Boston Dynamics: New Robots Now Fight Back

  • čas přidán 14. 06. 2019
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Komentáře • 27 071

  • Diego Warthon
    Diego Warthon Před 15 hodinami

    Yeah, laugh at it now, but that's how Skynet started.. :(

  • Synister x
    Synister x Před 15 hodinami

    The robot's gonna kill u guys if u don't stop hitting it.

  • Deimos 22
    Deimos 22 Před 15 hodinami

    Detroit Become Human

  • Михаил Соколов
    Михаил Соколов Před 17 hodinami

    Poor robot

  • Victor Fidelis
    Victor Fidelis Před 17 hodinami

    It looks like the robot is in a constant fight of wwe lol

  • ozelote
    ozelote Před 17 hodinami

    Bullshit why does robot even care about getting hit with something they dont have any nerves or hearing senses

  • Daiki
    Daiki Před 17 hodinami

    Tough animating wren and the other guy when the robot was walking towards the camera at 2:37 since the actor was covering the shot and the robot has parts that you can look through

  • CloudSky TV
    CloudSky TV Před 18 hodinami

    I can prove that this is fake! Nah I'm kidding, this is real. But I was just also joking about my joke that I just joked about.

  • shitler
    shitler Před 19 hodinami

    you can tell when the robot t poses that its cgi...

  • Melissa Donelson
    Melissa Donelson Před 21 hodinou

    it hurts my brain how real this looks.

  • Gustavo Drachenberg
    Gustavo Drachenberg Před 21 hodinou

    So fake

  • Skyguy
    Skyguy Před 22 hodinami

    seems like video montage, doesn't it?

  • babanen nigga
    babanen nigga Před 23 hodinami

    it was not real right

  • babanen nigga
    babanen nigga Před 23 hodinami

    terminatör 9

  • Pug group Lover
    Pug group Lover Před dnem

    Why are they bullying the robot

  • JaxTheReaper
    JaxTheReaper Před dnem

    anyone notice the weird body fall thing at 2:36 for the guy in the back?

  • Stone Maverick
    Stone Maverick Před dnem

    Ohhh shit the worlds over

  • Ethan Scarlett
    Ethan Scarlett Před dnem

    This took me WAY too long to realise it was fake haha

  • Captain Mexico
    Captain Mexico Před dnem

    Please stop robot abuse

  • j
    j Před dnem

    That's not real CGI

  • LilZebra
    LilZebra Před dnem

    Only a psycho would treat a robot like this.

  • Idk lol
    Idk lol Před dnem

    This shits gonna be like chappie

  • miked765
    miked765 Před dnem

    We are so done! :)

  • sicklygreyfoot
    sicklygreyfoot Před dnem

    I knew it was fake the first time it caught the box. The box gets all wonky looking when it does. Just didn't look right.

  • Solar Robot Mustache Robot

    Idk why I felt so bad for that robot

    Edit: wait nevermind it was a man lol

  • Евгений Сайков

    В этом видео,все, что нужно знать о европейской цивилизации и её ценностях.

  • DieAnDy TROLL
    DieAnDy TROLL Před dnem

    1:33 You wanna f*ck?

  • xxx_gam3s animation
    xxx_gam3s animation Před dnem

    I felt sad for the robot

    Edit I'm dum

  • Princetin Jimenez
    Princetin Jimenez Před dnem

    This is what happens when you take Chappie to seriously. But this was funny as shit

  • Spartan X Soldier
    Spartan X Soldier Před dnem

    I though that this was real until the he kicked me in da sack


    Sigh I really want a real life terminater situation my gun is ready an I'm itching for a fight against the machines THE MACHINES SHALL RISE YOU'LL ALL SEE

    ALEXIS Před dnem

    la otra vez pasaron esto en "las imágenes más espectaculares" como algo real,creí que lo era hasta que el robot le metio una patada en las pelotas al chabon.

  • El Rocko
    El Rocko Před dnem

    They should name him helper

  • TheVann Vann
    TheVann Vann Před dnem

  • Tyrone Fire
    Tyrone Fire Před dnem

    I feel sad for the Robot

  • Big Man
    Big Man Před dnem

    Yall fooled me in the beginning.

