před 2 měsíci

      @Blyat Bro I could barely go next to the aurora without shitting my pants cuz of that Leviathan screaming

  • Tobin Deaker
    Tobin Deaker Před 11 měsíci +553

    “It was somewhere around…water”
    My entire subnautica experience. Meant to go to the mountain island but ended up in the ecological dead zone.

    • Mr Johto
      Mr Johto Před 3 dny

      Bruh i went to the float island and somehow ended in the void

    • db
      db Před měsícem

      Serves me right trying to do it by memory.

    • Arthur The gunslinger
      Arthur The gunslinger Před 2 měsíci +2

      @Rando Rookie similar thing happened to me few weeks back I was headed to the floating island not knowing if I was going the right way and ended up entering the dunes never swam back to my base quicker

    • Rando Rookie
      Rando Rookie Před 5 měsíci +2

      I was once looking for I believe it was the floating islands and did the same thing never before have I slammed the reverse so hard in a game

    • Allan titan
      Allan titan Před 6 měsíci +18

      *2 seconds later*
      PDA: multiple leviathan class life forms have been detected

  • Ayden Singleton
    Ayden Singleton Před rokem +805

    “It’s a ghost leviathan, I’m gonna scan it!”
    *Screech of terror*
    “I am not gonna scan it.”

    • What?
      What? Před 6 měsíci +9

      “wHY aM I eVen HeRE!?! 😂

  • BrandonTrex
    BrandonTrex Před 11 měsíci +63

    That first Reaper encounter might have been the worst possible scenario.
    - Never encountered one before
    - In the middle of nowhere, no idea where he is or where he’s going
    - Dark and murky water that’s impossible to see in; can’t even see the Reaper coming until it’s too late to get away
    - Reaper, i.e. the loudest creature in the game, doesn’t make a single damn noise until it’s right in his face

    • Chaos inc.
      Chaos inc. Před měsícem +3

      -Seamoth not fully healed, in the "destruction when held" range

  • corvo attano
    corvo attano Před rokem +3227

    You know he's scared when he forgets to scream and starts smacking buttons

    • Jacob Finch
      Jacob Finch Před 3 měsíci +2

      I’ll do it for him. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • DJDynamicX
      DJDynamicX Před 4 měsíci +3

      Haven’t even watched the video yet this tells me it’ll be good LMAO

    • 16Bit Java
      16Bit Java Před rokem +25

      Y'all know that when you hear the clickety clacking of buttons being mashed, it's getting real.

    • Muhammad Firdaus Khiruddin
      Muhammad Firdaus Khiruddin Před rokem +30

      Yes, thats a legit display of fear

    • Zeiad Essam Ahmed
      Zeiad Essam Ahmed Před rokem +19

      Bro the comment below you has the same amount of likes what are the odds

  • I_am_the_lord
    I_am_the_lord Před 7 měsíci +183

    4:25 no matter the content creator, their first reaction to a reaper leviathan is always priceless

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez Před rokem +112

    “Magnetite does not exist!” Bro, I felt this in my soul. My first few play through, I could barely find any magnetite. I find out on my latest play through that they’re all over the jelly mushroom biome.

    • FlyingPenguin
      FlyingPenguin Před 26 dny

      @Julian Grant little bit late, but sea traders can be your best friend for anything you can get out of shale.

    • Kai Jamison
      Kai Jamison Před 7 měsíci

      @Julian Grant I've found ton inside the island itself, above the water not below.

    • Julian Grant
      Julian Grant Před 7 měsíci

      @Sam Eisnor ive looked there idk how many times and i cant find one how deep should i go?

    • Sam Eisnor
      Sam Eisnor Před 7 měsíci +2

      @Julian Grant best spot to get diamonds is in the caves on the island with the alien lazer

    • Kevin Martinez
      Kevin Martinez Před 8 měsíci +1

      @Julian Grant Diamonds are all around the mountain island biome. Especially if you travel into the sea cavern that you find a purple tablet in.


