RYZEN 3000 IS UNBELIEVABLE - The WAN Show Dec 7 2018

  • čas přidán 8. 12. 2018
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    Timestamps Courtesy of HentaiGod01192
    00:00 - 00:24 - Beginning
    00:25 - 00:55 - Intro
    01:12 - 02:30 - Announcement: Floatplane
    02:31 - 12:21 - CHclip Rewind
    12:22 - 12:29 - Talk about something important
    12:30 - 22:20 - Big announcement: LTX 2019
    22:20 - 24:56 - LTX 2019: Why July + Food in Vancouver
    24:57 - 28:15 - LTX 2019: Linus leaves LTX and more
    28:16 - 29:35 - Sponsor: ELGATO
    29:36 - 30:44 - Sponsor: FRESHBOOKS
    30:45 - 31:30 - Sponsor: SAVAGEJERKY
    31:31 - 33:50 - Ryzen 3000
    33:51 - 43:04 - Technology stocks
    43:05 - 48:33 - CS:GO: Free-to-play + Battle Royale
    48:34 - 51:21 - OnePlus: 5G phone
    51:21 - 52:55 - Walmart: gaming PC
    52:56 - 1:06:34 - Super Chat
    1:06:35 - 1:06:44 - THE END
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Komentáře • 2 002

  • Benjamin Curtis
    Benjamin Curtis Před 2 dny

    This years rewind was awful!

  • James
    James Před 2 dny

    next cpu im going to get is an amd

  • Gee Smith
    Gee Smith Před 5 dny

    Who does he think he is he doesn't really watch Utube. Someone let he no he's not special. And His voice is so annoying.

  • Gee Smith
    Gee Smith Před 5 dny

    He Say's he doesn't really watch Utube. Who does he think he is

  • raft guy
    raft guy Před 10 dny


  • M Oczakow
    M Oczakow Před 11 dny

    half hour of BS and nothing said. Fuck me.

  • DetectiveManHack
    DetectiveManHack Před 11 dny


  • c4n4d4
    c4n4d4 Před 12 dny

    How the fuck do you have zero cash in the money market. What are you doing for retirement

  • Coen Bijpost
    Coen Bijpost Před 13 dny

    CHclip rewind is exactly like the grammys, it’s untalented people getting rewards for subpar performances while uttering meaningless statements about politically correct nonsense

  • Michael Choe
    Michael Choe Před 14 dny

    please have a smash ultimate tournament

  • jamie marshall
    jamie marshall Před 14 dny

    YES! LTX is on my birthday this year! gunna be the best birthday ever

  • Batang Clan Chest
    Batang Clan Chest Před 15 dny

    intel will pay for linus blindfold

  • Ascrex Dragorn
    Ascrex Dragorn Před 17 dny

    Any Aussies that want to go this year, as someone that went last year I can guarantee his claims, Vancouver summer feels like a cushy Queensland winter and is a wonderful place to have a gander at.

  • IridiumFlare
    IridiumFlare Před 17 dny

    You should feature some PCs from the LAN! It could be really interesting to see the things people bring with them. I’m going to try and make it but I live in Germany.

  • Zachary Johnson
    Zachary Johnson Před 18 dny

    luke is nightbot

  • Zachary Johnson
    Zachary Johnson Před 18 dny

    AMD will murder Intel and shit on Intel's grave!!!

  • Tha LAW
    Tha LAW Před 18 dny

    Do the Rocket League :D

  • Chemical Oof
    Chemical Oof Před 20 dny

    uh thought the man with the beard doesn't work at linus media group anymore?

  • HB C
    HB C Před 20 dny

    linus is such a douchy tool

  • The Loop
    The Loop Před 21 dnem

    Theres a difference between food being cheap... and food being food.

  • Monkey D. Ruffy
    Monkey D. Ruffy Před 21 dnem

    I just ordered new parts with an i5 8700 before i knew about this...

  • BattleCrap
    BattleCrap Před 21 dnem

    FYI Linus, 'short' means selling a stock, not 'buying it for short term'. And long is synonymous with 'buy'

  • job3ztah
    job3ztah Před 23 dny

    lol ryzen 9 3000 better then threadripper 2 with same 16 core 32 thread for only 150 dollar cheap + it have 5ghz dam intel cry in corner of the room

  • 3dokid
    3dokid Před 23 dny

    Linus, have you recommended Dollar Shave Club to the scruffy looking Yeti next to you?

