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  • čas přidán 12. 08. 2023
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Komentáře • 12K

  • @Sidemen
    @Sidemen   +27

    Sorry for the slight delay team, hope you enjoy!

  • @Vikkstar123

    What an experience 😂

  • @mejordan1993

    One of the best funniest videos they’ve done for a long time that bathroom scene will forever make me cry with laughter

  • @Sanzy_flaXx-ways369

    Harry opening the curtain and seeing all those fans packed against the window is nightmare-fuel

  • @johnjosephhhh1

    The transition from Tobi's expression from his roar to the scenic captures was INCREDIBLE

  • @EduardoGonzalez-ou3dt

    Bro the cameraman falling off the bike that way was insane, glad to see they’re okay

  • @KennyCPFC

    When JJ is dancing in front of the piano, the second hand embarrassment 😂👏

  • @robinvandepoele2117

    Props to Harry, Vik and Josh for the good vibes but also a big W from Simon. It’s far more entertaining when the ‘bad’ team just has unique activities that they would never do on their own instead of just getting them miserable.

  • @TheJerseyNinja

    Bro, IMAGINE if KSI was in that hotel room on the bad team. It was that crazy for Harry, Vik, and Josh. Legitimately would’ve been people flocking to that hotel room from the other side of the city if they heard KSI was there

  • @jacknixon8142

    Imagine walking into a 5* Hotel and the most surprising thing that comes to mind is “ a backpack” Ethan your amazing 😂😂

  • @Mike-c36
    @Mike-c36  +319

    Rewatching this and hearing Josh perfectly predict the night was great 😂

  • @Lb_Collects

    Simon did an elite job of organising this vid, deffo up there with Josh's, props.

  • @jamesspeck4012

    Love how the JJ thinks the bad team aren’t enjoying themselves then cuts to josh laughing his head off 😂

  • @mendo5459

    Hands down one of the best Sidemen Sundays ever. The scene in the bathroom with Harry in the shower, Josh on the toilet and Vik brushing his teeth was hilarious, felt like a proper lads holiday

  • @mattensinger7

    This was one of the best sidmen sundays to date. Well done lads

  • @fatpokii
    @fatpokii  +199


  • @DazzlingPotatoes

    I'm so glad positive people were put on the bad team. I can't even begin to imagine how ethan and KSI would have behaved if they were out in that situation with the fans.

  • @torres1997dt

    Simon did an amazing job as a host and the ”bad” team gave me Benidorm vibes which is my favorite type of ”bad” team. Alcohol and chaos😂

  • @greenisgood23

    The bathroom scene is probably up on top 5 funniest sidemen moments ever

  • @PirateRadioDude

    Respect to josh, vik and harry for handling the idiots well. Some ppl are just turn into massive knobs when theyre not sober. Get some help ffs.