Top of the Line Tesla 3 + $20,000.00

  • čas přidán 30. 05. 2019
  • Tesla Model 3 Performance! and $20,000 cash in the frunk - Support a great cause and ENTER HERE:
    song by Joakim Karud
    #Omaze #Tesla #CaseyNeistat
    ***Winner will not receive the exact vehicle depicted in this video, but will receive a Tesla Model 3 Performance. Visit for additional details. ***

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  • Jacob Edward Lynch
    Jacob Edward Lynch Před 20 hodinami

    Nice shot of the Norwegian Escape!

  • Thomas George
    Thomas George Před 21 hodinou

    I m poor. Give me that car.

  • Steve Rooke
    Steve Rooke Před dnem

    Oh Caisey your videos are so entertaining... You are great. Keep well sir ✨

  • Mike Czap
    Mike Czap Před dnem

    you have no idea how long it took me to make this comment, on this video, at this exact moment. I only make one comment on CHclip a month..

  • alan thunder
    alan thunder Před 8 dny

    ever wonder what happens to those really spoiled little kids when they grow up? ... whats it like casey?

  • J. R.
    J. R. Před 9 dny

    Did you give it away yet??? Are you still???

  • su
    su Před 9 dny

    Why don’t they just take the money for buying a Tesla, paying off taxes on it and the $20,000 and donate that to charity

  • nvidel
    nvidel Před 9 dny

    so who won?

  • Ernest Hong
    Ernest Hong Před 10 dny

    I gootta say never heard of Casey until a month ago but Ive watched a few videos mainly to see how dumpy New York is. But I fell in love with the advice he gives which has spawned my " why I hate Casey Neistat...not really " video, still in production

  • Gamer Panda
    Gamer Panda Před 11 dny


  • wwwdew
    wwwdew Před 12 dny

    HEY CASEY!! Did someone win the contest you promoted?? I bought many tickets after seeing your post.!!?? David.

  • ABsORB Everything
    ABsORB Everything Před 12 dny


  • moncho 333
    moncho 333 Před 13 dny

    Who won the car?

  • J. Janssen
    J. Janssen Před 14 dny

    Casey STFU. Only 15% goes to charity...

  • Jonan
    Jonan Před 14 dny

    ooof i hate it... here it would cost over 55000 USD...

  • c4yourself
    c4yourself Před 16 dny +1

    Well some lady from Alabama won with a large donation and doesn't even know who Casey is. Not to mention a waste of the best part of the whole prize (meeting Casey Neistat). Feels bad that there is no point limit per person. Never doing this stuff again, they take a percentage away from the cause so you're better off donating directly.

  • C H
    C H Před 16 dny

    The irony waiting for a cruise ship to pass to promote a Tesla... Considering A passenger’s carbon footprint triples in size when taking a cruise and the emissions produced can contribute to serious health issues. On top of the pollution caused by their exhaust fumes, cruise ships have been caught discarding trash, fuel, and sewage directly into the ocean. Last year, the German watchdog Nabu surveyed 77 cruise ships and found that all but one used toxic heavy fuel oil that the group described as “dirtiest of all fuels”.

  • Rebekah Bridges-Tervydis

    So when is the contest over?

  • TheCepLife TCL
    TheCepLife TCL Před 18 dny

    Who won

  • Chris Mosley
    Chris Mosley Před 18 dny

    Not a scam got a email Saturday saying that it's taking longer than usual and i'm still in the running. :)

  • Best Travel
    Best Travel Před 18 dny


  • DarkenedChildhood
    DarkenedChildhood Před 19 dny

    It’s summer where you are in the UK it’s raining all of the time or at least where I am

  • Roy Kioko
    Roy Kioko Před 19 dny

    I was just starting to like his videos

  • David Alcantar
    David Alcantar Před 19 dny

    Who won ?

  • Vrfusion Gaming
    Vrfusion Gaming Před 19 dny

    I have that car

  • JM
    JM Před 20 dny

    Who won??????

