Why would you even…?

  • čas přidán 7. 01. 2019
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    The lowest-priced RTX-capable graphics card has finally arrived, but should you upgrade, or is your money better spent elsewhere?
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Komentáře • 5 826

  • Randomness Gamer
    Randomness Gamer Před 10 hodinami


  • Corbin Britting
    Corbin Britting Před 13 hodinami

    Is a 1060 ok?

  • francisco andrada
    francisco andrada Před 14 hodinami

    Man, if the 1660 is literally the same card but without ray tracing, the 2060 will be forgotten into oblivion

  • Lokim23
    Lokim23 Před 17 hodinami +1

    oh and I forgot to say this, 2 words: Future Proofing

  • Lokim23
    Lokim23 Před 17 hodinami +1

    Got to say out of touch on this graphics card. You keep running tests at 4k, which is fine. But most gamers don't care or want 4k because alot of games don't really support all the features you're testing for. 2060 is a budget card, while still topping the prior cards and allowing you not to fall to far from the current cards. Its a great poor mans card, but yes, no crap not the best. Lemme think pay 350 or 1150 for the top card atm? HUH... be a shame if you actually looked at all that and more.

  • XPI Sigma Art
    XPI Sigma Art Před 18 hodinami

    Hey Linus, I have a competent question for you! I've been looking to get a desktop (been using a laptop with a 970m for too long) and I'm stuck in this whole 10 and 20 series battle. Should I wait for that leaked card to show it's face, or is the 2070 worth it?

  • MaxIMUM RO
    MaxIMUM RO Před 19 hodinami

    You want 4k everywhere sad boy, 1080p is everything you need

  • Cinestesia Anime
    Cinestesia Anime Před 20 hodinami

    "Look, I'm testing this card at 4k because is the only resolution that is important and I dont care what the manufacturer says, if not 4k it doesn't exist because I get my 1,000 usd cards for free so thats the important market"

  • Guccaaa
    Guccaaa Před dnem

    more stupid music please

  • Psylenced
    Psylenced Před dnem

    This card will be perfect for budget streaming builds playing at 1080p, as the new NVENC is amazing. Built my cousin a PC for under $1000.

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson Před dnem

    That intro, omg....Funny!

  • John Doe
    John Doe Před dnem

    I like intel my curret is i5 and 1060 but going complete amd next build with ryzen

  • Failomas
    Failomas Před dnem

    so i will stick with my GTX 970 for a while more i suppose

  • Tranceviking
    Tranceviking Před dnem

    went for Zotac 1070 AMP extreme for now until Navi cards show up coupled with 16 core cpus in amds 3kseries -- then im off the nvidia money train, so one more year of supporting these clowns then im out.

  • Black Jesus
    Black Jesus Před dnem +1

    So going by logic here... The Rtx 2060 does better than the gtx 1070... the 2060 is $110 cheaper... So that means that the Gtx 1160 should be around $160 - $210 cheaper than the 1070.

  • Tech Swag
    Tech Swag Před dnem

    Should I get the rtx 2060 or gtx 1070 ti, they cost the same in my country?

  • Jatt Da Channel
    Jatt Da Channel Před dnem

    there is no 1160

  • StamPante
    StamPante Před dnem

    Is that good for 1080p 144hz?

  • Tomasz Brodecki
    Tomasz Brodecki Před 2 dny

    Has no one checked the chart at 3:40? Hint: 25 isn't more than 60.

  • 4173
    4173 Před 2 dny

    of course if you want this bullshit raytracing i dont even see diffirence if it's on or off but 2060 is 1070 for 1060 6gb price

  • ankit tiwari
    ankit tiwari Před 2 dny

    The gtx 1060 costs 350 $ in India 😑
    So if it's already expensive and rtx 2060 is 477$
    Just don't ask the price for 2080 I don't wanna thin about it

  • MadJack GamingandFitness

    Amd isn't doing anything ghat makes me say WOW these guys are amaze balls! I just went amd because nvidia can't stop punching them selves in the face with the stupid decisions they make by splitting their cards up like they do and making no sense on their price performance values.

  • Deepankar Sharma
    Deepankar Sharma Před 2 dny +1

    Still better than the crappy price to performance ratio of 2070

  • Renato Fontes
    Renato Fontes Před 2 dny

    Well we now know that the GTX 1660 is actually going to be less powerful than a 1070, so... maybe update your review? 🤔

  • Todd B
    Todd B Před 2 dny

    .... waiting for him to drop the card. 😜

  • tsolias100
    tsolias100 Před 2 dny

    Can you have that running paired with i7 3770k please running at stock and at 4.2 so we can see the difference? at 1080p and 2k? at 120hz always or 144hz. That will be a good challenge to see what is going on with the card itself for future use or upgrade.