  • Tim Moschini
    Tim Moschini Před 24 dny

    Battlerite battle royale...it's a moba BR

  • vloepser
    vloepser Před 24 dny

    on LTX you should do an arduino competition. You come there, the basic componts are there (servos, sensors, ... maybe just the starter kit of arduino.) and all of the competitors get 2 hours to make the coolest thing they can. I would love to help. just the creations would be amazing.

  • Kaneki Ken Ezreal
    Kaneki Ken Ezreal Před 25 dny

    T-Series is gey! They use subbots!

  • Chase Franklin
    Chase Franklin Před 26 dny

    I totally agree with you Linus on the aspect of the community being different when you are required to shell out your own hard earned money on a game and or a subscription. You are choosing to spend that money on that game instead of else wear. Making you respect the game and you fellow players more. Btw luke you seem like a very chill dude! lol

  • Dante S550 10R80'S
    Dante S550 10R80'S Před 26 dny

    34:49 but Linus never pulls out!

  • Nedyalko Chakandrakov
    Nedyalko Chakandrakov Před 26 dny

    Luke looks like chewbacca :D

  • Rickbearcat
    Rickbearcat Před 28 dny

    Due to your confidence in AMD, I'm putting 20k into its stock.

  • Freeman
    Freeman Před 28 dny

    As TechLinked gets better, WAN show just keeps getting worse and worse, turning from Weekly Analysis and News to video blog about whoever is in from of camera.

  • kamal  jaswal
    kamal jaswal Před 29 dny

    what will be the point Indian retailer still going to do a good job they make the price of amd and intel same so we still can't afford did anyone know why there are no gamers from India

  • Josh Aleru
    Josh Aleru Před měsícem

    Click bait bs

  • awesomeferret
    awesomeferret Před měsícem

    Sounds like LTX will be cooler but I already think you may have hit the threshold of size, it will become worse in some aspects the bigger it gets and will become more of a CES clone than a meet and greet event. I fear that last year may have been the "best" year for people who hate large crowds and prefer to just goof around.

  • Egon V
    Egon V Před měsícem

    Lukes beard is sooooo hot

  • Pedalcookie51
    Pedalcookie51 Před měsícem

    Man, I wish I had a way to fly out to Vancouver

  • ronald tavian
    ronald tavian Před měsícem

    A whole whoping 10 sec on amd

  • Herberto Lima
    Herberto Lima Před měsícem

    (I mean they're from Canada too..)

  • Ah Dindu Nuffin
    Ah Dindu Nuffin Před měsícem

    Ryzen 3000 my ass. Get an i7 9700 with 8 real cores and you're good to go for years to come.

  • John S.
    John S. Před měsícem

    Wow, all caps title about Ryzen 3000, and they spend not even two and a half minutes talking about that specific topic. Eat a bag of dicks Linus.

  • Reed Anuar
    Reed Anuar Před měsícem

    We should really learn from the smartphone industry.
    Don't say something stupid like a computer hardware being too cheap if you don't know the possibilities.

  • OOF Productions
    OOF Productions Před měsícem

    LTX 2020 needs to be in Vegas

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy Před měsícem

    Linus, hacking isn’t a big problem in tf2 anymore, I rarely get a game that has a hacker, also, the hats are actually loved within the community, you have no standpoint for it if you aren't playing anymore. Not hating, it's just, you are lost from the view of its community.

  • ajbfwb
    ajbfwb Před měsícem

    If only I had a bitcoin for every damn time Linus said, "like"........

  • Blitz Blitz
    Blitz Blitz Před měsícem

    Linus talking about War......clearly knows nothing about war.

  • menotu000
    menotu000 Před měsícem

    you guys have a serious jerky addiction...
    rock on

  • Buck Cherry
    Buck Cherry Před měsícem +6

    Dear Linus,
    I remember watching your videos back when you started with terrible cams out of [I assume] your house. I hated your face, your voice, and your energy and only stomached your videos because they were objectively the best source of real information on anything interesting about PCs.
    NOW, I never miss a video and gladly have the more entertaining ones playing as background noise on another monitor while working (coding).
    Keep up the amazing work, it is a joy to see how far things have grown.
    Looking forward to LTX!

  • Bryce Forsythe
    Bryce Forsythe Před měsícem

    1:10:05 "intel ... market the hell out of themselves" my brain : BUM BUM BUN BUN (intel jingle)

  • Croner Yveit
    Croner Yveit Před měsícem

    Since when is this show 80% ads and 20% content?

  • Guitarskooter
    Guitarskooter Před měsícem

    Linus needs to go on H3 podcast.

