We Dress According To South Carolina High School Dress Codes • Ladylike

  • čas přidán 14. 04. 2019
  • "Dirty shirt, dirty rules!"
    Blythewood High School
    •Stratford High School
    •Aiken High School
    •Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School
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Komentáře • 6 878

  • Ladylike
    Ladylike  Před 4 měsíci +3038

    Hey y’all!! For the next episode we will be doing Devin’s home state of GEORGIA! If you have a school we should look at, leave your suggestions here! -Kristin

    • Ianna's World
      Ianna's World Před 12 dny

      Ladylike can you do Indiana one time

    • Mareli Martinez
      Mareli Martinez Před 27 dny

      I think you should do alabama in trussville high school

    • Hamna Iqbal
      Hamna Iqbal Před měsícem

      Do Virginia

    • Joslyn Q.
      Joslyn Q. Před měsícem +1

      I think you should do Michigan because there's a lot of schools and it's messed up and wonky here

    • Contessa
      Contessa Před měsícem

      Ladylike do Frederick county middle school or James wood high from Virginia!!

  • Lily Sillah
    Lily Sillah Před 10 hodinami +1

    Did it not annoy anyone the way Joyce said “Adidas” 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Christine L
    Christine L Před 13 hodinami

    Do Illinois! Do Illinois!

  • Christine Smith
    Christine Smith Před 14 hodinami

    Guys in the south like to wear fish hooks on their hats... So, that's probably where that specific reference came from!

  • Brooke Renmant
    Brooke Renmant Před 15 hodinami

    In my school u put ur hand on top of the end of ur private and where ever it goes up to is how long ur skirt needs to be

  • Kaytlyn ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Kaytlyn ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Před 18 hodinami

    Mike should of worn the floor shirt in the one with the neck cuz it said that clothing can be adjusted

  • Addie Hayes
    Addie Hayes Před dnem

    Do North Carolina

  • kortnee kylann
    kortnee kylann Před dnem +1

    my school should seriously be a contender in this. my dress code doesn’t allow blue jeans, logos/ images larger than 3x3in, oversized clothing, and then all the other rules of a strict dress code.

    • Lana Blowey
      Lana Blowey Před 14 hodinami

      @kortnee kylann When I was in high school girls wore bras and didn't get dress coded. Thats crazy

    • kortnee kylann
      kortnee kylann Před 14 hodinami

      Lana Blowey me too honestly. i am more worried about not getting dress coded than on actual school and it’s exhausting🤦‍♀️

    • Lana Blowey
      Lana Blowey Před dnem +1

      I'm genuinely confused on what you can actually wear 😪

  • Olivia Nelson
    Olivia Nelson Před dnem

    Washington State

  • Angelica Juno
    Angelica Juno Před dnem

    Heavily Mormon Highschool, principal used to be the seminary teacher. Your hem has to touch the floor "when you pray"...yes, he would make you get on your knees in class 😒

  • Pinko Flamingo
    Pinko Flamingo Před dnem


  • Holly 101
    Holly 101 Před dnem

    South Carolina redefining bravery

  • Kittycolonge
    Kittycolonge Před dnem

    Do it with jazz

  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf Před 2 dny

    girls: *has a whole rule book about how they should dress*
    Boy: *one rule that is: don’t come to school naked*

  • Gabby Fiffick
    Gabby Fiffick Před 2 dny

    Where's Devin's dress code video??? I'd absolutely love to see it

  • Hey None
    Hey None Před 2 dny

    I live in South Carolina
    Academic Magnet High School has a very lenient dress code. It is awsome and one of my friends is at strattford

  • Chinett Larsen
    Chinett Larsen Před 2 dny

    Please try this with a man as well to show the difference in gender rules

  • Madison Lastovich
    Madison Lastovich Před 3 dny

    My boyfriend wear a fish hook on his hat 😂😂

  • Sheepy The Talking Sheepy 101

    I love Kristen's hair and earrings

  • Kimberlin Lazaro
    Kimberlin Lazaro Před 3 dny

    You guys should do Georgia next


  • J.P. Brady
    J.P. Brady Před 3 dny

    You guys should do Idaho schools

  • Sagaisa04
    Sagaisa04 Před 3 dny

    Paus at 0:21

  • Lilly Connolly
    Lilly Connolly Před 4 dny

    You should do Iowa high schools next

  • sam alberino
    sam alberino Před 4 dny

    You ladies should do dress codes according to Massachusetts public high schools dress codes

  • Jade Herron
    Jade Herron Před 4 dny

    I went to Aiken High School

  • Mac & Cheese
    Mac & Cheese Před 4 dny +1

    Where is devins dress code video?? Helllloo? And if you see this, ily guys and if you actually do it with dev can you do New Mexico and put in Farmington high

  • sea pupper
    sea pupper Před 4 dny

    I live in SC and have a uniform, its the worst.

  • Keely Hines
    Keely Hines Před 4 dny

    I live In South Carolina yayyy😁😁👌

  • Crystal Llewellyn
    Crystal Llewellyn Před 4 dny

    Floorrrrrrrr shirtttttttt!!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Simply confused
    Simply confused Před 5 dny

    Do Pennslyvania

  • harper murphy
    harper murphy Před 5 dny

    Here in South Carolina a lot of boys wear fish hooks on their hats

  • Abby Sny
    Abby Sny Před 5 dny

    Do Washington State!!!!