  • John Payne
    John Payne Před 20 dny

    The time you get of CHclip we will all sleep better

  • Crickkett75
    Crickkett75 Před 21 dnem

    *Come on... do you really want a Tesla?*

  • Reesa Rimmer
    Reesa Rimmer Před 21 dnem

    Who won the car?

  • Jeremy Vega
    Jeremy Vega Před 21 dnem

    Hey I'm waiting for the winner announcement. Can they let me know I won already

    • Philip Wallage
      Philip Wallage Před 15 dny

      Jeremy Vega they just sent out an email today announcing the winner.

    • Jeremy Vega
      Jeremy Vega Před 17 dny

      @Philip Wallage there was other creators promoting the same omaze prize. I don't understand how it works but I want to know who won

    • Philip Wallage
      Philip Wallage Před 17 dny

      Jeremy Vega no annoucement yet, five days overdue. An email was sent out that it’s taking a little longer than expected. I hope it is because Casey is making a personal delivery.

  • Wes Medjkoune
    Wes Medjkoune Před 22 dny +3

    So Casey! Where the winner is gonna be announced?

  • Rey Millares III
    Rey Millares III Před 22 dny +2

    Sooooooooooooooooooo who won the Tesla and the money? Lol

    • Philip Wallage
      Philip Wallage Před 17 dny

      Rey Millares III no annoucement yet, five days overdue. An email was sent out that it’s taking a little longer than expected. I hope it is because Casey is making a personal delivery.

  • Paul Ji
    Paul Ji Před 22 dny +10

    Winner announced... today...? Maybe...?

  • Thibaut De Doncker
    Thibaut De Doncker Před 22 dny

    gotta love it when omaze isnt available in your country :) thx belgian law

  • AVE drums
    AVE drums Před 22 dny +4

    has anybody won this? I feel scammed

  • kwxj61b
    kwxj61b Před 22 dny

    They fail to mention what year is the's Aug 1 and they haven't say who won. I think Casey is on this scam.

    • kwxj61b
      kwxj61b Před 20 dny

      @Ryan Lopez no kidding but the results of the drawing is not out! And they're delaying the drawing.

    • Ryan Lopez
      Ryan Lopez Před 20 dny

      kwxj61b model 3 just released

  • Ender
    Ender Před 22 dny

    Am I the only one who wants to eat the Chairs

  • OG Readmore
    OG Readmore Před 22 dny

    Just another marketing scam hiding behind a charity. Such a small percentage goes to the charity....

  • Sawyer Hill
    Sawyer Hill Před 23 dny

    I pray I win this🙏

  • Rico Baca
    Rico Baca Před 23 dny


  • Dumm Dumm
    Dumm Dumm Před 24 dny

    Well, this was the beginning of the end.

  • Baptb11717
    Baptb11717 Před 24 dny

    I’m so glad never jumped on the boat making those dumb ass thumbnails that everyone does

  • Baptb11717
    Baptb11717 Před 24 dny

    I’m torn

  • Baptb11717
    Baptb11717 Před 24 dny

    Inuse to watch way back , I remember him getting his camera stolen and he gave Mohammed 500 and was like this is way more then I can afford

  • Jaap Smit
    Jaap Smit Před 24 dny

    So who wants to ride with me in my brand new Tesla next week?

  • Jody Mitoma
    Jody Mitoma Před 24 dny +4

    Omaze: 15% goes to the charities, 70% goes to "buying the prize and promoting" (Omaze & Casey, in this case), and 15% goes to "Omaze costs" (Omaze). Grand total of 85% going to Omaze (& Casey). (If the car is $130k + $20k cash = $150k prize worth). $10 donations, minimum. (Some will donate more, sadly.) 75,000 donations = ~$1,000,000. This means that $150k will go to charity, another $150k goes to the prize cost, and the remaining $700k will be pocketed by Omaze & Casey. 🤯 Woah.
    You could do the same calculations on a smaller scale. Say there were only 20,000 donations = ~$250,000. $37.5k goes to charity, $150k goes to prize cost, with $62.5k remaining for Omaze and Casey. But I don't know how many donations came in, so this could be quite a bit less, or quite a bit more; I am entirely uncertain.