  • Aggbala
    Aggbala Před 2 dny

    buying a gtx 1070ti at blackfriday was a mistake....i paid 519 $....last time im buying pc gaming stuff

  • Aggbala
    Aggbala Před 2 dny

    But its cheaper than a 1070ti. And its equal ti 1070ti. Why didnt linus compare it to the ti card.....

  • Knifer Da Beast
    Knifer Da Beast Před 2 dny

    Everyone saying RTX isn't worth it at the moment, that's the point. RTX is for the future of gaming. And personally I would rather the 2060 than a 1070ti atm, even if it's because of budget. The 2060 is better in most cases (V-Ram.. eh) and it will be better. The GTX line won't live forever, no need to pull it any longer.

  • Phill6000
    Phill6000 Před 2 dny

    i get a gtx1080 for the same price as a rtx2060 soon. I mean ok i can't half my framerate but...... do you need that °L°

  • ShimithDomencio
    ShimithDomencio Před 2 dny

    2060's but with strix and gaming X etc aftermarket coolers will cost over 500$ where i live.. fml.. for a ''entry level 1080p card'' they say

  • TKaz 10
    TKaz 10 Před 2 dny

    im building a new pc and this is going to be my card but im only getting becaus i get anthem for free

  • Cubic Ralsei
    Cubic Ralsei Před 2 dny

    Fun fact, it's only for 1080p, not ultra expansive and useless 4k.

  • James Rodgers
    James Rodgers Před 2 dny

    Why would any one apart from retailers give a shiz aboot the wate of a card son if I'm spending $200 plus on any thing it had better have free shipping

  • m Cave
    m Cave Před 2 dny

    CHcliprs recommending garbage...same ole same ole.

  • W4NN1
    W4NN1 Před 2 dny

    Worse and more expensive than a 1070TI and Vega. What a failure

  • Lexicaltje
    Lexicaltje Před 3 dny

    I love your vids Linus, but this is a bit ridiculous. The RTX2060 is a great card for the money. I was trying to buy a gtx1070 on eBay second hand for weeks but couldn’t find anything for less than £230. This was less than £100 more with a free game and mine clocked up to nearly RTX2070 levels of performance. Taking raytracing out of the equation completely the card is basically, when overclocked, faster than a 1080. I think it’s a bargain and seeing as the FE edition sold out in minutes I guess most people agree?

  • TecHac A Sportex Productions

    The Intro !

  • Matt.
    Matt. Před 3 dny

    I'm pretty sure ray tracing is going to be come the norm in a few years so this entry level card is perfectly acceptable.

  • Apollo Smile
    Apollo Smile Před 3 dny

    MY GTX 1080 none ti Trashes this RTX 2060 lol

  • Marcel
    Marcel Před 3 dny

    Just ordered the RTX 2060 I'm so excited and I'm fine with 1080p gaming i just want to run at 60 fps ultra which this card will do. I'll do an overclock to give it an edge as well.

  • Chris G
    Chris G Před 3 dny

    Zotac 1080 ti mini on eBay.

  • Chris Lite
    Chris Lite Před 3 dny

    This is a budget card. It should not be compared to high end cards because that's not what NVIDIA is striving for.

  • BU𐍂AGØ
    BU𐍂AGØ Před 3 dny

    Where im from the RTX 2060 is cheaper than GTX 1070/TI and 1080 while its almost 1080 performance and winning in some titles...although i f-ing hope the 1160 is even better cause im still not too sure with the RTX's...

  • Roadbuster51
    Roadbuster51 Před 3 dny

    But will it be able to run 1080p with high (or ultra) settings on modern games with 60fps?

  • kenny
    kenny Před 3 dny

    i just recently bought a gtx 1070 whic was like around 800 dollars and checking the price on the rtx 2060 (australian currency) it was fucking 600 and i bought the 1070 BEFORE THE 2060 CAME OUT

  • Vishnu Kalluri
    Vishnu Kalluri Před 3 dny +1

    Think about it, this is just a retarded of the RTX 2070 ti, but is the same price, has less vram, and includes RTX that doesn't even function well because it's a high end feature on a medium end card. This truly is the most useless card.

  • Randall Draco
    Randall Draco Před 4 dny

    Nvida made a card that loses with Vega 56 on all front except power consumption. Back in the old days.

  • Messbah Kkc
    Messbah Kkc Před 4 dny

    I have a question, if rtx graphics cards have seperate cores for handling ray tracing, then why it affects the overwall performence of the card??

  • Mason Chase
    Mason Chase Před 4 dny

    A 1070 ti that is capable of Ray tracing.. What is the problem?

