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Miley Cyrus - Mother's Daughter (Audio)

  • čas přidán 31. 05. 2019
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  • MileyCyrusVEVO
    MileyCyrusVEVO  Před 23 dny +14826


    • -o- It'sCharli
      -o- It'sCharli Před hodinou

      this song is so damn good

    • Jacob Cawse
      Jacob Cawse Před 11 hodinami

      MileyCyrusVEVO 💚💙💗💖💕💔💓💛💜💝💞💟❣💌

    • Kim vendelbo
      Kim vendelbo Před 20 hodinami

      She is so god i like the song

    • Pedro Muniz
      Pedro Muniz Před dnem

      MileyCyrusVEVO I LOVEE MILEY

    • Pedro Muniz
      Pedro Muniz Před dnem

      MileyCyrusVEVO PERFECT❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Adam McCann
    Adam McCann Před 53 minutami +1

    Coming from the music I usually listen to, I don't understand why I like this. But... whatever. Damn sure I'm not admitting I've ever listened to Miley and actually enjoyed it

  • LillyAndora
    LillyAndora Před hodinou


  • saye mr
    saye mr Před hodinou


  • Виктория Сарко
    Виктория Сарко Před hodinou +1


  • lordoflasagna
    lordoflasagna Před 2 hodinami


  • Ng Kinns
    Ng Kinns Před 2 hodinami

    fucking love this song

  • Shey Herz Tarots
    Shey Herz Tarots Před 3 hodinami +2

    OMG I'm activating the bell thing bc wow so good !! I love your music Miley !!! :D

  • 澤飛爾
    澤飛爾 Před 5 hodinami

    Guys, what does the word [ swish swish] mean at the end of this song?
    And i know Katy has a song called [ swish swish ] . Do the two [ swish] mean the same?
    English is not my first language, so thank u for ur help.

  • savanna taylor
    savanna taylor Před 9 hodinami +1

    This songs amazing

  • Ozlem Koc
    Ozlem Koc Před 11 hodinami +1

    Don’t fuck with my freedom... I fucking love her

  • Luis antonio Romero nieves
    Luis antonio Romero nieves Před 11 hodinami

    Maricaaaaaa me encantasssssssss desde venezuelaaaaaaa

  • #######
    ####### Před 11 hodinami


  • Rockys Rebels
    Rockys Rebels Před 12 hodinami +2

    Always a fan.❤️ completely obsessed with this song, with you, and all that you accomplish. ❤️🇨🇦✌🏻🤟🏻🙏🏻

  • Tatiane ROSA
    Tatiane ROSA Před 13 hodinami


  • Sara of Isla
    Sara of Isla Před 14 hodinami +2

    *fav part: "swish swish motherfucker"* 😂🔫
    i made a cover of this song, pls help ya girl out and give it a listen if u have some time

  • Edward Sandoval
    Edward Sandoval Před 15 hodinami

    Check Out ❣️

  • Mike AC
    Mike AC Před 15 hodinami

    666 bitch

  • k u i n s a r ⚡
    k u i n s a r ⚡ Před 17 hodinami

    La vulgar

  • Levys RST
    Levys RST Před 17 hodinami

    Brazilian. M

  • ioana ilea
    ioana ilea Před 18 hodinami +2

    Love the sound of the new album, lyrics are better too! great stuff!

  • Andrea Tseng
    Andrea Tseng Před 21 hodinou +2

    I love walking and wearing earphone with this song played. Makes me feel like a badass.

  • Clark Nepomuceno
    Clark Nepomuceno Před 21 hodinou

    Don't Fuck With Her Freedom. That's it. That's just it.

  • Clark Nepomuceno
    Clark Nepomuceno Před 21 hodinou


  • sweetprincess Andrea
    sweetprincess Andrea Před 22 hodinami

    Sounds alot like Madonna. 💋

  • HuKPuK
    HuKPuK Před 22 hodinami +2

    I Love this Song. Nice Beat my JBL Subwoofer feel it and give me Feedback.

  • doodskie999
    doodskie999 Před 23 hodinami +2

    Heard this in the radio. Never thought I would like another miley song

  • Najla Mutia
    Najla Mutia Před dnem +2


  • Jay Parmar
    Jay Parmar Před dnem

    She can take that fucking Pistols t-shirt off for a start.