    Questions you might have while playing:
    -where did the sunlight go
    -what was that big thing of in the distance
    -is this safe?
    -well then how not safe is it

  • Reaper leviathan
    Reaper leviathan Před rokem +308

    8:54 “I’ll stay here where it’s safe.”
    Base: *runs out of power*
    Zanny: “I’m gonna die.”
    Perfect timing 😂
    10:24: “what…are…you?”
    Zanny: “uh scared? Hxrny?”

    • ILoveZannysVideos
      ILoveZannysVideos Před 9 měsíci +6

      The worst thing to happen to your base when it floods (based on true events)

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper Před 8 měsíci +42

    Zanny : _"I CAN FIX THIS, I CAN FIX THE SHIP !!!"_
    The Aurora : "You're about... 16 hours too late"

  • Gio Garin
    Gio Garin Před rokem +32

    I lost it when he suddenly went into a silent panic mode after the Seamoth was destroyed by the Reaper

  • OneBiasedOpinion
    OneBiasedOpinion Před rokem +16

    “LET’S GOOOO!”
    *night noises intensify*
    “…in the morning. Let’s go in the morning.”
    Subnautica never fails to intimidate.

  • Wildcard Studios
    Wildcard Studios Před rokem +19

    9:23 "I'm gonna do some recreational diving... I've changed my mind" that's how I felt GETTING to the island you were at I literally stayed on the waters surface while getting there and hoped to God I didn't end up getting into the Void

  • Henry
    Henry Před rokem +4532

    90% of this game can be summed up in seven words: “What is that? I don’t wanna know!”

  • Temxas Red
    Temxas Red Před rokem +31

    His scream when the reaper grabbed him was just so... *visceral*

  • Bellie Bun
    Bellie Bun Před rokem +14

    Ahh, the duality of Subnautica.
    “Wow, this place is gorgeous! …And now I need to flee.”

  • Matheus lozano
    Matheus lozano Před 6 hodinami

    3:58 não tankei o im in brazil dele

  • MilkAndButter162
    MilkAndButter162 Před rokem +14

    everything in the first 2 mins is exactly what every play goes through and its amazing

  • Khajiit Kush
    Khajiit Kush Před rokem +4215

    "Just go up, just go up, just go up" -Every Subnautica player at some point

      KIMI NIEMI Před měsícem


    • Snoot E
      Snoot E Před měsícem

      What sick breed of person are you?

    • hannah banana
      hannah banana Před 9 měsíci +1

      I GLADLY took advantage of any glitches that allowed me to travel through solid earth to reach my base. No shame. I did what I had to to survive.

    • DeadlyXVII
      DeadlyXVII Před 10 měsíci +1

      @Thatguywiththething even worse when its night ingame

    • Thatguywiththething
      Thatguywiththething Před 10 měsíci

      @DeadlyXVII yeah, I got bit on my way back because I didn't know there was one right in front of the entrance... I was just leaving, thinking I was safe, and I just hear DWAAAAARRRRRGGG from behind me.... it was midnight, my room was dark, and I swear my heart just stopped....

  • Anton Ego
    Anton Ego Před měsícem +2

    Zanny: “I’m a deep sea trucker”
    Subnautica 2: “Interesting… 🧐”

  • Sip of Sunkist
    Sip of Sunkist Před rokem +34

    4:35 one of the best reaper reactions on youtube

  • Angus Pollerd
    Angus Pollerd Před 11 měsíci +3

    You condense games so well into 15 minutes this is everything subnautica makes you feel lol

  • Tsuki419
    Tsuki419 Před 11 měsíci +8

    I relate to this playthrough a little too well-
    "I'm gonna scan it!"
    *blood curling screech of alien origin*
    "I am not gonna scan it."
    *less than five minutes later*

  • Viper
    Viper Před rokem +3503

    That reaper moment was priceless.
    "Phew ok."
    * Reaper grabs the seamoth *
    *"A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A"*

    • projectdelta50
      projectdelta50 Před 6 měsíci

      That was by far my favorite reaction to the reaper, he was completely stunned and the panicked key pressing trying to get his sea glide was the cherry on top