  • Ze Penguin
    Ze Penguin Před 4 dny

    early days of rtx linus early days

  • David C
    David C Před 4 dny

    just bought 2 2080Ti's

  • Zac Wadholm
    Zac Wadholm Před 4 dny

    This title doesn't convey the message of "this is what we think of the RTX 2060" continued to be disappointed by the titles released. Please LABLE YOUR VIDEOS

  • Wicked Twister Gaming
    Wicked Twister Gaming Před 4 dny

    WOW! :D

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström Před 4 dny

    Thew 2060 will probably bee a good deal later when the 10-series is gone. Cause it's cheapest. Period :P
    Wonder if this is why nVidia is embracing Adaptive Sync? Since Raytracing will slow things down - perhaps til the next gen cards come - nVidia NEEDS Adaptive Sync with the lower priced monitors to not loose the mid range market all together. Cause you can't survive on the small high end market alone.

  • matheus
    matheus Před 4 dny

    Why anyone watch this guy. He is so fooking dumb

  • Gokul Neo
    Gokul Neo Před 4 dny

    dem ia more than happy with a 1050ti if i had one :C

    • Theo Buunermond
      Theo Buunermond Před 4 dny

      Dependingon where you live, you can watch for a RX 570, they have a better performance and they might be cheaper.

  • Austin Hunt
    Austin Hunt Před 4 dny

    Can you stop doing the clickbait please

  • Gold Young
    Gold Young Před 5 dny

    these comments are OUTRAGEOUS...i’m buying my 2060 because the 1070ti cards are $510+
    can i play fortnite, overwatch, LoL, and warframe?.....yes? sold. i’ll buy a new card next year. tf

  • Thomas Rideout
    Thomas Rideout Před 5 dny

    The Frankenstein audio for journalistic integrity would be better served with a * subcaption, notice in the doobly-doo, and/or end of video disclaimer

  • tulasi dass
    tulasi dass Před 5 dny

    Hmm, actually according to Nvidia when using dlss, RTX should be kept on so frame loss wouldn't be there. Without RTX on it gives half frame rates. So going for RTX 1160 instead of RTX 2060 is not good choice except if the price was low with considerable diff btw the two.

  • Chuck Buck
    Chuck Buck Před 5 dny

    Games in 4K are requiring more vram(FF15 4k Max Settings"over 11GB,Res 2 Remake"13.5GB on max 4k settings). They heavily dropped the ball on these cards by not increasing the ram size. Even on a 2080ti, you are bottlenecked. It makes me wonder if Nvidia even thought about this. What is the point of all these features, turing and clock speeds if the ram is just going to bottleneck it all.

  • Dante Inouye
    Dante Inouye Před 5 dny

    Welp, looks like the 1080ti will be the last Nvidia card i'm buying for awhile.
    Wake me up when they make something that can run Ray tracing at 1440 144. For now, i'll just kinda keep my old card thanks

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson Před 5 dny


  • Jarmo Jürisoo
    Jarmo Jürisoo Před 5 dny

    Nice big "fuck you" from nvidia right there!

  • Tatokain Jones
    Tatokain Jones Před 5 dny

    Jokes on u my boy just got the gigabyte rtx 2060 oc brand new for $379 and it beats the gtx 1070ti oc in every gaming aspect! And its cheaper!

  • Bigdaddygas
    Bigdaddygas Před 5 dny

    Would a RTX 2060 bottleneck a Ryzen 3 2200g?

  • hypermelon
    hypermelon Před 5 dny

    Should i buy this if im going to play Fortnite on low settings?
    I need a upgrade, my 1060 is getting old..

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan Před 6 dny +21

    I think I'm actually going team red with my next graphics card

    • Yaacov K.
      Yaacov K. Před dnem

      Based and gamepilled

    • gojo modu
      gojo modu Před 2 dny

      +Vishnu Kalluri Yes. I think they are good AAA games too.

    • Vishnu Kalluri
      Vishnu Kalluri Před 3 dny +3

      Same. Doesn't the Radeon 7 come with like games or something?

  • Talha Ahmad
    Talha Ahmad Před 6 dny

    i will keep my gtx 950 :)

  • K Lucas
    K Lucas Před 6 dny

    So long story short. Stick with the 10 series!!!

  • Andreas Majewsky
    Andreas Majewsky Před 6 dny

    RTX is awesome but i can´t switch at the moment it´s a bit expensive

  • cobrasvt347
    cobrasvt347 Před 6 dny

    Wonder how many people actually dialed that number??

  • Samarth Srivastava
    Samarth Srivastava Před 6 dny

    Looks like AMD is running the market currently.

