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Uncle Roger HATE Great British Bake Off Mexican Week (ft. Joshua Weissman)

  • čas přidán 3. 12. 2022

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  • Joshua Weissman

    I was as distressed watching this as the lady in the pink shirt. Thanks again for having me Uncle Roger. Can’t wait to see you soon, this time behind the chefs counter 😈

  • Oehnkc
    Oehnkc  +13

    Uncle Roger went from defending Asian culture to just any culture the British try to touch

  • ShyMoo Kohai

    Josh breaking the act and calling Nigel by his actual name was the funniest shit.

  • Verserk Gidavip

    As a Mexican I've never felt so offended, the avocado pealing destroyed my patience

  • Miss Wilwarin

    Being given the title of Uncle by Uncle Roger is the greatest honor a chef can receive.

  • Mia Allen

    “If you’re Mexican, don’t move to the UK. Look what they’re doing to your food.” I’VE HAD IT

  • Kal's Tube

    I laughed so hard at “they making the Mexican Ancestors cry”

  • July17
    July17  +5

    Showed my mom this video, she laughed at the woman peeling the guacamole and said "ayy que pendeja" then she got mad and hit me. The true Mexican experience.

  • Anthony Gonzales

    I as a man of Mexican heritage myself, am just enjoying the British experience of them struggling to pronounce even the most basic ingredients of my culture, let alone make the dishes.

  • MashwellShorts

    As a Brit who loves making authentic Mexican food, it is tricky to find the right ingredients as most supermarkets don’t carry cotija cheese etc - we do what we can! But this was shockingly bad lol

  • kchattx
    kchattx  +41

    As a Texan who enjoys Mexican and Tex-Mex food, I’m crying at this video 😭😭 the pronunciations KILLED me!!

  • Haley Turner

    As someone who grew up in Texas with great Tex mex and Mexican food but now lives in Scotland, I’m afraid to inform you that many Mexican restaurants here use feta instead of cotija (which is only really available in specialty stores in major cities)

  • Twiggy the lizard

    It does my heart good that there is hope and Uncle Roger and Joshua is bringing it.

  • Jessie Garcia

    As a Mexican all I can say is thanks for the revenge Tio Roger

  • Fumiko Nobuoka

    As a person who lived in Mexico for 18 years, this was painful. Thank you Uncle Joshua and Uncle Roger for this. Every taco stand in Mexico salutes you.

  • Nasralmah Gaming

    As a American-Mexican-Asian, I was laughing the whole thing

  • banditnmbr087

    I mean I knew it was gonna be good when they walked out in serapes and Sombreros. For a minute I thought it was a joke then I saw it was actually the opening. I was totally with Joshua on that one.

  • Trophy Buckle

    If I may add to the “As a Mexican™️” input: Uncle Roger’s comment about too many spices interfering with the simplicity of Mexican cuisine is

  • Yo Dawgz Gaming

    These episodes reviewing a wider range of food are so refreshing, glad to see more of them. Also Joshua is really enjoyable when he isn't editing videos in his usual really corny way. He's really knowledgeable and makes great points, but his usual videos are so cringe

  • Danidrawsarttt

    As a Mexican, thank you Tio Roger for defending our culture and saying something