    • swgoh palyer
      swgoh palyer Před 6 měsíci +1

      I lost 2 seamoths to the same reaper leviathon today

    • Allan titan
      Allan titan Před 8 měsíci +4

      Ah yes the quickly trying to get out the sea glider in a panic -every Subnautica player when they see a hostile leviathan

    • nonaG123
      nonaG123 Před 9 měsíci +7

      ah yes, the entire reason I came here cause this guy was randomly recommended to me. I do so enjoy first time reaper leviathan encounters. been awhile

    • Geonardo Hurge
      Geonardo Hurge Před 11 měsíci +13

      The sheer panic and then silence to zanny saying "just go up" had me on the floor LMFAO

  • BreeDragoness
    BreeDragoness Před rokem +3

    I love this. It's a 12 minute summary of the gameplay experience

  • TroySavage21 []
    TroySavage21 [] Před 5 měsíci +1

    I love how every time the reaper grabs a player, the reapers scream always matches the players scream for a second

  • Pandacide
    Pandacide Před rokem +4

    His reaction to the reaper attack was priceless

  • Mitchell Graber
    Mitchell Graber Před 8 měsíci +4

    Zanny 9 mo ago: "I will use this money for gas (these prices are crazy)"
    Zanny today: "So that was a fucking lie."

  • Joe Ashford
    Joe Ashford Před rokem +4439

    The fact that zanny referred to a leviathan as a “danger noodle” is amazing.

    • Arthur The gunslinger
      Arthur The gunslinger Před 6 měsíci +1

      I don’t refer to the leviathans as danger noodles each have names reggy is the back aurora reaper his sister Rebecca is the front aurora reaper Ryan Riley Roman Ricky and Reba are the dunes reapers Ginny Gerald and Gary are the void ghosts Garfield is the lost river ghost blue boy is the ghost under the floating island then there’s Danny and Demi who are the sea dragons and then there is Emily the sea emperor

    • Jayden Anderson
      Jayden Anderson Před rokem +1

      I know I love it

    • OneBiasedOpinion
      OneBiasedOpinion Před rokem +1

      He’s not wrong though.

    • cornmeal
      cornmeal Před rokem +2

      The ghost kinda looks like a judgemental shoelace but i don't want to die to the one neer my cyclops when i log back in

    • Just a regular banana
      Just a regular banana Před rokem +1

      Are they not tho

  • Barakat
    Barakat Před 10 měsíci +1

    Your progress is insane. I did like 5% of what you did in my first 10 hrs

  • SkinnerBeeMan
    SkinnerBeeMan Před dnem

    As a diver the wrecks and caves were scary. I definitely died several times knowing I could run outta air to start with. Crazy anxiety.

  • Dizzencjusz
    Dizzencjusz Před 10 měsíci +1

    That's the first video I saw from you and damn, you're amazing. Very entertaining, montage like in 8:49 or 9:30, splendid. You've got my focus through the entire video, I also love subnautica, truly masterpiece of a game.

  • Mira C.
    Mira C. Před měsícem

    Love this game, always fun to find people's first time experience. It's almost always different to mine. While the leviathans were scary (at first) I found 90% of the game to be quite relaxing. Now even the leviathans don't stress me. Only the warpers, bastards keep warping me out of my prawn or seamoth and I do not appreciate!

  • Banana Banana
    Banana Banana Před rokem +7286

    Zanny: "Oxygen is a scam."
    Me: "yes, but it's so addictive."

  • AbsoluteDan
    AbsoluteDan Před rokem +1

    Zanny: screaming intensely at the reaper
    Also zanny: is barely fazed by the ghost leviathan

  • Aaron Balchand
    Aaron Balchand Před 6 měsíci +1

    “For those who dont know the premise of this is very simple: you were on a spaceship, untill you werent.”
    Best summary ever 10/10

  • JJ
    JJ Před 8 měsíci +8

    “I will use this ad money for gas, these prices are crazy”
    This aged well

  • Richard Cletus
    Richard Cletus Před rokem +2

    The game has an excellent way of giving you hope multiple times and then completely crushing it.