  • Rutger de Groot
    Rutger de Groot Před dnem +2

    I've waited 5 years for this. And she literally saved the POP industry

  • Jamie Paul Hume
    Jamie Paul Hume Před dnem +1

    Me 6 million views you the rest

  • Rizki Adi
    Rizki Adi Před dnem +2

    I really like the arrangement



  • rashad bajalan
    rashad bajalan Před dnem +1


  • Anj
    Anj Před dnem +3

    dont fuck with my freedom bitches

  • Darry Kirkpatrick
    Darry Kirkpatrick Před dnem +1

    So does anyone notice the swish swish reference was from the diss Katy Perry let out.

  • Janny Loko
    Janny Loko Před dnem +1


  • John Kempter
    John Kempter Před dnem


    • Conichita 2016
      Conichita 2016 Před dnem +1

      @Lost in the darkness Don't mind the haters! They are kinda adding to the number of views every time they come here 🤘🤘 So we are cool with it🤗

    • Lost in the darkness
      Lost in the darkness Před dnem +1

      Fuck off Nokia stan

  • The Brattiness
    The Brattiness Před dnem +3


  • Maria Guatemala
    Maria Guatemala Před dnem

    Should be theme song for AOC!!

  • Rush P.
    Rush P. Před dnem

    Feelin’ that
    on the keys!
    As they used to say at West Coast Customs “Too many nice!”

  • kingikiller
    kingikiller Před dnem +5

    I thought it was “I’m Ashley, I’m Evil” having never seen black mirror but know she was playing someone called Ashley. Lol

  • Simon White
    Simon White Před dnem


  • where's my dra gone
    where's my dra gone Před dnem +5

    *probably the best song i'v heard past years*

  • Fabiana Quispe Rojas

    I loved ❤️🥰

  • josue reñazco
    josue reñazco Před dnem +6

    This is better than Megaflop💀

  • Sammy Pandema
    Sammy Pandema Před dnem +1

    who else is listening to this after watching the black mirror episode and wanna go save her :) :)

  • jamaiKA rulez94
    jamaiKA rulez94 Před dnem +1

    Killa Beat

  • Angharrad1
    Angharrad1 Před dnem +4

    i love your song

  • Loveme Hateme
    Loveme Hateme Před dnem +2

    White trash music suck

  • marcosveron H
    marcosveron H Před dnem +2

    Esta canción se debió llamar aleluya

  • Jakub Błotko
    Jakub Błotko Před dnem +2


  • Khalil Djahli
    Khalil Djahli Před dnem +2

    That opening !!!! 🖤🖤🖤



  • jana jana
    jana jana Před dnem +2

    MadFit made a great workout video to this song😍😍😍

  • ゆうきSabrina
    ゆうきSabrina Před dnem +4

    Heard this song while I was on a holiday in Perth. Now, I'm addicted to it.

  • Ginger
    Ginger Před 2 dny +3


  • Playerzz
    Playerzz Před 2 dny

    Good but little bit worse than noah curys.

  • Sara of Isla
    Sara of Isla Před 2 dny +3

    *fav part: "swish swish motherfucker"* 😂🔫
    i made a cover of this song, pls help ya girl out and give it a listen if u have some time

  • jean hazboun
    jean hazboun Před 2 dny +2

    If you hate nicki Minaj put

  • Holly Sweetman
    Holly Sweetman Před 2 dny

    Anyone else hear the little synth bit from Greek Tragedy by the wombats🤪🤪🤪

  • Joblow Johot
    Joblow Johot Před 2 dny

    Princess Latifa?

  • 4 bn
    4 bn Před 2 dny


  • Jayden Wilkey
    Jayden Wilkey Před 2 dny +9

    Such an awesome song! Immediately started loving it when I heard it on the radio when it first came out. Miley has the most amazing voice too!

  • Ethereal Daydreaming
    Ethereal Daydreaming Před 2 dny +5

    Damn, she has come far. Love this!

  • MaggieMag 356
    MaggieMag 356 Před 2 dny +6

    If we don't make this a no.1, we are truly a failed society.

