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Five Nights at JR's: Part 2

  • čas přidán 17. 09. 2022
  • We carry Five Nights at JR's all the way to the terrifying end
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Komentáře • 8K

  • @Bookwormscififan
    @Bookwormscififan Před rokem +22

    The fact that the animatronics look almost like they’re built out of flesh make them so much more terrifying in this game.

  • @bunsenn5064
    @bunsenn5064 Před rokem +15

    I love how Mark’s vocabulary consists of nothing but maddened screeches and babbling whenever he’s in a stressful situation. The hee-hoo truly is a part of him now.

  • @i_iz_boni109
    @i_iz_boni109 Před rokem +4

    I love how Mark always forgets who he just repaired, and almost always includes Bonnie in an either or situation even though Bonnie literally had just come out of being fixed

  • @notactuallygus
    @notactuallygus Před rokem +3

    The fact that multiple content creators pulled a convergent evolution into all calling the puppet "Music" is hilarious.

  • @J4ck3t_
    @J4ck3t_  +522

    ''oh, it's adorable..... oh, it's traumatised'' that line shall forever go down in history

  • @theastonvillaseal585
    @theastonvillaseal585 Před rokem +4


  • @user-uu4ty1rp3l


  • @benfletcher8100
    @benfletcher8100 Před rokem +4

    I love how Mangle is the main threat of this game, Mangle was always terrifying to me and this design just looks amazing

  • @xfacex_x5259
    @xfacex_x5259 Před rokem +2

    I love how Mark gets mechanics down to muscle memory so quickly and just executes so flawlessly just after a little trail and error. Homie is like Goku, getting his butt whooped just to learn all your punches.

  • @willowxoox
    @willowxoox Před rokem +614

    You know the game is stressful when mark physically cannot stop to give any type of commentary. This was a fairly well put together game. Loved it.

  • @ahonyav6918
    @ahonyav6918 Před rokem +1

    The devs that made this deserve recognition. This is absolutely fantastic.

  • @unaadachi772

    I love the fact how he keeps flicking his mouse down to put on the mask, you can just see how his Fnaf 2 instincts are kicking in

  • @Ki-jd7le
    @Ki-jd7le Před rokem +3

    When you guess wrong, you speed up how quickly that animatronic deteriorates by an ungodly amount. However, if you’re fast enough, you can fix the problem before it kills you.

  • @annick7869
    @annick7869 Před rokem +1

    i love the three different animation styles. the claymation for the vhs tapes, the paper-like cut outs for the dreams and the realistic vibe for the office and in the main menu.

  • @playlistsam4596
    @playlistsam4596 Před rokem +718

    A ghost pulling the strings AND a creature with its own will is an incredibly dangerous duo! I loved it!

  • @_GeoDraws_

    Jumpscare List!

  • @magmaboisstuff4270

    Bonnie with glasses is not the thing we wanted, but what we NEEDED.

  • @SteampunkTomato
    @SteampunkTomato Před rokem +2

    Ah yes, the two original characters of fnaf 2,

  • @lynn5442
    @lynn5442 Před rokem +4

    This is honestly a really well made fan game, I also enjoy watching markiplier play it. the intro is also something else lmfao

  • @maxwee6949
    @maxwee6949 Před rokem +253

    I totally agree with Mark, this is probably one of if not the best fnaf fan game. They have just the right amount of inspiration and their own ideas in this. They should actually make their own game with the same kind of mechanics, completely different from fnaf with new characters etc. I think it would be absolutely amazing.