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    Check out these awesome glue gun hacks that are actually insanely helpful!
    First of all I'll show you how to make cool flyswatter.
    In case you ran out of spoons to eat your favorite cereal, just take a regular spoon and make a copy of it using glue gun.
    You can also make awesome threads holder. Simply take a cup, apply some petroleum jelly and then apply glue gun.
    You can make your own pair of flip flops, just take your real slippers to make a contour. You can easily fix your broken glasses using glue gun and make super cool high heels cap to run on the grass like a rabbit!
    Wrap your smartphone with cellophane and easily make phone case, baseball cap, plate coaster, cleaning board, make non-slippery shoes soles, massage bar, flashlight diffuser, waterproof lighter and tons of other different useful items for your household!
    These glue gun items can be useful indoors at home and outdoors. Only sky is the limit to your imagination!
    Don't miss out on anything! : )

    3:01 Rubber band lid
    6:17 Hair tie
    8:57 Vampire teeth
    12:55 Pin-up style headband

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    8:13 that's gotta hurt...... Hot glue is hot.... Duuh

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    Hi crafts they are cool


    That bracelet was so cute I am thinking of trying it

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    Ini keren sekali bagaimana cara ya aku pengen kayak gini ya

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    Bagus .pandaai

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    Satellite Slimes Před 4 dny

    I dont get the trash can one because u can just put the thing around the whole trash can

  • Farrah joy Ramos
    Farrah joy Ramos Před 4 dny +2

    This can save money

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    tremenda gorda 4:08

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    i love 5 minute crafts

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      I hate them with a burning passion.

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    Nice video

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    Porque raios tu vais querer um cabide para almofada que burros meu desculpem pela OFENSA ta mas acho que merecem pois vcs so com esses truques lixo me estao a onfender a mim e ao youtube apesar de haver RARO mas alguns truques sao bons o melhor suficientes

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    juli benitez Před 9 dny

    Like si hablas español o ingles 👍🏻🤗

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    Fatra Yana Před 9 dny

    Kamu Belajar Dari mana ☺☺☺☺☺😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

    TIFANY MAYUMI Před 10 dny +4

    2:30 look closely at the erasor of glue, IT WAS ERASED WITH PHOTOSHOP!!

  • Nasywa toys
    Nasywa toys Před 11 dny +1

    Ada yang dari Indonesia gak nih?

  • Raja Mohan
    Raja Mohan Před 12 dny

    Super 5 minute crafts

  • Countdown, List and Recap Comment Editor

    1. Hot Glue Shoes
    2. Wire Insulator
    3. Flashlight Diffuser
    4. Phone Case
    5. Waterproof Lighter
    6. Hot Glue Stencils
    7. Eraser
    8. Photo Portrait Presser
    9. Lid Turned into Handle
    10. GPS Holder
    11. Straw Supporter
    12. No Label in Tea
    13. Easy Screwdriving
    14. Bottle Phone Holder
    15. Scoop Leveler
    16. New Pants Lock
    17. Paintbrush Scraper
    18. Magnetic Curtain Clips
    19. Screwdriver Handle
    20. Plate Coaster
    21. Tape Measure Hack
    22. Plastic Bag Clip
    23. Non-Slip Cutting Board
    24. Hair Tie
    25. Newest Way of Cutting Ropes
    26. Battery Rack
    27. How to Get Rid of Smudges
    28. Garbage Bag Clips

  • mari gore
    mari gore Před 13 dny

    why couldnt u just use velcro strips instead of hot glueing the cutting board to the counter

  • Pinder Jeet
    Pinder Jeet Před 13 dny

    Too much sweet

  • Pinder Jeet
    Pinder Jeet Před 13 dny

    Very lovely

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  • قناة الحلوات

    الي عربي ايحط لايك

  • Pet Rock
    Pet Rock Před 15 dny

    For the thumbnail
    Would it be more expensive to buy hot glue to make an entire pair of shoes or to go to Kmart and buy cheap shoes

  • XtreColdzZ Panda
    XtreColdzZ Panda Před 16 dny

    Who else came here because of the thumbnail

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    Good job

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    I am Azerbaiyán l love 5 minutos craft👍👌😍

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    Sedona Bekiou Před 20 dny

    If they had a black cat, why did the glove have brown, black, and white fur?

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    Hey mom can you grab me a new penil mine doesnt have an eras-
    Never mind just hand me the hot glue gun

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  • W.M. Aslam - Author
    W.M. Aslam - Author Před 25 dny

    The Hot Glue Gun, the best invention since sliced bread.

    • Shahnaj345 Akter
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    i love hacks

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    Tipu tipu

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    Most of these:
    Waste of hot glue

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    Five minute crafts:Let's put hot glue on our tongues.

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    Roses are Red
    I know you've seen similar
    But I thought "What the heck!"
    I have been clickbaited
    And so have you
    Now have a great day
    and God bless you.

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      Ritzie and the perfect Life you need to learn how to spell please

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    00:35 It is a slippers not a shoes.

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      4×40= 1600 during one of her speeches and many more.

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    2:21 u should know the answer already. are we really going to pull out a glue gun at school. If we're at home than maybe we should just use an eraser. It's just commonsense

    • Ceci Galván
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