  • Comic52 Chaihal
    Comic52 Chaihal Před 6 dny

    What do I buy rtx 2060 or 2070 or amd

  • It's Me
    It's Me Před 6 dny

    I don't know what Graphics card I have but it's pretty crappy I have to play subnautica on 800 by 600 resolution my brothers Graphics card is even worse he has to play it on 500 by 600 resolution.

  • jacob armendariz
    jacob armendariz Před 6 dny

    I actually like the fact that the power connector is in the back. It’s better to cable manage.

  • Remi Pepelko
    Remi Pepelko Před 6 dny

    Me just hugging my 44 Hz refresh rate 1440 Dell monitor and 1050 Ti in the corner

  • brody lockwood
    brody lockwood Před 6 dny

    Yeah well here in Australia the 2060 is almost $700 and the 2080ti is over 2 fucking grand. And wtf happened to cpus? A year a go the 8700 was $415 now it's fucking $550 what the actual fuck

  • Xnerdz
    Xnerdz Před 6 dny

    I'm wondering if that card is any good with VR? Is ti more or less future proof in that regard?

  • Xnerdz
    Xnerdz Před 6 dny

    I can see one advantage the the RTX technology brings, it's for when you wanna take beautiful shots or videos in a game (not while actually playing). At least, now you have the option of switching between true photo realistic lightning and gameplay ready on the go, but is it worth the price? I guess it depends on your gaming habits/workflow.

    PLATIN Před 6 dny

    finally used GTX 1070 price will drop in germany

  • Trusty Patches
    Trusty Patches Před 6 dny

    Well it’s got almost the same if not better performance than the GTX 1070 ti but costs $100 less and with Ray tracing as an added option, so that’s why you would buy it. If I’m wrong correct me, I’m not the best with hardware.

  • Twixarr
    Twixarr Před 6 dny

    2:44 Linus this is NOT THE FUCKING YEAR 2020

    I could probably edit a video better then his ENTIRE team
    sorry i'm gag flaming

  • Vovical
    Vovical Před 6 dny

    Linus pre clickbait titles revolution: GTX 1060 review
    Now: wHy WoUlD yOu EvEn?

  • Stickaaay
    Stickaaay Před 7 dny

    Am I dumb or is the 2060 actually only getting about 3-5 less FPS than a 2070 at 1080p? (based on their testing) That actually makes the 2060 sound like a pretty good deal imo

  • Blakkheim
    Blakkheim Před 7 dny

    I'm a 1080p gamer with a 1070. I'm good. More than good and this thing plays vr smoothly as well. Besides 4k gaming monitors have a lot of defects. The tech isn't worthy of your hard earned cash, not until you get what you pay for.

    ZOMB13SLAY0RZ Před 7 dny

    My Uncle will be getting this card upgrading from a gtx 960 it's a nice upgrade for him as we just play games like Destiny 2, Will be playing Anthem and The division 2. He plays 1080P but will be upgrading soon also. I think it's a perfect card for him. Shame the price tag is £350

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown Před 7 dny

    If you cant notice the difference in the picture when Ray tracing is enabled. Is it worthwhile suffering the FPS drop to have it on. Or even buying a card which is has it and paying the extra premium for it.

  • Jabri Papal
    Jabri Papal Před 7 dny

    I'm going to wait for 2050 TI

  • Joseph Norris
    Joseph Norris Před 7 dny

    Well, this explains why Linus did not get the ban hammer from Nvidia, unlike Hardware Unboxed, good for you. (Understood that you need to make money but, you could have been more like [H], in this instance.)

  • Prem Kumar
    Prem Kumar Před 7 dny

    30fps gamer


  • paczki
    paczki Před 7 dny

    I laugh at the idiots for buying RTX cards for bragging rights. What's there to brag about? I have a GTX 1080 and It's way worth any of the RTX cards. I'll wait for the 1100 series :)

  • immortallity heart
    immortallity heart Před 7 dny

    Will it make a bottleneck with r5 2600?

  • Charles Doty
    Charles Doty Před 7 dny

    The GTX 1060 is still $250+, and the RTX 2060 is launching at $350. That would suggest that 1160 would come in around $300.. a *whopping* $50 savings. That's in US dollars.. the Canadian dollar math might look better.

  • Sanjeev Shetty
    Sanjeev Shetty Před 7 dny

    title of video should be RTX 2060

  • Reza Mutaqin
    Reza Mutaqin Před 8 dny

    should i upgrade to RTX1060 from 384bit GTX780Ti?

  • Ákos Sidd Boda
    Ákos Sidd Boda Před 8 dny

    Dude, you rock. Subscribed.

  • Jacques B
    Jacques B Před 8 dny

    wont be buying rtx. got two 1080 just over a year ago. good enough for a while