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The Best Color Challenge EVER (Funny)

  • čas přidán 11. 09. 2022
  • i got so unlucky #shorts
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    Hi my name is Zhong! Welcome to my channel. You'll find me playing tricks and pranks on my friends. We also love to do challenges and play different games against each other , CHclip Shorts And Much More ❤️ I hope you enjoy my videos!
    #Challenge #funny #comedy #friends #pranks #zhong

Komentáře • 774

  • @munnaza
    @munnaza Před rokem +1

    Who Wants Zhong to propose kat 😍😍

  • @siotepo2067
    @siotepo2067 Před rokem +19

    Zhong:putting a red straw on a yellow drink

  • @aamirkhatriaarmy8031
    @aamirkhatriaarmy8031 Před rokem +35

    Happy birthday RM 💜💜💜💜💜

  • @isahuman8846
    @isahuman8846 Před rokem +2

    red straw goes in yellow glass

  • @imnotspanish682
    @imnotspanish682 Před rokem +118

    Zhong: puts red straw on yello-

  • @_.-MushroomPie-._
    @_.-MushroomPie-._ Před rokem +2

    Did anyone else see that zhong putted the red straw in the yellow cup and it said it was right-

  • @intel2215
    @intel2215 Před rokem +38

    Happy birthday RM

  • @hellocaptainyoutube4392
    @hellocaptainyoutube4392 Před rokem +17

    Imactually finding a comment that says "the red straw was putted on the yellow one but corrected?"

  • @radianhugopradityo64
    @radianhugopradityo64 Před rokem +1

    If you Like Zhong

  • @brentgarcia8334
    @brentgarcia8334 Před rokem +7

    Kat’s cute inside the Spider-man suit.

  • @Moon_24414
    @Moon_24414 Před rokem +14

    Why is everyone saying Happy birthday to RM when this is zhong's video?💀

  • @redcaddox843
    @redcaddox843 Před rokem +6

    Zhong :

  • @Bubbas1030
    @Bubbas1030 Před rokem +32

    How is it that in the second round, Zhong put the red straw in the yellow cup without seeing that, In the edits?

  • @nisrinjiffry348
    @nisrinjiffry348 Před rokem +8

    Fun fact: the moment u realize the one who's back of Zhong is (a girl ) kat.

  • @BTSARMYgirl-xm5et
    @BTSARMYgirl-xm5et Před rokem +9

    Happy Namjoon day

  • @dylanfernandez632
    @dylanfernandez632 Před rokem +14

    Happy Birthday RM

  • @minithomas8338
    @minithomas8338 Před rokem +1

    Pringles have a cheese sauce video please zhong

    @FISHYYZZZZZ Před rokem +5

    Who thought it was Nick in Spider-Man costume 😂

  • @itsjessica1280
    @itsjessica1280 Před rokem +1

    The second one that was wrong

  • @CHAOTIC.dudros
    @CHAOTIC.dudros Před rokem +10

    Omg i didnt know that red in yellow is yellow in yellow 💛❤️💛❤️