  • ItsYaBoiMimikyu
    ItsYaBoiMimikyu Před rokem +3800

    “For those of you who don’t know the premise of this, it’s pretty simple:
    You were on a ship *until you weren’t* “

    • Joshua Gross
      Joshua Gross Před 9 měsíci +1

      And now you're in a sub.
      Reaper: And then you're not.

    • Fibis
      Fibis Před rokem

      Mark was a nice man
      Until he wasnt

    • Hanru Van Niekerk
      Hanru Van Niekerk Před rokem +2

      Netflix space murder documentaries be like:

    • YaBoiSterling 79
      YaBoiSterling 79 Před rokem +4

      So your bacically
      An astronut in the water

    • 501stTrooperBMC
      501stTrooperBMC Před rokem +3

      Destiny references are everywhere now. You can’t stop it.

  • LogeyPerogi
    LogeyPerogi Před rokem +1

    Zanny really should’ve been repairing his Seamoth from time to time
    Maybe then he wouldn’t have lost his first Seamoth

  • D. J. R
    D. J. R Před měsícem

    Zanny: Thinking of a light swim while he waits
    *Reaper roars*
    Zanny: Mistake

  • Will Davidson
    Will Davidson Před 11 měsíci +1

    You make me wanna start diving again lol I miss being underwater it’s nice to see a fellow gamer that loves diving!

  • Baba Booey
    Baba Booey Před měsícem

    I wish I could’ve gone into this game with as little prior knowledge as this man

  • Declicitous
    Declicitous Před rokem +3518

    “This ecological biome matches 7 of the 9 preconditions for stimulating terror in humans”
    *Uninstalls game*

    • Vexia
      Vexia Před 26 dny

      @Ryan Payne no

    • 8D2BFREE
      8D2BFREE Před měsícem

      @D.J. Dunn Public speaking, fomo.

    • Dream_Walker
      Dream_Walker Před 6 měsíci

      @insert a funny name here uninstalls soul

    • insert a funny name here
      insert a funny name here Před 6 měsíci

      Uninstall game more like Uninstalls nerves

    • Dream_Walker
      Dream_Walker Před 6 měsíci +2

      Warning: Detecting multiple leviathan class-
      *Throws away computer*

  • americasace
    americasace Před 11 měsíci

    This was pretty funny. I really enjoyed this vid. Thanks for the upload, it made my day. I'm a big fan of Subnautica. A well deserved thumbs up.

  • Grzegorz Durda
    Grzegorz Durda Před 4 měsíci

    One of the best games in recent memory. The atmosphere in the game is awesome! 196 hours in.

  • StoryTeller
    StoryTeller Před 6 měsíci +1

    "What, are, you?"
    "Scared, horny? I have been here alone for two months"
    That part just really killed me in all honesty. Perfect comeback

  • F. B. We
    F. B. We Před rokem +1

    That was the scariest reaper leviathan encounter I've ever seen.
    It's like it came out of a horror music scene

  • WeAre Harbinger
    WeAre Harbinger Před rokem +3113

    "The sun is out, it has given me strength." -Humans in a nutshell.

    • Nemesis
      Nemesis Před 5 měsíci

      In my case, cloudy days are my strength

    • Liam- the
      Liam- the Před 7 měsíci

      I read it as he said it

    • RaGe_Mav
      RaGe_Mav Před 7 měsíci


    • Gabriel Palileo
      Gabriel Palileo Před 7 měsíci +1

      Plants: "you merely adopted the sun, I was born in it, molded by it."

    • Gr33N m33n gamer
      Gr33N m33n gamer Před 7 měsíci

      Nah Cuz you be feeling drained out in the sun for long

  • Straight Rope1
    Straight Rope1 Před měsícem

    How have I never seen this channel before, this is the most I’ve laughed in a long time. This is gold 😂

  • TheSchultinator
    TheSchultinator Před rokem

    Honestly I had trouble getting into Below Zero, and I think the number of cave areas are what kept me from enjoying it as much.