    CHHIREE SHERPA Před 2 dny +2


    CHHIREE SHERPA Před 2 dny +4

    I like this music the more i repeat!!
    Rocks through the body!!
    *Swish-swish modafuka*

  • Tyrone Williams
    Tyrone Williams Před 2 dny +4

    Beat is dope..... ❤️

  • Oana Cristina
    Oana Cristina Před 2 dny +3

    This song gives me a Tove Lo vibe. especially the part with “ don’t.... with my freedom”

    • Daniel
      Daniel Před dnem


  • Viktor Cook
    Viktor Cook Před 2 dny +3

    Where is Sheee 👑

  • John F Kennedy
    John F Kennedy Před 2 dny +4

    i love miley cyrus

  • Laura Kurky
    Laura Kurky Před 2 dny +3

    Swish Swish Motherfucker

  • Ello G
    Ello G Před 2 dny +3

    The OMG OMG part sounds like this other song “Capsize”

    • David Landero
      David Landero Před 2 dny

      I knew that I wasn’t the only one than thought in Capsize

  • Dorothy Bnf
    Dorothy Bnf Před 2 dny +1

    This song isn’t good at all

  • Sam Kim
    Sam Kim Před 2 dny +4

    *OH HONEY*

  • shannagh edwards
    shannagh edwards Před 2 dny +2

    Is anyone else kinda obsessed with this song!

  • Ramon menezes
    Ramon menezes Před 2 dny +2


  • kim jade
    kim jade Před 2 dny

    Why miley why you cud you not stay hannah if you only drop that to become ashley

  • kim jade
    kim jade Před 2 dny

    Im ashley im evil 1:45

  • ToxaKastela
    ToxaKastela Před 2 dny

    It sounds like a taylor swift song so much

  • Gabriella
    Gabriella Před 2 dny +1

    This song makes me wanna get into a fist fight with someone lmaooo

  • Talia V
    Talia V Před 2 dny +2

    Love this

  • lois lane
    lois lane Před 2 dny

    Nailed it for all us Sistars. Aho

  • Laci
    Laci Před 2 dny +2

    I must say she's more of a chameleon than Madonna.

  • Melissa Tabor
    Melissa Tabor Před 2 dny

    Hallelujah!! Bass bumpnboom! Gggo!

  • Lianna Oliver
    Lianna Oliver Před 2 dny +5

    This is such a badass song🔥🔥🔥!! There definitely needs to be a music video for it and a live performance!! Well done Miley 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🖤!

  • Esmeraldito Prishka
    Esmeraldito Prishka Před 2 dny

    Merkelll berdepses thn poutsa me thn vourtsa.’ 👄👄👄👄👄👄🎖🇲🇨🇮🇹🇭🇷🤘✈️✈️✈️✈️kjo esht per mua.’ 👄👄👄👄👄👄🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🤘🤘🤘🤘🇮🇹🇭🇷🇺🇸🇲🇨

  • Ana Belén Moraleda Merlo

    why this song is not more famous ? seriously what is wrong with people ?

    • Conichita 2016
      Conichita 2016 Před 2 dny

      Because there ain't any promotion and music video.

  • Adelia Harrison
    Adelia Harrison Před 3 dny

    this is really how it feels to be a freak .

  • Nattawat Srinoon
    Nattawat Srinoon Před 3 dny +1

    My fav track right now! The beat really hit me 💗💗💗

  • TheAmex786
    TheAmex786 Před 3 dny +3

    Wow good

  • Kitsune 1
    Kitsune 1 Před 3 dny

    Honestly this sounds very similar to bad blood. But I still like this

    • jay dee
      jay dee Před 2 dny +1

      lol not even close.

  • Betty Dahmer
    Betty Dahmer Před 3 dny +3

    This song is just wow! ♥️

    CHHIREE SHERPA Před 3 dny +3

    I'm soooo repeating this song!!....
    Damn good music!💯🎶💓

  • estarosa 009
    estarosa 009 Před 3 dny +2

    Yasssss 💕 this makes me feel so pumped

  • cici karou
    cici karou Před 3 dny +1

    That's what i call a voice! Hell yah

  • Zawranisa Meiga
    Zawranisa Meiga Před 3 dny +1

    first time i heard it on the radio i knew it was miley, her voice is just so authentic

  • The Royal Flush 1778
    The Royal Flush 1778 Před 3 dny

    This song gives me an achy breaky hard.

  • gabi fernanda
    gabi fernanda Před 3 dny +1

    Power baby