  • First Cyber Battalion

    One step closer to the terminator

  • First Cyber Battalion

    1:37 robot T posed on us

  • Caleb Walker
    Caleb Walker Před dnem

    I died when he pulled out the gun and started shooting 😂😂

  • Hudson Sousa
    Hudson Sousa Před dnem

    Ja avisei que vai dar merda isso

  • Pincho Paxton
    Pincho Paxton Před dnem

    It's very good 90% of the time. His feet skid on the boxes, the power of hitting it with a chair are over exaggerated, and a bottle on the head would do nothing. You need to actually concentrate on story telling as well... your jokes are lame.

  • Erwan Cossart
    Erwan Cossart Před dnem

    2:33 was epic

  • The Tibbinator
    The Tibbinator Před dnem

    Do you want Skynet? Because this is how you get Skynet!

  • Ozzy
    Ozzy Před dnem

    Was this real or was this jus a cgi with the guy in the green suit ?

  • Bruno Filipe
    Bruno Filipe Před dnem

    M0r0ns is the right word to discrib this ..

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy Před dnem

    Stop bullying the robot

    BEN ZED Před dnem +1



    Я понимаю что их тестируют но как то жалко их...

  • Spencer T
    Spencer T Před dnem

    You guys are Fucken awesome!

  • Hentjim
    Hentjim Před dnem

    0:42 the feet aren't tracked or placed right on the boxes they are floating a little bit. and on 1:16 if you slow down a little bit you can see that the 3d model is glitching trough the ground.
    I know its really hard to do so dont hate im just reacting to the video.

  • Crying Loli
    Crying Loli Před dnem

    Lmao Detroit become human

  • Rice And Curry For Days

    OK it definitely is fake

  • pliit
    pliit Před dnem


  • PizzaDelivery4u
    PizzaDelivery4u Před dnem +2

    An average day at the amazon warehouse. Now I know why my delivery is always late.

  • Nemo
    Nemo Před dnem +1

    @1:14 you can see his shoe

  • Ersan Arık
    Ersan Arık Před dnem

    I noticed it was cgi at first when i look into balance of feet. When it is walking on the woods there was a unbalanced thing with feet on the floor about shadows. And so sharp so detailed so shiny foot not blurred(If you know photography its about the distance and aperture sharpness).

  • yoruneko
    yoruneko Před dnem

    everybody gansgta until you need to roto a box to cast a shadow on it

  • Dorota Dax
    Dorota Dax Před dnem

    how to kill it, for the future?

  • Dorota Dax
    Dorota Dax Před dnem

    jak to zabić jak będzie wojna z nimi?

  • anguish zip
    anguish zip Před dnem

    The glass bottle

  • Denny Magick
    Denny Magick Před dnem

    God, this is so good!

  • Jason Shisei
    Jason Shisei Před dnem

    Perfect ☺☺🤗

  • g mix
    g mix Před dnem +2

    Just to reward anyone who's wise enough to check the comments before wasting their time watching the whole video, the end of the video reveals the robot is fake.

  • Felix Marushka
    Felix Marushka Před dnem

    If that robot kill a puppy john wick will get that robobitch

  • amit yoel
    amit yoel Před dnem


  • random guy
    random guy Před 2 dny

    Detroit become human

  • Tyler Mellor
    Tyler Mellor Před 2 dny

    I fell like he was steaming of some suppressed rage

  • Mr Oliver Fox
    Mr Oliver Fox Před 2 dny

    ooo god those floating feet at 0:49 xd still looks pretty good tho

  • TheUnofficialVsauce4
    TheUnofficialVsauce4 Před 2 dny


    Age of Ultron

  • Tony Torres
    Tony Torres Před 2 dny +1

    Funny now.
    AI & robotics WILL reach this level of performance and then, how do you outrun one of these?

    • JWo1f 28
      JWo1f 28 Před 17 hodinami

      Hopefully, very fast