  • WallFodder1
    WallFodder1 Před měsícem

    Probably just me, but I don't get the fascination with the backdoor boys.

  • Kye W
    Kye W Před měsícem

    luke is a caveman now

  • kumbandit
    kumbandit Před měsícem

    So from 1:06 of the video, the topic in the title was a whole of 2 minutes and something... No, not a bait name in the least...

  • StaySic4Ever
    StaySic4Ever Před měsícem

    If for Ryzen 3000 series all of the speculated comes close it it will be remarkable no doubt.

  • Warm Soft Kitty
    Warm Soft Kitty Před měsícem

    Ryzen 3000, yet another year of disappointment builds for gaming PCs =)

  • ShadowX012
    ShadowX012 Před měsícem

    @Luke I was 16ish at the time when Bitcoin was barely starting out, and I asked all my family members for a straight split on profits, everyone turned me down. All of them came back and asked me to help them with it within the last 3 years, after more "adultlike" (people in their age group) convinced them on the idea. I just looked at them and laughed. They REALLY missed the boat on that one.

  • ShadowX012
    ShadowX012 Před měsícem

    "older people" well i have never, lol

  • Kenny Perkins
    Kenny Perkins Před měsícem

    Luke, I may have subscribed to LTT because you are cute, but god damn you gotta shave that shit man.

  • Brandyn Ledarney
    Brandyn Ledarney Před měsícem

    If you look in the back ground of one of the animators the same girl that has the chair. On the shelf behind her she as a sub 2 pewdiepie thing in the background.

  • Omar M
    Omar M Před měsícem

    Doesn't floatplane provide luke with dollar shave club products? he looks like tom hanks when he lost on a beach alone
    any one agrees?

  • mcmugget
    mcmugget Před měsícem

    i wonder if i can get kidnapped by the canadian govt while at the convention

  • relworP
    relworP Před měsícem

    im glad bigfoot could make it for once

  • bleachie
    bleachie Před měsícem

    You called it software tomfoolery, but take a step back. Software engineers often need to make compromises to make deadlines, and because hardware has kept improving so quickly there isn't a huge amount of pressure to optimize. I'd argue that if hardware advances slow down, we will see more more action in software.

  • Emil Jensen
    Emil Jensen Před měsícem +1

    Dismissing Pewds? Damn Linus's audience is cucked.

  • Stefan Ott
    Stefan Ott Před měsícem

    Luke. Pretty please stop bearding.

  • justinas
    justinas Před měsícem

    WHY the middle bottom hexagon is BLUE, not half red/half blue ?

  • Erland Johansen
    Erland Johansen Před měsícem

    I didn't recognize any of the names Linus listed from the Rewind. So even though I actually use CHclip I'm even worse than Linus...

  • Kartikey Gautam
    Kartikey Gautam Před měsícem


  • Chris
    Chris Před měsícem

    Host leaves his own show to go have a boy crush moment.

  • Julien Lauzon
    Julien Lauzon Před měsícem

    i am eager to see titan rtx xDD

  • Michael Griffin
    Michael Griffin Před měsícem

    I received a ryzen 3700 In the mail, with a note that it's free, my question is how they know I Intel user asking me to switch to amd?

  • Blood Angel
    Blood Angel Před měsícem

    So AMD will finally be able to outperform Haswell then?

  • Shannon Smith
    Shannon Smith Před měsícem

    Ok, so day one, I can go to backstreet boys and day 2 I can see backyard boys. Sounds like a good deal IMO ;)

  • Matt Pulliam
    Matt Pulliam Před měsícem

    "Chasing that AMD rainbow living that fps dream". Been a nightmare since after the first athlon. Still here waiting ...

  • A Physics Professor
    A Physics Professor Před měsícem

    Valve is all about the money. They don't care about players. I paid $7.50 for CS:GO 3 years ago. Worse game I ever bought.

  • Trust The Shooters
    Trust The Shooters Před měsícem


  • OneTimeCrazy
    OneTimeCrazy Před měsícem

    not to be an ass, but dude, you look like an unshaved ballsack. Please shave the beard
    this look is mainly just the straight on look, from the side it looks fine. Just maybe wait until you have some wrinkles on your face/age more to make that lumberjack look work. You still look like your in your 20s early 30s and it just doesn't fit. I have no idea why i'm writing this, I need to study for finals.

  • flounder2760
    flounder2760 Před měsícem

    if he had 8000 dollars invested into nvidia and elft it in there he would have turned that into 78k dollars today.