  • Taylor Irwin
    Taylor Irwin Před 5 dny

    South Dakota, it'll leave some wardrobe, and I haven't seen Devin doing this yet, is she just busy or are you done with the series?

  • Narwhalier-Than-You
    Narwhalier-Than-You Před 6 dny +1

    This doesn’t justify South Carolina’s messed up dress codes. We may not get as cold as like, Michigan, but we get kinda cold. As for Spring/Summer, it gets hot at some points.

  • Pay and Bri Gaming
    Pay and Bri Gaming Před 6 dny

    Please do mississippi :)

  • Sam Becker
    Sam Becker Před 6 dny

    Do Minnesota and heron lake

  • Riley Grecco
    Riley Grecco Před 6 dny

    You should do Pennsylvania!

  • Monkeylover
    Monkeylover Před 6 dny

    Do Iowa because Iowa is underrated

  • Daisy Rodriguez
    Daisy Rodriguez Před 6 dny

    Do an episode with Mike

  • Penquin402
    Penquin402 Před 7 dny

    Can you do Oklahoma High Schools? More specifically Union High School in Tulsa, Jenks High School, Owasso High School, Broken Arrow High School and Guthrie High School in Guthrie.

  • Miah Mol
    Miah Mol Před 7 dny

    you should do this same video with devon and do the state of Michigan

  • PositiveSarcasm
    PositiveSarcasm Před 7 dny +1

    We just had uniforms and then we still had like 50 rules on how to wear them correctly. I was on uniform check duty and we literally had separate checklists for boys and girls lmao

  • Samantha Caamano
    Samantha Caamano Před 7 dny

    Can you PLEASE do one with Jazzmyne

  • Dezzy C
    Dezzy C Před 7 dny

    do idaho!!

  • Lost Internet Girl
    Lost Internet Girl Před 7 dny +1

    Still waiting for the one with devin

  • Animal Lover
    Animal Lover Před 7 dny

    After Georgia Ladylike should do Utah

  • ek
    ek Před 7 dny

    You should do ohios dress code

  • Britney Polar
    Britney Polar Před 7 dny

    You guys have all done warmer climates, maybe try a colder climate state, maybe Alaska or Maine, or Montana? Just a few ideas

  • B Tarunicka
    B Tarunicka Před 8 dny +4

    when you can’t relate cuz yours is a uniform

  • Ew Pls
    Ew Pls Před 8 dny


  • Raegan Taylor
    Raegan Taylor Před 8 dny

    Hey you should do Utah next

  • Xohaylieox Love
    Xohaylieox Love Před 8 dny

    Honestly the dress code shirt is lowkey cute

  • Sally Wall
    Sally Wall Před 8 dny

    Do louisana north caddo magnet high school

  • rujet14
    rujet14 Před 9 dny

    The walk of shame reminds me of the shame meme from game of thrones...

  • Ava Loop
    Ava Loop Před 9 dny +1

    You should do this with Jazzmync

  • Tiffany Wynne
    Tiffany Wynne Před 10 dny

    The reason why fish hooks were in the dress code is because in the south alot of boys like to wear them on ball caps. I have no idea why but I live in Georgia and I seen them all the time! Do one for Ridgeland High School!

  • Emmie Thomas
    Emmie Thomas Před 10 dny

    I would love to try this 😂

  • Andrew Nelsen
    Andrew Nelsen Před 10 dny

    You should do a Nebraska school dress code (Lincoln and north platte

  • Laura Fitzgerald
    Laura Fitzgerald Před 10 dny

    dress codes like this are terrible it makes students not wear what makes them fell powerful and motivated

  • None None
    None None Před 11 dny

    Can u guys do Michigan

  • _Memedud _
    _Memedud _ Před 11 dny

    Make the booty look phat

  • Mary Baldwin
    Mary Baldwin Před 11 dny +1

    I am so glad joyce is from SC

  • alex queen
    alex queen Před 11 dny

    I love your shirt in the begging Joyce it is really cute I would wear it

  • boom inyourface
    boom inyourface Před 11 dny

    Still waiting for the one with Devin.

  • boom inyourface
    boom inyourface Před 11 dny


    Where's the one with Devin?

  • Shy Sunny
    Shy Sunny Před 12 dny

    dresscodes really target girls.

  • The Lonely Artist
    The Lonely Artist Před 12 dny

    They should do this with Jazz.

  • Amelia :D
    Amelia :D Před 12 dny

    still no Devin vid! Where is she?

  • Haley Anderson
    Haley Anderson Před 12 dny

    See the fish hook thing made sense to me cause guys from my school wore fish hooks on their hats

  • Joselyn Arroyo saldana
    Joselyn Arroyo saldana Před 12 dny

    I live by southcarlinea

  • Gracie Smith
    Gracie Smith Před 13 dny

    Do Oklahoma dress codes

  • Emmaleia Woolston-Young
    Emmaleia Woolston-Young Před 13 dny +1

    At my middle school there was a rule that you could only wear tank tops that had sleeves atleast the width of your two finger beside each other, but for like a week the grade seven English teacher wore spaghetti strap, low neckline dresses. smh

  • XxAshlëyxX
    XxAshlëyxX Před 13 dny

    Minnesota! Sibley East?

  • XxAshlëyxX
    XxAshlëyxX Před 13 dny

    You Guys Should do Minnesota!