  • Mickey Tang
    Mickey Tang Před rokem

    This is exactly how i feel when i play Subnatica this year, recommended by steam! and i am so happy play it, i consider i quite lucky to get the Stasis Riffle in the early game, by using it i get to scanned almost every creature in the game, and i got mine cyclops quite early also but i nv use it because i don't know how to make it descend so i just leave it at my shallow base :D and after i found the Pawn Suit the game change, while explore and face an aggressive leviathan i just need get my drill ready, and everything will be ok !! build 6 bases in different area and end up only using 2 of it (one locate at Grassy Plateaurs & other is lost River tree cove) the bigger enemy in game for me is getting lost, i always found some place to collect some rare material or need to explore later, after i went back to my base prepare or upgrade most of the time i can' t found the way back to the place, i always forget bring my beacon to mark location T.T

  • Gant Holly
    Gant Holly Před měsícem

    I’m so glad we literally had the same experience on this game

  • Vampìric The Shadow Priest
    Vampìric The Shadow Priest Před rokem +1354

    “This place will be so much bigger in the next episode. If I make one.”
    Do it. I speak for everyone that’s not an idiot.

    • daniel chong
      daniel chong Před rokem


    • Patches
      Patches Před rokem

      @Lord Helmchen only an idiot would vote for you as a representative! Oh, oh yeah-

    • Henry Larson
      Henry Larson Před rokem

      I can confirm you do

    • Tommy
      Tommy Před rokem +11

      Destiny 2 must be forgotten for now this is our top priority

    • Don Vendetta
      Don Vendetta Před rokem +1

      But... New Destiny 2 video...?

  • meemmachine
    meemmachine Před 8 měsíci

    jesus dude another gem of a video, its like watching a friend play a game you’ve always enjoyed

  • Viirr
    Viirr Před 9 měsíci

    his reactions to any sounds or darkness are so relatable XD me too, when i first got into the game and heard anything that was out of ordinary i was like "NOPE, back to my safe ball of escape pod."

  • Housel
    Housel Před rokem

    I'm pretty sure that reaper encounter was the best I've ever seen, it was so beautifully theatrical

  • GreatBigZurg
    GreatBigZurg Před měsícem

    I love waiting on him to decide when he's playing the real game

  • Pingu
    Pingu Před rokem +1776

    zanny: "im going to swim to new zealand"
    as a new zealander myself i can say that i have seen zanny swimming along the shores

    • Gamer gargantuan leviathan
      Gamer gargantuan leviathan Před 2 měsíci

      he ment old zealand

    • Faish
      Faish Před 6 měsíci

      @Supernova nah subnautica's just based in the pacific ocean

    • Jayden Logan
      Jayden Logan Před 8 měsíci


    • Goskywalker
      Goskywalker Před rokem +2

      Yea me and my dad got stung by one before

    • Maidros Fëanoron
      Maidros Fëanoron Před rokem +3

      He should know that the waters around NZ are populated by giant squids... And we don't know yet if they are a danger to human swimmers or not.

  • Jason Kossowan
    Jason Kossowan Před 9 měsíci

    By far the best Subnautica mash-up I've seen. Looking forward to the next 10-minute shit-post, when the game truly begins.

  • Self-replicating whatnot

    I never dived for real, but in Subnautica my greatest fear was not of the sea, but of the need to surface every now and then. I would rather stay down there in the depths it all looks so cozy.

  • Zoo Renard
    Zoo Renard Před rokem +1

    I've started playing this week and I ain't gonna lie, when I saw the rescue burst into flames I cried inside

  • Lifted
    Lifted Před 25 dny

    Optimal enjoyment comes when you have two cyclops, one with a prawn suit and another with a sea moth so you can have casual exploration and deep exploration

  • Fritzify
    Fritzify Před rokem +645

    Zanny: “That looks like a noodle”
    Noodle: *roars louder than a gun and destroys seamoth*

    • BacktoFall
      BacktoFall Před rokem

      @Baron Krebs thats what I thought as well

    • Fritzify
      Fritzify Před rokem

      @Baron Krebs lol

    • Noodles
      Noodles Před rokem +23

      i can confirm my race are fierce

  • casual_ gamer
    casual_ gamer Před 5 dny

    When I first ran into a reaper I went to close the the aurora and started looting with out knowing how close I was and I heard it's roar thought it was a sand shark then was like " Wait I'm not in that biome" turned around it was like 5 feet infront of me I paused and screamed "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!"

