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Marc Marquez 🔥💪

  • čas přidán 25. 10. 2022

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  • unsaid
    unsaid  +6

    bro is practically one with the floor 🤣😂

  • N-I-C-K-G-A-H

    Bro is wayyy down to earth 💀

  • Sky A
    Sky A  +535

    That’s how I felt on my bike when I was a kid turning 💀

  • american road

    "Why is my arm pouring strawberry juice?"


    Bro used his elbow to guide his movement what a badass

  • XFraize
    XFraize  +182

    I have NO idea about that but it still looks CRAZY😂

  • Chicken
    Chicken  +213

    Bro woke up and decided to break the laws of physics 😂😂

  • Earth Epic Wubbox.

    His knee:I am now cheese being grated

  • Drew Wleklinski

    “You have to be more down to earth.”


    Gravity has left the chat

  •  Sareen Gaming

    Wow such a down to earth person

  • Rutilary

    How low can you go?

  • OreoIceCream

    what i think i look like when im going through corners while running:

  • Belectra

    Bro is literally on the track floor😂💀how's that even possible jeez, only marc can do that🔥🥵😩

  • J
    J  +97

    Bro doing the

  • Rev
    Rev  +32


  • Danny
    Danny  +2

    This man is the definition of FLOOR GANG….

  • Sivart Nosliw

    MotoGP and Isle of Man are both very impressive! Insane what these guys do on those bikes, I’d be shitting my pants lmao

  • Meggan Kanae

    Bro imagine there was billions of people there they would be like:OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH👌

  • 林 珍
    林 珍  +1