    • Jody Mitoma
      Jody Mitoma Před 23 dny

      @drmikemyers I doubt that you are able to achieve 450,000 entries on one of these without an absolutely massive following.

    • drmikemyers
      drmikemyers Před 23 dny

      Jody Mitoma uh and? lol

    • Jody Mitoma
      Jody Mitoma Před 23 dny

      @drmikemyers wait, who are you? You have 58 subscribers...

    • drmikemyers
      drmikemyers Před 23 dny

      Jody Mitoma i had 450,000 entries

    HUMAN BEING Před 24 dny

    Casey....SHUT THE FUCK UP!!😞🤦🏽‍♂️

  • A B
    A B Před 25 dny

    its all because of this stupid company meme or beme or whatever da fuck the name is hes not uploading everyday

  • shubham mane
    shubham mane Před 25 dny


  • Bryan Tadeo
    Bryan Tadeo Před 27 dny

    Casey is a fading star...

  • Jody Santos
    Jody Santos Před 28 dny

    please give it to me

  • 두티비 DoTV
    두티비 DoTV Před 28 dny


  • Joe Cook
    Joe Cook Před 28 dny

    Does anybody know what pants these are?!?!? I want a pair of these so bad.

  • Patricia Munoz
    Patricia Munoz Před 28 dny +2

    Bruh he used to upload like “EVERYDAY BRO” btw the way it’s not the top car when your sitting in it

  • Exploring with Giovanni

    Top vehicle

  • Luke Thomas
    Luke Thomas Před 29 dny


    JZOKU Před 29 dny +3

    Can you announce the winner so we know this wasn’t a scam

    JZOKU Před 29 dny

    When is the drawing date?

  • Ludvig Bartholdsson
    Ludvig Bartholdsson Před měsícem

    To join do this:
    Donate 10€ + your bank information

  • f rio
    f rio Před měsícem

    🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 INDONESIAN

  • Be informative
    Be informative Před měsícem +1

    I am a small CHclipr plzzzzzzz support me

  • Andrei Socivoi
    Andrei Socivoi Před měsícem

    That's a 20 mil Tesla model 3 by the end

  • Hall Anthony
    Hall Anthony Před měsícem

    Why did he stop posting videos?

  • The Stereotypical Mom
    The Stereotypical Mom Před měsícem

    who won?

  • Josh Lara
    Josh Lara Před měsícem

    Sounds like a good ordeal. You get to save some lives and win 20 G’s and a Tesla

  • Phil Razzi
    Phil Razzi Před měsícem

    Shark. Somebody bring back the old C.N.

  • Cyber Shadow
    Cyber Shadow Před měsícem

    Omaze is actually a for-profit. They donate 80% and keep 20%. I prefer to just donate $10 directly to the charity rather than 8 to the charity and 2 to this company. There are many other organizations that have much lower administrative costs.

  • Aidy Madd
    Aidy Madd Před měsícem +1

    Can I enter these giveaways here in the UK???

    TIMOTHY AIELLO Před měsícem

    New York gonna miss ya

  • Miki Mele
    Miki Mele Před měsícem


  • ToadSauce
    ToadSauce Před měsícem

    2015: amazing Vlogs
    2018: No vlogs, forgot about this channel
    2019: An entire sponsored video about a scam
    What went wrong Casey?

  • ToadSauce
    ToadSauce Před měsícem

    I miss the good days of this channel. The day he said he wouldn't do vlogs anymore I un-subscribed. It's just not the same.

  • BEKO
    BEKO Před měsícem

    I'm Canada. Am I eligible to enter?

  • AnnaSarahbee
    AnnaSarahbee Před měsícem

    Such a scam. Super low of you Casey.

  • Treeliner Actual
    Treeliner Actual Před měsícem

    Yea he’s drunk aha humble bragging.