  • Eli Ochoa
    Eli Ochoa Před 2 měsíci

    Zanny: thinking the reaper left him alone
    The Reaper: I’m boutta end this man’s whole career.

  • MorFix
    MorFix Před rokem

    1.4 Million views and almost 100k likes, so deserved. Keep up that good work!

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  • BiasedGrunt1998
    BiasedGrunt1998 Před 8 měsíci

    This was my most viewed stream series lol, especially my hardcore one, ppl loved when I'd die to something stupid lol

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    Anton Ego Před 11 měsíci

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    Samuel Varga Před rokem +3

    This almost matches the energy of "Captain!!!!

  • Silksong Hornet
    Silksong Hornet Před rokem +2073

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    “What’s thi- nvm I don’t want to know”

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      Btw i played it to a 100%

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      Dr Watson Před rokem +2

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    Doge Coin Před 8 měsíci +3

    "I will use the ad money for gas, these prices are crazy." That shit aged like wine

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    John Smith Před rokem

    One of my favorite games of all time. Top 5 easy. Below Zero was better on paper: cleaner, quality of life improvements, story was more straightforward and cohesive... But the original was so much better due to sheer terror and the fact that it was new and fresh. BZ was old hat and wayyyy too safe. Let's hope they build a third installment and bring back the nightmares of going too deep...

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    Thomas DeVantier Před rokem

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    Zanny: *proceeds to get scared by new creatures*
    Me: (remembers that used to be me playing the game) “Ah, those were the days.”

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      Ham Burgler Před rokem +2

      @romain ballu that's me in most survival games lol

    • romain ballu
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    Zoroark The Pirate Před 11 měsíci

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  • RaptorNeon
    RaptorNeon Před 11 měsíci

    Btw the prawn suit is really good, much better than the cyclops and you can go the deepest in it. Also make sure you prepare to set up a second base much deeper in the world, use cyclops as a one way ticket to do it in one trip otherwise ur screwed

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    “Power runs out”
    Zanny: “I’m going to die”

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  • AussieGaming 909
    AussieGaming 909 Před měsícem

    I love zanny's hype over the cyclops despite the fact that it is the most useless vehicle in the game. You can kill Leviathans in the PRAWN but apparently a slow moving, kinda hard to control, submarine is cooler

  • Zzeroo
    Zzeroo Před rokem +1

    Zanny: that’s a ghost leviathan I’m gonna scan it
    Ghost leviathan: *screech*
    Zanny: not gonna scan it

  • Da_bomb1607
    Da_bomb1607 Před rokem +1254

    “I’m gonna scan it. * ghost Leviathan roars* I’m not gonna Scan it.“

    • Excelsior
      Excelsior Před rokem


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    • Gmodiscool14
      Gmodiscool14 Před rokem +3

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    • Recker
      Recker Před rokem +1

      @Ganja Bandit iam pretty sure there is more than 2. And ofcourse. The small ones at the cove tree will grow up. Dont worry. I act on measurements

    • Ganja Bandit
      Ganja Bandit Před rokem +12

      @Recker bro you’re glad for extincting an entire species from it natural habitat, pro chad move

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    This did not age well

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    Señor Trotsky Před rokem

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    Zanny when he builds the Neptune Rocket: Now the real game begins!

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    kandy king Před 10 měsíci

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    *Leviathan roar*
    *turns around*
    “Yeah I changed my mind”

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  • CryptidMom (Tina)
    CryptidMom (Tina) Před měsícem

    Ah, absolute wonder and awe followed by petrifying terror. The true Subnautica experience lmao.
    Also, love your base!
    I love your puppers, they're adorable! And ayeee, I do the same thing with my girl's paws when she's lounging lol