  • Mshojat
    Mshojat Před měsícem

    Wait, what? *Is Linus really going to a Back Street Boys concert during LTX?*

  • jack chester
    jack chester Před měsícem

    i have to disagree about your comment on free to play games warframe is f2p and it is famous for it's community. but that may be the only example of a game that is free to play managed well and fosters a good community.

  • Blackburn Whiteknight
    Blackburn Whiteknight Před měsícem

    Here for Luke.

  • Quantum Rage
    Quantum Rage Před měsícem

    damn, LTX 2019 sounds awesome, i might have to save up and catch a flight from Australia

  • Richard Ursua
    Richard Ursua Před měsícem

    Just a clickbait again! Dammit

  • Rishabh Gusain
    Rishabh Gusain Před měsícem

    we missed you luke

  • Joe Chief
    Joe Chief Před měsícem

    I live in Australia. The new encryption busting bill is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. They've basically mandated backdoors in everything but name and added a line that says "except that it can't cause systemic weakness", clearly not having paid any attention to the debate around the San Bernadino iPhone that concluded that since any exploit crafted by a device manufacturer can be generalised *all* security bypasses create systemic weaknesses. They've mandated something that is impossible and will then pretend it's not in favour of their spying.
    I agree with Linus' solution - big tech companies absolutely should pull out of here in protest. This shit would be gone in like 2 days. I would gladly suffer the inconvenience to avoid the cataclysmic breaking of the internet that this is a big step towards, particularly since other countries are sure to copy this.

  • Jedi mmaster
    Jedi mmaster Před měsícem

    its not conventions havent done in a while look up rage expo naglan

  • Bill Bird
    Bill Bird Před měsícem

    I saw a you tube showing the various speeds that will be available.

  • LouisAndPillz
    LouisAndPillz Před měsícem

    "Don't buy stocks because a global war can break out and fuck up your monetary gains"
    Uhh, what the fuck? I know that's what you guys weren't going for, but that's literally how it sounds from every angle. I mean, even if a global war was somehow imminent, I feel like people's stocks would be the last thing on the average person's mind.

  • skeivys
    skeivys Před měsícem +1


  • michael mac
    michael mac Před měsícem

    Ltx19 is a 13 hours drive should I fly or drive ?

  • Jason Weber
    Jason Weber Před měsícem

    I think it's time I look into a enhanced driver's license. Since it's a bordering country I wouldn't need a full blown passport. Also. You'll find it very difficult to talk me away from Uncle Mike's jerky.

  • Jack Barrett
    Jack Barrett Před měsícem

    Wow, this was truly terrible coverage of the topic you placed IN THE DAMN TITLE. C'mon guys.

  • Herowebcomics
    Herowebcomics Před měsícem

    ...This just in: Sonic ,Mario,and Final fantasy now have battle royal modes!
    ...Now ALL games do!
    Like The witness and Street fighter!
    Everyone is trying to be like Fortnight for money- er I mean have battle royal!
    I know who Will Smith was too!
    So a fun rewind! XD
    And heck yeah!
    Ryzen rules!

  • Ati
    Ati Před měsícem

    CS:GO is nothing but a hackfest, f2p changes nothing lul.
    To say "it's a different community in games where people can afford to pay 20$" it's just downright retarded. Plenty of games who consist of mostly of whales who cheat and are toxic.
    Not even surprised it's coming out of Linus' month. Fucking simpleton.

  • The Infidel
    The Infidel Před měsícem

    i watched Linus on youtube for years and "I still dont get it "....Linus doesnt watch youtube because he saw content once he didnt get...that should become the quote of 2019...with 8 million subs who feel like that is completely insane :D

  • Foltarz
    Foltarz Před měsícem

    Linus tech tips shown as nvidia stooge when showing the titan graphics wonder how much money was given by nvidia to show that titan box on the wan show and not tell people that they were paid to do it.

  • Louis-Philippe Trempe
    Louis-Philippe Trempe Před měsícem

    i need to go at this LTX if only canadian transporter would charge a little bit less it would be awesome, but hoo well i will deal with it! looking foward to buy the ticket

    • Louis-Philippe Trempe
      Louis-Philippe Trempe Před měsícem

      and vancouver is awesome but good lord going from montreal to vancouver cost more than going to germany from montreal, canadien transporter sucks on price... :(

  • Marc Minicuci
    Marc Minicuci Před měsícem

    Stocks arent a gamble in the long run. Investing in short term is.